Hoosier Morning for Feb. 9

This Indiana-Purdue game is literally a “Biggie” for both teams, Mike writes.

An emerging Thomas Bryant and updates on recruits in the latest “Trending Now,” I wrote.

It was a long road to Rutgers for IU women’s basketball, but the Hoosiers walked away winners, we reported.

IU is gearing up for the Purdue challenge and hoping to have the help of James Blackmon Jr., Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

Purdue, meanwhile, is gearing up for a rowdy and intense crowd at Assembly Hall, Pete writes.

Purdue isn’t a must-win for Indiana, but it’s pretty close to it, Zach Osterman of the Indianapolis Star writes.

What to expect against and from Purdue, Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall writes.

From undrafted to the NBA, how Tom Crean left his mark on Dallas’ Yogi Ferrell and Wesley Matthews, Saad Yousuf of Mavs.com writes.

Former Hoosier Noah Vonleh of the Trailblazers makes the All-“You Should Still Be In School” Team, Josh Martin of Bleacher Report writes.

Closing the book on the Kevin Wilson recruiting era for IU football, Dan at puntjohnpunt.com writes.

IU women’s basketball shook off a slow start to its travel plans and the game in beating Rutgers, Josh Eastern of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

Gotta go with another Biggie here —— The Notorious B.I.G., with “Juicy.”


  1. Tonight is where the rubber meets the road. After this game four of the final six games are on the road. IU has a total of one road wins this season. One. The two remaining home games are Northwestern and Michigan ( sorry… we ran out of cupcakes in December ). If the Hoosiers lose tonight you can stick a fork in them.

  2. So, Juwan was unavailable for one game and missed two and it’s looking like Blackmon will end up having been unavailable for three games. This, along with Anunoby’s loss, is what qualifies, in the eyes of some, as the team having been devastated by injuries. One guy gone and two guys missing a couple games.

    That sounds like what the average college team deals with every year.

  3. Reading an article regarding new NASCAR rules. Such as; if a car is crashed and needs to go to the garage area for repair, it will not be allowed to rejoin the race. So if the NCAA applied same standard, after Kansas & NC would IU be forcefully sidelined?

  4. It is going to be a really interesting game today.

    Lots of talk about Purdue’s backcourt being pretty terrible. While I agree with that from a skill set perspective, but they are shooting a better % from 3-pt than the Hoosiers this year. We’re at 39% and they are a bit over 42%.

    This is because they actually play inside-out. Swanigan and Haas both cause post defense match-up problems, which frees up their guards to hit bunnies. This is going to be a big game for Bryant and Davis defensively. Bryant still seems to lapse on switches and cutters. Maybe we can get a sign ready in advance?

    Hoosiers baby.

  5. You left out Hartman being out for the entire season. And yes, it’s pretty rational to assume that when a team loses four of its best six players for any number of games, you’re likely to lose games that would not otherwise have been lost. But I realize this is no longer a rational debate. If Bob Knight’s 76 team lost four of its best six players, it’s pretty safe to say that they would not have gone undefeated that season. And it’s not the number of players out, it’s the relative value of those players to their teams. Hartman, AG and Blackmon were/are extremely valuable to this IU team.

  6. There are no amount of injuries more detrimental to this team than the completely devastating effects of one person on the sideline who never misses a game.

    Any further questions?

  7. Newkirk, as I predicted, is gaining comfort and confidence in running the engine of this team. That’s a big plus against Purdon’ts average backcourt. If RJ can begin to find the bottom of the nets again, I think we win this thing by double digits.

    Purdon’t simply doesn’t impress me. Haas is a monster…but he’s slow. Swanigan isn’t nearly as crafty and skilled as the German boy at Michigan.

    Michigan on Sunday will give us far bigger fits than PU tonight.

  8. “four of it’s six best players”

    We had ONE game where 3 players were unavailable. ONE game. We have had ZERO games where four players were unavailable. If you stretch that you could make a case for TWO games as Juwan was available but did not play. Are those two games the reason IU has been sub par most of the season?

    Reality here. Juwan and JBJ were not out at the same time. Juwan wasn’t a starter. If you wanna count Colin as a starter (which is silly, as he was out before the season) then you can’t turn around and also call Juwan a top six player. Besides, he missed ONE game and was held out of another. No other fan base would even mention a player who was out for one game as a reason for a team to go into a tailspin. JBJ missed 3 games.

    Again, we had two big wins. After that IU was ,at best, below average. It’s not like we were churning out W’s and then we lost Anuoby. When all the players who started the season were on the floor IU was struggling to beat anyone.

    The injuries have had very little correlation to wins and losses. We were losing to Fort Wayne and Nebraska when every player who started the season was available.

  9. No discussion matters. IU is just another team in big ten with Wisconsin, Mich,newer acquired Maryland and MSU and etc are the leaders. Just an ordinary mix and match conference. IU is no dominating leader in big ten and peaked at big ten championships and no threat in March madness tournament and will continue downward. Not much to look forward to.

  10. Espn Duke vs. N.C.
    Espn 2 IU vs Purdue

    Remembering when IU vs KY would have gotten the ESPN slot or National TV.

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