1. Tough day for Hoosiers. Plus Alford gets probably Mr. Basketball out of Indiana for UCLA while T.C. (Top Cat) travels North, East, and South to recruit a lesser player.

  2. t- I stumbled on this. Thought you might find it interesting. There’s plenty of room for commentary, but I wouldn’t know where to begin. I just think it’s all rather grossly narcissistic….

  3. I suppose it is a pretty good gig if you can get it as the select few have gotten….all the attention, perceived glory, and assumption of heightened self esteem. Perspective has been lost and it just doesn’t seem right let alone it should be illegal. However, the sun shines in California in this case. Personal relationships that provide leadership to our youth trumps Indiana class basketball which was at one time in a by gone era sacred one winner take all. Now, a class A state championship equals a sectional championship in the old single class system. Two A state championship may equal an afternoon regional win. Three A state championship may equal a semi state afternoon game win. A four A state championship may equal a semi state championship. Of course it depends on what sectional, regional, semi state a school was in and who the best teams are for a given year regardless of a multi or single class system. Why don’t they just give all entrants in the state tournaments win or lose a participation trophy and be done with it. One class system and Hinkle field house along with with Tony; what was once hollowed ground.

  4. t-
    I always got a chuckle when Scoop and other local outlets would write “state champion,” Yogi Ferrell…or “state champion,” Cody Zeller….They would never put the class designation as if it were the “overall” state champion like the bygone era you speak.
    All the hoopla and pride in your hometown and hometown school was destroyed when the IHSAA demolished are storied singular basketball tournament.
    AAU ball may be a way to make money on the backs of teenagers, but it will never bring the passion back to the gymnasiums.

    Hard to imagine….that 3 candidates for Mr. Basketball left the state and their teams behind…(atop IU losing on the likely “Mr. Basketball” who has committed to UCLA). And when these Indiana products/stars are playing for a future elite college basketball program, some ESPN analyst will never mention Indiana…They’ll simply say …”out of Findley Prep”…or some other “academy”…..or some remote place with an AAU “P.O. Box.”

  5. There was once upon a time when high school hallways were decorated across the state for sectionals…and the pep sessions. Years ago Indianapolis Public Schools dismissed classes early to venture over to Hinkle Field House for the annual sectional showdown. Imagine trying that scenario now. There would probably be a variety of violence and crime in the streets and neighborhoods. Times are not a changing. Times have changed long ago.

    I wonder if it could be arranged for a college to have there own individual prep school thru its own research and development. For example T.C. and those at IU could call it Glass Prep. Work it like a farm team like they do in major league baseball. Each superstar recruit would sign up for Glass Prep and after completing Glass Prep each player would automatically be enrolled at IU and in its basketball program on his way to NBA.

    The standard for success of Glass Prep could be determined if IU made it out of the sweet 16 in the March Madness NCAA Tournament.

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