Wilson declines to name offensive player of the week

For the first time this season, Indiana did not recognize an offensive player of the week.

IU coach Kevin Wilson lamented Indiana’s lack of competitive plays on Saturday at Ohio State, calling on his Hoosiers to improve this week against Nebraska.

“Gotta keep getting better there,” Wilson said.

Defensively, Wilson recognized freshman corner A’Shon Riggins after he made an interception and three tackles in his first career start.

“(He was) really challenged in that game, too,” Wilson said. “Good speed, great performance there. Several defensive guys played well. He was our champion player.”

Wilson honored punter Joseph Gedeon as IU’s special teams player of the week after he averaged 40.6 yards per punt and pinned two kicks inside the Ohio State 2-yard line.

“We’ve made the opponent snap 11 snaps inside the 5, so that’s nice,” Wilson said. “We’re pinning them deep. Gotta hold ’em down there and flip the field.”

Quarterback Zander Diamont, running back Alex Rodriguez, receiver Ricky Brookins and Allen Stallings earned scout team honors. Diamont played the part of Ohio State J.T. Barrett in practice last week.


  1. Coach has to realize the OL and RBs aren’t a power running group. They are successful when the mix of run and pass is good. Getting close and trying to power it in is futile with this group. I still don’t understand running it four straight plays inside the 10 but coming out of from the 10 throwing it twice with one questionable call leading to a fumble. I understand playing it safe coming out and punting it out counting on your defense. Playing it safe going in for a TD hasn’t worked all year, why not spread it out and spread the defense out.

    I am still looking for the tempo to increase and see IU throw 35 – 40 times and run the ball 40 – 45 times.

  2. The run game offense misses Feeeney and Camiel. Bailey and the youngster Knight are talented and offer solid pass protection against any competition but they are not the road graders in the run game yet of the 2 injured starters. Our center Wes Rogers is good but in the run game Reed spoiled us. Looking ahead to next year we’ll be replacing Rogers, Feeney, Camiel and Bailey. Next season Cronk and Martin will be dominate on the left side of the OL much like like we were the 3 seasons prior to 2k16.

  3. personally, i see the Nebraska game setting up as a potential game in which IU can get blown out (hoping i am dreadfully wrong)…..the IU defense has always had a tough time with a running QB and Tommy Armstrong is a very good/excellent running QB….Kevin Wilson has never won a homecoming game…The offense is struggling to score points….An who knows what is going on with the special teams??? Nebraska has a very good defensive, on the lines of Wake Forest and OSU….setting up the potential for another conservative game plan…all of this just adds up for a weird Saturday game.

  4. And because we were missing Feeney and Camiel, it made absolutely no sense to attempt to run it on four consecutive plays in the red zone, especially against OSU in Columbus. Maybe Wilson and Johns were not seeing what we were seeing during the game. Or maybe they simply don’t have enough trust in Lagow’s command of the offense. Maybe Lagow failed to audible out of a running play when he should have. And while I’m glad they trust their new defense, that’s putting too much pressure on this young, slightly undersized defense. Regardless, as today’s Indy Star article pointed out, IU must do much better scoring TDs from within the red zone if it wants to have a winning season.

  5. I didn’t listen to all the running commentary during the game but I did hear a comment to the effect that the holder had been switched. From the little bit I heard it sounded as though CKW wanted Paige to be the holder but Oakes wanted to stick with Gedeon, the punter, whom he worked with every day in practice. I don’t know how accurate my understanding of that was.

    If that is the case I’m not sure how much of the place kicking issues can be put on Oakes’ shoulders. That’s kind of a big deal to a kicker.

  6. I suspect we did not see what Wilson and Johns saw. Without the 2 OL starters had ought to make you trust the D more. In a 4-2-5 scheme the IU D is not undersized. Maybe in a 4-3 or a 3-4 but not enough to be negative.
    Chet you did here it right. And it is precisely because they can practice together all practice long.

  7. No doubt Oakes thought he and Paige were not getting enough practice time together.

  8. Chet, it was my understanding that Oakes wanted Gideon to be his holder. I think I heard the same comments during the game.

    HC, you’re right that IU’s new defensive scheme reduces the impact of IU’s slightly smaller defenders, as does their improved tackling skills. But IU’s defense is still a bit undersized and certainly a young group (we have a 17-year old playing linebacker). Playing a superior team on their home field, I think the only chance you have of neutralizing their size, speed and talent advantage is to keep them guessing, and not let them get comfortable doing what they do best. As an example, you’ll remember the 1985 Bears were clearly superior to the Miami Dolphins, but the Dolphins let it all hang out, through the ball all over the place, and never let the Bears’ get comfortable. As a result, they upset what was arguably one of the best teams in NFL history.

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