1. An ugly win but also the third B1G win of the season for this team. It wasn’t too many seasons ago that everyone was happy for any B1G win. The defense had a great game and it is nice to have that side of the ball help the team win. The biggest weakness is the OL which can’t seem to block well enough to establish a running game. Without a run game, the offense is going to struggle with a QB playing his first season in Power 5 league. Lagow has a very strong arm but doesn’t read the defense well enough yet to rely on him to throw constantly to move the ball. At least his two INTs came early enough in this game to beat Rutgers unlike last year’s two INTs came at the end of the game and helped Rutgers win the game.

  2. …also DL Joe Belden and Jayme Thompson both played…good to see more D players being added to depth…what a catch by Patrick and also early on by Paige…and Lagow hit that 70% completion rate even with 2 INT’s…
    Who were the slackers announcing yesterday? They just could not figure why IU was setting up for a FG with both Oakes and the punter being on the field at the same time. Don’t they research even a little bit by reading the depth charts? Their whole performance was sorrier than IU place kicking.

  3. HC yes the announces were not very well prepared but BTN is still a relatively new network and building its announcing group. This crew showed the network is a work in progress. Yes it was good to see those two on the field adding more depth for the defense.

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