1. BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Coaching rivalries are often fiercely competitive. But sometimes, life’s curveballs bring a heavy dose of perspective and take an edge off the intensity.

    That happened last March, when Iowa coach Fran McCaffery and his wife, Margaret, got the news no parent wants to hear: Your son has cancer. After Patrick McCaffery had surgery to remove a thyroid tumor, tests discovered that it was malignant.

    Fran McCaffery heard from a number of his peers after the news got out, offering their prayers and support. The first Big Ten coach to reach out to McCaffery was Indiana’s Tom Crean(courtesy: Hawk Central).

    There are certainly bigger things in life than losing a coaching job.

  2. wtf,

    During the telecast, Dakich said, without any context or solicitation whatsoever, “I didn’t fired because I couldn’t coach….it was because everyone was hurt…”


  3. Morgan is our best post player. He’s channeling Barkley. Maybe we should give him a cupcake diet (not our non-con schedule, but actual cupcakes) to grow him a little wider?

  4. 70 – 70 with 2:17 left. This is usually where Crean’s teams go soft.

    But same with McCaffery. What happens when a resistible force meets a movable object?

  5. Dakich also said “we’re the Harvard of the Midwest.”

    Dan, I’m the Harvard of the Midwest.

  6. Do some of the IU boys go to class. What kind of grades are some of them given/earn? What kinds of classes were some of the IU boys in in high school?

  7. A stupid, selfish & undisciplined basketball team. The misery is over for me. I won’t watch another second of this season.

  8. Calling this a ” team ” is pushing it.I have seen 8th graders with higher basketball IQ’s than this. They should drug test them all because they are either high or stupid. There is something going on here behind the scene that is not right.

  9. “Northwestern in? Candy stripes out..? This season has been a real trip,” said Derek Elston.

  10. Time to turn in…..

    Bloomington needs to pull an LA. Fire them all….top to bottom….right down the waterboy carrying the crates of Dasani. Storied courts should never degrade the storied greats who came before.
    IT IS TIME, Mr. McRobbie. Get your Aussie butt off the shrimp barbie and fix this mess.

  11. I agree RAM and all. This was the strangest game I have watched in many years…cannot think of a stranger game. The stupidity of many plays is mind-boggling. t called it “immature” and I have to admit that was a correct call for the outcome on this game.

    I’m beginning to think that an N.I.T. banner is not forthcoming.

    This season cannot end soon enough. And yet, we have a trip to Purdue forthcoming!!!

    And Northwestern comes to Simon-Skojdt Assembly Hall. How many of the faithful will be there?

  12. In only a few hours did “The Rock” avalanche from the mountaintop of Scoop into a rain of sad admission and broken pebbles. Then again, I think he was stoned earlier.

  13. This is the final countdown! I am not going to talk about free throws? How was your birthday last week ? WHAT??? CTC has crashed and burned and ran out of spin BS. As usual it is not him but everyone else. This game would have a hard time being called anything more than a pick up game at the Y . How in the hell can you have 8 days to prepare for the second worst team in the conference and have a performance equal to the first year CTC was there with one scholarship player ! We don’t practice like this ? Guess what practice does not count Clappy ! Once again blow a big lead ! Refuse to have Bryant stay inside ,Iowa had no answer for him play inside out Dumb Ass! There is not any leadership because there is no coaching they are all clueless . They are the ones that lost this team and I use the term team loosely. Blackmon’s selfish and stupid play as always took the heart out of the team when in most cases a upper classman would step up! He was so bad the guy that was working the game with Dakich was trying to get Dakich to comment about his horrific play Dakich ignored him until the OT and then let it happen. It has become a circus and we as a University have become the laughing stock of the league. Something has to be done ! No discipline ,NO defense, No Leadership, No COACHING ! The recruits are running for the hills . Just offering every 5 star player hoping to luck out will not get it! You have to win and get to the dance consistently ! Where is Jordon Tucker ? Better yet where is OG ? All comments today were great ! OUT !

    1. Ditto to TJ and RAM. Samo, samo. 22 TO’s(all season way to many)and only 2 fast break points which says everything we need to know about mindset, energy, defense and the coaching. 13th in the B1G!! In a down year for the conference. It is over for the HC. Similar to when Mike Davis complained on camera that he “can’t get the boys to play hard”. In 18 1/2 weeks we will be shed of Tom Crean.

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