1. Wilson is a loser. Like any team, it reflects it’s leader. It’s so bad that it’s actually affecting the defense and special teams. This is a 4 win team.

  2. Whether we ultimately win this game or not, IU’s first half performance was pathetic. Just terrible. IU’s players did not look prepared for this game. 3 turnovers, missed EP, and a blocked field goal = half-time deficit. Wilson’s getting out-coached, big time. If Zander’s only going to throw one pass in the wildcat formation, it’s not going to be effective. Wilson needs to drop the Wildcat trickery for the remainder of the game and go back to doing what we’re supposed to be best at, using our superior O-line. Once again, down to an inferior team, the season hangs in the balance.

  3. Lagow continues to struggle. Two INTs in the first half, and one terrible pass that should have been picked off in the first possession of the second half. It’s getting harder and harder to justify Lagow remaining IU’s starting. If this game gets way out of reach, it’s time for Wilson to give one his other back-ups some in-game experience. And if none of them are ready to step in and play, that’s on Wilson.

    Quarterback guru my butt!

  4. Fred Glass in general has, and continues to do a good job as AD. However, if he does not replace Wilson with a calmer, more effective leader, the IU FOOTBALL program is doomed. The longer Glass tries to refute reality the deeper the hole will get.
    What good 3* or 4* kid (and parents) would want to buy into this morass of ineptitude?

  5. I answered 10 stupid questions to access the live ticker. Now that I’m here and see how the game is going I have to wonder which is worse, the stupid questions or the game. Light at the end of the tunnel – IU BB at 7pm. Oh, wait, IU fumble recovery. All is not lost – Maybe

  6. Chonnie, Glass can’t fire Wilson without writing him a huge check. And that’s not going to happen. We’re stuck with Wilson for several more years, and he’s leading IU right back to the place where it was when he was hired.

  7. There is a time and purpose for wildcat with Z.D. and Natee. However, it needs to be disciplined and not over done plus kept in perspective. Do not get crazy with it.

  8. Is there a reason why Camion Patrick not more featured especially in Rutgers territory? Is injury still to much of a factor? He looked good on TD catch. Go defense.

  9. IU’s kicking game is horrific. It’s unbelievable. Time for Oaks and his holder to be replaced. Time for the Special Teams coach to be fired. This is a joke.

  10. Worse kicking special team unit in the history of college football. Besides Oakes unable to make an extra point, watch the right tackle. On every FG and extra point,…he just stands there and allows the defender to blow by. Whoever is running this unit needs replacing. We’re not talking bad,..this is totally inexcusable. As far as a big payout. Ask Purdue. In the long run sometimes you need to cut the line before you lose the entire poll.

  11. Another Win. If IU offense could get in tune with discipline, eliminate penalties, get control of wildcat using it with more perspective, preparation, effort, and get hot LOVE IU DEFENSIVE PREPARATION, ADJUSTMENTS, AND EFFORT IU could win 7 or 8 in spite of Wake Forest loss.

    While watching Wisconsin play Nebraska…Wisconsin jumped off sides on defense. It was the first penalty in 7 quarters against Wisconsin according to announcer.

    Thanks again DEFENSE!

    THIS WAS A GOOD WIN regardless of some sloppiness on offense, bad play calling at times…IU was still strong enough to win.

  12. I’ve never felt so bummed out after an IU victory in my life. Yea, O.K. we won the game. But good gracious that was a terrible performance. Mistake after mistake after mistake. That was really U-G-L-Y. The ninth game of the season against the worst team in the conference and IU played down to the level of their competition. today. Clearly IU was not mentally prepared to play.

    Why did Wilson call a time out on third down with the clock running and a minute and 23 seconds left on the clock? Was ZD in jeopardy of allowing the play clock to run out?

    1. Po, the play clock was about to run out when Wilson called that timeout at the end of the game. Seemed Zander was taking a while to get everyone set.

  13. Coaches understand a win is a win. Every team has an ugly win but IU still made good plays to earn the win. Our defense played well all game with the offense cranking it up in the third quarter.

    I do wonder if the offensive coaches have a handle on what this offense should focus on. Putting in wildcat helped win the Maryland game but delayed really coming up with a fix for the offense. The OL is struggling and they need to figure out why that is.

    I hope the coaches come up with the changes needed to beat PSU and run the record to 6-4.

  14. The wildcat is only effective if the defense perceives that the offense is a threat to pass the ball. ZD has only thrown two or three passes from the wildcat formation, so Rutgers moved nine men into the box and attacked the run, causing IU to lose yards on the majority of plays run out of the wildcat. Either allow ZD to throw passes from that formation, or scrap it. We can’t afford to go backwards on so many plays. That should be obvious to our “offensive genius” of a head coach.

  15. Podunker, there is another option with the wildcat, I still want to scrap it until we have a viable QB to run it, that is to have the QB read the DE/LB deciding to give the ball or pull it. Right now IU isn’t running a zone read offense out of it. I see it the wildcat, as IU runs it, a gimmick that helped win a game against Maryland and should be put away. I would rather see IU focus on their running game or add a wrinkle or two to the base running game. The real problem is the OL isn’t strong enough or consistent enough to run the ball when needed. Give them some help, scheme or formation, that fits with the base offense and get better.

  16. Po, you are right again. Wilson has to be willing to allow Diamont and/or Natee to throw passes out of the wildcat to make it effective. Natee is not quick or fast enough to run wide in the formation and every time he tried, he got stuffed. If Wilson doesn’t have enough confidence to allow both Diamont and Natee to throw the ball, he needs to scrap the formation.

  17. V13, exactly, it’s not like a veer or wishbone option. There is only a single read the way IU runs the wildcat. Why predetermine when you only have to read off the corner? Watching Zander’s style of play I’d be pretty surprised if he hasn’t been running some read option for a while. On top of that, it’s not like he has to make a pitch. If the DE commits to Natee that leaves Zander one-on-one with a linebacker and he will still have to keep it honest in coverage if we show a pass off that play action early. It would really be putting the OLB out there on an island.

  18. Here’s the cold hard truth, I’m afraid:

    Against Penn St., we’ll compete for a half then lose by 20. Against Michigan, we’ll trade touchdowns with them for 3 or 4 trips down the field, then Lagow will go into Ryan Fitzpatrick mode: Michigan 54, IU 28. Then, we’ll be staring at having to beat a hungry Purdue team eager to avenge our recent success against them in order to qualify for a mediocre bowl game. After 2 losses and the ship taking on water, we lose that one by a TD.

    After the season, we’ll hear more of the same from the head-in-the-clouds “we’re making progress” crowd. Coach Wilson will go into year 7 with the some of the most lax expectations/standards for success of any BCS team.

    Call him the “fasting Buddhist monk” of football coaches: One bowl in seven years, and somehow manages to stay alive.

  19. Seahawk Tom the reality of IU FB is recruiting and being in a small population state with ND. PU, UM, MSU, OSU, Nebraska, and even SEC schools raiding our state it is difficult to get great players to come to IU. Our coaches recruit other areas but we don’t have much of a chance to get the best players from those areas.

    Yes progress is being made, not head in the clouds, by our defense with better players coming in next year. If you think it is easy in the B1G East explain MSU’s decline this year after winning the B1G last year. Maybe a broader perspective by you and others would see the position the coaches are in trying to develop this team. No I am not happy with the play this year but knowing the losses from players from last year it is no wonder the team is inconsistent this year yet they have won 3 B1G games this year. Las Vegas only thought IU would have a chance to win 4.5 games this year and they have done better than that.

  20. Does anyone know if there have ever been this many former Hoosier players in the NFL at the same time? They even have one in the booth (Trent Green).

  21. vesuvius13- I’ve been hearing that excuse for a long time, and it’s become really stale to be honest. The truth is that lots of schools are in states where they have to compete with bigger schools or nearby out of state schools. If you think it’s hard for IU to recruit, how in the heck do you think it is for places like Western Michigan (currently 8-0 with a win over….Northwestern)? The way you solve this is by finding a dynamic coach who can raise eyebrows and get his group to overachieve for a few years. A coach who can beat Wake Forest, Northwester, and Rutgers. This is not too much to ask for a BCS school in a major conference with significant resources. A couple of consecutive 7 win seasons, then suddenly recruiting ticks upward significantly. No reason why IU can’t be the Arizona of the Big 10.

    Really really tired of the perpetually low standards, expectations and defeatist mentality of this fan base, and culture.

  22. I agree with Seahawks Tom about the perpetual excuses some IU fans make for IU Football. Washington State is a very good recent example. Small state population, in-state and nearby recruiting competition (U of W, BSU, OSU and U of O) , and relatively bad history. They hired a new coach with a proven track record of success and he turned that “long-suffering” football program into a juggernaut. Arizona, about the same population of Indiana and with in-state and near-by recruiting competition (USC, UCLA, etc), while struggling this season, hired Rich Rodriquez and he immediately lead Arizona to four consecutive winning seasons, victories in 3 out 4 bowl consecutive bowl games, a top-20 ranking and the Pac 12 South Championship. IU Football suffers from a fan base with chronic malaise and severe low-expectations. It’s as if we suffer from battered spouse syndrome, afraid to speak up or make changes for fear the beatings will resume. We’ve got to stop harping about our past, making excuses, and justifying sub-par performance. We need to start demanding leadership that will elevate the program going forward. This is not rocket science. There a plenty of schools around the country that have turned their chronic under-performing football programs into a winning program in less than seven years. There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with IU or it’s campus, that prevents IU from attracting quality football players. But you have to have the right head coach who inspires players and fans alike. I don’t know about you, but I was not inspired by IU’s performance in yesterday’s game against Rutgers.

    I hope Wilson is the guy to do it. I hope Wilson finally gets his program over the hump next year. But yesterday’s performance renews a lot of doubts that many of us have about Wilson’s program. And yesterday’s “victory” is certainly not going to increase attendance at Memorial Stadium, excite IU’s slumbering fan base, or inspire the most talented recruits to take a second look at playing for IU.

  23. The bottom line is that in the hyper-competitive world of college football, a school has to pay to play. By that I mean that a school has to be willing to spend big bucks in order to attract and retain the coaching talent necessary to transform a football program. IU was not willing to spend big money six years ago. They had been paying Lynch a paltry salary. They went after Wilson, a career-long Assistant Coach, in large part, because he was relatively inexpensive. He fit the budget. Until this season, he was the second lowest paid coach in the Big Ten. IU got what it paid for. He’s about average now, but is being paid far less than coaches who possess the experience, skills and proven track record necessary to transform IU Football in less than seven years.

  24. …and ‘coaching talent’ does not apply only to the head coach. That kicking debacle we watched yesterday falls on the head of the special teams/kicking unit coach. If he is still here after the season ends we have a problem. Interestingly, the IU athletics sites showing the coaching staff list ‘special teams-cover units’ and ‘special team-return units’ but no one is listed as ‘special teams-kicking units’. I admit, they DO appear to have not been coached.

    Unfortunately, if you’re a really good assistant, you’re usually just passing through. Finding and retaining quality assistant coaches is an ongoing task. There aren’t many Bud Fosters out there who appear to be happy as a lifelong coordinator. Sometimes it takes a long time to accept that that is what you are. Wade Phillips is probably the best defensive mind in the game but, based on what we’ve seen, he’s not head coaching material.

    At places like Alabama and OSU they have former head coaches working as coordinators and position coaches. Wouldn’t that be nice?

  25. As an IU fan if I was so damned unhappy with the progress of the program I’d become a fan of Arizona, WMU or WSU for sure and for certain. At IU and for the past 3 seasons coaching responsibilities for the Kicking game have been shared by the whole staff. It worked last year but what is different this year besides adding ST coordinators, Deland receiving and Inge covering, is the holder and the center. For Gideon it is either his 4th or 5th game holding. As far as the center goes I have thought since the WF game Wes Rogers is poorest OL on the starting unit. Combine that with Oakes recent quad strain and it has affected the kicking game. In case some missed it Del Grosso kicked off starting the game but it only reached the 9 yd line. I never saw him in again. It was still a good win against adversity and mistakes. I’ll take it anytime.

  26. Podunker- Your “11:37” post was one of the most concise and right-on that I’ve ever read on the topic of IU football on the Scoop. Terrific stuff. Great example with Mike Leach. WSU does have a decent history of success here and there which trumps IU’s history, but getting people to come to Pullman is a lot harder than it is to Bloomington.

  27. Mike Leach is just one of those guys you’re really rolling the dice with. He absolutely knows how to win football games but I’m willing to bet that his time at his current stop will end the same way previous stints have…with some sort of scandal.

    That being said, that’s how successful coaches like Leach and Petrino usually end up back on the job market.

  28. Some people just can’t be satisfied. A win is a win. I’ll take it. We win and people still bitch. Must live boring lives.

  29. Po and Seahawk, no argument that I want IU to do better than they have so far. However it doesn’t stop me from seeing the reasons why it has taken this long; as others have said IU paid low money and got a HC that was in his first HC job. Until now this is the first time we have a quality DC to work with Wilson so I am understanding about the slow progress. I would point out the differences in the schools you bring up – they hired proven HC and have the talent rich California as part of their recruiting area based on historic recruiting. IU doesn’t have a solid base historically which means that Wilson and staff have had to build the recruiting areas.

    One final note, understanding a situation doesn’t mean any of us accept the situation and based on his comments I can say Wilson isn’t content with the progress either.

  30. IU ran the ball well against Maryland then lays an egg against Rutgers. One of the main reasons was Darius Hamilton. Hamilton is Rutgers’s 5 star defensive tackle and future NFL starter. Players matter. And IU needs this year to get to 7 wins to improve recruiting. Rutgers and Maryland have signed top recruiting classes. IU needs to win to keep pace. Last year we had a very good offense and special teams with a terrible defense. Now we have a bad offense, terrible special teams and very good defense. IU seems to never get consistent play. They have to find a way to beat Penn State and Purdue. 6 and 6 means dropping back in recruiting and lower level recruiting means lower level performance. It’s either move up or slide back down.

  31. Ben, were you satisfied by IU’s performance on Saturday? I wasn’t! Wilson wasn’t! And I dare say that most Hoosier fans who watched the game were not either. Your comment speaks directly to what I wrote about IU fans having chronically low expectations for IU’s football program. I believe this is, in aggregate, a big part of the problem. I believe it is why IU can’t fill Memorial Stadium on beautiful fall days playing against a quality opponent. Too many citizens of the Hoosier Nation say, “Oh, we won today. That’s nice. I’m satisfied.” At other schools with a winning football tradition, passionate football fans would be flooding the airwaves and demanding that some of the coaches be fired immediately! They simply would not tolerate their team narrowly defeating one of the worst teams in college football! Yes, we won the game, and that’s a good thing. But (and I don’t mean this to be offensive to you), if you were “satisfied” by IU’s performance against Rutgers, I suggest you’re either not a very passionate IU fan, or you’re not aware of how such a bad performance can adversely affect the program. Do you think High School football coaches, or any of their players were impressed by IU’s performance on Saturday? Do you think IU’s win over Rutgers is going to motivate more IU fans to attend games in the future? Do you think Saturday’s game is going to inspire 4-star recruits to consider signing to play for IU? If IU Football is to improve, it needs to sign better football players and motivate more fans to attend home games. Those two variables are inter-related and essential to IU Football becoming more successful. IU’s performance in Saturday’s game did not improve IU’s ability to do either.

    This was the ninth game of the 2016 season. No excuses for new players getting used to new coaches, a new playbook, different schemes, each other, and etc. There are no excuses for the low quality of play we watched on Saturday. As for being satisfied, I’ll be satisfied when IU Football defeats the worst team in the conference/country by a healthy margin and produces a winning season. In the meantime, I will remember that we’ll continue to get what we tolerate!

  32. Figuring out the truth about the causes of its failure and the solutions for the Indiana Football Program to finally succeed requires some grasp of unemotional analysis. For as bad as Indiana has been historically, there are some complexities involved. Also, there is no one easy solution (i.e. putting together a ton of money that our Athletic Dept doesn’t have to give to a “proven” winner, who would only take the IU job due to the exorbitant money we’d offer them in comparison to other programs).

    Indiana Football is unique. There have been comparisons to other programs that aren’t true. There is NO PROGRAM in the history of college football that has been worse than Indiana. NONE. And, for as bad as Indiana has been over it’s history, the last 20 years sans 2 of them, has been embarrassingly bad. Especially given that in the early part of the last decade, the Big Ten was down a bit.

    Now, the current state of the program. I watched that game on Sat. I dunno why I even bother anymore. We won. But that was just about the worst football game I’ve ever watched. We only won because the team we were playing is even worse than we were. The only positive thing I can say is that it is very rare that you can say Indiana won a football game because we had more talent than an opponent.

    Does this make me want to throw Kevin Wilson under the bus? No. Do I think he’s an amazing coach? No. This isn’t binary. In short, I think Wilson is underperforming with this team this year. But, I also think that he has the best chance at turning this thing around and there is reason to be hopeful.

    I’m just as frustrated as everyone. I’m tired of losing bad games. I’m tired of coming up short in games where we have a chance to get that “signature win.” In hindsight, MSU is not that one we’re looking for. But I think turning this losing program around was going to be a Herculean task that required a little stability. It isn’t about Wilson specifically, as much as it is giving him the chance to at least establish enough of a baseline, where if he can’t quite get us beyond middle of the pack, any future successor doesn’t have to built it up from a neck deep septic tank again.

    In the meantime, this has been a very frustrating season. I see a lot that I love about this team (like something I’ve never seen before from any Indiana team: it’s called defense), but also a lot that frustrates me. When you are thinking back to the Dusty Kiel days in comparing Lagow (& Diamont), that is never a good thing.

  33. BTW, while I’m trying to be positive here, another thing I’ve enjoyed about this team has been the receiving corp. I love the flashes that Patrick gave us in the last game (he’s going to be a monster), but I am absolutely digging Westbrook. Last year, I can’t even count the number of drives that stalled when Cobbs dropped a wide open pass on third down. Westbrook has been as sure handed as you can ask for. He’s not as physically gifted, but he has great hands and isn’t afraid of going for it in traffic. Jones and little Mitchell Paige have been great, too.

    Too bad the guy throwing to them isn’t exactly making them look good. Have I mentioned, than I don’t love Lagow? 😉

  34. v13, unfortunately, too many IU students, alumni and fans have long accepted “it.” That’s a big part of the problem.

    And why, after five seasons of terrible defense, is this the first time IU has a quality Defensive Coordinator? Who is responsible for hiring quality Assistant Coaches?

    As for WSU’s recruiting, I suggest it has been just as difficult for WSU to recruit as it is for IU. According to 247Sports Composite, in 2015 1.2% of the nation’s blue chip football talent was from Indiana, but only 1% of blue chip football talent was from Washington. That’s why WSU jumped at the chance to hire Leach. The AD knew WSU had to do something to tilt the scales in their favor, and they knew a proven head coach could do that. 12.2% of football talent comes out of California, but 12% of blue chip football talent comes out of Ohio, Michigan, Illinois and Pennsylvania combined. Only 0.3% of blue chips football talent comes out of either Iowa or Wisconsin, but those programs have done well. It’s not the geographic location or population of the state that determines success in recruiting, it’s the coaching staff. How else do schools like Oklahoma, Nebraska Iowa and Wisconsin continue to get top 20 recruiting classes year in and year out? When it comes to recruiting, good coaches trump geographic location and demographic deficiencies. WSU and Leach are proof of that.

  35. Po- I agree totally. The fans have a right to be frustrated, disappointed and angry with the team’s performance last Saturday. Equally important, the defense put up another outstanding performance. The changes in the defense come down to coaching, particularly coaches Allen and Hagen. KW needs to get the rest of the team to play as consistently well as the defense or find different coaches that can motivate the offense and special teams to play at that level. Maybe Brian Knorr needs some help washing socks for Ohio State? Maybe it’s time for Kevin Johns to join him. Even with all the NFL caliber talent last year, IU couldn’t consistently score inside the red zone. Without an NFL quarterback and running back, this offense has gotten exposed for being too predictable and too inconsistent. That falls on the OC. Its time for better, more consistent play or its time for a new OC.

  36. Recruiting isn’t all about the coaching staff.

    Indeed, it is a major factor, but not the only one.

    Too simplistic.

    Just jumping up and down and “demanding” that Indiana play better football isn’t going to make it work either. Fan apathy over Indiana Football is now decades old. That may frustrate some, but isn’t that the very definition of “apathy?” No one is going to care until things change substantially.

    If Indiana manages to deliver that breakout season, we will start filling the stands like Wisconsin fans did when Alvarez took over and started winning. Camp Randell was a ghost town before the mid 90’s.

    There is no other possible scenario where Memorial Stadium gets filled. Ws and Ws only.

  37. Po, you continue to bring up programs that historically have been great programs and expect IU to get to their level just as easily as getting a new coach [I am not saying you are wanting Wilson replaced]. IU’s historical football record makes it hard to get quality players to come to IU. I was hoping this would be the year to give IU coaches the chance to get better player. Just the fact that we have three true freshmen playing LT, Husky, and C shows that our roster is still hurting especially playing top programs in the country. I wish it was easier to get the job done and I hope that Wilson can get it done in a year or two but I also understand what a task winning in the B1G East is. I had great teams at Wayne HS but no matter how good a season we had beating the top programs in the city was not easy to do and we were lucky to have a 33% record against them. Yet in 4A football we dominated 4 of the 5 years I coached there. IU doesn’t have the luxury of playing teams at their level so playing top teams tough is all that may happen until better recruits come in. Coaches have worked hard in recruiting and I hope with our defense more top players will now consider coming to turn IU around. I hope players see how close IU is to beating top teams and will come to get us over the top. I have to admit I wonder why IU doesn’t get top RBs, WR, OL, and QBs based on past performances by those groups. If anyone has the answer let IU coaches know so they can pull in the top recruits.

  38. 123,

    That is surely an interesting thought. I think there is some difficulty with the Johns situation in that he has been a loyal assistant to KW coaching under him at NW. These two have more than just a passing relationship.

    However, I totally agree. Under his watch, the Indiana offense has had some glaring issues that are now repeating themselves each year under his tenure (you mentioned them). KW needs to get his house in order here. The offense isn’t just struggling from “lack of personnel.” I believe there is a enough talent on that side of the ball to be producing better results. Considering that he is also the QBs coach, and that has been one of our biggest problems this year, that also is his responsibility.

    I’d say that he’s had enough time to establish whether he’s the right guy for the job. I’d say at this stage, KW would be better off finding someone else.

  39. Double Down, great post. I appreciate and agree with almost everything you wrote. And you are correct about IU’s history in football. But we fans make too much of that history. Kids coming out of High School are very myopic. They don’t really care about a school’s long term history. Most of them don’t have the perspective, or simply don’t care. They want to play for dynamic leaders who have proven they can win. After that, they want first rate facilities, a passionate fan base and a quality school, probably in that order. But most importantly, they want to play for a proven winner. And those young men associate, regardless of the history of the program, the current coaching staff with their ability to be part of a winning program. From these young mens’ perspective, a history of winning goes back as far as the current coaching staff’s record. When you hire a head coach who has no history of winning, it does not matter to these young men what the school’s record has been over the last 100 years. Conversely, if Wilson wins 10 games in each of the next three seasons, from the perspective of High School football players, IU football will have a winning history. What occurred over the last 50 years won’t matter one bit.

  40. v13, WSU has not historically been a “good” football program. There overall record in 117 years of football is 505-528-45 for a win percentage of 48.9%. That’s better than IU’s record of course, but it is not a “historically good” program. And in the nine seasons prior to Leach getting hired, WSU had a record of 39 and 69, for a winning percentage of 36%. That’s pretty bad. What turned it around? They hired a head coach who was a proven winner. And I don’t expect IU to catch-up or overtake historically good programs in a few short years. I just want a winning season once in a while. I don’t think it is unreasonable for a school like IU to produce a winning season once or twice every decade, or once during the first six seasons of a new head coach’s tenure. Beyond that, I expect IU to build a consistently competitive football program. It is my sincere hope that Wilson will accomplish that next year. But the game i watched IU play on Saturday does not inspire confidence he’s going to do that.

  41. I’d jump on the “Johns isn’t getting it done” bandwagon too, accept for the fact that Wilson takes such hands-on ownership of the QB and the entire offense. Johns may end up getting scapegoated, but it’s Wilson’s offense. The running backs coach is outstanding, the O-line coach is great, and as someone pointed out above, the receivers are playing fantastic. Johns is the receivers coach. So what’s the common link to the offense over the last six seasons? Wilson’s gotten all the credit for IU’s potent offense in year’s past, he deserves the criticism for it’s sputtering performance this year. As for special teams (i.e., kicking,) it’s simply a disaster.

  42. Po and DD- Urban Meyer said he has no use for a coordinator if he can’t recruit. Aside from Nate Sudfeld, who came to IU as a last second addition after his first school fired their coach, who has either KW or KJ recruited to play quarterback? The state of Indiana has consistently put out 4 and 5 star talent at the quarterback position. IU recruited every one and landed none of them. Purdue has consistently out recruited IU for quaterbacks. Lagow is a juco that stares down receivers and then launches passes that sometimes aren’t in the same zip code. Diamont doesn’t have the arm strength to throw more than 15 yards down field, Cameron couldn’t start on his own high school team, King and Ramsey were only pursued by MAC schools. KW is staying for 6 more years. So the only answer is a new OC. Johns may do well as a receivers position coach but a dynamic leader that can recruit and motivate guys to play better than they ever thought possible? No way. I hope KW is more committed to winning than to cronyism.

  43. I would point out our offense’s biggest problem group is the OL this year; saying that I have said in the past I question Johns’ ability as an OC. He has had good offenses while at IU but not as dynamic as the year Littrell ran the offense. I think the 2014 season really distorted the view of Johns and Wilson as they now focus on run first not as run as part of the offense. Losing a couple of QBs in 2014 with Zander as the option left forced the OC to find ways to run the ball and that has lingered since then. I also note that the HC happy to be in shoot out games now pushes to be in position in the 4th Qtr to win.

    Po as far as WSU goes I leave you with these coaches they have had Dennis Erickson and Mike Price before Leach came later on. They did have success by successful HCs and it made it easier to bring in recruits for Leach. IU wasn’t going to bring in a successful former HC to coach this team unless they had an IU tie like Hoeppner had. At least if a new coach is needed some where down the road IU is in a better position to bring in a experienced successful HC. I hope coach Wilson shows he can get the job done and with offenses of the past and defense now and in the future we may see a break out season soon.

  44. V- I agree the OL has been a major problem this year even though it was supposed to be a strength. The DL is a major strength this year even though it was supposed to be a major weakness. So again it shows what coaching can do. I agree about Littrell who coached under Leach. We’ve seen now how the right man at the top can quickly change things. KW is staying so that means the OC is in need of an upgrade.

  45. v13, I really respect your comments and your knowledge of football, but I think the facts about IU’s past refute your assertion. IU hired Pont who was a successful head coach before IU (55-27-3). IU hired Corso who was a successful head coach before being hired by IU (28 -11-3 at Louisville). IU hired Malory who was a successful head coach before IU (a combined 99-52-1 at Miami of Ohio, Colorado, and N IL, and a winning record at each). IU hired Hep who was a successful head coach before IU (48-25 at Miami of Ohio). Those men had proved they could lead teams to multiple winning seasons before being hired to coach at IU. Three of those four men lead IU to bowl games within three years of taking over at IU. For decades, IU’s football facilities and the budget were major impediments to success at IU. Mallory commented on this extensively in an article a few years ago (his IU office and practice facilities were inferior to what he had at Northern Illinois University, where he was before coming to IU). But Glass has, to a large extent, addressed those issues. Facilities are greatly improved and getting better. The coaching compensation budget has been increased significantly. The IUB campus has always been beautiful, but it’s better than ever. Bloomington is a great won to live and raise a family in. And otherwise, IU has several other highly competitive athletic programs (soccer, baseball, basketball, etc.). Hep’s death was a tragedy. Hiring Lynch was a travesty. We’ll know in about 14 months whether hiring an un-proven, career-long assistant coach was successful or a failure. Let’s hope it works out for both Wilson and the Hoosier Nation.

  46. Hiring Crean was a bigger tragedy than Kelvin and Lynch combined.

    Brad Stevens was an “unproven, career-long assistant coach” before taking Butler to consecutive NCAA championship games. Seemed like it was sure worth their gamble rather than going after a “proven” spinning top of an experienced head coach guaranteed to stink up nearly every Sweet 16 game he ever appeared.

    Considering the complete lack of tradition and the beyond a given norm of being the easiest target in the world(outside of the Chicago Cubs until last week) as a steady place of truth for demeaning jokes and mockery that was always IU Football, Wilson has done something of real unsung miraculous grit and beauty. I’m with Ben…Most of you think throwing money at someone makes for a winner. Wilson has given IU Football a miraculous turn in respect on the field. Was it really that long ago that the grandest of BIG foe was putting up 70 points on us with playing their second string units in second halves?

    The embarrassment of Hoosier Nation no longer lives at Memorial. It’s now at a place that spins in its money like a motionless top….spinning…and spinning…and spinning until it finally exhausts itself and topples with all the pointlessness it began.

  47. The problem with this years offense is there are 7 starters missing from last years squad. It’s just that simple. Add into this years lineup Spriggs, Camiel, Howard, Cobbs, Reed, Corsaro and NS and you have the offense you would not be bitching about today. But if you want to pound your chest and bitch, be my guest.

  48. HC- hmmmm Ohio State lost more and still has the second best offense in the Big Ten. So if you want to keep pounding your chest and bitching, be MY guest…..but don’t stay very long. You’ve already overstayed your welcome.

  49. 123, when IU can bring in several top recruiting classes, then comparing IU’s situation to OSU will be valid. In its history IU has never had recruiting classes as good as OSU and players make a difference. IU can make up the difference if our players come back as seniors while OSU and others lose their players after their junior year [this is MSU’s strategy that worked]. With three freshmen starting IU doesn’t have the roster yet to play a senior and junior class team to compete with OSU, UM, and PSU.

    If our OL hadn’t suffered the losses they have this year, the offense likely would be performing as one of the top scoring teams in the conference. IU’s offense still is in the top three offenses except in the category of scoring which is the most important. The poor run blocking of this OL is the problem with the offense which puts more pressure on a new QB.

    One concern I have that I have no inside information to explain why this happens is why King who has a great arm isn’t developed enough to challenge for the starting job. Is the complexity of the offense too much for young QBs to excel, remember Nate struggled to get to 60% completion rate his first two years while having an excellent running game to lean on. I question having such a complex system that talented young QBs couldn’t excel in.

  50. RicoChet, yet again, not a single post of yours has a shred of substance and is always directed towards attacking others.

    I don’t claim to be right, but I write with facts and engage in dialog with those I disagree with. I’ve changed my mind lots of times. You, on the other hand, should have banned a long time ago. All you do is attack others.

    Whether your stick around or not, I’ll just ignore you from here on out.

  51. v13, great post. The OL is for sure been our achilles this year. The run blocking in particular has been a problem. A lot of missed assignments and just general confusion.

    In Lagow’s case, now I haven’t watched any replays, so I’m just going by my tainted memory, but I don’t seem to recall many of his INTs coming from intense pressure. I’ve seen a lot of throws into traffic or just bad decisions. Many times he misses wide-open receivers who weren’t his #1 option.

    Overall, he also doesn’t seem like he’s in command of running the offense. In the first two B1G games, he had issues getting the snap off (understood that one of those games was in the Horseshoe–about as hostile an environment that you can play in). But there’s a lot of confusion.

    I’m definitely not advocating for a change at QB. I’m no Diamont fan and your comments on King are interesting. What I do know, is that I don’t know much. 🙂

  52. HC, that is definitely a lot of missing experience and talent gone in one year. It makes me think back to last year. If Sudfield and Howard had stayed healthy, we could have put a couple more Ws on the board.

  53. A bit off-topic, but I just wanted to send my congrats to the Giants and the Dodgers …for softly bowing out to the CUBS. Welcome back, Dougle Down.

    There needs to be an NFL investigation concerning the home cooking calls at Seattle. Did anyone see Sherman intentionally go for the knees of the Buffalo kicker while witnessing the refs make no ‘roughing the kicker’ call? Wow…just…wow. The NFL might as well spot Seattle 14 points at the beginning of the game….because that’s the typical amount stolen from any visiting team.

  54. Harvard’s back!!!! Congrats to your Cubbies! Proof that the sports world isn’t “rigged” as you sometimes imply with your IUBB antipathy. Hope you celebrated merrily. Hope you are well, pal.

  55. The problem I have with the “we lost a lot of talent to graduation” argument is that, 1) every team loses talent every year. Teams on the rise should be collectively replacing that talent with the same or better players until they plateau. And 2), even with all that talent on offense, we still did not produce a winning season in 2015. Of course, last year it was the terrible defense. This year, it’s the sputtering offense. Winners find a way to win. Losers make excuses.

    Yes, IU’s lack of a running game is affecting its passing game, but a bigger reason for the sputtering offense is that Lagow has thrown a lot of interceptions. And the majority of those INTs were not the result of bad blocking, or him being under duress. He’s just way off target on numerous passes or shows into coverage. You expect that from a new QB in the first half of the season, but he was still doing last Saturday, the ninth game of the season. Against Rutgers, he had two INTs, but it could easily have been five. Rutgers’ defenders dropped three passes.

    Lastly, the kicking game is so bad, it may be influencing the play-calling inside the red zone. But IU has had several games this year when they failed to score significant points because of missed/blocked field goals and/or extra points. I don’t think that has much to do with the talent that graduated.

    I’ve said since before the season started that I’ll be satisfied if IU wins six games in the regular season and then goes to a minor bowl game. Maybe they can win that one and produce Wilson’s first winning season. But next year must be IU football’s breakout season. If not, the program will start to slide backward, making it much harder for Wilson to recruit, retain assistant coaches, and fill Memorial Stadium. After next season, which will be Wilson’s 7th, there will be no more excuses not producing a winning season.

  56. PO, I agree that next year is the precipice for IUFB. With the new hires by MD, R, and IL IU must have a season that brings in top players as these three coaches will be upgrading their rosters. If the team doesn’t get the job done in 2017 [who know who will coach PU] they will be behind the eight ball in recruiting and backsliding in the B1G. I have a lot of hope next year will bring the promise that this year hasn’t shown yet. Now beating PSU, UM, and PU will show the promise we hoped for. The reality is they will be fortunate to win 2 of the 3 games along with a bowl game leading to 8 wins which should boost recruiting and set up the team to take off in 2017.

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