Ohio State puts away Indiana, 38-17

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Indiana defense did all it could.

It forced takeaways against an air-tight Ohio State offense. It lived up to the trust IU coach Kevin Wilson has placed in it across the past two weeks and held arguably the nation’s most explosive offense well under its usual output.

Even that wasn’t enough against the No. 2 Buckeyes.

Ohio State extended its winning streak to 22 games over Indiana with a 38-17 victory before an announced crowd of 107,420 on Saturday at Ohio Stadium.

Tom Allen’s defense refused to be exposed against one of the Big Ten’s College Football Playoff contenders. Part of what doomed Indiana was a boom-or-bust offense that too often failed to make the most of yet another competitive contest between the two programs.

Ohio State entered the weekend second nationally at plus-eight in turnover margin. Yet on the third play of the game, IU defensive lineman Patrick Dougherty was in the Ohio State backfield to recover a fumble.

Freshman corner A’Shon Riggins also seized a takeaway, intercepting Buckeyes quarterback J.T. Barrett early in the fourth quarter and returning the ball to the Ohio State 13.

The takeaways were nice, but in both situations the IU offense failed to capitalize. The Hoosiers followed Dougherty’s recovery by advancing as far as the OSU 4, where the Indiana offense stalled after six consecutive runs. The Hoosiers had to settle for a 22-yard field goal from Griffin Oakes on the way to their early 3-0 lead.

After Riggins’ pick, IU once again got as close as the Ohio State 4 before turning the ball over on down when Devine Redding was stuffed on a fourth-and-one run into the gut of the Buckeye defensive front. By that time, with Ohio State leading 31-17 with 10:10 remaining, the lack of touchdown production was becoming too much to overcome.

Although Ohio State had a 24-10 halftime lead, Indiana’s defense played strong through the first 30 minutes. Two of Ohio State’s three first-half touchdown drives began inside the IU 10-yard line after Indiana mistakes.

The first was set up by a second-quarter fumble by IU quarterback Richard Lagow. A collapsing pocket on third down forced Lagow to his left where Tyquan Lewis tracked down and stripped the ball as Lagow began his throwing motion.

After a replay, a potential incompletion was ruled a fumble at the IU 9, and the Buckeyes were in the end zone two plays later on a run by Mike Weber that gave Ohio State a 10-3 lead.

Poor kickoff coverage helped Parris Campbell return a kickoff 91 yards to the Indiana 6 prior to halftime. Barrett ran the ball in from five yards out to give the Buckeyes a 14-point advantage at the break.

Indiana came out of halftime with an impressive 13-play, 89-yard drive, capped by a seven-yard touchdown reception by Danny Friend.

But Ohio State answered with a 13-play drive of its own. This one included 12 rushes, led by quarterback Barrett. Mike Weber finished it with a dive into the end zone from a yard out to boost the Buckeyes to a 31-17 advantage late in the third quarter.

Indiana committed to running the ball through the first half, but averaged only 1.8 yards across its 25 first-half carries.

Ohio State, which was averaging 576 yards through its first four games, outgained IU 383-281. Lagow completed 14 of his 28 passes for 182 yards. He threw for two touchdowns, including an 18-yard pass to Mitchell Paige that got the Hoosiers within 17-10 with a minute remaining before halftime.

The Buckeyes picked up 290 yards on the ground, with a fast and shifty backfield led by Barrett. The Ohio State quarterback rushed for 137 yards and a touchdown, while completing only nine of his 21 throws for 93 yards.

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  1. Who’d have thought IU’s defense would give their team a chance to win this game, but that IU’s offense would be so ineffective? Congrats to Coach Allen and his defense. They played great. Really impressive. But our offensive genius head coach needs to find a red-zone offense.
    Does Wilson trust Lagow yet?
    Ricky Jones did not have a good game today.
    Refs totally blew the Lagow “fumble” call in the first half. Terrible incompetence by the officials on that play.
    MSU’s loss at home to BYU kind of diminishes IU’s victory last week.
    But IU can beat Iowa, Maryland, Rutgers and Penn State this year if Wilson can find his passing game.

  2. Game went as expected. Looks like IU maintained their health. Solid win for OSU. Defense is looking good for lessor opponents. K.W. coached offense close to the vest which he really did not have much of a choice. Lagow playing in big league now has some limited ability and no S. Cobb plus it was OSU one of the best teams. Looking for offense to improve and defense looks to have T.A. personally to carry over for Nebraska. Looking for offense to reward defense with good play.

  3. Wilson does not trust his QB yet. At least not against the best secondary in college football. One would think the offensive game plan was a reflection of what CKW has been seing every day in practice. It was gonna take a strong defensive effort, catch few breaks/calls, and make a few big plays on offense.

    We had the defensive effort. I didn’t think IU suffered much from the officiating but that blown call and subsequent blown replay leading to the early touchdown was a killer. We missed on some opportunities.

    I’m left with the impression that the offense doesn’t look all that great in practice.

  4. I agree that Wilson doesn’t have a lot of confidence in Lagow, but with 7 interceptions, how can he?

    Has Patrick played yet? I didn’t hear his name or see him today or last week, but someone said he played against Wake. If that is true, did we burn his potential RS and didn’t even throw to him in the Wake game? Wilson has talked as if he is a game changer, but I wonder if he has had a setback?

    Doesn’t look like Dan Feeney played again. What a shame. I hope he is not done for the year and hasn’t ruined his NFL chances.

    Defense did great. If the defensive line commits we currently have stay committed, which I see no reason why they wouldn’t, our defense should be even better next year. Sure with we could recruit a big time QB.

  5. Does coach Wilson has any trust/faith in Lagow? he may have a stronger arm than Sudfeld but his accuracy has much to be desire….something happens to this team when they get close to the end-zone or scoring, it can’t all be related to play calling….Lagow lacks that confidence/composure/trust/desire/who knows but the will power to get this team into the end-zone….IU had a great MORAL victory today….maybe a few more to come this seasons

  6. I’m not sure if accuracy is the issue. I’m not sure he fully visualizes what going on downfield. On a good number of his INTs this year he never saw the guy making the pick (yeah, I know that’s how it usually works). His best plays seem to be when he knows where the ball is going before the snap (slants, bubble screens, etc.). Vesuvius can correct me (he certainly sees things I miss).

    This may or may not be on the QB but it’s pretty obvious that receivers are making different reads on some of their patterns than the QB.

    I have no questions that Lagow has all the tools as well as the size but the level of competition is something he’s never encountered before. I imagine he’s gonna be a lot more impressive against the Rutgers and Marylands of the football landscape.

    There’s a reason Sudfield is still playing.

  7. Yes, I noticed Feeney was not on the field today. Missing that many weeks due to a concussion? I’ve never heard of such a thing. It was obviously very serious. I hope he is O.K., but I’m afraid it will definitely affect his draft status. Given the NFL’s fear surrounding concussions, it will create questions/concerns about the risk he faces playing at the next level. Too bad it happened during his final season of college football.

  8. The problem seems to be the coaches calling of offense. The talk about trusting Lagow is just talk as he hasn’t thrown more than one interception with the exception of the WF when they had him throwing 52 passes with no running. The coaches can’t seem to hit a balance of throwing 30-35 times and running 40-45 times; we are throwing 50 times or less than 27 times. It is hard to look really good when you are limited in throws like the calling has done for Lagow. Last year the team ran more than passing until later in the season as coaches seem to be in love with running even when it is terrible. Calling three runs in the red zone when averaging 1.9 yds. Think of the really good drives IU has had and it was a mixed play drive between passing and running not by doing one or the other. The offense didn’t get going against MSU until coaches opened up the offense in the second half. Our coaches need to figure out that we don’t have a power running game and start spreading out the defense or IU will lose more games.

    The defense played very good but still gave up too many run yards. OSU’s offense wasn’t about passing but running however despite the yards giving up it was still a number of yards less than their average. The call early about incomplete pass or fumble was terrible call and put IU in a hole.

    IU played hard and seems to come out of the game in good shape to take on Nebraska which should be a good game. IU matches up with them better than against OSU and our defense should be able to slow down their offense while I hope the coaches open up the offense [I have been calling for this most of this season]. Now that the defense is a solid part of the team Coach Wilson seems to be afraid to take chances on offense and I don’t really understand that.

  9. Hey HSR Staff- can you guys ask Wilson for an update on Camion Patrick at the next press conference?

    Overall a good came considering the opponent and the location. Seems like a wildcat option with 2 tight ends and our biggest receivers and Zander Diamont might have worked better in the red zone. Their D line controlled our line inside the 10. Maybe spreading the field and letting Zander make a play might have worked better. Otherwise, I think we are in great shape for the rest of the season. I think we are evenly matched against next week’s opponent, Nebraska. Should be a great game. I hope to be there. HSR needs to throw up and tent and host a tailgate party! Support the team for homecoming!

  10. Wilson does not have a trust issue with Lagow. It is the new earned trust he has with the D. He is definitely calling plays with a different plan than in the past 5 years and 2 games from the past. Having 5-6 starters out even when you have depth for “next man up” makes some play calling less comfortable. But I will say OSU even with mistakes they made is the scariest team I’ve seen in near forever.
    Po open your white-out bottle, IU does not play Iowa this year.

  11. The defense, while far from perfect, played well enough for IU to win this game. And that is great news. Remember, the refs gifted the first TD to OSU (it was a terrible call and an even worse review). Ironically, it has been IU’s inability to score enough points once in the red zone that has cost us both losses. Insisting on running the ball on three consecutive plays inside the ten yard line against OSU at home, when two of your best, most experienced O-linemen are out with injuries, appears to represent either a lack of situational awareness or a lack of trust in the passing game, or both. Going into this game at OSU, from IU’s perspective, there was nothing to lose. Why not open up the offense and pull out all the stops?

    Yes HC, I confused Iowa and Northwestern. But the point I was trying to make is still valid. I believe IU can win at least four more games in the regular season. And with a little luck and a more productive offense, Wilson’s crew might win eight games in the regular season.

    Allen should be honored with the Broyals Award as the best Assistant Coach in college football. Glass should then reward Allen with a big raise and a contract extension. He was obviously the missing piece to the puzzle, and keeping him at IU should be paramount. The turn-around he has produced, with a lot of players that are very young and a bit undersized, is nothing short of spectacular.

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