1. JBJ needs to get his act together on the defensive end, though. Not hating on him. His lapses on D are going to be a real problem come B1G time.

  2. An elite scorer who is an elite defender is the #1 pick in the draft. Everything else is a matter of degrees.

  3. It is so hard to draw any type of insight from these sub-250 games. Felt that the Hoosiers looked a little hung over. They’re still struggling to defend the perimeter. It wasn’t just JBJ, but a lot of guys were just getting beat off the ball without the screen tonight. That goes beyond the communication on switching off screens.

    But I’m not drawing any conclusions. Crean was experimenting tonight. Lots of Freshman on the floor tonight. Good opportunity to build some depth.

    But a hung over team can still drop 100, regardless of the opponent. We have guys that can fill it all over the floor.

    What does everyone think about McSwain?

  4. You have to be very unselfish to play on this team. Can there be such a thing as too much balance or too much depth? We have six John Laskowskis….who will never get the moniker of a “Super-sub.” Minutes are going to be dispersed like Good ‘n’ Plenty. How do you keep this many capable ballers happy? Maybe we should have a first half team and a second half team….
    Sadly, great team defense is not a product of the revolving door of multiple rotations and lack of continuity/communication(especially with what seems to be a historical weakness in most Crean teams).

  5. McSwain is an insurance policy. If he contributes, that awesome. If not…OK.

    I’d love to see him be a part of Hoosier folklore.

    Go for it.

  6. Just a note for Scoopers.

    This is how friends speak to each other.

    We know each other and don’t comment as if we will never interact again.

  7. PO and HC and many others, I include you as well. We are at polar extremes on some issues but you are always adults on the Scoop. Well, as often as I am. It’s IU sports. Get a grip.

  8. Other than a play or 2 where he happens to be in the right spot or gets a fortunate call we’ll never see outstanding D from JBJ. It just is not a priority to him and evidently will never be. Blackmon played 29 minutes chalking up no steals or blocks. They 3 Frosh played significantly less minutes an all of them contributed to those stats. Doubt I mention this subject again unless this inattentive laziness on defense costs IU a game. Still disappointed this team of shooters can’t convert 70%+ on foul shots. That too can be costly to some needed late game offense. If IU does perfect this full court press they are going to have a lot of opponents tongues hanging long with all this bench depth. Distinct possibility this could be a special team. Cross my fingers for no more injuries. Go Hoosiers, POTMFB

  9. HC,
    I agree. This team has the physical skills and depth to provide, as Nolan Richardson once called it, ‘forty minutes of Hell’. With their offensive talents the sky would be the limit.

  10. Chet, reminiscing about Nolan Richardson… In summer of 1991 after my freshman year of HS, I drove from Dallas to Fayetteville with my best friend and his mother to Arkansas basketball camp (singing the brand new hit song “Losing My Religion” over and over until Dennis punched me in the arm stupid hard – he was 6’5″ and it sucked). My 5-on-5 coach was Todd Day… my 3-on-3 coach was Lee Mayberry! Oliver Miller taught us the fundamentals of the post… Every night at 8 pm we would run back to the pit from the showers to watch the counselors scrimmage. It was pretty incredible to watch. Another fond memory of that trip was hanging out with about 100 guys in one of the dorm common areas watching the Bulls-Lakers NBA finals, and specifically “Michael Jordan with a SPECTACULAR move!!!!”, as Marv described him fly down the lane only to change from a sure dunk as he saw Sam Perkins into the lefty lay-up that will live in history…

    Thanks for the memories Chet!

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