1. Win or lose which IU will win; this is why IU peaks at sweet sweet 16 in March madness tournament. Bombs away! With lack of plays. What you see tonight you will see in 4 months in March as the Hoosiers walk off the floor as frustration sets in and 3’s didn’t fall one last time this season during March madness.

  2. I was online last night prepared to buy 2 tics, prices were about $125 a piece, what an incredible choice of not going to this game.

  3. The only positive thing I can say about JBJ being a BB player is he can be an above average shooter. He is not a scorer. He does not have a good handle. He has no interest in protecting the ball. He has no heart for D. He is low energy and is lazy moving his feet for position on offense and defense. I also suspect he is not that good a team mate. He is now and will continue to be the downfall of this team. I’ve thought and stated that on paper this roster can have the look of a FF outfit. After viewing 3 of 4 games I am backing off that thought. Blackmon is 85% of the reason why. He just does not earn it.

  4. Even in Kansas game I said IU lives and dies by 3’s. It negatively affects their attitude in the other aspects of game. Defense is lazy, lack of team defense, does not guard well, does not get down and move their feet, having to move to zone. Offense has no plays when 3’s are not falling, just standing around and one player ends up going 1 on 2 or 1 on 3 for an attempt at some kind of shot. The other 4 players are basically taken out of play. So after no cutting, screening, running some kind of play, no since of urgency (or going the opposite bi-polar hellter skelter play direction) by dribbling and passing around the perimeter for 15 to 20 seconds letting the defense rest (IU is like playing not to lose). This all leads to frustration and a horrific attitude led by J.B. who’s about 1/4 as good as he thinks he is when the 3 ball is not falling or defense shuts him down.

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