1. Richard Lagow is so painful to watch. We can talk about the INTs all day, but how about the number of open receivers he misses?

  2. IU defense is playing against Penn State offense, Penn State defense, and IU offense. That is 3 against 1…Sickening for IU defense. However, IU defense…what great mental toughness and attitude.!!!

  3. This team is just plagued with errors. They’re doing things on offense you see in the first week or two as teams shake off the rust. 4 turnovers in 1 3/4 of a half? Two of them were playground bad.

    On the positive side, the Indiana rush is great. They’re going to have to start paying rent to be in PSU’s backfield. It is amazing the intense pressure that you can bring when your defenders stay home. Forget scheme. Allen’s genius is that he got these guys to play fundamental football.

  4. Once again, really ‘special teams’. Here’s an idea, try not kicking line drives to the punt receiver. You guys are right, 3 against 1.

  5. Put down the internet!

    That was a great drive. We have some nice receivers. I think we’re much stronger sans Cobbs. A lot of sure hands out there.

  6. IU with a bushel basket of turnovers in first half tied at 2 touch downs a piece with 10th ranked team in country….regardless wether Penn State over ranked or not.

  7. Ok….tie game at half? I’ll take it. Lagow has settled. He threw some good balls and made good decisions in the 2nd Qtr.

  8. Wilson/Johns inability or refusal to have proper run personnel for crucial short yardage situations is inexcuseable. It has cost them innumerable first downs and touchdowns all year. Here’s an idea, how about a traditional 2-3 back set with an actual fullback!

  9. Once again, our genius head coach forfeits 3 points by going for it on fourth and goal and failing to get it in. Take the points, Wilson. You know one of the definitions of insanity, right? Good lord, TAKE THE POINTS!

  10. A six point lead right now would be so much better than a three point lead. Take the points, Wilson. Your record on 4th down is horrific. Your team is playing well against a top-10 team. Don’t blow it by taking stupid gambles on fourth down when 3 points are there for the taking.

  11. No matter what the math and analysis says about going for it on 4th down…..over and over and over again….fans who can’t do math, will still scream at coaches who fail on 4th down conversions.

    …..AND the ESPN App just failed. I can’t get the game anymore. It’s 70 degrees out….I should be outside anyway. Later everyone.

  12. Lack of confidence in offense at crunch time. Not time for wildcat on your own 20 yard line. Dumb! Dumb! Dumb! Still 8 minutes to go and you have to move ball with best offensive players and score again.

  13. At 3:58 still fulfilling the promise. I hope Wilson fulfills it against Purdue and these clowns end up 5-7. “You are what your record says you are”.

  14. I feel bad for the defense. This season the defense has often hung in there to be rewarded with inept offensive calls plus offense not being good enough to execute. Offense in critical situations plays not to lose rather than to win.

  15. Special teams and another really stupid decision by Wilson cost IU this game and the chance to have it’s first winning regular season in many years. First half punt gets touched by an IU player inside the ten hardline. Result: easy PSU TD. Wilson goes for it on fourth and goal on the two yard line and once again, fails to convert. Result: forfeiting 3 points (which changed the complexion of the game). Last kick-off return, holding penalty against IU puts IU back deep inside their own territory. Result: game over. Tom Allen and his defense deserve better.

  16. Wherever you decide to place the balance of blame/shame, IU’s major sports programs have underperformed when it counts most(never making noise in March Madness deeper rounds & never winning key games to get the football team in a mediocre/mid-level bowl). It’s sad when so many other schools in our conference(along with ND to the north), at minimum, achieve deeper success in at least one major program.

  17. How about listing the Big Ten schools that went deeper in the NCAA Basketball tournament AND went ot a bowl game last year? If there is any truth to what you say there must be a bunch.

  18. Chet-

    Basketball: Deeper over the last 8 years….Butler, OSU, Michigan, MSU, Wisconsin, ND have all gone deeper. Other than Butler, they’ve all had success(deep tournament runs with games in and beyond the second weekend of March Madness.
    Football: meaning football bowls of moderate to high significance…e.g. reserved for teams far and above .500 records).

    Since 2008:

    MSU: Runner-up, Final Four, Elite 8, Final Four
    Michigan: Runner-up(McGary season), Elite 8(2014)
    OSU: Final Four, Elite 8
    Wisconsin: Final Four, Runner-up
    ND: Elite 8, Elite 8
    Butler: Runner-up, Runner-up
    Even Xavier has 4 Sweet 16s and one Elite 8 over the last 8 seasons.

    Cumulative: 5 Runner-ups, 4 Final Fours, 4 Elite 8’s… (Keep in mind that I’m not adding in the Elite 8s of teams that reached the Final Four/Runner-up levels..Adding those into a coach’s resume would make these totals much higher).

    IU: Zero Runner-ups(none since Mike Davis), Zero Final Fours, Zero Elite 8s.

    Don’t think it’s worth going through the bowl games….Outside of Butler, we all know the answer to that one when examining bowls of any significance over the last 8 years….decade…whatever.

    Did I mention Louisville and UK basketball…? Chet, the success in March of all prominent b-ball programs within and surrounding the state of Indiana obliterates us over the last 8 years. This ain’t rocket science. Our standard in March never used to be the Purdue standard(they had their back-to-back Sweet 16s a few years back)….nor should we accept such a horrific standard.

  19. Don’t even bother to answer. I shouldn’t have responded to your meaningless post. I won’t do it again.

  20. I used to have a filter for his posts. I’ll just skip them when I see them. It will be like fast forwarding through a 3 minute ‘Sham Wow!’ commercial.

  21. #1 swim team in the country with Olympic gold medalists.

    #3 Soccer team in the nation with multiple nation titles.

    Schwarber leads Cubs to WS.

    IU ranked 6th in the nation in BB.

    Football is actually competitive in every game they play and the program is on the rise.

    I know I have been gone since April and I know better to respond to him but I took the bait.

  22. Interesting to think that Kansas and MSU basketball, with their two great coaches, could very easily suffer back-to-back losses so early in the season. I wonder what their ranks will be if they do?

  23. I think Kansas would still be in the top ten. We’re top 5. Duke is number one. If they play solid vs. Duke I’ll bet they don’t drop much. Especially if the Hoosiers continue to play well.

    Arizona isn’t that caliber of team. Good but not great. They will be punished for anything other than a nail biter loss to Kentucky, I tend to think.

  24. Bart-

    Hope you’re doing well. How’s the cab business?

    Where a team finishes in March is the only “ranking” worth a hill of beans.

  25. I now own Hoosier car service and ranking in March are the most important but we can’t forget about the other great collegiate athletic programs at IU.

  26. I completely agree, Bart…IU makes a huge contribution(as does the state of Indiana) to the sustained life, pride, and love for amateur athletics. One hell of a big mark for a tiny state. And good luck with your new business.

  27. Bart, Congratulations! Stay hungry and have a vision. I envy you. Wish I was starting all over again. What a party.

  28. Good on ya, Bart. My oldest son and I used to have a mantra that applied to individual jobs as well as lifelong goals, “Keep moving forward.”

    Whether you’ve chosen the most important task at any given time usually isn’t as important as the general direction you are headed. Good luck in your latest venture.

  29. Bart to ad an addendum to my post above my Brother in law who was schooled as a chemist retired about 4 years ago and started Apex car service in Louisville. 1-2 person/car venture aimed at professional/high end users. Doing damn well. Good luck.

  30. That’s outstanding, Bart! Congratulations. I applaud and respect anyone who has the stones to start their own business these days. I hope your new business is a great success and that you continue to feel rewarded. I co-founded a successful business 12 years ago and managed it until recently, when we chose to dissolve the company. I had never worked so hard or experienced such satisfaction in my professional life as I did from that experience. I hope it turns out to be everything you want and expect it to be. All the best.

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