IUWBB: Hoosiers lock up No. 4 seed in B1G tourney

UPDATE: Purdue will be the No. 5 seed, and will play the winner of Nebraska-Illinois on Thursday. Winner of that game plays Indiana on Friday.

Nebraska dealt Indiana a stunning blow last Sunday.

This Sunday, the Cornhuskers upset another top team in the Big Ten — and actually helped the Hoosiers.

Nebraska (7-21, 3-13 Big Ten) beat Michigan State in overtime Sunday, 76-74, which secured the No. 4 seed in the Big Ten tournament for IU. If Michigan State (19-10, 9-7 Big Ten) beat Nebraska in Sunday’s contest, they would have tied with the Hoosiers (20-9, 10-6) for fourth place and claimed the No. 4 seed thanks to a head-to-head tiebreaker.

The top four teams in the Big Ten tournament receive a double bye. IU will play in Friday’s second game, playing the winner of the No. 5 vs. No. 12/13 game at around 2:30-3 p.m. at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis.

Who exactly the Hoosiers will play is a mystery, at the moment. As far as the No. 5 seed in concerned, MSU and Penn State both finished 9-7 in conference. Northwestern (8-7) and Purdue (9-6) tipped at 4 p.m. IU beat Purdue in their lone matchup of the season. 

Four teams — Nebraska, Rutgers, Wisconsin and Illinois — are headed for a 3-13 finishes at the bottom of the Big Ten. Stay tuned, as this will all sort itself out in the coming hours.


  1. So Purdue gets the 5 seed. IU has the 4 seed and will get the winner of 5/12-13. If I remember correctly NW beat IU in the rematch last year in the tourney. Beating a team twice in the same season is not easy so we could have the same grudge match facing IU which has to wait till friday. Is that really a good thing, you get rest , but your game rythme is thrown off. Time will tell.

    1. Nebraska is no longer a pushover (ask IU and MSU) and if they beat Illinois, Nebraska will play Purdue in the tourney.
      Purdue looked really weak against Northwestern at Purdue.
      I am NOT a fan of the big10 tournament, but this one should be interesting.

      Great job IU women!

  2. This is just further evidence of the renaissance of women’s basketball under Terri Moren and her staff at Indiana. As this program continues to evolve and move up towards the top of the conference, we as Hoosier fans can revel in the success of our team. At this time we are a # 10 seed in the last brackettology by Charlie Crean but, at least one win in the Big 10 tournament would absolutely solidify our position in the NCAA Tournament for sure. Go Hoosiers!!

  3. I thought Purdue looked athletic and ran with Maryland during an earlier game. Purdue ladies looked the opposite against Northwestern ladies Sunday.

  4. Big ten tournament is always tough no matter which way you turn. All teams want to win it and teams are going to play it like it could be their last game.

  5. Nat is correct–Neb is no joke! Why did they lose so many games early , maybe they are just now coming together as a team. I was able to watch the Neb/Mich State game. The main thing I took from the game was the defense played by the 6′ guard of Neb Nicea Eliely a freshman. She defended Buss and caused her problems with her length and also guarded Jankoska. For the most part Jankoska never got a good look except when Nicea was out of the game when jankoska got 2 quick 3 ‘s and was quckly reinserted. Still, IU might be better off if it was Neb. we faced as purdue would have revenge on their minds against us. If you remember the PU game was the game Royster had her big game of 14 pts and hasnt performed anywhere close to that since. I watched the Purdue post game against us and purdue’s Mcbride commented about #11 causing them problems inside.

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