IUWBB: Nebraska beats Indiana, 67-64

Days removed from a win over a top 25 team, Indiana’s NCAA tournament hopes took a serious blow Sunday with a 67-64 loss at Nebraska.

Junior point guard Tyra Buss led the Hoosiers (18-9, 8-6 Big Ten) with 16 points, and junior forward Amanda Cahill finished with 14 points and 11 rebounds. Seniors Karlee McBride and Alexis Gassion each produced 12 points.

But, in the end, the Hoosiers couldn’t separate from the Cornhuskers (6-20, 2-12) after a poor start. IU trailed 17-8 after one period, hitting 3-of-16 from the field. The second quarter was quite the opposite; the Hoosiers hit 9-of-16 from the field and used an 11-0 run to pull to within one point, 31-30, at halftime.

McBride, who reentered the starting lineup Sunday, hit 3-of-4 from 3 in the first half.

The stark differences between the first and second quarters could be found in the first five minutes and the second five minutes of the third. An 8-0 run for IU, capped by a Cahill 3, put the Hoosiers up 46-39. But a 10-2 run to end the period allowed the Huskers to stay up one point through three quarters.

With the game tied at 58-all, McBride and Nebraska freshman Hannah Whitish traded 3s. Whitish hit another jumper with 1:03 left. On the next possession, Buss hit 1-of-2 free throws to keep the Hoosiers behind. Nebraska broke IU’s press and got a wide-open layup from Allie Havers with 25 seconds left to go up three.

Buss answered with a quick layup with 18 seconds left, but, again, the Huskers were able to get the ball down the court to Havers to seal a win.

Sunday’s loss puts IU in a four-way tie for fourth place in the Big Ten with Penn State, Purdue and Michigan State. IU finishes its regular season with Iowa at home, and then Illinois on the road. The top four teams in the conference get a double bye during the Big Ten tournament.

Nebraska came into the game ranked 199th in RPI, with its only Big Ten win coming against Rutgers. IU was ranked at No. 40. As beneficial as Thursday’s win over No. 20 Michigan may have been for IU’s NCAA tournament resume, this loss could hurt more.


  1. IU was obviouslly flat as Moren didnt have the team ready and they faced an inspired and hot Husker team.. Also some questionable defensive strategy by Moren in the final seconds of the game. With 17 seconds left and down by one they needed to foul instead they allow the release for the easy basket down court not once but twice. Bad coaching all around in this one.

  2. A fired football coach who is subsequently hired as an OC at one of the most dominant college football programs in the nation.

    Men’s basketball in complete tailspin and, barring a miracle, out of the NCAA tournament. Only ceilings of Sweet 16’s prior to the latest disastrous season.

    Women’s basketball program appearing “flat” when NCAA tournament hopes are on the line…?

    And why are we keeping Fred Glass around? Because a billionaire threw some money at an Assembly Hall we had to rename? Because of 9 years and 30 million to a basketball coach who can’t get top-ranked talent into the second weekend of March Madness…?

    It’s time to clean house…top to bottom in this defunct organization.

  3. Nebraska was not a good free throw shooting team to boot. However, they were not a good 3 point team as well. As far as end of game foul or not to foul. IU ladies should have been up 7or 8 and not been in that situation to begin with. IU ladies not good enough to overcome inspired crowd that carried over to Nebraska 3 point shooting. Nebraska ladies were feeling good about themselves and became confident especially shooting 3 ball. T. Moren strategy was to try to turn Nebraska ladies over hopefully, for a quick score without fouling. Nebraska had none of it.

  4. Bad strategy not once but twice. Shooting 26% from 3pt wont win you many games. Buss herself 0-7 from three. So what happened to our supposed great defense that allowed Neb to shoot so well from 3 . Yes I agree their most likely was some carryover of our ladies feeling too full of themselves. This sets up for an interesting finish for that desired 4th seed and bye with 2 games left. Of 4 of the teams curently tied at 8-6 IU has the advantage on both Purdue and Penn St having wins over both. Mich St and Penn St play each other on the 22nd. Mich St having beaten IU seems like they could have the upper hand for the 4 seed depending on how they finish. Its looking like IU wont get that spot maybe 5th if we win out and State wins out. Time will tell.

  5. While I did not see the game, I listened to it. I am going to address something I have harped about for the last 3 years and something t mentioned and Steve W has mentioned recently. Nebraska is not a very good team as evidenced by their record but, anytime you play on the road and the team you are playing has an enthusiastic and very loud crowd, it carries the home team to play much better than they normally would! Our announcer mentioned more than once about the loudness and enthusiasm of the home crowd during the game. as Steve W mentioned a couple of days ago, Nebraska, as bad as they are has a tremendous following (4,981 today) and I think it really hurt us today. Their crowd made them believe that they could win as the game moved on. Several of us have been critical of our lack of a large crowd at home from time to time. I simply don’t understand why we can’t get more people to support this team? We had 2,469 for our game against Michigan Thursday night, coach Moren mentioned it in the post game press conference wondering where the support is for this team? I think Nebraska’s win proves that an inferior team can win when properly motivated by their crowd.
    In what has been a continual occurrence this year, we shot poorly on the road again. Our big 3 were 16 for 43 from the floor which really hurt. We only got 6 points from the bench today, very disappointing. Nebraska shot 49% from the field and 40% from 3 which really hurt us. Steve W, I agree, why did we not foul at the end, we let Havers get behind us twice with under 30 seconds to go while we tried to trap the ball which was obviously a grievous error when we should have extended the game by fouling. I simply didn’t understand it, I was yelling at my computer while listening, don’t understand it? This loss really hurt us, we must win our last 2 games to assure an NCAA bid! Go Hoosiers!

  6. Can it not have to do with crowd size or coaching…can a team just hit shots towards the end? Down the stretch can shots just fall for one team?

  7. Yes, Steve, you can blame anyone or anything..just not bad coaching..that’s not allowed here! Btw..Michigan state is more worthy of a ranking than Michigan so I don’t even consider that win impressive

  8. IU ladies are doing well for talent level they have. H4, I would exempt T.Moren from your defunct organization thought. She is sound and is doing well for ladies program from where historically they were. Regarding Nebraska game, IU ladies just are not at a talent level of any dominance to overcome stagnant play and inspired opposing team who gets a little hot from 3 especially @ home. Yes, I agree IU ladies should have fouled late in game. However, I think it should have never come to that. Once IU ladies led by 7or 8 points in 3rd quarter Nebraska ladies seemed to answer especially with 3’s and were energized to take it to IU ladies. I feel the game for IU ladies was lost then.

  9. As bad as this loss was, the current state of this team is even worse. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see there are personnel issues. Several players NEVER see the floor, the first 5-6 play more minutes than they should have to play because there’s no option. After the girl’s moren inherited who do we have to fill roles consistently? What if Cahill decides to grad transfer—WOW! Serious lack of recruiting has left us with about 6 players who can consistently contribute and they are getting tired, that’s why you see things happening like this Nebraska game. Could be a long couple of seasons for Moren if she doesn’t get some talent. Wouldn’t be suprised if 3-4 of these underclassmen aren’t back next year.

  10. Hoosier86, apparently you have not been paying attention? The class coming in next year is currently ranked # 2 in the conference and # 33 in the country which is the highest rated class in school history. This class has the school’s first 5 Star ranked recruit coming in, Jaelynn Penn from Louisville, Kentucky. The other 4 players are 3 Star ranked recruits. The 2018 class has a 4 Star recruit who has verbally commited named, Gace Berger who is also from Louisville. Worrying about Cahill leaving is comical and an incredible reach, will never happen. The future recruits coming in the next couple of years will be just fine. Talent is on the way my friend.

    1. Those recruits you speak of aren’t here yet and if this team doesn’t make a little noise in the Big Ten tourney and make the NCAA, they may very well change their mind. It happens a lot. You’re counting your chickens before they hatch. Most likely 3-4 of these girls won’t be back next year which gives the look of internal strife — and there is.

  11. Mike– My thoughts exactly , actually the incoming class is already signed and two of the 5 incoming decided to come here before the success of last year. Im sure they considered long and hard before deciding. As for under class players leaving yes its possible, happens at all schools its part of what happens. Just take a look at what Taya Reimer did went from ND to Mich St, it happens. BTW Mike — has the class been downgraded the last thing I remember was the class was rated #1 in conf. and 13 in the nation.

  12. t- I’m sure you’re correct. I don’t follow the women’s game enough to know. I was just taking some of the comments literally(as in “dropping the ball” when things are on the line. Sounds all too familiar to the men’s team never living up to hype and sell job).
    Do you think many who follow the men’s program would be cool with IU hiring a coach who played for Keady? Just seems rather odd ….Always sorta considered any product of IU(as in a former player) to have more of a doctorate in hoops. Hiring an alum of the PU program seems like getting someone with an associates degree in nerf hoops(at best). Just seems a bit weird….even if PU’s women’s program has more history of success.

  13. SteveW, I have never seen the class ranked 13th? Not saying it isn’t so? Hoosier86, It is very rare that a recruit who has signed a letter of intent and not attended that school. I am not sure you can come up with a player who has done that? You seem to be trying to simply stir the pot, you sound like another coach hater that appears on here on occasion. So Hoosier86, since you seem to have “inside information”, who are the 3 or 4 who may decide to leave? Inquiring minds want to know. SteveW, I believe I read a week or so ago that Michigan St. had moved ahead of us in recruiting rankings in the conference? Not sure?

  14. At least T.Moren is from Seymour, IN. not far from IU. After success at Seymour H.S. it is not her fault she ended up @ Purdue. M degree from IU. B town born.

  15. Someone please Tell me how you can have 9 recruits and not have one who makes any significant contribution . These girls came here to be developed into better players and coach is 0 for 9. Mike c . Is right just wait till next year . T . Is right none of these players are good enough . Mike c and t will never entertain the thought that our coach might be part of the problem . Why at the end of the game do we allow a player shooting 25 percent from 3 to take our last two 3s . Can’t we run something to get Amanda a 3 . Why does buss play 39 minutes . We have no one on the bench who can give us 5 minutes ? Can anyone coexist with buss at the other guard position ? 3 years now it hasn’t happened . Hope none of our recruits figure this out and decommit . What player has moren developed . Darby played 17 minutes and had 1 point and 0 rebounds . Tia .? Royster ? Amber ? Towner? Wickware ? Yet we let a girl who’s 0 for 7 shoot our last 2 shots .

  16. IU ladies under T.Moren are having a good season. Coach plays players according to what is currently going to give team best chance to win. Though improvement is important the lady program has improved significantly under T.Moren leadership as compared historically. A fair minded fan can see in her short time (still Less than 3 years in) T. Moren is doing a very competent job. Of course anyone can just talk hogwash.

  17. You would much rather throw all the blame on 18 to 20 old kids than place any responsibility on the coach . You did not address one of my points . You must have a masters degree in jibberish .

  18. So, NJ, by your estimation the team is not as good as in the past, right? You do recall that Coach Legette-Jack lost 16 of her last 17 games at IU. They won one conference game.

    Is that the past glory you hope the Hoosiers will aspire to? What is the metric you are using that shows the women’s team to be in a decline?

    Sounds to me like you have personal feelings on this topic.

  19. It appears the coaching staff has encouraged Darby to take open looks since she took a couple jumpers in the last game. She has been knocking them down in practice but in game mode it is coming harder for her. Darby has a good offensive touch I have seen plenty of it at the high school level she just needs a little confidence now. Up until the last game its been defense , screening, and rebounding and passing. Darby has a lot better offensive touch than most people know and the coaches are seeing some of it. Appears Darby is now getting minutes once offered to Royster who has disappeared of late.

  20. Darby will be a player that sometime during next season things will come to her. She will get her legs under her, gain confidence, and become more comfortable as she gains playing time. Some off season work to become more offensive minded around and near the bucket would serve her well taking and wanting to get fouled plus she can hit the outside shot. She is to good looking of a player to not become a solid contributor including double figure scorer somewhere during her career, either sophomore or junior year. The rebounding, running the floor, positioning, and passing is there. She looks like she is thinking what to do due to being a freshman. Once it becomes more natural for her I think you will see the player that has been there all along.

  21. Yes Chet, there is no doubt that Nathan has ‘personal feelings’ towards Moren as he has stated in the past. Your reference to coach Jack is right on, is that what we want? Can’t remember any time lately that Nathan has said anything positive about women’s basketball even after last season? While it would be easy to commend coach Miller on turning the program around, we do know that his off court issues were not what we needed or any program needed. Chet, you are correct in referring to coach Jack, she was here for 6 years and the last 3 years the program deteriorated drastically! Her recruiting was pathetic and as you stated, her last year was an absolute disaster! After last year’s tremendous success, and so far this year having 18 wins with a chance to have 20 regular season wins, it is hard to understand what Nathan wants? Since 2010, IU’s big 10 records have been; (2010) 7-11, (2011) 3-13, (2012) 1-15, (2013) 2-14, (2014) 5-11, (2015) 4-14, (2016) 12-6 and this year their record is 8-6. The last 3 years under Moren their conference combined record is 24-26. The 5 years before the Moren era their combined record under Miller & Jack was 18-64. Is that what Nathan wants? Who knows?

  22. Just my opinion reading between the lines. He believes the sun will shine again once the coach and Buss are out of the picture.

  23. That’s not the message I get from Nathan. Stop reading between the lines and just read the lines. I think NJ is saying the talent we have is mismanaged. Buss is obviously talented, but when shes shooting cold as ice they didn’t set up Cahill for a shot..or Gulley, mcbride ect. And our nonconference schedule wasn’t much better than years past imho

  24. You may be right. But reading the lines…..”Coach may be part of the problem”…..”Coach is 0 & 9″…….”can anyone coexist with buss at the other guard position? 3 years now and it hasn’t happened”……”What player has moren developed?”…..”Hope none of our recruits figure this out”

  25. Never have pretended to be a fan of moren or buss . I am from the Terre haute area and know much more about them than most of you . That being said I ask legitimate questions that no one seems to answer . Steve w . Is the only one on here that I enjoy reading because he isn’t afraid to voice his opinion pro or con . Unlike mike c and t . You’re right Chet coach moren is better than coach jack . I am trying to ask basketball questions and most of the time all I hear is we’re not big enough or fast enough . Wait till next year . A million players transfer a year . Let’s develop the 9 girls you’ve brought in . They have bought into you coach you need to buy into them . I know being an advocate for the girls is not popular . Sorry

  26. Nathan, we are not as big ans athletic as the better teams in the conference, that is a fact. And it is a fact that the incoming class is the highest rated in IU history. And you are tied of hearing about the “million players transfer a year”, well, you are the one that brought that subject up about several of the IU players transferring last year, just sayin………
    And one other thing Nathan, I am sure you did see where that Ohio St. team beat # 2 ranked Maryland, right? Ohio St. being the team you stated could lose to anyone in the conference. Well their only conference loss was to a very good Michigan St. team that was incredible that night! So I guess Ohio St. isn’t as sketchy as you insinuated?

  27. Only at Indiana University would a bunch of folks have anything bad to say about a basketball coach who just last year lead her team to an NCAA tournament victory for the first time in 33 years, and may very well take them there again.
    One bad game does not a bad coach make.
    As I recall, over the years, even Bobby Knight teams threw in a clunker now and then………

  28. I decided to see if the fans of Duke women’s program are as passionate as we have here at Scoop. Oddly, at a site called “The Blue Zone”(disclaimer: I have no idea what sites are the most visited for commenting on Duke hoops), the first thread I encountered covering women’s basketball news had zero comments. Just some food for thought….

  29. Though many repeats and not so many participants on this thread along time ago there was title IX. Now, we have the IU ladies overtaking the IU guys in interest and conversation.

  30. Strange and disappointing that there aren’t more ladies commenting on the “ladies”…..and on the men’s for that matter.

    Any of you remember the Scooper known as ‘NoMendacity?’ She was a riot….Smart and understood the collusive and inside political machinery at IU hoarding the dollars and keeping status quo in place.

    Need more straight-talkin’ ladies on Scoop…More in the delivery(journalist) side as well.

  31. Title IX…? That’s cool…Not so cool that it takes Moren ten years(with bonus) to earn what a very mediocre coach on the men’s side will stuff in his bank account in a single year.
    I would love to have an exchange program of sorts…Would love to watch Teri Moren coach the men’s team for a month…..Sorry, women. You get Tommy Moron(distant cousin) for the longest month of your life.

  32. Ohio state may be the most talented team 1 through 12 in the country mike c . I have never disputed this . If you watch closely mike and if you understand chemistry you might surmise that not all the players are done of Kelsey and her moments of hogging the ball . The most talented team in the country and they have 6 losses . Let’s see what they do in the tourney when they play a few teams with close to their talent level . Wanna bet ? Ron instead of reading selected parts of my posts answer any of my questions . Now we are comparing moren to coach knight . And finally we do seem to have a good recruiting class coming in next year Mike . you are right . We need to throw the little 9 away . Once again mike c is right .

  33. Going to hate to see lex and Jenn go . Good kids who have represented the school very well . It’s hard for me to decide who’s our most valuable player Amanda or lex . Towner and Deane seem like good kids also . I hope everyone else stays and competes .

  34. I understand what you are saying Nathan. Coach has 9 recruits who basically do nothing. She also still starts and out of shape player who cannot defend anyone. You sure do bring up some good points. We have an average team with a good recruiting class coming in. I just hoped for more this year. Being from Southern Indiana I completely understand your comments about Buss.

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