IUWBB: Hoosiers fall to Michigan State, 69-60

Indiana couldn’t hit shots Thursday in a 69-60 loss at Michigan State.

The Hoosiers (15-7, 5-4 Big Ten) made 34 percent from the field, including 6-of-24 from 3-point range. Junior forward Amanda Cahill had a team-high 17 points and eight rebounds, while junior point guard Tyra Buss finished with 16 points and six assists. Senior Alexis Gassion added 10 points, but was 2-of-10 from the field.

Michigan State (16-7, 6-4 Big Ten) didn’t shoot it much better, hitting 40 percent from the field, but the Spartans outrebounded the Hoosiers, 46-31.

IU is now at risk of falling behind in the Big Ten standings, sitting in sixth place with No. 3 Maryland (21-1, 9-0 B1G) coming to Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall on Sunday. Then the Hoosiers go back on the road to face Rutgers. IU has lost three out of its last four road games. 

It was a close game for two quarters, with the Hoosiers holding a 27-22 lead with 44 seconds left in the first half. But the Spartans finished the half with a three-point play from freshman guard Taryn McCutcheon. MSU went ahead 33-30 with 7:46 remaining in the third. Five minutes later, the Spartans led 43-35. MSU was ahead 47-40 after three quarters.

The home team was able to maintain its cushion for most of the fourth quarter. The Hoosiers did cut the lead to 63-60 with 1:08 remaining following layups from Buss and Anderson. But a 3-pointer from Tori Jankoska and three free throws on four attempts by Branndais Agee pushed the Spartans’ lead back out to nine.

Three players — Jankoska, McCutcheon and grad transfer Taya Reimer, formerly of Notre Dame — finished with 15 points. Agee added 11 points. Jenna Allen, an alum of Bedford North Lawrence, produced five points and five rebounds off the bench. On the other hand, IU received only seven points from its bench.


  1. There were 3 basic reasons for IU’s failure to win this game. First of all as the article states, very poor shooting from the field, just 33%. We were outrebounded 46 to 31. The 3rd reason and to my mind was the dominance of Taya Reimer against all of our post players in the 3rd quarter which changed a 27-25 IU lead into a 22-13 scoring difference for Michigan St. Reimer scored the majority of her 15 points in the 3rd quarter. She absolutely had her way with our posts in and around the basket, we simply could not stop her. This 3rd quarter simply changed the whole complexion of the game which we could never recover from! One other thing which I brought up after the game with Wisconsin, our 3 point shooting is in a huge slump. We were 6 for 24 tonight. The last 2 games coming into this one we were a combined 5 for 32 from beyond the arc. After tonight’s game we are now 11 for 56 in the last 3 games. After the game against Wisconsin coach Moren was asked about our poor shooting over the last 2 games from 3 point land and she kind of brushed it off saying that she really wasn’t concerned about it. Well it now looks like it is becoming a trend after tonight’s results? As far as our overall shooting from the floor, our big 3 tonight (Cahill, Buss and Gassion) were a combined 13 for 40 from the floor. And Jenn Anderson who has really been strong the last 5 games was held to 6 points tonight.
    This game really hurt our position in the big 10 standings because we now face Maryland Sunday which has not lost yet this year in the conference. Our hopes of making the NCAA tournament are slowly slipping away. A win Sunday is almost to much to ask?

  2. Against Mich St we shot only 25% from the 3pt line and were outrebounded by 15 thats enough to lose by itself. Plus the fact Mcbride and Royster were MIA. We almost had to have this game because we have the terps next on sunday. We will be 5-5 after that game. It will be blow out city. Truth be told IU is looking at the NIT.

  3. I will take NIT for lady Hoosiers. They just do not look that good. They have become stagnant from last year. Royster and even Darby have been disappointment at center. Did Royster play forward last year or center? To many games she has been a no show. After watching Purdue and Maryland last night even though Maryland had their way both those teams look much more athletic than IU ladies. I now would call Purdue losing to IU ladies at IU a mild upset. Michigan State was more physical than IU and made it difficult for them to score plus IU is not shooting well themselves. This whole season has been a challenge to match last year and I expected it would be difficult because IU ladies have small margin for error and they were a little better at this last year than this year. IU ladies are not at a level of any kind of dominance. They are at level as they were last year to compete hard and see what happens.

  4. t, I agree a little with your assessment of Royster’s play, she has been a terrible disappointment this year! The thing with Foresman is that she is only seeing the floor for around 8 or 9 minutes at a time which is to little to assess her ability. She only got 5 minutes last night.

    t, I do agree with you about Royster, she has been a terrible disappointment this year. I really thought that with her athleticism and gained strength this year, she would be a huge contributor. The thing about Forseman is that she is averaging only 8 minutes a game and has actually not seen the floor in 4 games. She only got 5 minutes last night? We have simply not seen enough of her to evaluate her? This is a team that relies heavily on 3 point shooting and when that is not good, we are in trouble and lately we have shot very poorly from that area. McBride’s 3 point shooting which has been her strength in the past has left her this year shooting only 25%. All in all, you and SteveW are correct, NIT, here we come!

  5. Another thing in the game last night that ate at my insides was later in the game when Buss pushed the ball ahead to a wide open Gulley , she blows that layup and , wide open layup for pity sake , anyway that turns into a 4 pt swing as state scored right after. You cannot blow those oppotunities and she is supposed to be our most athletic player , according to Moren , but I have my doubts about that , I think Lex is our most athletic.

  6. SteveW, As I have mentioned in the past, I watch the Geno Auriemma show every week and he said 2 weeks ago, one of the things that frustrates him the most is the amount of missed layups in the women’s game today. He says he just doesn’t understand it and he was referring to his own team. Only goes to show you that even the best team has these issues.

  7. I guess Darby is not quite ready to see floor even though earlier in season I wanted her playing time to be a minimum of 12 minutes per game. Yes, shooting had been a team problem. Next year maybe Darby, Marchese, and Royster can move to forward at times. However, watching Purdue lose to Maryland (knowing Maryland is good) Purdue looked a little scary getting up and down the floor for next year.

  8. No team will win many games shooting 34%. Basketball has always been about making shots and preventing the opponent from making theirs. It really is a simple game. We had ample open shots last night and didn’t connect. Game over. Time to move on.
    With 7 games remaining this is how I see the post season possibilities: 3 more wins should get us in the WNIT. 4 wins is a WNIT lock. 5 wins and 1 win in the conference tournament should get a NCAA bid, 6 wins and a tournament win is a NCAA lock.
    I believe deep run in the WNIT would be more beneficial for this teams future growth as it would give the young players much more post season playing experience.
    Just my 2 cents worths.

  9. Let’s put the brakes on a bit here . After the Maryland game every game we play is very winnable . If Maryland comes in flat and we play well we could surprise them . We usually shoot 20 more free throws than our opponents at assembly . Our bench is our problem and I addressed this early in the season . Bad recruiting ? Bad player development ? Bad player useage ? Bad players ? I also wish coach moren would address the media after losses and stop sending out her assistants . Coach creen faces the fire after every loss . It makes her look small and petty when she doesn’t do this . It’s part of her job . Finally props to lex for the job she did at Michigan state on tori . Finally coach please ask your star to stop going under ball screens . Watching it for 3 years now and it doesn’t work against good guards .

  10. Problem is this team is in a major shooting slump from deep, regardless of what Moren wants to admit. When will we come out of it Maryland, Rutgers, NW.? When will Royster play again like she has proven she is capable? Wont win any games in a shooting slump home or away.

  11. Nathan, you are not paying attention. Coach Moren addresses the media in the post game press conference after EVERY game. Appparently what you are referring to is the post game radio show? SteveW, I agree about Royster as I mentioned earlier, major disappointment! The thing is, we know she can do it, she simply is not consistent.

  12. Last March right after the Irish beat IU ladies the first post I made was regarding how big a challenge it would be this year to repeat or go beyond last year’s success. IU ladies are doing OK for the athletes they have, however improvement overall is lacking because of limited athletic ability compared to other teams especially when shots are not falling. This year IU ladies have somewhat hit a wall. NIT. That would be a good thing.

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