1. not going bowling this year???? this team is getting worst. no improvement?? if you are going to run the ball, do so!! let Redding handle the rock. stop with all the poor play calling. ..Lagow cannot and will never locate a secondary receiver…….go with Danny Cameron or Zander Diamont the rest of the game!!!

  2. Again, R.L. Connecticut recruit, not good enough at Oklahoma State, good at junior college and certainly not a good big ten qb. That is why he was available for IU. No fault of his, but he is not a run threat, and just has limited ability even if he improves a little for next year plus IU has upfront problems and no dominating running back equals a limited offense against big ten competition. After 6 years of K.W. IU is just a tiny bit better than in the cellar Purdue and Purdue is bringing in a new coaching regime. I still support K.W. and defensive staff. I do not want to lose T.A.. and Hagen.


  4. Whew. What a squeaker against basement-dwelling, reeling Purdue. Wilson really does know how to do the absolute bare minimum to keep his job.

    A breath of relief for the Hoosiers; first time we’ve had back-to-back non-losing seasons in forever. Let’s see if for once they can actually win whatever mediocre bowl game they go to.

  5. cannot agree with you more “t”, excellent job of Zander Diamont being a team player…at half time did not believe this team would go bowling, but they found out a way to pull out the victory…An my hats off to an excellent defense effort, to keep IU in the game….this game summed up all that went wrong (interception, fumbles, missed field goal and poor punting) this season and IU still manage to win the game!!! WOW!!!

  6. Haven’t been to back to back bowls since 1990-1991. Good job. Defense is obviously improving as our quarterback situation is a disaster and needs re-evaluated next season along with Wilson taking points instead of always going for it more times then not.

    Progress is being made despite some on this board begging for a new coach or offering suggestions. Seahawk Tom, the university is keeping Wilson around because the culture is changing and progressing. I guess you’re one of those people who want a quick change. Never going to get that at Indiana. I guess you can’t process that or refuse to compare Wilson to Lynch. You figure it out.

  7. Agree with t, ST, and IU79 above.
    Had my doubts until Crawford’s 2nd interception in the end zone. Even though this was a “rivalry” game, we should have been able to score more points against a terrible Purdue defense and put them away in the 2nd half.
    The offense and special teams are so painful to watch. If our qb was only slightly above average, this team would have won 8 or 9 games. Yes, he has thrown for a lot of yards, but his lack of ability to hit secondary and tertiary receivers and to throw into double and triple coverage negate most benefits of throwing for 3000 yards.
    Tom Allen should definitely be a finalist for the Broyles award. Without him, this team would have won 2 or 3 games at most. The defense plays with aggression and Allen is not afraid to dial up pressure play after play. The defense plays to win, while the offense seems to play not to lose.
    Wonder what happened to Camion Patrick today? Didn’t see him in the game at all. I thought that package last week with Diamont, Natee, and Patrick had promise, but it never materialized in the game today. If he really is our best player as Wilson has claimed, and if he isn’t hurt, it is a terrible waste that he never got a touch today.
    Winning a bowl game and finishing 7 and 6 would be a good ending to this season and a good jump start for next season, but right now I don’t have much confidence that Wilson and IU will finally get that elusive winning season. Hope I am wrong. Maybe the defense will be able to carry us to victory!!

  8. You guys praising ZD, he more completions to white shirts than red shirts. I do agree that the QB position needs re-evaluated but ZD still isn’t the long term guy.

  9. Not saying ZD is the guy. I just think he is a good team player that has always filled in mostly pretty well for his ability. He is not boring. He is going to do something (competitive). Overall, he has done well for IU as a backup when called upon. He seems to always be ready and willing raring to go.

  10. Diamont is likely done. He went out for Senior Day. Wilson said in the press conference that football is taking a huge toll on his body and he’s going to wrap it up after this year even though he has 1 yr of eligibility remaining. Makes sense. He’s a running QB asked to run at redwood trees as a bantaweight

    Either way, I’m praying for another QB to be starting under center next year. I don’t think Lagow quite has it between the ears to captain a B1G team.

    Anyway, I’m going to head out and sacrifice 3 goats in hopes that Tom Allen stays on next year.

  11. Patrick must be injured and that may be the reason they didn’t use him last game the second time they were inside the 10 yard line. I am sure they would have put him in the game if he was healthy as his score was an easy score.

    Posters keep calling for Zander at QB despite the bad Int he threw. With the issues Lago has I wonder why the coaches don’t simplify the reads so he has two to go to. Another issue I see is running the same patterns the defense prepares for as our receivers don’t often get open because DBs are ready for the routes. We never seem to get our TEs in the passing routes [ only 8 catches so far this year] and I have to wonder why. I know offensive coaches are struggling because the OL isn’t as strong as in the past which leads to an inconsistent running game and a passing game that is plagued by constant pass rush pressure. The coaches have tried variety of things on offense but this offense is what it is and the coaches need to focus on what works best and focus on those things. I think between the base offense and the Bacon package there is enough offense to generate a solid running game and a solid passing game we had against PSU and UM.

  12. Ben-
    If by “quick change” you mean a coach whose win total increases by more than .15 per year over a 10 year period, then yes, I stand guilty as charged of wanting “quick change.”

    Pardon me for wishing for the stars.

    Side note, nice to see that the U of Washington (0-12 in 2008) is 11-1 and might be playing in the Final Four. That’s what I call a re-build. No excuses or pathetic fan culture that accepts mediocrity as fate.

    Let’s compare. IU was 3-9 in 2008. Since then, they have

    1. Tom,

      The Huskies turnaround was tremendous. I love their QB.

      I’m not sure the comparison to IU is fair and this isn’t me accepting mediocrity. They had a rough run, but UW fills the stands with a loyal fanbase, a loud as @#$% stadium, they tore off a fierce run in the 90’s and two national championships. Chris Peterson could have had a lot of jobs after his wizardry at Boise State. He made his move and chose U-Dub. Wanted to stay in the Pacific Northwest.

      I’m a KW supporter, but that doesn’t mean I think he’s the best coach. If Mark Cuban came and donated top dollar to pay the highest salary in the nation (which he’d never do because he’s cheaper than a Rolex…I mean Rola…bought on the streets of Hong Kong), we still wouldn’t get someone Peterson to come to IU. Indiana has zero tradition. We didn’t just lose for twenty years, we got smashed and beat like like a lady of the night who short changed her pimp. Every week.

      Anyway, I get the cynicism. I’m pretty fed up with the bull crap too. Maybe KW isn’t the guy to take us to the next level, but he sure did establish a beachhead that never existed before.

      Either way, next year is put up or shut up. He seems willing and able to cut ties with dead weight. Brian Knorr was shown the door after two horrendous seasons. I don’t think that Andy Johns is the right guy to head the offense. A lot of our issues stemmed from a struggling O-line and probably one of the worst QBs I’ve ever seen. But we had a lot of puzzling play calling* and the red zone offense was just baffling. We’d be marching down the field one way with success and it seemed like we’d hit the 20 yd line and they’d open up the “Red Zone Offense for Dummies” book, and start calling plays that had no chance with Alabama’s offense.

      Either way, I hear ya man. Disagree, but still just as a frustrated as you.

      * I’m not talking about 4th down calls. I love those. Math and stats back me up. I’ve extensively talked about it here and no one cares.

      1. With his recent contract extension, I doubt they would let him go anyway unless they want to buy him out and pay another coach on top of that. I doubt that happens and be a travesty of money management.

  13. Side note, nice to see that the U of Washington (0-12 in 2008) is 11-1 and might be playing in the Final Four

    As Judge Ito once said to Marcia Clark during the OJ trial, “Don’t ever wish for something too much..You might just get it.”

    Courtesy: Bloggin’ Johnnie Cochran.

  14. Double-

    I used U-Dub as the comparison only because I went there and the numbers come easy to me. There are countless other examples, though, that I could have used to show programs who were as low as (or lower) than IU and had much quicker turnarounds. I used to always joke that Duke was the only D1 team in the country who was more inept than IU, and whose fanbase also adopted a similar defeatist “Oh well, we’re just a basketball school.”

    Then, ironically, even Duke ripped off four straight bowl games….including a win over Kevin Wilson’s IU for the irony of Ironies.

    Anyways, most people know its my shtick on the Scoop to rail against the pathetically low football standards at IU. I won’t beat the dead horse anymore in this thread. I’ll say it once more – I sure hope KW can end with a “7” in the win column this year.

  15. Tom, I agree with most of what you wrote in this string, especially the point you made about all the schools that have produced major turn-arounds in their football program. You are absolutely correct on that point. It starts and ends with coaching, and while he has improved IU Football’s performance in many regards, I wonder if this is the best Wilson can do? And don’t apologize “for wishing for the stars.” I witnessed it happen as a boy back in 1967. It was magical and a great deal of fun. It can happen again if the Hoosier Nation is willing to demand more.

    1. Tom’s analogy to Duke is a good one. However, the thing about Duke football is that the ACC is a much easier conference to compete in vs Big Ten. Once realignment happened, Indiana is in a murderers row of powerhouse teams.

      What is lacking about schools that produced turn arounds is that NONE of them were the WORST program in the history of D1 Football EVER. We were not only the worst, at the time of Wilson’s hire, we had the facilities of mid-level high school. Just awful stuff.

      I think Wilson has done a good job of getting us from absolutely terrible, to inconsistent and respectable. Is he the right guy to take us beyond where we are right now? I dunno. But either way, he’ll leave the program a LOT better off than it was where he found it.

      And remember, we didn’t have the money (still don’t) to pay top $ for our head football coach and staff. OSU, Mich and PSU make more in 1 game than we do all year.

  16. DD, good points. And you are correct about IU’s facilities in the past. They were just terrible and chronicled by Coach Mallory back in the day. That’s the result of decades of terrible mis-management and bad leadership. But IU was not the worst football program in the country when Wilson took over the program. Lynch’s last team won five games the year he was fired. They were bad, but far from the worst “ever.” You’re right that IU, as part of the Big Ten’s East Division “is in murderer’s row,” but that’s all the more reason why getting and keeping high quality coaches is essential. And since “everything is relative to expectations,” keep in mind that the vast majority of IU fans do not expect IU Football to beat OSU and Michigan every year, or to compete for National Championships. They just want IU to produce winning seasons and go to major bowl games once in a while. If that involves upsetting Michigan and OSU once every five seasons or so, as Northwestern has done from time to time, that would be icing on the cake. “We should never let the past govern the future.”

    1. Lynch was cratering the program. We won 5 games that year, but that record was totally sandbagged. We were only 1-7 in conference. The only win was against Purdue in our last game. Lynch was likely on his way out at that time. We almost got beat at our own homecoming by Arkansas State (36-34). The other win was against Towson, an FCS school. We lost to Wisconsin by a margin that would have halted trading on the NYSE in fear of a complete collapse of the world financial markets.

      Wilson took over a program that was in shambles. Recruiting was nil. We were in absolutely terrible shape after the 2010 season.

  17. Podunker- nicely stated, all around. I especially appreciate your point about Lynch. Lynch had a team that went 7-5 which he inherited from Hep; a team that had some NFL guys and could compete, if I remember. Many of those team’s games went right down to the wire against good opponents, but Lynch always lost the coaching end-game. Far, faaaar from the worst team in the nation. It’s not like this was Prairie View A&M. And if “Murderer’s Row” is responsible for our malaise, how do you explain the yearly disappointments of Rutgers, Wake Forest and Ball State? Shouldn’t we at least win the gimmes?

    With all due respect, I think Double Down is exhibiting the usual signs of “Battered Fan Syndrome” – something Bloomington psychologists define as the continued attempt to explain away IU football’s failures, deflecting responsibility off of the coaches, and placing blame on some vague, cosmic “fate.” I think I could give any example under the sun, and the BFS sufferer would say “Aww, but we’re different.”

    If you look at conferences that are comparable in talent to the Big 10, you see that even the bad teams have “surprise seasons” where they knock off a big boy or go to a good bowl. The SEC, or the Pac-12 or Big 12 depending on the year. In any of those conferences, you can’t point to a single team as the guaranteed bottom dweller for two or three straight decades like you can with IU. Even a team like Kentucky (7-5 after beating Louisville) or Vanderbilt or Kansas or Colorado (currently #9) will emerge from time to time. It’s very striking to me IU hasn’t produced a single comparable season or moment for so dang long. It’s become a yearly ritual at this time of year for us to say “it’s make or break next year!” But is it? Or will we go back to our usual excuses and explanations when 5-7 or 6-7 is upon us again? What will we say when Purdue’s new coaching regime, whoever it ends up being, has them back to 9 wins within two years? What will be made of the “Murderer’s Row” theory then?

    1. Have you ever noticed that when someone says “with all due respect”, the next thing they do is wallop you with something personal? Just say what you’re going to say without the buttered up preamble.

      I don’t think you’ve listened to a word I’ve said.

      I’m not arguing that KW is a great coach by any means. I haven’t said that, nor have I argued for it. If there was a coach capable of turning Indiana football around after Lynch, IU couldn’t afford him. Maybe now they could.

      Maybe Wilson was the guy to get us on our feet and the next guy will come in and take us further. I have no idea if Wilson is going to be the guy. I don’t think it is looking good, but after everyone doubted that he’d ever coach a team even an average defense, he brings in a coordinator that turns it all around in one year. We’re stuck with KW and he isn’t going anywhere for a bit. So I’m just thinking about scenarios in which we might improve.

      Even though we went and are going bowling, last AND this season has been deeply disappointing. We lose too many games we should and don’t win any of the games that we shouldn’t. MSU at 1-8 in conference play is garbage now looking at how their season played out.

      I’m just as frustrated and fed up with the losing, too. I’m willing to look into real solutions, not just ones made with magic. I’m happy to have a reasonable debate with you, Tom. If you’re going to call names, I’m happy to exit the conversation.

      I’m not saying I’m correct. I’m just trying to think this out with a few fans. But stupid comments saying I have “battered fan syndrome” aren’t adding anything other than invective because I disagree with you. That’s not a real thing, it is just name calling.

  18. What will we say when Purdue’s new coaching regime, whoever it ends up being, has them back to 9 wins within two years? What will be made of the “Murderer’s Row” theory then?

    Purdue is in the BIG 10 West….Certainly not the same “Murderer’s Row.” I think Purdue’s football division is known as “Jaywalker’s Row.” Even the Washington Huskies could get above .500 in Jaywalker’s Row.
    Purdue Basketball plays in Jimmy Walker’s Row…When they play U-Dub in March, they are a rare Dy-no-mite!!!

  19. Seahawk….Guess that is better than Seagull..?

    Don’t know if you are right or not, but like the way you say it.

  20. Looks like Harvard has himself a case of BFS as well…already laying a foundation of excuses for when Purdue does exactly what I predicted.

    Never thought I’d hear the “losing is inevitable” BS from a Cubs fan, out of all people.

  21. Indiana is far from the worst program in the country? Indiana is #1 all time in the loss column.

  22. DD, there is no question Lynch had the program pointed in the wrong direction. I argued very passionately, in spite of him leading IU to a bowl game that year, that Lynch should not have been hired as Hep’s replacement. I wrote letters to IU’s Board of Trustees, the AD and the President, and I even called the AD’s office. Lynch was a nice man, but he simply did not have the qualifications/experience/pedigree to be a head coach in the Big Ten. It was a HUGE mistake to hire Lynch and that decision damaged IU’s Football program. But having said that, IU was not the worst football program in the country when Wilson was hired. It just wan’t. At the time, that distinction belonged to the University of New Mexico, which is where Wilson found his first Defensive Coordinator.

    Wilson was hired because he was an effective OC from a prominent Football program with ties to the Midwest (Miami of OH and Northwestern). But mostly he was hired because he was affordable. When he signed his contract, Wilson was the lowest or second lowest paid coach in the Big Ten, but relative to his salary at OK, it was a big raise. Remember, IU had to pay Lynch hundreds of thousands of dollars in severance. IU has a long history of being miserly when it comes to hiring football coaches, and for the most part, it has gotten what it paid for. Let’s hope Wilson turns out to be the exception.

  23. Also, remember that Wilson and Glass negotiated a deal whereby they exchanged money for longevity. Wilson’s first deal was a 7-year contract. That gave him and his family some assurance that their lives would not be uprooted after only three years. Had IU insisted on a normal five-year contract, I believe Wilson would have demanded a much higher annual salary.

  24. IU needs a QB? They should go after Jay Cutler. Now you’ve got a quick turnaround and a “winner.”

    Seahawk- Would love to spar, but I’m on a rather forced diet of moderation. When I write a comment and hit “submit,” a picture of a celery stalk appears. Send all requests for ‘More Harvard’ apple salad with extra mayo to Mike Miller’s email.

  25. all i know is after six years with Coach Wilson, Indiana football is competitive….we are no longer getting blown out of football games….i remember losing games to BSU 42-20, msu 42-29, iowa 45-9, illinois 55-13 and purdue 62-10 that was just 8 years ago…how soon we forget how bad this football program was……an how hard it was to recruit individual/players to come to IU to play football…we where competing with MAC school for recruits (1* and 2*) and losing out on some of those recruits. Yes, Kevin Wilson has had six years of trying to change the culture of IU football (fans leaving at halftime, 3* and 4* recruits de-commit to other school and poor game attendance). A culture that has been IU football for 50 plus years, because of our losing program. Now that we have tasted (a very small amount of success) we are ready to get rid of a good coach (very few internal problems) and switch to unknown (maybe good and maybe worst)…..all i know is there has been very little success within the IU football program since Bill Mallory and i prefer the present status of IU football than something like (Purdue, Illinois, etc.)…we can only wait and see how long it takes for those programs to rebuild….they will have the same problems as IU recruiting in the midwest against the likes of Ohio State, Michigan, ND and some SEC school….GO IU and keep up the good work Coach Wilson (find IU a QB).

  26. The imposter’s ridiculous post above (deleted for trolling) is a great illustration of why IU football is mired in mediocrity. In his juvenile way, the imposter inadvertently represents the sentiments of too many Hoosier fans. They are passionate and hyper-demanding about IU basketball, but could not care less about IU football. Too many IU fans demand perfection from Crean, but make a litany of excuses for Wilson when he fails to produce a winning season. Some Hoosiers will harp and complain about a basketball program that just won it’s second Big Ten Championship in four seasons, made it to the Sweet 16, is currently ranked 13th in the country, produces lottery picks year in and year out, opened the season by beating the third ranked and traditional powerhouse Kansas team on a neutral site, but they are in a chronic state of malaise regarding IU Football! Talk about a different set of standards, to some IU fans, it’s as if IU does not play football. Nothing wrong with having high expectations for our beloved basketball program (I certainly do), but where are the high expectations for IU’s football program? How about a little balance in how we assess our respective coaches? If Crean’s basketball teams had achieved Wilson’s level of success over the last six seasons, there would have been riots in Bloomington and Crean would have been run out of town. But Wilson deserves more time? Of course we have a history of winning in basketball and a tradition of losing in football. But the key word is “history,” as in the past. As I’ve said before, Bob Knight is not coming back, and the best basketball coaches in the country will retire from their current jobs. As long as so many Hoosier fans have such a huge disparity in their expectations between basketball and football, football will continue to be mediocre at best. Why not expect (demand) the same level of achievement from both programs? Financially speaking, while both are important, football is far more important than basketball. Yes, it is difficult to transform a program with a history of losing. But it’s also very difficult to re-build a program that was all but destroyed. Why such a double standard? Why not expect/demand both programs be winners? It is NOT a zero-sum-game.

  27. Battered Fan Syndrome or BFS is folly and with all due respect I’m sure as hell glad I don’t have to defend my position with made up psycho analysts opinions. Tom please email me that psychologist’s phone # as I am sure he’ll make a good act for my company Christmas party.

  28. Podunker – nicely stated; glad to see someone who is like-minded. Couldn’t agree more.

    Double Down- easy there, it wasn’t name-calling. “Battered Fan Syndrome” is not a noun or descriptive adjective; you can’t call someone a “syndrome.” It was simply a way for me to describe what I believe to be the state of mind of much of our sports fan base when it comes to football. In no way do I want to get caught up in personal insult-a-thon. I apologize if I sounded attacking or snarky.

    Thinking about the present and the future, I think we can all agree that Wilson really, really needs to win the darned bowl game. This may seem inconsequential to many of you since win or lose, we can still claim to have “been to a bowl in two straight years” and this is good enough. But simply “going to” without the W is no better than saying “we went to the tournament” this year in basketball.

    What about being able to boast af “a winning season”? Wouldn’t this small detail – the number 7 instead of 6 – do all the talking in terms of convincing recruits and our fanbase that we are truly rising, and haven’t simply acquiesced to the soft bigotry of low expectations?

  29. The Sampson witch-hunt was a charade. Any coach in the country would have died for the opportunity to coach the Hoosiers in the greatest basketball state in the country…There is no bigger honor than to coach hoops at the best college in the home of so much phenomenal basketball history(and nothing in regard to such honor changed because of a ridiculous 3-way calling scandal spearheaded by a bitter president at the NCAA). Tom Crean, bless his heart(he tries), will be the first to admit that nothing compares to Hoosier Basketball. At least it has the passion to become a kitchen fire. Nothing compares.

    Hoosier Football….? Where’s the reunions, sports fans? Where’s all that wonderful mystique and banner restorations to prop you up when you stall miserably at Sweet 16s…or after you lose to IPFW when ranked #3 by the Establishment Ranking Services who would love nothing more than for IU to forever be a Reunion Party Destination? The Crean apologists fear Wilson. He is the Bob Knight of Hoosier Football. He’s not into excuses nor will he ever have such low view of himself than to claim our football program was decimated “ashes”…or a “cancer” growth…or a “joke” when we we decided to give him a call for the job offer.

  30. Po, great point about which sport pays the bills. ‘Football schools’ have so much more cash that they can afford to funnel some off to the rest of the athletic department. Basketball barely keeps the lights on.

    I doubt Purdue brings in anyone who will quickly get them to 9 wins. They just don’t have the cash for a quality staff. They bring in about $13 million less per year than the Hoosiers and the Hoosiers can’t afford it. Or maybe they can because it might bring in more revenue. That’s not how they’ve been playing it, though.

    I’m guessing the Boils go a similar route as IU and they just hope they get a diamond in the rough. Charlie Strong is no doubt on their list. Whatever PU would pay him would be topped off up to $5 million with his Longhorn buyout. That being said, if you can’t win in the Big 12 with the bottomless UT cash bucket and the best recruiting in the world outside your office door you just might not have the ‘it’ factor.

  31. Chet you are so right about Coach strong. Because he failed at Texas puts nothing resembling a shine on his name. I think the PUkes best shot is Illinois State HC Brock Spack. It is his alma mater and he has been an assistant there twice. Some hopefulness in WLaffy Sumlin gets fired from the Aggies and has his bags sent NE. I don’t see Miles at PUke nor Strong. W. Mich. P.J. Fleck will be to expensive and hot a commodity. Just my lay of the land.

  32. Chet-

    The rumor with Purdue, to my knowledge, is P.J. Fleck from WMU. That would be an interesting one. Picking the hot MAC or other small conference head coach has been a strategy used quite a bit in the last few decades, with differing degrees of success. Certainly hasn’t worked perfectly for big programs of late (Brady Hoke at UM or Brian Kelly at ND). But let’s not forget about Nick Saban and Urban Meyer coming from the MAC. Under less pressure at Purdue, who knows; Fleck could be just the recipe for resurrection.

    One thing Purdue has that IU doesn’t is a two-sport tradition where success is more or less expected/demanded in both sports. None of the double-standard that Podunker talks about; I doubt you’d here the same type of fatalistic, “Bloomington is too far away,” “recruiting is too hard”, “Murderer’s Row” justifications that you here from IU fans.

  33. I’m betting somebody else will offer Fleck a deal Purdue can’t match.

    I mentioned UT earlier. Their biggest benefactor is Red McCombs. When I have time I’ll share the crazy story about a project he’s trying to get going near me. It’s just one of ‘you can’t make this stuff up’ kind of things.

  34. For most of the past 60+ years I’ve personally heard PUke fans complain they cannot recruit the kind of BB talent IU does.

  35. OK, as I mentioned, Red McCombs is THE moneyman at Texas. Exhibit A, the Red McCombs School of Business. Nobody in the athletic department takes a crap without McCombs approval.

    Moving on. Near where I live is a pass that gets the most snow in Colorado. Only 2 lane roads serve the area. There is a ski ‘area’ with lifts and such but no lodge or anything like that. It’s just a place where locals ski. It is also in southern Colorado which puts it hours closer to Texas than most Colorado ski areas.

    McCombs can’t stand the lack of development. He wants a mammoth lodge and all the tacky Texas trimmings. Coloradans just want him to go away.

    You can’t have a mammoth ski lodge without condos. Here are the guys that McCombs is in bed with to ‘develop’ the area. Anytime you can include the Indy 500, financing a LeMans racing team through drug smuggling, the CIA, airplanes crashing loaded with cocaine, banks in Liechtenstein, Colorado land development, Federal prisons, selling airplanes to South American drug lords, and Guantánamo into a single article it makes for quite a read.

    Since you can’t post links just Google this story, “Racecar Drivers Don and Bill Whittington: Drug Smugglers and CIA Helpers?”

  36. One thing Purdue has that IU doesn’t is a two-sport tradition where success is more or less expected/demanded in both sports.

    Football: One Rose Bowl since a 1966 appearance…Sure, they had a streak of mediocre bowls(only won 25% of those appearances). I don’t call that tradition in football. Certainly not in the OSU, Michigan, Penn State, ND…sense of the definition. Coincidentally, there one Rose Bowl since 1966 was a loss against the Huskies. No wonder you have the “tradition” man crush.

    Hoops: Zero Basketball NCAA titles. Last Final Four trip? 1980. Talk about “what have you done for me lately.” A cluster of Sweet 16’s here and there(Crean worthy tradition…Got to one Sweet 16 in 2009 by beating ……?….guess who? Hint: Rhymes with Muskie) .

    Purdue and some people that have watched their “other” favorite team not Indiana lose to Purdue in the NCAA tournament….or a Rose Bowl fifty years ago may think so….I tend to think of Purdue’s big stage accomplishments as more Turdition.

  37. Chet, I’ve followed Red McCombs from a Texas FB standpoint for years. He absolutely dominates Longhorn FB from within and I suspect has a major say about the Longhorn Network position in reference to the BIG 12. He has much to say about all amateur FB in Texas. Regrettably your entire post without me knowing details about your neck of the woods is pointed in the right direction.

  38. I just found the whole story with the former successful race car drivers jaw dropping. The article didn’t mention it but their books used real names. They actually had rental logs for the likes of Pablo Escober. For such high profile guys they were some of the worst criminals ever. Of course, that’s how you end up in Federal prison.

    The area they wanted to pour money into is a sleepy little town with a hot springs.

  39. A few points in response to some of the posts above:
    1. Yes, 7 – 6 is MUCH better and far more important than 6 – 7. Producing a winning season is HUGE for a program that has struggled for so long. It says to fans and recruits, “we have turned the corner.” So I agree that it is important for Wilson to win the bowl game, regardless of who IU plays.
    2. With regard to coaching candidates for Purdue, keep in mind that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” As evidence of that concept, look to Washington State’s hiring of Mike Leach, once fired by TX Tech. And a recently terminated coach may represent an obvious upgrade to a program like Purdue. Do they want someone who has, in spite of their last stop, proven he can produce winning seasons and turn losing programs around in the past (Charlie Strong, Art Briles, Mark Helfrich, Tommy Tubberville)? Or do they opt for the lower cost option and hire and up-and-coming coach? It’s all relative to expectations and budget.
    3. Seahawk Tom, you make a great point about Purdue and their fans’ expectations regarding both basketball and football. For decades Purdue produced both highly competitive basketball and football teams. That kind of destroys the lame excuses so many Hoosier fans reference when justifying why IU can’t win in football.
    4. From my perspective, IU alumni, students and Hoosier fans in general have failed to hold IU’s Administrators and Boards of Trustees accountable for their terrible mismanagement of the football program. No doubt that with IU basketball winning at such a high level for decades under Knight, not to mention the success in men’s soccer, it gave IU’s Administrators cover for their horrendous mismanagement of the football program. IU fans’ desire to celebrate a winner was satiated by Knight’s resounding success in basketball. You actually heard people exclaim, “well, at least we have a good basketball program!” Hence the inane excuse, “well, we’re a basketball school.” That success in basketball took the pressure off and allowed those administrators to avoid making the investment required to make or keep IU competitive in football. And the critical juncture those administrators missed was when Mallory was IU’s head coach. Mallory produced winning seasons, trips to bowl games, and bowl victories. Mallory beat Michigan and OSU. And what did IU’s top administrators due to sustain and build on that success, almost nothing! And worse than almost nothing, they botched the firing of IU’s most successful head coach and replaced him with an unproven Assistant Coach from Michigan. The stupidity demonstrated by the administrators in charge of IU at that time was mind boggling! And IU football has yet to recover. But an engaged and passionate IU Alumni and fan base would not have tolerated such disregard and neglect from IU administrators. The Hoosier nation has no one to blame but itself. We should demand more.

  40. “A few points”? Po you couldn’t load a few points in an empty 120 car train. Only 1 thing drives PUke BB enthusiasm, Indiana University. Other than that they have no passion for the hardwood because they feel inferior to the Hoosiers. I even question their passion for gridiron competition but it is 5 or 6 times more focused than it is for BB.

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