1. 9 min to go… obviously would like to win, but I’m so encouraged by the physical and mental toughness.

  2. Just because Bill Self is right doesn’t mean he can storm the court whenever he wants… that’s 3 times he could have been called for T’s

  3. That’s some seriously bad refereeing to end the game… I mean it was bad towards IU in the 1st half… and then bad towards U.K. For the first 15 min of the 2nd… but this last couple minutes is particularly brutal

  4. Good signature win to start the season is how this should read. IU basketball is suppose to win almost all signature games. Kansas is usually a little bit of an over ranked team. Probably is a little over ranked now. IU needs to work on their offensive IQ…to much forcing and dribbling at times, set plays needed with screening and cutting. Good game to start. IU has got to learn how to protect its lead. IU loses lead to quickly after working hard to get lead. Lost 5 point lead in 15 seconds. Live by the 3, die by the 3 and IU was shooting the 3 pretty well this game.

  5. It’s not my imagination – Bryant gets called for more phantom fouls than any good player ever…

    Now that we’re headed into OT I’m particularly pissed about those 1st 2 calls… for those of you who tape this stuff, go back and re-watch the first 2 fouls on Bryant… it’s game-changing terrible and has effected the outcome of games for 2 years…

  6. Not protecting leads after getting them (sometimes hot from 3 and other times working hard to get lead) has been a trait of T.C. coached IU teams. Knowing when to go fast and knowing when to slow things down and not force things would help tremendously.

  7. T – like the comments.. I actually thought they pulled it out and was patient more often than not in the situations they should’ve… very early…

    Jones has nuggets

  8. Mental toughness, defensive play which was pretty good for first game, offensive IQ, and composure will determine this year’s success.

  9. I know a lot of you don’t like Bilas…. I think he’s great. I appreciate when “outsiders” truly seem to umderstand the culture of player-driver (coach-initiated) development.

    Clearly I (we) don’t pay attention to other programs to the degree that we do IU, but the ur development seems to stand out even among the pundits.

    I’m not a huge believer of Crean’s in-game ability (although he seems to be improving) but if the players are the ones driving individual improvement and holding each other accountable then this group has as much potential as any in the Crean era…

    Best front court we’ve had, and a deep and talented backcourt (even if there isn’t a standout attribute outside of JBJ’s offense).

    Looking forward to all the negativity and doubt.

  10. Rough, solid game under all sorts of tribulations. An evenly called game if not nearing perfection. Well played by two solid teams.

    Crean haters are suffering right now. His handling of Thomas, if perhap overly fortunate, made CTC look pretty darned smart. Whether that is true or not, tonight he was right.

  11. Actually, very impressed with the Hoosiers tonight. It’s a shame that Tom Crean has a full season to turn nice ingredients into mumbo jumbo pie. Can you spell ….substitution patterns? continuity? leadership? Big James Jr. on campus?

    Gosh, Blackmon can shoot the ball…Indiana smooth stroke saves the day again.

    Good to see Geoff back …(a.k.a…The Maine Attraction). Hope all is well with the family.

  12. Harv – you can have my email too… but you have to agree to me buying you lunch next time I’m in Indy… your call.

    Other Scoopers haven’t been disappointed…

  13. The referees were horrible. I’m glad IU won the game and am proud of how mentally tough they played, but the refs ruined this game. What buffoons they were, calling all those imaginary fouls. This can not be allowed to continue in Big Time College Basketball. The refs must be held accountable, and this crew should be suspended for gross incompetence.

    IU needs to work on it’s free throw shooting. Tonight, it almost cost them the game. Robert Johnson, come on, man!

  14. The officials were a reffing cluster. Mentally and physically tough squad in the 1st outing against strong competition. A good win but boy, TO’s continue to plague Crean coached IU teams and foul shooting is erratic for a bunch of boys who can chuck the 2’s and 3’s. JBJ still can’t spell D. He had the least fouls of the 6 Hoosiers with the most minutes and no steals for the game. He still does not believe offensive opportunities come from playing aggressive defense. I doubt that he can change the mindset. To bad he could be tremendous with that skill and determination.

  15. Late to the party. What a game. Loving our team this year. The front court of Bryant & Anunoby is fierce!

    That was a really good basketball team we slugged it out with last night.

    Things we need to improve in [insert macro]: turnovers, perimeter defense and, other than Bryant, finishing near the basket.

    Curtis Jones was channeling AJ Guyton last night. I really like this kid.

  16. Yes, I was impressed by Jones. I think IU will improve a lot in the next couple of weeks, and this was the kind of test needed to accelerate that process while increasing their confidence. This team overcame a good KS team, a slippery floor, bad free throw shooting and the worst officiating crew I’ve seen in a long, long time. As for JBJ, let’s not be too hard on him yet. He’s still building back up his leg strength after knee reconstruction and scraping the rust off. He’s never going to be a great defender, especially against two of the best guards in the country, but he appeared to be making a much greater effort in this game as compared to the past. And he did knock down some clutch shots when his team needed him.

  17. PO, He did not exert the effort on D his team mates gave. But his effort was there for offense #’s; so much for the building up leg strength theory. He does not possess the mindset to be an energetic defender. Something certain the NBA has noticed.

  18. To be fair, wouldn’t you both agree that decribes most great offensive players at any level? Sure, MJ was a great defender. VO is a great defender. Great players can do both. They are the exception. The next person Carmelo Anthony plays defense against will be his first. I could score on most of the Maverick’s championship team (seriously, I’m that good).

    Honestly, in a perfect world great scorers are also lock down defenders. In the real world coaches try to instill defense but accept the reality that a guy who can score 25 and hold the other guy to 15 is gonna win you a lot of games.

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