1. Obviously IU must not have played defense last night. And having all that size. I know it was a strong DIII team but what will Kansas score 130? Nice to see Bryant and Blackmon have done so much to change their bodies.

  2. Silly comment. In your first game you win by 33 over a good team with no Division I talent. So you expect the score to be what: 99-21? Get real! A good first effort is what we got, and KS is a later day!

  3. BP, silly reply. 33 spread had 0 to do with. It was Dlll scoring 65 on the Hoosiers, get real!

  4. I wonder who will have the most successful season? IU Men’s Basketball or IU Women’s Basketball? ? ? ?

  5. Ok if T.C. wants to refer to division lll team as premier to give them their props or be nice…..but does it have to be noted in heading?

  6. Yeah. I gotta agree. What’s the expression? ‘Faint hearted praise’?

    I believe Monty Python said it best. “You don’t sweat much for a fat woman.”

    Please forgive me.

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