IUWBB: Hoosiers fall to Michigan, 78-74

A controversial travel call doomed Indiana Tuesday in a 78-74 loss at Michigan.

With the Hoosiers down 74-72 with 15 seconds left, junior forward Amanda Cahill was driving to the basket when an official blew their whistle. That gave the Wolverines possession, and IU was forced to foul. Michigan’s Siera Thompson hit four three throws down the stretch to hold a two-possession lead.

The win keeps Michigan (14-4, 3-1 Big Ten) at third in the Big Ten standings, while the Hoosiers (12-5, 2-2 Big Ten) fall to the middle of the pack. 

Junior guard Tyra Buss and senior forward Jenn Anderson each scored 21 points for IU. Anderson also collected a career-high 12 rebounds. Cahill finished with 13 points, and senior Alexis Gassion added 12.

IU trailed by as many as 12 points in the fourth quarter but reduced that lead to 74-70 with 2:05 left. Amber Deane, who had not played since Dec. 12 against Valparaiso because of concussion-like symptoms, came up with a shot block with 1:02 left, and that preceded an underneath basket by Anderson to pull the Hoosiers to within a score. Deane, a native of Michigan, played 15 minutes Tuesday. 

Michigan’s Katelynn Flaherty, who Gassion helped limit to 17 points on 6-of-14 shooting, missed a shot with 27 seconds left. But the Cahill travel call didn’t allow the Hoosiers an opportunity to tie it up. After Thompson’s first pair of free throws, Buss scored to make it 76-74 with 10 seconds remaining. A second later, IU fouled again, but Thompson made both again.

Hallie Thome, a 6-foot-5 sophomore, led the Wolverines with 21 points and 11 rebounds. Fifteen of those points came in the first half as Michigan established a 37-25 lead with 3:09 left in the second quarter. The Hoosiers put together a 7-0 run to end the half and went into the locker room down 37-32.

Five IU points came in the last 38 seconds, via a layup from sophomore Tia Elbert and a bucket and a free throw by Cahill. IU then scored the first five points of the second half, tying it at 37-all, but freshman Kysre Gondrezick, who scored 11 of her 17 points in the third quarter, hit a 3 to put Michigan back up.

Michigan increased its cushion to 10 points, 54-44, midway through the period.

Michigan was able to get up the floor in transition and shot 51.9 percent from the field. IU, on the other hand, hit 43 percent, only 3-of-13 from beyond the arc and turned the ball over 15 times.



  1. Even though the travel call may have been right or wrong, we simply can’t get ourselves so far behind on the road like we did tonight and expect to be able to fight back in order to win. We allowed Michigan to shoot 50% from the floor and we shot 42% which was basically the difference in the game. We were only 3 for 13 from behind the 3 point line which hurt us badly. As I watched this game, I never had the feeling we were going to get back in it but, the last 5 minutes of the 4th quarter we really played pretty well. If we could have played defense during the first 3 quarters like we did the last 5 minutes we would have walked out of there with a victory.
    Buss and Anderson really played pretty well the entire game. Alexis Gassion had a tough night shooting which really hurt us although she did a really good job defensively on Katelynn Flaherty holding her to 6 for 14 from the floor and causing her to turn the ball over 4 times.
    This game really hurts because it is a game we could have won with better defense. Going to Northwestern Saturday will be really tough. They are tough at home and very athletic. their athleticism beat us last year in the Big 10 tournament. We simply couldn’t do anything with Coffey which is back this year and is a first team all Big 10 player. Go Hoosiers!!

  2. This was another night of inconsistant play that has plagued us all year. In the first half we couldnt stop Thome who seemed to be able to make anything she threw up. Gassion did an good job on Flaherty but couldnt score anything but a transition layup. Too bad to see a career night for Anderson go for naught. Everything that Cahill tried to do also turned sour and as that last travel call I couldnt see it watched it over and over. This seems to be life on the road in the B1G. Northwestern is another very good team and will be hard to beat at home. Consider this we get Mich twice and NW. twice along with a second meeting with Penn St. You can look at this as a glass half full or half empty. Hopefully we can get our shooting eye back at NW, that would help.

  3. Jeff Sagarin says that Michigan is second best in the big10 (behind Maryland, ahead of OSU) and 15th in the country.
    Throw in bad calls (typical on the road in the Big 10), an off-night shooting 3 pointers, and I think IU played VERY well overall.

  4. Nat– Interesting looking at the sagarin rankings. But what I saw as of jan 10 Ohio St still ahead of Mich in the big ten sagarin. Another item of note NW and IU are tied 2-2 in conf standings which makes the upcoming game all more important. Not sure when NW will make up the Minn. game which could change the standings before the IU game.

  5. Jenn kept us in the game late. Lex did a great job defensively as she always does. Amanda and Buss shot poorly and McBride killed us defensively as is the norm. Now to Mike C. On my last post you accused me of being negative. The only negative comment I made was about our weak defensive player. Saying Coach Moren needs to develop the younger girls is not being negative. Maybe you need to reread it Mike. Oh, by the way, did you catch Michigan State’s 20-point win over Ohio State. Ohio State seemed disinterested. Ridiculous! Usually coaches play younger players a lot until conference starts then they shorten their bench. So you think Gulley, Royster, and Foresman are now going to play more. We’ll see. I thought Amber Deane looked good defensively last night. She needs to play when she’s ready. Spin it. 44 inch vertical? C’mon.

  6. IU women fell behind but did not fold. Whether a call at end of game is right or not is insignicant. Questionable call/s are always made during quarters 1, 2, 3, and earlier in quarter 4 in most games. Just make sure you have a 4 or 5 point lead so it does not impact a win.

  7. Jenn kept us in the game. Mike C is right they shot a little better than us. At Assembly we win. I hope one time before she graduates Buss will shoot a layup without flopping. Even the politically correct announcers are starting to notice. The act is getting old but hey it still works. Maybe it’s just a balance problem.

  8. With T.B. I think it is the way she flows with the play. She is not very big and pretty fast so when there is even very little contact it sort knocks her off balance protects her from injury by just flowing with the contact.

  9. Tyra gets knocked down a LOT because she’s very tiny and the fastest kid on the floor.
    It’s no act.
    Sagarin ratings I used are found here.
    I wonder what the atmosphere will be like at the Northwestern game? I suspect it will be very hard for Northwestern to focus in light of recent on campus events.

  10. Nathan, I reread the post I wrote referring to you, at no time in that post did I accuse you of being negative? I tend to wonder where you get some of the stuff you post? Irish, what Nathill says about Buss going to the floor is true. She is not very big or strong and plays at an extremely fast pace. Winning at Northwestern Saturday will be really tough.

  11. Irish, buss flops she always will as long as it works . Mike c I really wonder about you sometimes . Go read your post for the third time maybe you ‘ll figure it out . You said you didn’t understand why I criticize the team so much when I haven’t seen them play . Then read my post . The only thing I was critical of was one player who can’t defend . Btw mike did you catch the Ohio state game ? They lost by 20 to Michigan state and looked very disinterested . Ridiculous you say.

  12. Well Nathan, I finally watched the Michigan St./Ohio St. game and I guess I didn’t see the same game you saw which really doesn’t surprise me? You say OSU was disinterested, a term you have become very fond of. What I saw was a determined Michigan St. team that was playing lights out at home. They shot 50% from the floor and their leading career scorer (Tori Jankoska) scored a single game record of 42 points. They out rebounded Ohio St. by 52-40 which they consistently do in the conference being 2nd in the league in rebound margin which is a plus 14. As for Ohio St., they were held to 31% shooting from the floor and the best player in the conference (Kelsey Mitchell) was held to 13 points on 4 for 18 from the floor. You may call them disinterested, I call it simply being out played on the road. You say they were disinterested because they lost, they simply played a team that played better than they did on that particular night. There will be no easy wins on the road in this conference. If you are going to quote me, please do so accurately, I did not say ridiculous, I used the term “comical” in reference to you saying that the Buckeyes could lose to anybody in the conference. They lost to a VERY good team on that team’s home court. certainly nothing to be ashamed of. And by the way, you are always telling me to” figure it out”. If you have a point to make why don’t you simply state it so we all know what you are talking about? I love this banter between you and I.

  13. Sorry I know basketball and she flops. Lots of girls play fast and stay on their feet. Can’t believe it still works in the Big 10.

  14. What are you smiling about Mike? Nathan brings up some good points. Why does the coaching staff have to blame the bench when we lose? Also remember you mocking him saying Ohio State could only lose to the two teams in the Big Ten. You don’t seem to understand simple comments. Keep up your post Nathan. I enjoy hearing different opinions not just propaganda.

  15. Don’t post in the WBB realm much but just as Irish B commented, I too like Nathan jessop’s thoughts, analysis and comments.

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