1. Thomas Bryant playing like he has already LEFT IU for the promised land( NBA)..Josh Newkirk is NOT the point guard Crean was hoping he would be( I doubt he ever will). IU be better off playing Green at point and TEACHING him rather than have Newkirk continue to demonstrate his bad habits he learned at PITT.

  2. Gives a coach with PASSION …..this team PLAYS like the coach….stone cold. dead wood…about as lifeless as a gravestone. A coach that will get in the faces of players when they make STUPID unforced errors instead of ACCEPTING things as they happen and allowing the turnovers to occur over and over and over STILL..they play like they did 2 years ago. Rudderless and clueless and that’s ALL coaching.

  3. Will the real IU men’s basketball team please stand up? They have and it does not matter if it is Louisville or KY, this is the real IU men’s basketball team. Kansas and NC they peaked with some 3’s and that will become the highlight for the 2016 and 17 season. As other teams improve IU as peaked and will have problems all year long. Probably working for NCAA tournament bid and may get NIT bid. No sweet 16 championship this year.

  4. Crean thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room but he really isn’t. Take that back. He has gotten Glass to pay him like he is one of the best coaches. Lesson- Just be smarter than Glass. Now he has two cheerleaders as his coaches. Maybe it is time for Glass to go.

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