1. What a great few days with all the BB. Louisville looks really good. North Carolina looks really good. Butler looks pretty good. Hope they are not as good as IPFW. Sunday’s game with Mississippi Valley State,
    #346 and 0-6, should give the team a challenge.

  2. UCLA… dreams of TJ Leaf on IU… That team is dangerous. All 5 starters can go off for 20… in the same game! Not great on D and not too deep, but they’ll be tough simply because they are sooo talented and multi-dimensional on offense.

    Kentucky, unfortunately, is special… I think Fox might end up as one of the best 20 basketball players of all time. He seems like he could end up being the generational PG that could win titles at the next level. No weakness in his offensive game, but his individual defense is probably his strongest asset.

  3. Geoff-

    Completely agree about the Fox kid on UK….Very impressive. There are only a handful in the history of the game who come along that matured and versatile in all aspects so early. Oscar Robertson is at the top of my list….I think you would have been in total awe of ‘The Big O’.

    Fox dedication.

  4. Why is IU so fundamentally poor? Defense, inbounds plays, boxing out, etc. No imagination on defense. No presses or traps. All those assistant coaches and our attention to detail is horrible. The last second play against IPFW we can’t even get the ball inbounds with over 2 seconds to play!!?? Even grade school coaches can draw up two quick passes and a shot.

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