1. Sign of the times: Again, even Florida State vs. Duke of ACC get the prime time ON ESPN. Florida State vs. Duke is not even a rival. IU vs. Purdue of big ten get secondary tv coverage on ESPN 2.

  2. Half our fouls are just bad positioning and dumb flailing. I bet we play Spaz Defense in practice, Crean encourages their “great effort and high energy,” and then is mystified when we look stupid against Big Ten teams in real games.

  3. I hope many of these players aren’t back next year. They just don’t get it Priller has half of their athletic ability but he gets it. This team has absolutely no basketball IQ and has nothing to do with coaching. Dackich said their is just a disconnect between this team and the coaching staff. Love Priller. I wander if any other player on the team knows what a screen is. I hope they all leave. They aren’t worth it. That is on Crean because he recruited these turds.

  4. Priller is doing what any kid happy to be chosen to play in a pick-up game would do. The play of the ‘Pinball Priller Screening Wizard of Ricochet in the Paint’ madness has nothing to do with “getting it.”
    There is nothing to get with Tom Crean on the sidelines.

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