IU to kick off 2017 season on a Thursday night

For the second consecutive season, Indiana will open its schedule on a Thursday night.

The school, in conjunction with the Big Ten and Ohio State, announced that the season opener against the Buckeyes will be played on Thursday, Aug. 31 at Memorial Stadium. The game was originally scheduled for Sept. 2.

It will be the fourth Thursday night game in Memorial Stadium history. The Hoosiers played Eastern Kentucky on a Thursday in 2009, Towson in 2010 and Indiana State in 2013. IU also opened the 2016 season with a Thursday night win at Florida International.

“Opening the season on a Thursday night against a great Big Ten opponent is quite an opportunity for our program,” IU athletic director Fred Glass said in a statement. “The atmosphere in Memorial Stadium will be electric as we usher in the 2017 season under the lights against the Buckeyes.”

A kickoff time and television assignment will be announced at a later date.


  1. Many fans ask for more pre big ten season competition. Well, got what was ask for except it is a big ten game. Actually, there is a chance to win that game. However, I would have preferred to play a top 10 to 20 team non conference game and preferably game 2 or even 3. Just say’n….Not to be to particular.

  2. t is right about better competition but I think this is a poor decision by Mr. Glass to accept this date and time with OSU. OSU crowds are normally our best of the year when played on a Saturday, afternoon or at night. But in my opinion a significant number who would have attended from Ohio State will watch on TV because of job responsibilities the next day. They travel big but a game that will end at midnight a couple or three hours from home and is on TV will look too good to pass up.

  3. Mr. Walker may be right…..

    But it’s hard not to find the positives in playing a season-opening, nationally televised, game against an elite Buckeye football program always in the race for national championships.
    If it’s exposure you want, it’s exposure you will get. There is nothing that excites a young recruit more than national exposure against the best of competition.

    How great would it be if our IU Basketball program could open every season against UK? Egos should never get in the way of storied rivalries and border clashes that have been decades-long traditions.

    Great news on the football front. Now let’s give the UK vs. IU classic hoops battle back to the fans, Mr. Glass.

  4. It is good to see IUFB on national TV and I hope IU has everyone healthy and improved as a team. A lot depends on how many IU players leave for the NFL. I hope all the defensive players stay and with the large DL coming in the defense should be better. If we have a great OC and QB coach along with an OL getting back to being a great OL our RB and receiving corps should give OSU trouble.

    Let’s go Hoosiers and play very hard to upset OSU.

  5. Memorial stadium should be sold out with IU fans with a little help from Buckeye fans on national TV.

  6. This was not the best decision Glass has made since he became IU’s AD. Obviously, increasing revenue was involved. But maybe Allen will have his team prepared. Wilson always seemed to struggle getting his team prepared for the first game of the season while he was in charge.

  7. i really like the positive vibes coming from this information, but playing a veteran (this year a fairly young team) Ohio State team on national television could be a disaster!! lets hope this IU football program is ready to take the next step under Coach Allen…a really tough test coming out the gate for a first year/time head coach.

  8. I agree, IU79. Nothing like putting a ton of extra pressure on your brand new, first-time head coach and his staff. On second thought, there must have been a great deal of extra money involved for Glass to agree to this. Kind of like when he sold the home game against Penn State a few years back. I hope the money justifies the risk of significant negative exposure for the program. It was not a wise decision.

  9. Actually playing the Buckeyes is better as the 1st game of the season then as the 11th game and they’re really rolling and we are trying to become bowl eligible. I think this is a wise move. If IU should lose this home game, early season losses are always viewed less harshly than would be a late season L. The yardstick will be truer for this start than any of the OOC games will be.

  10. This is a win-win. Hate to break it to you guys, but the average viewer of this game will anticipate nothing other than OSU dominance. They haven’t noticed the baby steps in improvement that the avid IU fan disassembles into reasons for hopefulness.
    The typical fan will see this as one of the best football programs in the nation going against Houston Baptist.
    Fearlessness finds no haven in these sorts of games. These contests carry expected results and very little attention span from the viewer. Houston Baptist getting shellacked in Assembly Hall does no less damage to their reputation than IU Football getting steamrolled by OSU.
    Is IU at the point to give the viewer anything different than the expected result? If you can answer honestly, then you’ll realize the average fan sees our odds in winning this game nearly equal to having the winning numbers on the Powerball ticket in their wallet.

  11. The heavy odds are that IU would lose against OSU, whether the game is the first or the last game of the season. The risk to IU is not losing the game. The risk to IU is the damage that could be done to the perception of IU Football as a program on the rise. The risk to IU is that it could undermine the confidence that people have in IU’s new head coach. The risk to IU is that it could damage the new coaching staff’s ability to improve recruiting. If IU gets crushed at home, in a game that is broadcast nationally, the damage it could do in setting the program back is not worth whatever money Glass secured for agreeing to this.

    Can you tell that I’m a long term IU Football fan?

  12. You guys do realize that we have to play Ohio State in 2017 no matter what, right?

    All this overthinking has my little brain spinning.

    There’s only upside. If Indiana wins on National TV versus a team that played in the CFP the year before, people won’t stop talking about it.

    If we lose, like we’re expected to, business as normal.

    Tom Allen seems like the guy that embraces these kind of challenges. There will be a big red date on the calendar that Allen will point to every day after our bowl game. Preparation starts on Dec 29th. A reason to run just a little harder. Do another rep when your body is so tired you can’t move. Hit a little harder. Watch a little more film. Practice throwing to a guy who isn’t on the other team…well, a LOT more on that one.

    This is Rocky vs Apollo Creed. In part II. We’ve already played them tough. Now it’s time to win.

    I love the timing of this game. Bring on the Buckeyes!

  13. It’s too risky, honey. Don’t let him go out into the real world. He’ll be embarrassed. He’ll get so emotionally destroyed and he’ll never have anyone take him seriously again. Please, honey….Don’t do it. Call Mrs. Houston Baptist and have her send little Joey Baptist over for a safe play date. The superior kids can wait. It’s not worth the risk. It will set him back and then he’ll never have a chance to be noticed….Oh, honey…I love him too much. His mother is his biggest fan….and always will be. Too many people will be watching.

    Yes, Podunker…I can tell. Sometimes it’s hard to watch them grow up. But it’s worth the risk.

  14. I think most of these scheduling dilemmas regarding which day of the week will be the best to play a particular game can be resolved simply by fielding a better team. If Hoosier fans are concerned as to whether we play the game on Thursday instead of Saturday then we are worrying about the wrong things.

    Lagow throwing interceptions. Our kicking teams looking completely lost. That’s gonna impact a game. Fixing that will make a lot more difference than Thursday versus Saturday.

  15. Agree with the Clarion 100%- IUFB is way more likely to knock off OSU in game one of the season than in game ten.

  16. Coach Allen will have the team prepared and will have the special teams doing much better as he was a special teams coordinator. He will assign a coach to work with the special teams, unlike coach Wilson, and have the offense and defense ready to play. OSU has had upset on n early game against VT. Our defense will be better next year with returners, I hope we don’t have any leaving early and wanting to beat OSU. We have quality big men coming in for the DL and better pass rushers from last years team. The offense will be better as long as coach Frey is around and gets the most out of them. I hope Camiel can get a 6th year to help the OL. He needs that year to get drafted in the 2018 draft because now NFL teams will not draft him due to the injury. Our RBs will be much better with Patrick healthy at RB and the younger guys IE Gest [very fast, Natee [huge tough runner with great feet, Redding [alot of experience and good speed], Majette [very good runner and good hands], Williams [a good RB with power and quickness], etc. The QB will be better whoever wins the job with many quality receivers – WR, slots, and TEs. A very good OL with Patrick in the backfield will be explosive in the running game with many back ups to give him a break. If Redding comes back they will be a good 1- 2 punch for IU.

    IU has many very good players that will help them compete with OSU and possibly beat them if the defense produces take aways along with many 3 and out series. An Offense with many skilled players and very good OL players with some or a lot of experience. I am excited to see how coach Allen’s team can do against OSU on Thursday night. Even giving them a scare will give IU good publicity for recruiting players in 2018. If they get blown out then coach Allen will have them charged up for the next game.

  17. i am perplex by some of the thoughts on this blog…how can we assumed that Coach Allen will have this team more prepared for a season then Coach Wilson?? not to be on the negative side but if everyone sees Coach Allen as the savior of the IU football program, why did Ole Miss let him go after three years and USF let him leave after one year (okay maybe dollar signs)….but everything you stated in your article vesuvius13 is what Kevin Wilson did for this football program. as a IU football fan I support what Fred Glass had to do, if all the facts are true and i support the hire of Tom Allen, but i cannot say he is going to make everything in this program better, until he does so!! honestly we can all say that Kevin Wilson improved the IU football program and the level of talent at the program. we are all on board with Tom Allen, but i have to see a large sample size of improvements (on and off the field and in recruiting).

  18. Unless a coach is fired their previous employer they likely didn’t ‘let him leave’. He left for a better opportunity and more money.

    I think most agree that Kevin Wilson improved the program.

    Tom Allen built a very good defense from, for the most part, the same parts that made up an horrific defense the year prior. IU went from a never ending supply of horrible defenses to a very good defense in one year. The guy who deserves credit for that is Tom Allen. Period.

    I think most people had gotten ambivalent about Coach Wilson. There wasn’t any excitement about another 6-6 season. There weren’t harsh feeling, either. There was nothing.

    Coach Allen came in a turned the IU defense into a force. Nobody else has been able to do that in forever. I think there is a general consensus of, “If he can do that with an IU defense I wonder what he can do as head coach?”

    Maybe nothing. Maybe he’s the next big thing. Coach Wilson’s performance didn’t cause any swing in emotions and then when learned that he struck at what many Hoosiers fans hold most dear…doing things the right way. That was all it took for people to show him the door.

  19. chet..your statement says it all “i “WONDER” what he can do as a head coach”….i will give you credit, that Tom Allen did “IMPROVE” the IU defense….but he did not make it a force — they where still just ranked 9th in the BIG 10 in total defense (only above the powers of NW, ILL, MD, PU and RU)….i just think the IU fan was so excited to see any improvement on defense that we where willing to accept that person as a savior (good or great football coach) of IU football…i think some of the defensive improvement came because of the experience/maturity returning to the defensive unit…the defense lost the following starters ( DT – Darius Latham and Adarius Rayner, DE-Nick Mangier and Bandit- Zach Shaw) from the 2015 unit…but had experience players to replace them (Nate Hoff, Ralph Green, Greg Gooch and Nile Sykes) and the secondary was bound to improve with all the experience they received the previous year….my question to you and others is if we go 6-6 again next year is it a success or failure (regardless of the starting lineup, regardless of which teams we loose to or what the the roster looks like)??

  20. This was not part of the plan for IU Football. This is not how you maintain continuity. Glass had to take a sudden detour on the road to IU football success. It is a bad situation when you give your coach of four years a big raise and contract extension in January and then turn around and fire him 10 months later. I’ll give Glass the benefit of the doubt and agree that he had no choice and that he made the best possible choice in replacing Wilson, but the downside risk is bigger than the upside opportunity. I will also agree that Allen appeared to be a coach on the rise and headed for a head coaching position somewhere in the not-too-distant future. But going from DC to head coach of a Big Ten Football team is a very big leap. I am optimistic that Allen will continue to build on top of the foundation established by Wilson, but it’s a huge challenge. Recruiting will be the key. If Allen and his staff can improve the talent, I believe Allen’s leadership ability and passion will allow him to build a winning program. And since I believe his defensive staff will continue to recruit better defenders, it appears to me that Allen’s future at IU depends on his offensive staff’s ability to maintain or improve the offensive talent. He needs a strong OC who keeps the other offensive assistants on staff for a few more years, and one who can recruit and develop high quality Quarterbacks.

  21. Po, in the past several of us wondered why 4 or 5 star QBs didn’t come to IU and figured it was about Wilson’s demeanor was the reason. I think in the coming recruiting classes we will get a 4 or 5 star Qbs coming to IU. With Allen’s demeanor, I think he will be able to bring in a 4 or 5 star QB with the right OC.

    I hope the staff coaches stay to help IU build the team. If Johns doesn’t do a good job in the bowl game he won’t be the OC. If Johns isn’t the OC then coach Allen has the connections to get a very good OC. IU has very good or outstanding football coaches and with their help in recruiting they can bring in outstanding players.

  22. IU79, you misread my post as I was saying that coach Allen will probably have a special teams coach not that he would have the team more prepared than coach Wilson.

  23. vesuvius13—my mistakes on the misread….i respect your knowledge of the game and your point of view of IU football….according to 247 sports…they have 32 five stars football recruits of which Alabama and Ohio State are tied with 6 each, 12 of these recruits have committed to other P5 school, which leave 8 five star recruits non-commit, personally it looks like the rich are getting richer on talent…that leaves the other P5 school to fight for the 3 and 4 star athletics…an unless a COACH is very good at finding talent and developing talent from 2 and 3 star athletics, he does not have a chance at improving that school football program….that is why i was such a big Kevin Wilson fan. maybe i am incorrect but with IU football in the east division of the BIG 10, IU football has a very hard road ahead…IU has (will) always be behind the recruiting classes of Ohio State, Penn State and Michigan. Thereby the only way to improve IU football is by developing the 2 and 3 star athletics. that is why i am more acceptable to the 6 to 7 win seasons, and hope for the occasionally 8 win season and that IU players perform respectfully on and off the field.

  24. I’m not convinced Penn State is going to be a contender every year. On the other hand I doubt MSU is gonna be down long. That is a tough division.

    Purdue is lucky they play in the junior division.

  25. IU79, I agree that IU has a tough road to hoe being in the B1G East. It does take finding the 3 star and 4 star athletes that are rated lower than what their ability really is IE Cronk, Ball, in the past Spriggs, Feeney, Coleman, Howard, and others. Recruiting was an area coach Wilson really improved at IU along with making the team tougher. Despite shortcomings IE odd play calling, his demeanor Coach did upgrade the roster at IU so we can compete with the top teams in the conference. It will also take having players stay for four year so we have seniors competing against younger 5 star players. I like Wilson’s recruiting and only the future will tell if coach Allen can excite and motivate players to become a team better than individual players.

    I don’t worry about the OSU game as I want IU to be able to beat the top teams and if they don’t to be in a position to win the game in the final minutes. Fans always complained about the odd play calling and that kept IU from being as good as they could be. Maybe now the offense will have an OC that will call a game that make sense and not have the team come up short.

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