1. At season’s end, Tom Allen will be approached by big name schools to run their D & lesser programs likeky will offer HC jobs.
    Indiana has not had an above average defense since Bo McMillan in 1945. And yes, that includes the Mallory years. Allen is upbeat, gets results and he’s actually from Indiana. FG will eventually be faced with pulling the plug on KW…this year, next year… unfortunately TA will likely be gone. He might consider ‘throwing him the keys’ now before the bus leaves the station.

  2. Connie, assuming Allen’s son signs his LOI in February, it is highly unlikely that Allen will bolt from IU any time soon. I’ve said for some time now, the 2017 season should be IU’s break-out season (win at least seven regular season games and go to a significant bowl game). If that does not happen, then we’ll all be back to discussing Wilson’s hot seat and speculating who should replace him. But it’s not time to abandon Wilson’s ship yet.

    1. Maryland and Purdue…maybe. Rutgers, likely. There aren’t 7 wins on this schedule. Secondly, doubling or tripling his salary and going back to the SEC or even ACC wouldn’t be any more difficult than leaving Ol’ Miss for USF or leaving there after 1 year, coming here. Guys that actually get big turnaround results at places like IU do not go unnoticed. I haven’t even gone into HC possibilities. As for his 2* son… he would simply do what 3 other players have already done. Decommit.
      It can be legitimately argued that IU would be 0-7 if Allen wasn’t here right now. Think about it. The FIU win was solely on the defense….same with Ball State and most importantly MSU. It’s sad, but true.

  3. So much struggle being an IU Football fan…I would suggest being as mildly patient as yours truly now preparing to watch his forever favorite team from Chicago play in a World Series.

    Hope springs eternal…..

    Let’s play two!

  4. Chonnie, Allen won’t be leaving IU after this season. And IU’s seventh win would have to be a victory in a bowl game.

  5. This has been an odd season with PSU knocking off OSU, MSU struggling the way they have, and IU’s OL/Offense not performing the way we have come to expect from them. I keep thinking they will figure out a way to make this offense work but averaging 2 yards a carry doesn’t lead to wins. Even teams that pass all the time average better than 2. something on runs. It is hard to imagine two OL being gone, of course one was a second round draft choice, would change the offense so much. Yes I know the QB and receivers are making it tougher to run the ball; the whole offense is out of whack except for drives now and then. In those drives they show what they are capable of doing but don’t seem to put it together.

    Chonnie, don’t forget that coach Allen is back home and he didn’t come to IU for one year. I don’t have an answer for this year but coach Wilson has had the program rising up and even great teams have inexplicable seasons.

  6. v13, So right.

    Still pretty amazing IU is averaging 3.7 ypc. to date on the season. The very glaring figure is only 4 TD’s. To date in 2015 IU had 17 rushing TD’s. Without Spriggs, Camiel, Feeney, Reed, Howard and Corsaro using the same rushing plays changes the results. Ask Dantonio to explain fully to chonnie the lack of offensive success taking place under his direction at MSU this year.

    I have not gone back and researched but IIRC the rushing game became an even bigger chore just about the time Feeney left the BSU game. The offense started having trouble moving the ball just about that time. Just sayin.

    But still OL needs to improve both pass blocking and run blocking. INT’s need to be rarer. WR’s need to hang onto throws hitting their hands. The D and ST’s will have to do more to make up some of the difference.

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