Hoosier Morning for Nov. 18

Jabrill Peppers is doing it all for Michigan, and might need to do so against Indiana, Mike writes.

Two games into the season, and Indiana is finding voices of leadership already, particularly Juwan Morgan, I wrote.

Bloomington North grad Mike Minett will be wearing the colors of his alma mater Liberty instead of the hometown Hoosiers at Assembly Hall Saturday, I wrote.

The No. 23 IU women’s basketball team pulled out a road win at Chattanooga, we reported.

Indiana is ready for the challenge of Michigan, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

The matchup to watch in Ann Arbor is Indiana’s passing game against Michigan’s secondary, Sammy Jacobs of HoosierHuddle.com writes.

The scouting report and storylines for Indiana at Michigan, Mark Snyder of the Detroit Free Press writes.

Defense film study, by Dan, and offense film study, by Billy, via puntjohnpunt.com.

IU defensive line commit LeShaun Minor of Indianapolis is following in the footsteps of Yogi Ferrell, Jordan J. Wilson of the Indianapolis Star writes.

Speaking of Yogi, Ferrell is making a case to be Brooklyn’s backup point guard, Zach Cronin of elitesportsny.com writes.

Victor Oladipo got back on target against the Rockets, Erik Horne of the Oklahoman writes.

James Blackmon Jr. is one reason why Indiana is No. 3 in the top 25 and one, Gary Parrish of CBSsports.com writes.

For Michigan standout Jabrill Peppers, it’s “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band/A Little Help From My Friends” performed live by Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr.


  1. Just read where Criminalipari on the Rich Eisen Show stated when asked about IU vs pUKe “Were not coming to Indiana”. He’s not just afraid of the Hoosiers he is scared to death of Assembly Hall and the strong BB IQ fans. To me it says volumes about his program….and what he thinks of Crean’s. You can’t be a Top 5 program when your coach doesn’t have the mental and emotional confidence to take on anybody, anywhere. What a negative for pUKe fans to live with. I hope it eats on them bad. He is what Chet and I call a “real MAROON”.

  2. Another really good player from Indiana/Center Grove H.S. not going to IU. He is committed to Louisville. I have asked this in the past; how does Louisville for a long time now have such a much better fb program than IU in terms of wins and recruiting? Even K.Y.

  3. t, it is a combination of things for players – early playing time, national exposure, fit of the offense, etc. The state of Indiana has too many colleges that come in and poach some of our best players. I wish Yeast well but often the grass isn’t really greener. Another example is the Ben Davis RB leading UM as a freshman. IU is in a bind that they have to win with 3 star players against teams that are full of 4 and 5 star players. If IU is to rise up they need more big time players and I think IUFB does a good job competing with the big programs with the players they can bring in. One day IU may break through and beat some of the top teams so players ranked higher decide to come to IU.

  4. V. I think what I am trying to say is how did Louisville get to a place where they have been a nationally recognized team/program for such a long period of time. They have been pretty good for many years. They seem to be consistently right behind the best programs. Why Louisville instead of IU who is in the big ten. If IU would win they would get national exposure and to win somewhat big IU does need 4 star recruits. It seems like most of the 4 star recruits that K.W. has brought in (and not that many) have gone by the way side for whatever the reason was before completing a full term of playing time. It could have been a difference maker if they would have all been good behavior wise and stayed their eligible playing time or at least within 1 year of their eligible time..

  5. I would include players who may not have been quite a 4 but had really good potential to help program. I think it devalued a couple of what was considered solid ranked recruiting classes.

  6. Is it a mirage of sorts for recruits….? For a football program to finish high in a Conference USA, Big East, or ACC sells more than a bottom tier BIG team? Louisville has been in three different conferences over the past six years….while the BIG, primarily, has consistent dominance of certain traditional powerhouses that present a season after season hurdle.

    And is “appearing” in consecutive bowl games(especially outside of the BIG) such a momentous feat for the above conferences upper tier when college football now brings around 85 bowls of nachos to a postseason party?

    Louisville is keeping atop the ACC this year…but outside of a Sugar Bowl in 2012, it’s been Music City Bowl, 2 Belk Bowls, Russell Athletic Bowl, and a Beef ‘O’ Brady’s Bowl. We should shoot higher.

    Maybe Louisville has forever turned the corner..But in terms of historical prominence, a 500–445–17 lifetime program record is not indicative of any precedent.

    So maybe it’s the “appearances” in bowls and the mirage of sorts…..and the opportunity to get PT at certain speed-oriented positions in conferences not built on massiveness up front…? If you have specialized skills(wide-outs, safeties, QBs, etc), are they more salable to the NFL at a Louisville(ACC) than a conference built like the BIG. Thus, you play the mirage to your advantage.

  7. t, you raise a good question. But I think the answers involve two key differences between the two programs:
    1. Academics: Louisville has different standards and expectations about academic achievement for their athletes relative to all Big Ten schools. Their are athletes playing at Louisville who would not be academically eligable at IU and most other Big Ten schools.
    2. Investment: Louisville invests huge sums to improve facilities and hire/retain the best coaches. Compare the compensation budgets for each school’s Basketball coaching staff. Do you remember Crean’s assistant who got lured away to Louisville a couple years ago? They doubled his salary and IU either could not or chose not to match the offer. They simply outspend IU.

    And in addition to that, the culture at Louisville seems to resemble that of the old Oakland Raiders’ mantra of “Just Win, Baby.” Their head coach has sex with the wife of one of his Assistant coaches and he retains his job. And that same Basketball program has assistants who hire prostitutes to entertain High School kids during campus recruiting visits. Sends a different message about what the school’s values are, doesn’t it?

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