FINAL: Michigan 20, Indiana 10.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. –Rarely does any single play turn a game, but one such play perhaps transpired Saturday.
Indiana’s standout junior linebackers, Marcus Oliver and Tegray Scales, burst in on a blitz and seemed sure to sack Michigan quarterback John O’Korn. Neither did.
And O’Korn, though not especially fleet of foot, set sail for 30 yards. Michigan’s offense, moribund until that point with IU holding a 10-6 lead, got a 34-yard De’Veon Smith TD gallop on the next snap and sustained its sudden momentum from there for a 20-10 win.
Most of the day, Indiana had the No. 4-ranked host Wolverines in deep trouble.
Referee Jerry McGinn, with 6:59 left in the second quarter, said inadvertently over a live microphone: “The snow is blowing sideways in my face.”
Indiana, meantime, was staying right in Michigan’s face.
The Hoosiers limited the Wolverines to just 39 second-quarter yards and 110 for the half in taking a 7-3 lead into intermission.
Camion Patrick, operating out of the backfield, got his first IU career rushing touchdown standing up from the 2 with 4:19 left in the second quarter to put his team on top.
IU finished the half with a 141-110 yardage edge. Michigan entered as the nation’s best in both scoring (11 points per game) and total (244 yards per game) defense.
But Michigan seized control after O’Korn’s big play, finishing with a decisive 17-3 third quarter — the scoring capped by another big Smith TD run, this time from 38 yards out.
Smith also converted a crucial 4th-and-1 with a 5-yard gain with 3:46 to play, extinguishing the Hoosiers’ waning hopes.
Michigan (10-1 overall and 7-1 in Big Ten play) travels for its customary showdown with Ohio State next Saturday, when Indiana (5-6, 3-4) will host Purdue in its annual rivalry for the Old Oaken Bucket.


  1. I am not totally disappointed could they have done more of course i still believe Michigan is a bit overrated even defensively cuz they’re allowed to get away with alot of holding in the secondary but if IU loses to Purdue then theres a big problem

  2. IU played better than what UM’s defensive averages were. I do wish they would have come up with more offensive plays but other teams have struggled against UM this year. Like BrownBomber I think their defense is very good but over rated bit. Our defense played very well most of the game. It was disappointing to see a few big runs but overall they played tough despite giving up too many rushing yards. This team will be much more experienced next year if they don’t have any players coming out earlier. Next years OL will be a ? mark with losing so many 5 year seniors but will have a good start with Cronk and Knight coming back. I hope the OL gets back to being more physical next year as the offense needs them to be more physical. IU’s punters and kickers need to get some camp work and develop their skills more. The team will also need to have the young receivers step up to fill the slot although I think Timian would be a great slot receiver.

    The team needs to come through and beat PU and then the bowl team. The DL has really stepped up and IU needs to put pressure on PU’s QB. It is also time for the offense to really come together and have two great games [as long as they beat PU].

  3. A good team (IU) lost to a better team (Michigan) and there is no shame in that. Could IU have won? Definitely,but this game shows how extraordinarily difficult it is to win on the road in this conference. In an otherwise stout performance, IU is vulnerable on special teams and needs more effective play alternatives in the red zone. Both these can be corrected. Lets beat PU soundly and our bowl opponent.

  4. No, one play did not determine game. Like in most of the past years IU was never going to win the game. No offense.
    However, IU did make a decent showing.

  5. Unfortunately, coaches McCullogh and Johns seem to be underutilizing their available rushing personnel. DR’s 22 attempts for 50 yards isn’t going to get it. ESPN’s crew threw up a graphic in the third quarter, showing IU as LAST in all FBS in the ‘red zone’. That pretty much clarifies the problem.

  6. Last in red zone offense! That’s some kind of “Offensive genius”! We’d have done better than that having Lagow run roll-outs on every play inside the red zone this season. Or how about kicking field goals on fourth down in the red zone? Offensive genius my butt.

  7. You boys need to send your coaching pedigrees to AD Wilson. No doubt he’d be as impressed as I am.

  8. HC, many posters don’t look at the the other teams in the league to keep things in perspective. Nebraska got hammered by Iowa with a gimpy QB running the offense. Not many teams have the depth to handle losing top players yet posters here in the past say IU should have players that can step up to replace injured players; other teams except the big two can’t do it so why expect IU has the talent to replace injured players. NW, Iowa, and MSU had a great year last year but are in worse shape this year playing mediocre or worse.

    I want IU to have better seasons but I also keep the season in perspective. IU has to have everything work out right to have a winning season [few injuries]. I think it is amazing IU has a chance to go to another bowl game with the trouble the OL has had this year. For part of the season we have lost one future NFL G for a good part of the season, a probable NFL T for the rest of the season, and his replacement which is one of the better OL players [Bailey] geets hurt and is out for most if not all the season.

    Is it too much to ask that IU will have things come together in 2017? C’mon Hoosiers win the Bucket today and gain valuable practice time that helps lead into the Spring Season with many starters coming back.

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