1. Wisconsin will win this game. Even if IU wins I would label it as another teaser win that enables T.C. and IU bb to do more of the same. Non competitive in big ten tournament and non competitive in March madness tournament. T.C. has peaked with IU long ago. Even T.C. teacher Izzo and MSU one of the most respected coaches in the game has not dominated much outside the big ten since March madness championship. Even though big ten is one of the better bb conferences it is not a dominant elite conference. IU standard should be elite nationally not just in upper half of big ten with a regular big ten championship/s… and that’s pretty much it.

    1. The best thing that ever happened to help a Tom crean era Indiana team was the advent of the three-point shot 3 decades ago. D is a little better but so inconsistent. Samo, samo. On a team full of athletes it sure would be nice to have a couple -three basketball players available. Although Davis works at it.

  2. Have not caved yet. Newkirk trying so hard, gets himself in trouble.
    8 & 8 turnovers and slightly behind on rebounds. So far so good….

  3. Anyone remember the tune ‘Where Have All The Flowers Gone”…..?
    Where have all the shooters gone?
    Where has Hoosier Basketball gone…?
    Where have all the banners gone…?
    Where has “everything hinges” gone?
    Where have all the fundamentals gone?
    Where have all the Indiana recruits gone?
    Where, oh, where….have all the flowers gone?

  4. The first half of this game should make every Hoosier fan appreciate the value of Blackmon, especially his scoring ability. We’re playing hard against the conference’s best team, on their home floor, but IU needs more efficiency on offense. Blackmon would provide that.

    Wow, t, that was such a courageous prediction you made when you wrote “Wisconsin will win this game.” Considering IU has not defeated the Badgers in Madison in 19 years, making that prediction took great insight.

    If you took three starters off the 1975/76 IU roster in the middle of the season because of injuries, that team would have lost a bunch of games. In fact, if you took three starters off any of IU’s National Championship rosters because of injuries, there’d be no banners hanging in Assembly Hall. Blaming Crean for everything is childish. He’s not a great basketball coach, and plenty of things about the way his teams play drive me crazy, but sometimes, things beyond any coach’s control just happen. Less than one year ago, Crean was selected as the Big Ten Coach of the Year and won the Outright Big Ten Championship. But suddenly, because three key players are out with injuries, he’s a bum? Ridiculous in the extreme.

  5. Sure Blackmon could score 20 points but his defense would give up 26. This is maybe about 30% the team. The other 70 is coaching.
    Samo, samo.

  6. I do not dislike T.C. for a mid major or major program with not so high expectations or standards that IU should have. I just want more and this current regime plus system will not get it .

  7. If O.G. and J.B. we’re in line up. Score would have been about the same. O.G. was not playing that great before injury. Thinking about the old run of wins that IU had over Wisconsin once upon a time.

  8. yup…They gave Crean ‘Big 10 Coach of the Year’ immediately after the softest conference schedule in the history of IU basketball. These are known as ‘False Accolade Nails-In-Our-Coffin Award.
    One would almost think that many of our conference foes desired unwarranted praise heaped upon Crean. I can’t imagine why…?

    So many brain dead mistakes in this game….Davis getting completely lost in the zone defense during a Happ backdoor cut to the basket….Bryant lunging over the back of Wisconsin player while Newkirk was at the line(picking up a stupid foul consequently sending Wisconsin to the stripe in a situation when we actually had an opportunity to steal the game)…Numerous others..without even considering the normal turnover debacles. Too many issues to list that wouldn’t be present on a team valuing the “little things” that make for pulling off wins on the road(even when you’re shorthanded). And where has RJ’s shot gone?

    Crean will have the injury excuses to force another year of miserable hoops. Didn’t we look great against PSU in the paint? How quickly that changed.

  9. Also failed to mention the simply inexcusable schnitzel…of not knowing the time remaining on the shock clock. The one that was simply mind-boggling was after the refs had stopped play because of a time clock malfunction. Teams went back to the huddles(clock was reset to appropriate time) and we’re still unaware of how much time we have left in the possession. What? That’s not covered in the timeout when it’s the whole reason the refs stopped play to begin with….? Eerily reminded me of the Sweet 16 game against Wichita St. when, coming out of the timeout and down by only a point with only seconds remaining, we didn’t stop the clock quickly by intentionally fouling in an attempt to get a final possession.

    These are all signature miscues of Tom Crean teams. They can’t be blamed on injuries or youth. This if the sort of stuff the most basic of h.s. coaches would drive home in order to execute and manage critical stretches.

    Anyone denying the presences of these same issues year after year are doing so as a form of purposeful aloofness and sabotage upon our basketball program. Indiana deserves far better than this sort of coach…or any sort of fan, season after season, failing to recognize the obvious recurring dysfunctions in communication(often in the most critical of circumstances) that never go away.

  10. I also think there was an intentional playing of the game in Wisconsin’s style as more of an effort to keep the score within respectable distance/margins rather than to win the game.
    And I really don’t get having Bryant come up to the top of the circle in those high screens….time after time. We have limited outside threat…It was obvious that RJ was having a tough shooting night. The defender on our guard can cheat toward denying Bryant ….It’s not rocket science. Hard to believe we can’t design anything better for Bryant than the same pick and roll play that won’t work to his advantage with our hampered perimeter threat.

  11. Wisconsin is not anywhere near as good as I thought. Such a sloppy game.

    Po, this IU team didn’t lose three starters in the middle of the season, either. Colin was never expected to start at any point after his preseason injury.

    Other good coaches can lose players and still field a competitive team. The Hoosiers still have talent but IU will be fortunate to win another game this year.

    1. Precisely. This team was playing poorly was before the injuries started.

      The long-term assessment of the program usually includes the statement, “We’ve been Big Ten Champions 2 out of 4 years!).” What happened in those years where we didn’t win the Big Ten?

      – 2014 – missed the tournament entirely. And by tournament, I mean the NIT. Didn’t even qualify for the NIT.
      – In 2015 we secured our lowest seed in Indiana’s history in the tournament (#10).
      – We won the B1G last year, but lost in the first round of the conference tournament as a #1 seed and ended up a #5 seed in the NCAA.

      Even the good years are mired in mediocrity.

      So, this year, after a great start, we realized we were more the team that lost to IPFW than the one that beat Kansas and UNC. Our big victory this weekend was losing for the 19th straight time in Madison by only 5 points and getting on Lundari’s “last 4 in.” AKA, “Out” before they expanded from 64 to 68 teams.

      Let’s also not forget the number of players that have cycled through the program over the years, either through transfer or being booted. Crean has had almost a decade to establish a “solid” program. The foundation has always been rocky even in “good” years. There’s nothing in the past that leads me to believe that this will continue if he is retained.

  12. There’s a higher power looking out for Crean…..

    Every season that is served up as Crean’s judgment day seems to always be defined by key injuries postponing the “last chance” scenario for a mediocre coach.

    We can all scream to the heavens while fully knowing this man’s historical stamps upon his name in bad coaching…But it just doesn’t matter. Glass will give him more time because of these key injuries. Our believing the results would be the same without the injuries is irrelevant. It’s simply too much talent removed from the roster…Happenstance saves Crean from judgment day once again.

    It’s sort fun watching these bench players give so much despite all the odds stacked against them(roster hits and the lack of a quality coach). I nearly found myself really getting behind these shorthanded Hoosiers( that’s been very difficult with all the apologizing/excuses for a dysfunctional coach).

    If we get Blackmon back, anything can still happen. If Blackmon comes back and remains healthy(90%), I still believe this team will make the tournament….
    They may have more success down the stretch with such little expectations.
    It may actually be more fun watching these freshman and a walk-on coming together during March Madness ….Anything is possible in this crazy game of hoops. I wouldn’t count them out yet.

    Despite Crean, I’m loving the chance to cheer on the “role players” in their new starring roles. It’s something, I guess.

  13. “Let’s remember, the Hoosiers weren’t good before these guys got hurt.” What are you talking about, Chet? Sounds like some significant revisionism going on. They beat Kansas on a neutral court. They spanked UNC at home. They were ranked in the top ten for a brief period of time. That’s not “good”? Come one, you guys forfeit your credibility when you allow frustration and your disdain for Crean to overcome you ability to reason. IU was not a great team to start the season, but they were a good team. And it is not credible to suggest that the injuries, whether they occurred before the first game or during the season, have not affected the quality of play and the outcome of several games. That argument is simply ridiculous. You say that other teams have suffered injuries to key players and are still competitive. Well, by that vague definition, IU was “competitive” in the game against the Conference-leading Wisconsin Badgers in Madison this weekend. That’s just BS and it defies common sense. If any team loses three or four of its best six players during the season, that team is going to lose some games that it would not have otherwise lost. To argue otherwise is silly. But this debate is useless. No Crean-hater is ever going to change his/her mind about Crean’s coaching ability. No matter what happens, they will blame Crean. They despise Crean and are therefore incapable of evaluating his performance as IU’s Coach with any objectivity. Their standards are very high and fail to account for the damage done to our once elite basketball program long before Crean arrived in Bloomington. Outside of winning a National Championship, there is absolutely nothing Crean could do to silence his most rabid critics. But the truth is, whether you accept it or not, the injuries to several key players this season gives Crean cover with the one man whose opinion matters most. Fred Glass is NOT going to fire Tom Crean after this season, no matter how loud and continuous Crean’s critics scream for his termination. Glass is not going to waste a million dollars to buy-out Crean’s contract this summer because Glass has got better ways to spend that money, especially when there is no obvious coaching upgrade available to him (at least not amongst his critics on the Scoop). So, continue harping on about how bad a coach Crean is, I’m pretty sure he’ll be back as IU’s coach again next season.

    My fantasy is that Crean’s IU team wins the National Championship next season and then he immediately resigns. Either that, or IU fires Crean, he gets hired by another school, and then goes on to lead is new program to a National Championship. Either of those two scenarios would be poetic justice to his most ardent critics.

  14. Fantasy? There was once a show with Ricardo Montalbán…..? After landing(Da Plane! Da Plane!), Crean will bench Newkirk and put ‘Tattoo’ at point guard. Tattoo will destroy Tum Tum(Spartan guard played by Lou Rawls) during BIG “island” tournament championship against MSU….and soon lead Crean to banner paradise of peace and tranquility where, in honor of island tree, “palming” a basketball is perfectly o.k..(along with all forms of turnovers). Flirtatious referees with bamboo whistles blowing only for the opposition’s fouls will be gorgeous nude island ladies body-painted in zebra stripes. Final camera shot will include Crean and D-Wade wading along the shoreline of waves, white sands, and palms.

  15. Po, Injuries are part of the game. Good coaches handle it and have players prepared to step up. Last time I checked UCLA was down four players and they were 19-3.

  16. Glass is not going to waste a million dollars to buy-out Crean’s contract this summer because Glass has got better ways to spend that money

    I would imagine your face having a difficult time remaining straight after that one….

    $30,000,000 over 9 years while never playing in the second weekend of March Madness….and a million dollar buyout suddenly looks better spent elsewhere? You are experiencing something well beyond a fantasy. It’s only complete mismanagement and sabotage of a total delusional nature to believe any amount of time or more millions will make for a better Twenty-Turnover Tom product.

    It’s only defunct “committee room” arrangements in something having all appearances of collusion that brought us to this mess resultant of a coach hiring his own AD. Competence has never had anything to do with it. These men committed the biggest Indiana train robbery of all time….Robbed of exorbitant amounts of money…Robbed of pedigree in our regard as basketball program with purpose and intelligence.

    One million dollars for a buyout is a pittance compared to what they’ve already cost us.

  17. I’d be thrilled to see CTC bring home a banner. I don’t have any personal issues with CTC. Seems like a good guy. I’m about results. Like the oft used line in mob movies, “Sorry, it’s just business.”

    When he somewhat righted the ship last season I was very clear that, despite crashing and burning the previous season and not demonstrating any kind of consistency, he deserved credit for the job he had done and he deserved fan base support. I’m addressing this as I would as an employer (which we are).

    At some point, crashing and burning has to be addressed. IU may not be the program it once was but expecting to make it to the NCAA Tournament more often than not and occasionally making a deep run is a perfectly reasonable expectation especially considering the built in advantages of the program.

    I will fall in behind him if he shows that he is making forward strides in the program. I don’t see that happening.

    I’ve been an ardent supporter of the philosophy that he deserves credit for what he has done whether you like him or not. You can only turn in so many poor performances to a fan base that expects THE university in a basketball rich state to always be above average.

    1. Exactly.

      This isn’t binary. This isn’t about haters vs supporters. This seems to be a thing in this country now. ” Who’s side are you on?” The tribalism in discussing anything is now the norm.

      Re: hoops, I’ve been hoping Crean could evolve, improve and grow as a coach. I root for him because I root for Indiana. I don’t want Indiana to suck and I don’t want to see him fail to prove a point. I hope JBJ comes back, gets a look in his eye and goes Kemba Walker through the tournament laying waste to anything and everyone in his past. I hope we hang #6 with a net cutting ceremony that isn’t completely awkward this time.

      Like Chet, I’m just an observer who is taking in all the facts. I’ve had to let go some people that I personally like over the years because they just weren’t cutting it. It isn’t fun. Evaluating job performance is something that needs to be done dispassionately. The facts are in: Crean hasn’t established himself as an elite coach and he’s had a decade and unlimited support with new facilities, academic programs and a recruiting budget that’s the size of the GDP of some African countries. He’s been given EVERYTHING he needs to succeed. He’s done well at times. But he’s been erratic and inconsistent overall due to some consistent elements: his teams routinely struggle with defense, turnovers, inbounding the ball (O and D) and closing out games. And developing leadership sans a handful of players.

      However, Crean makes over $3 mil a year. And part of the job description is deep and public scrutiny of his job performance. I’ve paid a few duckets to the Varsity Club over the years, but not enough to matter beyond the few phone calls I get a year asking me to shell out more cash. And I’ve determined that I’m done paying Crean’s salary because I don’t think he’s done the job that is expected of him.

      The athletic dept isn’t going to crash without my measly nickels, so I’m not trying to grandstand. No one over there cares that much and I’m sure no one here really does either. But it isn’t fair to label Chet, me or a lot of other people “Crean haters” just because we think it is best that Indiana look elsewhere to take the program to the next level. Of course there are people who were haters from day 1 and he was never going to win them over. But speaking at them at this juncture isn’t furthering the argument for retention.

      AGAIN (I feel like I ask this EVERY OTHER TIME I POST ABOUT THIS SUBJECT), if you think Indiana University should keep Crean as coach, state why. With facts. What facts do you have to support why he should continue to be the Head Basketball Coach? Do you think that Crean is building towards improving Indiana’s performance in the tournament? Do you think he’s on the cusp of a run this year or within his current contract? Or are you happy with his current performance “as is” and feel that fans are overreacting?

      Just saying he’s a victim of the hate machine isn’t an argument.

  18. He can hardly land a quality in-state recruit anymore…That, in itself, should be plenty writing on the wall. Zeller was his only in-state momentum. That has long died.
    This state has a plethora of basketball talent. From bigs…to point guards…to shooting guards they are abundant in starting lineups statewide and nationwide. It is beyond a crime to have a coach, so obviously inept of coaching skill in the eyes of h.s. coaches and top talent of this state, so unable to tap into that resource.

    Before he was ever known for stagnancy in NCAA tournaments and teaching teams to lead the nation in turnovers, he arrived with full excuse playbook already prepared for many years of blame to placed on witches and “wreckers” … I will never support a man so ungrateful of the chance in a lifetime to coach one of the few truly storied programs within such a unparalleled paradise of statewide basketball passion. We deserved a true warrior who would immediately turn the page of despair to get down to business. Five years after his hire, this buffoon was chasing Jeff Meyer down to continue his personal blame/excuse narrative(even in the face of his team’s great accomplishment).
    What an unfortunate and sad narcissist ….It’s always about taking cover rather than having the undaunted spirit born of grit and intelligence in those candy stripes.

  19. The ship was only “righted” last year due to the heavy backwash from teams tilting in the sea and struggling with legit conference scheduling. We did not have a legit conference schedule…It was a soft gift to Crean of unprecedented likeness in the history of the program. We were gifted a majority of home-home against the bottom tier of the conference….Most the upper tier were single match-ups played at Assembly. Northwestern would have been in the hunt to win the conference with a similarly modeled cushy schedule.

    Where is our captain of stormy seas this season….? The normal challenges of a legit conference schedule(some actual tough road games against the upper tier) and a couple untimely injuries has Crean screaming for more excuses than available lifeboats.

  20. I hate Crean’s hypocrisy. And he has been nothing but a hypocrite since the day he was hired. I don’t believe he is a man of character.

    I don’t think it’s fair to call anyone “haters” who saw through a villain-chasing act aimed at teenagers. It could as easily been labeled as hatefulness at its core…It was used far too long in order disguise and excuse all substandard results. When Crean’s own recruits got into many troubles of their own accord, where were those who jumped on Crean’s hate-filled train of all things Kelvin and “wreckers?”

    Let’s quit throwing that word around entirely….for it unveils the complete hypocrisy of those too holier-than-thou to get a glimpse of any true reflection/introspection. Crean did not have to completely devalue young kids….I don’t see that as much shy of hateful(especially considering how many of his own flawless choices made plenty of their own mistakes).

  21. In 2013 Crean turned his players into the biggest underachievers in the history of college basketball (according to many objective observers including the national press). At the same time Brad Stevens was looking to move from Butler. What does Glass do: he ignores Stevens completely and gives Crean praise for the under achievement and a contract extension. What a brilliant business decision! That from an AD who while at Indiana only made one major hire: Wilson. Whom he later fired. Sound management my der·ri·ère…

    My fantasy is that Crean’s IU team wins the National Championship next season and then he immediately resigns. Either that, or IU fires Crean, he gets hired by another school, and then goes on to lead is new program to a National Championship. Either of those two scenarios would be poetic justice to his most ardent critics.

    My fantasy is that Crean resigns immediately and moves on with winning that National Championship next season elsewhere… if those guys are smart they’ll snatch him like the hot commodity he is… or he could switch careers completely and start as a promising understudy for Sean Spicer when the big boy needs a nap or a quick break from the vile media…

    Oh, and Chet, let’s be fair: UCLA is down only two players, Alex Olesinsky and Prince Ali. They both redshirted. UCLA is otherwise healthy and 21-3. They play Oregon this week at home and Arizona in Tucson next week. We’ll see how competitive they are after these two games. Their most recent win is by 41 at U of Washington (Romar now on the red hot seat. Why doesn’t UW reach out to Crean at this moment of distress and fantasy? I hope they do… Now that would truly be poetic justice.)

  22. Wow….Huskies suffered a 41 point loss to some Hoosier lore on their home floor? I actually wanted to watch that game but it slipped my mind. I guess it slipped U-Dub’s mind too.

    To be fair, we must give credit where credit is due. What’s Brad Stevens without Isaiah Thomas? Exceptional talent making Brad look like quite the genius…? Or, did it take quite the genius to instill the belief and place Isaiah into a system where he could flourish?

    Lorenzo always seemed like a good guy….Given the basketball paradise that is the state of Indiana, he might just do Romarkable at a place like IU. I have no problem with Romar on my fantasy list when Crean is finished with managing reunions and completing the final needed banner preservation activities via the Indiana Historical Society.

    Fantasy List:

    Marisa Tomei stopping by for a morning cup of coffee.

  23. Glass is not going to waste a million dollars to buy-out Crean’s contract this summer because Glass has got better ways to spend that money.

    On July 1st, 2018 Crean’s buyout is only one million. At that time a responsible AD will have to decide: (a) do I spend one million now and I get to hire another coach (hopefully a “true warrior who would immediately turn the page of despair to get down to business” as has been said above) or (b) spend three times as much to keep the lame duck around and then still have to do most of (a) and look for another hire. Any AD that cares about the university he represents would choose the first path. Let’s wait and see what Glass will do. Option (a) actually saves money, right away (two mil. and change).

    IMHO Buckley would do just fine as next head coach. He’s assistant head coach already. He knows this team (and the state) like no other. He is the perfect man to lead the transition and maybe stay as head coach. I personally trust him.

    To those that scorned this idea earlier last week: Tom Crean is (still and always will remain but) an assistant coach. He’s in over his head. Dwyane Wade took him to the Final Four (and lost by 30 to Kansas) and now Crean is forever waiting for Godot (another DWade)… The simple thing to do would have been to keep Jordan Crawford and build around him. But, no, he had to run everybody out of town so he can look like Messiah… well, the color is coming off and now everybody sees him for what he always was… “a transparent poser”… like t said the other day.

  24. Glass & McRobbie are going to need to make a decision at the end of this season. You can’t have a coach recruiting with no guarantees he’ll be around next year. If you think our efforts in recruiting this year are paltry, we’ll be on the phone looking for Malik Story’s younger brother next year.

    Crean gets either an extension or a handshake and a severance at the conclusion of this season.

    I think the Pros and Cons sheet has been filled out. The only Pro that would potentially tip the balance in it’s favor is a massive run to the FF or beyond.

    I don’t agree with others that Glass is protecting Crean. If he was, he would have gotten an extension after last season. I think they’ve taken the longer view to see how this season would play out…..and here we are. Inconsistency reigns.

  25. CTC is doing nothing to make his team better! This is the time of the year when every one else is getting better and making a run to try and make the tournament . And as usual I,U, is getting worse 9 years and even the good teams flamed out because CTC never has a plan and the teams are so screwed up by this time they fall apart without out a strong coach . Who in the hell cares about deflections when you have 15 plus turnovers a game and still lose? This team has no understanding of the fundamentals of the game .I guess how could they when the coach doesn’t either? ECHO CARDS ? and he says that with a straight face ! Who do we get ? A very good question . I think CTC will be back barring a miracle . I agree Buckley and or Chuck Martin would be worth a shot . That might help keep recruits in line since they do most of recruiting and CTC takes the credit. Just came out today on ESPN Oregon and Georgia Tech are involved with Jordon Tucker and he is listening . Must have seen the team self destruct in the recent string of losses on TV. Not a good sign ! I hope Blackmon is back for Purdue otherwise they will crush us both games and maybe even if he is back.

  26. Where to begin? Given the poison being spewed in some of these comments, it’s like trying to stem the tide.

    In order to justify wasting $1 million on the buy-out of Crean’s contract, Glass would have to believe that by not firing Crean he’d be doing irreparable damage to IU and/or the basketball program in the short term. I don’t think any objective administrator can make that case, especially when there are so many other more legitimate needs in IU Athletic Department (like protecting our football team’s assistant coaches from being poached).

    Losing two key players to injury is not nearly as devastating as losing four of the top six players for significant chunks of the season.

    How ironic it is that you reference UCLA. Word in LA is that unless Alford leads his year’s team to the final four this season, UCLA will fire him. He was clearly on the hot seat when the season began. UCLA is not even favored to win their conference championship. And let’s not forget, Alford’s has NEVER lead any of his teams to the final four.

    I just love this blind faith that some of you have that replacing Crean will improve IU basketball’s performance in the not too distant future. To even suggest that one of Crean’s assistant coaches could do the job is really funny. We’ve seen that movie before and it ended badly. Since there are no obvious candidates to replace him (at least none of his critics on this site have suggested any candidates), it is reasonable to expect that replacing Crean will do damage to IU basketball in the short term. Performance will certainly get worse before it get’s better, so the question becomes, how many years will it take to return IU to the status of the elite?” And how many years do you experts give the new coach to lead IU back to the final four before you will start calling for him to be fired? Do you recommend Glass give the new man another seven year contract?

    The criticism of Crean’s recruiting ability in this string is laughable. It sounds very similar to the criticisms posted when VO and several other effective Hoosier players were offered a scholarship. News flash: Until they lose their current head coach, IU will never out-recruit Kentucky, Duke, Louisville, Arizona, UNC, or Kansas. In fact, no Big Ten school will out-recruit those elite basketball programs as long as their current coaches remain on the job. No matter who IU hires to replace Crean, most of you will continue to be dissatisfied with IU’s recruiting relative to the elite basketball programs across the country.

    Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. And if Crean’s replacement fails to significantly improve IU basketball’s performance and meet your high expectations, you’re going to be eating a steady diet of crow for many years to come.

  27. 2017 Recruiting Class

    UCLA: #2
    Indiana: #Nowheretobefound

    And are any solid Indiana kids even on the Bloomington radar? And who’s on the hot seat?

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