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  1. I understand what coach meant about counting on the defense against MSU. He also has said it will take a different approach to beat OSU. I hope that as he develops confidence in the defense he will open up the offense knowing the defense can go in and stop the opponent’s offense. Then this team will be an explosive offense with a very good defense.

    The defense is getting better each week despite giving up more yards. puntjohnpunt broke down the film and IU only missed 5 tackles with 3 on one play. The defense is playing faster and tackling better. Now we just need our kicker to get out of his funk and kick like he did last year. How well IU plays this game could pull in some top players to come to IU next year instead of OSU. I have said this year is the year IU has to win enough games to bring in higher rated players. Our defense can be one of the best in B1G next year with all the players coming back and the players coming in next year.

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