1. It will be a joy watching this young man develop as a football player. He will devastate many defensive players over the coming 4 years. I can’t imagine many that will want to take him on once he has a head of steam behind him. I enjoy seeing how the other RBs have developed the attack as a runner finishing off their runs punishing defenders. Not to be left out the WRs have gotten into the act become much more physical as they finish their catch and run. Westbrook had a devastating block on a Spartan the slant pass Jones took for 52 yards. Westbrook legally hit the DB laying him out on the field. This type of play wears down teams as the game goes along and I like watching IU play this way.

  2. What a likable young man, and I’m glad he likes his nickname. I did not know he had been recruited by Alabama, Ark, Michigan, Baylor, etc. before signing with IU. Good get for IU.

  3. Undoubtedly the groceries at the training table of the Iu program are agreeing with Natee. He arrived about 260, is listed on the roster at 270 and Wilson says he is near 280. Now that is some serious chewing. Certainly the weight room environment Caton has established and directs is a big part of the picture. In a year and a half this kid may be the “Bus” on steroids. He is most likely to end up about 280 maybe a hair more.

  4. According to 247 Sports, IU and Arkansas State were the only 2 schools to offer him a scholarship. Hard to believe other schools where aware of him but didn’t offer. I remember watching his highlight video when he signed- didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out he was going to be good. I wonder if his low rating put off teams like Alabama? Natee was only a 2 star recruit when IU got involved. But if Alabama did offer him, the recruiting services would have quickly up’d his rating to a high 3- so many games played there. Anyway, his success along with Lagow, Timian and big Ralph Green should all help our recruiting efforts in Texas.

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