1. To be expected at this stage of the season, against weak competition and with this team’s stile of play. But it drives me crazy too.

  2. Really? KenPom #245 or something & 0 points in 7 minutes.
    Blackmon 5 TO’s in 15 minutes. Is there a purpose to play this team? Besides the potential of player injury. Start the second half with Priller & the others who ‘clean-up’.

  3. I think Crean schedules these powder-puff teams as a favor or charity to lower-end teams that may need the cash and/or exposure. A lot of top teams do this every year. But I agree, Ron, the top seven or eight guys on this team should not play in the second half. Let the second tier talent and walk-ons get plenty of playing time and avoid the risk of injury to key players.

  4. If IU were to go with ‘value based’ ticket prices, yes, KU & NC tickets would cost $$$$$. With this game, IU would be required to pay $20 to each of the fans who attend.

  5. Why didn’t we get this game sandwiched in between the college of “Life” and “Pursuit of Happiness State”?

  6. This kid opposite Max on BTN is so effing brutal… I’ve had to sit through him twice now and it’s even worse than all the TO’s. He has an elementary school understanding of basketball and can’t pronounce half the names… do some homework.

  7. Yea 87-48! Only 22-31 fouls shots converted and someone is joking right, 26 TO’s. I do see big potential for this team but half that many TO’s would have been to many against this outfit. I’d make these boys and basketballs live like Siamese twins. They’d eat with 1 in there hand, sleep with 1, shower with 1, dress with 1, study with 1, attend class with 1 use their phone and computer with 1 and every time they commit a TO in practice they would become best friends with the bleacher steps after 30 round trips up and down. This will plague this team all season because there is no focus to lessen it because nobody pays a price for committing 1 or even multiples. Like JBJ’s streak of them. Pathetic because it is so down right stupid even for an up tempo offense. The staff has to make them value the ball, NOW!!!!!!.

  8. 22-31….Not horrific…but not stellar, that’s for sure.
    Years ago I recommended IU calling in any family descendent of Virgil Sweet. He has to have his notes laying around somewhere. Look him up. Valparaiso shattered all h.s. national free throw proficiency numbers…As a TEAM, they shot 80%….Even 40 years past, most kids coming out of Valpo(h.s. or Valpo U) can make charity stripe shots in their sleep. The teaching passed from Virgil..to Homer Drew…to Bryce Drew…and on…and on…and on.
    I think there is a true stubbornness in some of the “elitist”(highly recruited/ranked) athletes to improve/change upon a flawed fundamental aspect of their game. Their egos are simply too big. Become a Bobby Knight and they’ll simply stop coming…

    Coaches are at the mercy of these prima donnas….The money is simply far too engrossing/mind-consuming at the next level to put up with a coach who will limit your display of phenomenal athleticism and gifts because you don’t value the “little things” that win NCAA titles.


    His teams were noted for their great free-throw shooting, His 1963-64 team shot .792 for the season — still a national high school team record. Mike Copper, a member of that team, set an individual record by hitting 409 consecutive free throws without leaving the line. It was done during the lunch hour.

  9. This link is quite interesting too…


    It details the career of the young man who once hit over 400 consecutive free throws during his Valpo H.S. lunch hour….He ended up becoming a superintendent at an Indianapolis school system. He also wore #33 at Indiana State ten years prior to Larry Legend donning the jersey. Good stuff…

    The roots of Hoosier Hoops go so far deeper and beyond Plump, short-shorts, and that cheesy Hollywood film….Somebody with some true creativity could quilt together the true beauty and layers…..(from Sweet …to Skiles….East Chicago Washington…Crispus Attucks H.S….Robertson….Bird…..the sectional hysteria during March Madness, etc)..The history is so, so rich and diverse.

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