1. At end of first half IU could have taken one long shot down field while about on their own 40 yard line before punting. Mich did from deeper in their territory with 25 seconds to go before taking knee to end half.

  2. We will likely lose this game because of the pathetic punting game….What a tremendous showing by the defense. How terribly sad to see it go down the tubes because of punting(and some rather strange 3rd down calls).

  3. 3:00 minutes to go in 3rd quarter. Game over. History will repeat itself. Offense just not there. Limited threat at QB. Where is Patrick? Defense played well until now with no help from from offense.

  4. Well, the outcome was not as bad as I thought it would be, primarily because of Allen’s defense. But once again, IU’s offense sputtered in the red zone. Scoring 14 points makes this a different game through the fourth quarter. And special teams are simply terrible. Two blocked punts in one game? Are you kidding me? At least Wilson kicked the field goal on fourth down!

    Not that it would have changed the outcome, but it looked to me as if this crew of refs don’t know what pass interference is. I know Michigan has a good defense, but these refs refused to throw the flag on at least six plays where there was clear PI. It’s was so obvious it was embarrassing. And of course, the commentators ignored the blatant missed calls.

    Well, let’s beat Purdue and go to Detroit for some bowl game no one’s ever heard of.

  5. If IU can go 6 and 6 with a win against P. Then, if they could get a bowl win at least they would not be back sliding. However, at this point I think IU will beat P but I do not see an offense good enough to win a 6 and 6 or 7 and 5 bowl game.

  6. lets hope IU beats Purdue this year??? at the current situation, i think Purdue is playing better football…..the only thing IU has going for it at the moment is the Defense.

  7. Defense played good again today. If only the offense was even average, we would have won this game. What we have lacked during Wilson’s 6 years is a dynamic quarterback who, either through sheer talent and athleticism, or an unflinching will to win, could guide us to victory. Even during the past 5 years before we had a greatly improved defense, the offense still had chances to win games late but just couldn’t come up with that last touchdown we needed to win the game 52 to 49 or something similar.
    I remember the Iowa game last year. Their qb had a groin pull coming into the game, but still started and played his heart out, injury be damned. Right before half, he hurled his body through the air into the end zone for a go ahead td. He willed Iowa to win that game. We have not had a qb willing to do that in years. Nate was a good pocket passer, but over his tenure as IU’s qb, he always seemed to be unable to produce the last drive that would have won numerous games for us. We have left so many winnable games in the loss column due to fumbles (Minnesota a couple of years ago) or interceptions (Rutgers last year).
    The lack of a game changing qb, along with continued questionable play calling from Wilson and horrendous special teams, have doomed us to moral victories.
    Our punter has to be the worst punter in the BCS. He has terrible form and hardly ever kicks a spiral, and he is slow in his mechanics. In the 1st quarter, with the wind at his back, he kicked a low 37 yard punt. When Michigan got the wind, their punter consistently hit 60 to 70 yard punts to pin us inside our own 10 yard line. He consistently gave the defense poor field position. I usually go to one or two Tennessee games a year here in Knoxville, and I always watch the punters before the game, and both the 1st and 2nd team punters for UT and their opponents consistently hit high, long spirals with great hang time. If we had a capable punter, we might well have won this game even with our lack of good qb play.
    I think our D will be even better next year, but I don’t think Lagow is the man to lead us to 7+ wins next year. Do King or Peyton have the talent and intangibles to become above average qb’s?
    One final thought. Why didn’t Wilson use the Patrick, Diamont, Natee package when we had 1st and goal from the 6? Even the announcers were questioning that decision. A TD rather than a field goal would have been huge at that point in the game. When we used that package in the first half, Patrick got an easy TD.
    Well, I’ve covered a lot of ground with this post. I hope the few people that will read this post will understand that it is coming from a frustrated 50 year plus fan and alum.
    Oh, one more thing. Did anyone watch the Game Day segment on the Western Michigan coach? He is the real thing and has the personality and talent to turn around a BCS program, and to immediately garner and build fan support. I sure hope our rivals to the north don’t end up hiring him. If they do, they will be competing for a Western Division championship in a couple years!

  8. IU played hard and had UM on the ropes for most of 3 quarters. Our punt team was bad and the one block was clearly due to poor decisions on who to block. Still the team showed they woudn’t back down from any team.

    Offensively we avoid the mistakes that have plagued the team in the past. Lagow once again had a clean game with no interceptions and is growing as a Big Ten QB. Can he develop into a QB that will get IU over the hump we will have to see. I figured when he didn’t have interceptions the naysayers would still not believe in him despite putting up numbers like Nate [exception is interceptions]. Wanting a dynamic QB isn’t what coach Wilson wants as he is looking for a QB that stays in the pocket and can deliver the ball. As dynamic as Barrett is for OSU he had games that he didn’t excel in so even dynamic QBs struggle against top defenses. Once again the running game wasn’t there consistently. IU did have some good runs but it was tough sledding against the country’s leading defense [I still think Alabama’s is better]. I hope Patrick is at RB the last two games this year to see how good he really is.

    The defense played excellent defense for most of three quarters. They couldn’t seem to stop the bleeding there for a stretch as they gave up to many big runs. The secondary had their best game of the year and I hope it is an indication of how they will play against Purdue.

    As much as we wanted this to be the team that turned the corner they have not regressed as much as many predicted early in the year. Don’t forget that Las Vegas predicted IU would win 4.5 games and they still have a chance to win 7 before the season is over. Also this team will lose only a few players [some are big ones] so next year’s team will be experienced and talented if everyone comes back that has eligibility.

  9. The first half was the best half of defense that I’ve ever witnessed from a Hoosier football team. I have to agree with a lot of what Ranger 67 expresses….A ton of winnable games have been left cold on the table. The punting game is so bad that I fear being truthful…..Don’t remember any punter needing that sort of set-up time to kick the ball. No matter the line, it’s a recipe for blocked kicks…Surprised nearly every attempt isn’t blocked.

    Michigan brought a very shaky QB to this game….This was an upset ready for historic Hoosier headlines only to be lost to the ‘Land of Almost and Always Forgotten.’

    It’s very frustrating to hear talk of next season being the “breakout” season again. There’s a point when watching these squandered big opportunities on major viewership stages turn the skin of the Hoosier football pig into the same old hogwash.

    When does this program make some true news? The time is a ticking, Mr. Wilson and Mr. Fred.

  10. H4H, it is sad that next year has to be the breakout year but remember everyone predicted the team would only win 4 games with the players that graduated. The team has done better than people outside of IU thought they would. I would say next year should be a better year but remember the # of top 10 teams IU played this year.

    IUFB does need to make true news next year if every player comes back that has eligibility IU will have experienced players and good depth. Next years is the time for IU to rise up and surprise some teams.

  11. I wanted to say next year is the year IU MUST make true news. There is no more time to come up short as the team has done the past two years – close but not able to finish off top ten teams.

  12. talk of next year already!! IUFB truly sounds like the old Chicago Cubs statement “wait til next year” do not get me wrong i believe in Coach Wilson and the program he is building or is attempting to build. it is just hard to always say “wait til next year”, when the coaching staff admits they have the players to be competitive right now (an maybe they are being very competitive right now and we the fan are wishing/hoping/wanting much more)…an you see a QB (first year under Coach Wilson staff) and a punter (RS-FR) with such poor mechanics….An next year the Offensive Line will have two to three new starters, on a Offensive line that is already being blame for poor run production and poor QB protection….an speaking of QB, yes Lagow numbers are comparable to Nate Sudfeld and they look very good when compared to the rest of the QB in the Big 10, but the Offensive looks lost (pathetic) under his control….Lagow has never looked comfortable running the Offensive (since the beginning of spring game) and his timing with the receiver and tight end has never been on point (passes mostly to high)…So, let’s “wait til next year” when IU will have a stable of wide receiver (Cobbs, Witherspoon, Harris, Hale, and Timian), a stable of RB (Redding, Geist, Majette and Newton) and Lastly a good Defense…..Will they have QB that is worth “waiting til next year”

  13. Unless you were talking about ‘The Four Horsemen” of ND, I believe you meant to say a “staple” of ……?

  14. R. L. Had good stats at a J.C….and that is my point. A Connecticut recruit and Oklahoma State demotion to a J.C. college. It is a long shot that this will be a really good qb in big ten at best. Close but no cigar. That is why RL. has traveled the road he has traveled. It is because K.W. and IU staff inability to get a high quality big ten caliber qb. I am still curious and interested what the kid from Georgia will ever have to offer. K.W. recruited him after he lost T. Stevens so he could set on bench at Penn State.

  15. How often does a J.C. QB make it big in major college football???
    Looking forward to see

    Camion Patrick make his presence known at Purdue.

    My biggest disappointment in Michigan game was with about 1:30 to go in first half IU had first and ten. K.W. and K.J. called 3 conservative running plays from their own 40 yard line. I felt like you kinda owe it to the offense to at least go down field 1 time instead of trying not to make a mistake so you can go in at the half with a 3 point lead. With 25 seconds left Mich took 1 shot down field deep in their territory before taking knee to end the half. I know it must be hard but show you believe in your own offense just a little.

  16. If IU beats Purdue (we should) and then wins the minor bowl game, that will represent modest progress. As for the “wait till next year” mantra, if not next year, Wilson’s window of opportunity will close very rapidly. But the rankings of his last two recruiting classes does not suggest that this team’s underclassmen are ready to carry IU to the next level. If IU does not produce a “breakout season” in 2017, Wilson’s ability to recruit will be severely hampered, and then the decline will begin again. Weaker Big Ten teams will replace ineffective coaches with better coaches, and IU will slide back toward the bottom of the conference again. That’s why 2017 is either a break-out season, or it will be the beginning of the end for Wilson’s tenure at IU.

    As for Lagow, he has improved a lot in the last two games. And I believe he will be a much better QB next year than he was this year. The question is, will he have enough weapons around him? Expect next year’s O-line to be less effective than this year’s line. I don’t see any dominant running backs on the roster, and unless we find a great freshman receiver, that position will be weaker than it was this season.

    I am confident that the defense will continue to improve. It is simply amazing what Allen has done to transform this unit and the progress they have made from last season to this season. That is very encouraging.

    But after six seasons, Wilson has not lived up to his reputation as a recruiter and/or developer of great Quarterbacks. He has yet to recruit a top QB, and as was pointed out by Ranger 67 above, Wilson has failed to field a QB that could take over a game and pull out clutch victories. Sudfeld was good, but Wilson did not recruit him. My guess is that Wilson needs to relinquish the QB development duties to his OC and focus on being the head coach. Maybe one more assistant coach is needed for the offense. Regardless, the collective performance of his quarterbacks has hardly lived up to the reputation Wilson had upon arriving in Bloomington. It would appear that it is lot easier to recruit and develop top QB talent at Oklahoma than it is at IU.

  17. To answer Ts question I have watched King throw in practice and he has a great arm with excellent accuracy. I think the offensive pass plays are too complicated and it would be better if the coaches called definite routes so receivers and QBs know what is being run.

    Po, I don’t see how the receiver group will be weaker next year with Cobbs, Westbrook, Timian, Hale, and younger receivers Harris, Mack, James, Griffith, Morris, Thornton, Hawkins that several have been rated very highly. I am guessing Patrick with be at RB next year for his final season. As far as I am concerned Cobbs, Westbrook, and Timian are proven quality receivers. I also think Hale will be a very good receiver and coaches have raved about Mack and Morris. There will be a surprise from the others as one or more will step up. It is hard to recruit top QBs to IU as Wilson is known as a taskmaster.

    As for RBs I think Patrick, Natee, and Cole will be dominate backs next year especially if the OL develops; Redding is a good back but not a dominate back. I wish the coaches would use TEs over the middle to pin down LBs or create openings for the TEs. Always using them in the flats just doesn’t get them open often enough. Also use those big bodies in the passing game down in the red zone. The coaches are so wrapped up in the TEs being part of the running game and not so fired up about them being part of the passing game. With double TE sets it would be easy to use one for the passing game and the other to help in the pass blocking. The defense wouldn’t know which TE would stay in to block and which one would be going out on a route.

    I agree Lagow will be much better next year and I wish the coaches hadn’t messed with his passing motion but by next year he should have the mechanics down and be in tune with the receivers.

  18. I don’t think Lagow is the guy next season….I had a lengthy post that never made it through(mostly discussing Lagow).

    Long story short: Absence of “it factor”….along with a certain amount of crafty maturity(wiliness, savvy, etc). Nice young man that was given a rare opportunity. Pass defenders are rarely fooled…He appears not confident enough in his accuracy so he gives a “tell” of his intended target too soon.

    Other than Zander Diamonte, I don’t know a thing about the talent of those behind him(or anyone coming in). I certainly don’t see next year as Lagow’s starting role to lose. He just hasn’t shined enough to make that leap.

  19. KW’s teams have won 2 games as underdogs in 6 years. He’s had opportunity after opportunity and has only won 2. Yet they have lost 9 games as favorites. Those statistics tell you all you need to know. Tom Allen and Mark Hagen have been great. The offense needs a makeover. The up tempo works in the middle of the field but not in the redzone (IU is dead last in the nation in redzone efficiency) and doesn’t work when they are playing with the lead. For all the talk of Wilson as an offensive genius, his teams have never scored more points than they have allowed. Maryland and Rutgers have put together top recruiting classes. IU needs to improve just to not lose ground in the Big Ten.

  20. Is fourth place in the BIG 10 East Division the best IU will (ever) be able to do?? considering that you will always have to play three (Michigan, Ohio State and Penn State) top 25 teams every year. an you add-in our current recruiting problems (current class ranked in the bottom three of the Big 10) finishing higher than fourth in the Big 10 east division seem very tough.

  21. Good conversation. vesuvius13, as usual, you make many good points.

    IU’s wide receivers are good possession receivers, but none of them have the size or speed to break big plays. I don’t recall any IU receiver running away from defensive backs this season; they always get caught from behind. Their collective “Yards-After-Catch” are probably near the bottom in the conference. Same goes for the running backs. Good and solid, but none possess the combination of speed and size to dominate. And none of them approach the talent of the last two IU running backs now playing in the NFL. As a result, this year’s offense has lacked the “big-play” capability that makes defense hesitate, and I don’t see that changing next season.

    You raise an interesting point about Wilson having a reputation as a task master. I wonder if that reputation is a major turn-off to talented HS QBs. Not sure what it is, but something is not quite right. Wilson has yet to sign a top rated QB and has had two quality/experienced QBs transfer. I suspect we’ll see one or two more QBs transfer after this season is completed.

  22. IU79, the irony of your post above is that IU could have defeated PSU and UM this season. And Harbaugh won’t stay in Michigan forever. He wants to go back to the NFL and win a Super Bowl. So I think IU has a chance to finish in the top three in the Big Ten East from time to time. Winning seasons and bowl games once in a while is a reasonable expectation. Conference Championships are probably not.

  23. Any player(QB or other)who does not man-up and embrace competition for playing time should feel free to relocate himself where the grass looks greener. Hale 6’4″, Westbrook 6’3″, Cobbs 6’4″ and Frosh Morris 6’4″ all have envied size for B1G WR’s and very good speed. I doubt seriously IU is in the bottom of the conference in YAC. In fact I’d bet $ on the wideouts not being in the bottom.

    1. You are correct.


      Indiana is 1st or 2nd in # of passing plays that go for 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80 & 90 yds in the B1G. They’re “5th” in # of 80 yd passing plays.

      It isn’t about facts, it is about feelings. I don’t understand why Po just makes up things that don’t exist and are easily found on the internet.

      We have really good receivers. Our QB likes to throw the ball to the other team. That’s the #1 problem.

  24. They’re “5th” in # of 80 yd passing plays.

    Yes, though we have a total of ZERO 80 yd passing plays, we are technically in 5th…Four teams have either one or two pass plays that went for 80 yards …..Our “5th” could also be called a tie for last in this category along with ten other BIG teams that also have zero plays going for more than 80 yds.
    Those ten other teams with zero 80 yd passing plays are also in 5th place. I love statistics.
    The tie for second in the 90 yard category is also fun…..13 teams tie for second(or last) with none.

    Interesting stat….OSU is near the top of the BIG in interceptions(16) and defensive interceptions(17)…They give a lot away…and take them back on defense nearly equally.

  25. My bad on the OSU interception stats…They only have 4 passing interceptions on offense over 11 games(tied with Michigan for the fewest).

    Double Down’s site is weird. Went over to the BIG 10 site….
    Lagow has thrown a lot of picks…Then again, we still rank 4th in Pass Efficiency. So when he is throwing to our team, it works really well(avg. yardage and % completion)?


  26. Well, if you’re going to nit-pick my comments, at least represent them accurately. What I wrote above was “Their collective “Yards-After-Catch” are probably near the bottom in the conference.” Note the word “probably.” I’m simply not seeing IU’s receivers run away from their defenders very often. As for size, I did not refer to their height. Yes, although one of our most successful receivers is 5′ 8″, we do have some tall wide receivers. But they also appear to be rather slight in build, hence my use of the word “size.” They don’t appear hard to tackle after they make the reception.

    Given the height of our receivers, why has IU’s offense struggled to score from inside the red zone? You’d think that with receivers listed at 6’4″ and 6’3″, and taller than most defensive backs, they’d have an advantage inside the end zone and simply out-jump the defensive backs. But that’s not happening.

    Since you like stats so much, the stats that matter most right now are a) a record of 5 – 6, and (according to 123’s comment above) 2) an “offense that is dead last in the nation in red zone efficiency.” All the stats in the world won’t be worth a bucket of warm spit if IU loses to Purdue this week.

  27. We could quickly turn from beating up on Lagow by looking at the kicking game…

    We are dead last in Field Goal % (13-22, 59.1%).

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