Hoosier Morning for Feb. 10

A badly needed win was there to be had, but IU missed the opportunity against Purdue, Mike writes.

The devil is in the details and the details bedeviled IU down the stretch, I wrote.

Dick Vitale called Purdue a must-win for Indiana, one the Hoosiers didn’t get, Rick Bozich of WDRB.com writes.

Thomas Bryant is playing the best basketball of his career right now, and it’s still not enough to save Indiana, Zach Osterman of the Indianapolis Star writes.

Anger is boiling over for IU fans after the loss to Purdue, and it may get worse, Gregg Doyel of the Indianapolis Star writes.

In a cliffhanger, it was the littlest guy on the floor for Purdue who left IU dangling dangerously over the NCAA cliff, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

Purdue found another way to win on the road and make plays when it mattered, Nathan Baird of the Lafayette Journal & Courier writes.

It was ultimately the guards who let IU down in the loss to Purdue, Terry Hutchens of CNHI writes.

A “bizarre happenstance” known as a blarge summed up IU’s season in one play, Greg Gottfried of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

IU’s NCAA hopes continue to dim as bubble watch goes on, Jerry Palm of CBSsports.com writes.

Victor Oladipo isn’t Kevin Durant, and that’s OK for the Oklahoma City Thunder, Max Seng of hoopshabit.com writes.

Indiana’s Tegray Scales is among the veteran tackling machines that return as the Big Ten’s best linebackers, Austin Ward of ESPN.com writes.

Since the devil was in the details for IU, here’s “Devil Inside” by INXS.


  1. How is Indiana doing against its regional rivals?

    IPFW lost
    Butler lost
    Louisville lost
    Purdue lost

    0 – 4

    How’s Indiana against the Top 50 since Nov 30?

    0 – 8

    The talent on this team is too good to be producing these results.

  2. Yes, IU men’s basketball is pretty insignicant. This era peaked with Zeller and Oladipo bunch.
    IU does have some good players but not enough of the best because T.C. is unable to recruit much of the the best.

  3. Wow! IU men’s basketball are NCAA College Basketball National Champs…sorry, I was looking @ an old newspaper sports clipping from the last century some 30 years ago and still counting. Go after Wichita State coach. Gregg Marshall.

  4. Double Down-

    Very sad stats you reveal….

    You need look no further than comparing the last six seasons to Conference Midwest Elite.’
    Pretty sure no amount of injury excuses can account for this sort of local disparity encompassing a wide sample set and time frame.

    All warning signs started with villain chasing, but the writing has been on the wall long before this season. Our leadership finds their only competence as reunion event planners. The ‘Cupcakes and Cringesome’ that is now Indiana hoops have used 30 million dollars and nine years to become masters at gold leafing a plastic regime.

  5. Just think about that for a moment and reflect upon the last six years of tuning into the second weekend of March Madness…
    21 nationally televised Elite 8 games…..where at least one team from the Midwest(all within an approximate 270 mile radius of Indy as the center point) stood tall as a premier “Big Dance” program under the brightest lights of the biggest Saturday & Sunday stage where Final Four teams are decided; none of which included Indiana University.

  6. Indiana though not blending in well, has blended in with Northwestern, Purdue, Penn State, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio State, Iowa, Illinois, (might exclude Wisconsin and cheeseheads; that’s a problem in itself to be the bb pride of big ten) such an ordinary conference and IU is such an ordinary program in such an ordinary conference.

  7. No Big Ten teams in just released to 16 Butler is listed. Fred Glass better be careful his golden goose (men’s basketball) for sports revenue is losing “golden” status at a rapid pace. When anyone want’s to defend the present status,please list your section area where your season tickets are located. Section G for our seats.

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