Hoosier Morning for Nov. 17

Indiana knows there’s still plenty to work on, even in a blowout win over UMass-Lowell, Mike writes.

IU saw a new home season dawn with plenty of sunshine and potential, I wrote.

Marquette transfer Tia Elbert and the IU women’s basketball will be taking their dance moves on the road tonight, Jon writes.

The IU volleyball team lost in five sets against rival Purdue, we reported.

IU freshman De’Ron Davis is trying to make up for lost time early this season, Zach Osterman of the Indianapolis Star writes.

Indiana overcame a slow start to rout UMass-Lowell in the Hoosiers’ home opener, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

The freshman-heavy Hoosiers rolled to victory on Wednesday, Chris Goff of the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette writes.

James Blackmon Jr. picked up where he left off in Honolulu with another sizzling performance, Zain Pyarali of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

A team effort propelled IU over UMass-Lowell and other notes, Josh Margolis of Inside the Hall writes.

Former Hoosier and undrafted free agent Darius Latham is proving to be a gem for the Oakland Raiders, Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle writes.

Former Hoosier Jason Spriggs has been pressed into action by injury for the Packers, Wes Hodkiewicz of Packers.com writes.

For the dawn of a new season, Tony Orlando and Dawn with “Tie A Yellow Ribbon.”


  1. Sounds like the Hoosier didn’t lose too much when Latham left early if other players were looking to him as an example. It’s hard to imagine him fitting in with the new DC. Taking plays off is bad enough. Admitting you were cheating your teammates by doing so is worse.

  2. Or on the flip side maybe Allen and Hagan make him an All American his Senior year. Glad it is connecting for him in the NFL.

  3. Wow…

    29 points and 5-7 on 3FGs last night ….and Oladipo doesn’t make Hoosier Morning? Didn’t think I would see that sort of offensive production from him. Gotta say I was wrong.

  4. Jeremy-

    Your Hawaiian skit was fun…..Keep it up!
    Maybe try your hand at an Elvis Priceley….?

  5. You know I was itching for that credit for calling him a lottery pick before the Chad Ford’s of the world even had him as a first rounder…

  6. Was Eric Gordon defending him…?
    Let’s not get too carried away. In essentially the first playground scrimmages of an 82 game NBA season(not to mention the long playoff stretch lasting until June), their ain’t anybody playing defense.
    We’ll see if he can break into a 20 ppg. avg. I saw this on Orlando…. and then he’d go 3 for 20 from the field in a 4-game stretch.
    Career stats are only 15.9 ppg…and 34% from 3s. Those aren’t All-Star numbers.
    And all the cash in the world doesn’t buy a banner for Crean. At least Wade put a Final Four on his shoulders.

  7. Latham cost himself a lot of money when he developed the habit of taking the end of plays off and not running to the ball. Hope he learned his lesson. And trying to understand that mindset, I can imagine that it must have been somewhat demoralizing to play on last year’s defense. They were simply terrible. A young (i.e., immature) man who wants to make it to the NFL probably found it easy to justify making less than his best effort on the basis of self-preservation. He’s fortunate to have gotten a second chance. I hope he takes full advantage of it.

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