Purdue outlasts Indiana, 69-64

Another opportunity to pad its postseason resume got away from Indiana on Thursday.

Vincent Edwards scored 26 points and Caleb Swanigan turned in another double-double to turn away the Hoosiers, 69-64, before an announced crowd of 17,222 on Thursday at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.

Thomas Bryant scored a team-high 23 points for Indiana (15-10, 5-7), while James Blackmon Jr. added 11 in his first game back from a lower leg injury.

This wasn’t a must-win game for IU’s sake, but it was close. Given the road-heavy schedule ahead, the Hoosiers can ill afford anymore losses in Bloomington. This one nearly ended differently on a night when foul-ridded Indiana kept pace with its sizable in-state rival on the boards — and just about every other statistical category.

But in a game that saw both teams hold the advantage for nearly the same amount of time, Purdue (20-5, 9-3) caught the last — and most important — momentum swing.

Indiana fell into early foul trouble with Bryant and Josh Newkirk each picking up their second personals by the under-12 media timeout. By halftime, Juwan Morgan was saddled with his third foul.

Credit Indiana’s bench for picking up slack. Freddie McSwain grabbed three rebounds and picked up three points, including a pair of free throws during one two-minute segment. Zach McRoberts, too, gave IU a lift. McRoberts had five rebounds through his first 10 minutes on the floor.

IU got within 21-19 while Swanigan took a breather midway through the period. In the nearly five minutes he was out, Purdue (20-5, 9-3) managed only one field goal and allowed the Hoosiers to creep back.

Robert Johnson gave Indiana its first lead with a 3-pointer on the wing at the 6:12 mark. It was coupled with another Boilers scoring drought as Swanigan and Isaac Haas, meanwhile, combined to miss 10 of their first 13 shots.

Indiana held a 36-32 halftime lead, but Purdue pushed back.

The Hoosiers also had to deal with a couple unfortunate absences.

De’Ron Davis had to be helped into the locker room after taking a shot to the face during a scramble for a rebound midway through the second half. Officials neglected to call an injury timeout while Davis writhed in agony under the north basket. Playing 5-on-4 on the other end, Purdue retook the lead at 44-42 on a 3-pointer by Vincent Edwards.

Moments later, Morgan was whistled for his fourth personal leading into the under-12 timeout.

Bryant helped the short-handed Hoosiers keep pace, scoring 13 of Indiana’s first 16 second-half points.

The Boilermakers, however, answered with baskets when they mattered most. A putback by Vincent Edwards with three minutes left broke a 57-all tie, and on Purdue’s next trip down the floor, P.J. Thompson made it a two possession game with a layup off an offensive rebound.

Morgan fouled out on a block with 1:02 remaining. Swanigan made a layup against Morgan on the offending play then converted the three-point play at the line to give the Boilers a 64-59 lead.

Swanigan and Bryant both fouled out on the ensuing possession when officials called a double foul when Bryant ran into Swanigan in the paint.

Indiana twice cut its late deficit to three points in the final minute, but the win the Hoosiers coveted remained just out of reach.

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  1. Hoosiers: If they were a Finland basketball team, they couldn’t finish….

  2. Losing to Purdue at home requires more of a deep cleanse than finding out Finkel is Einhorn.

  3. I’d heard Purdue sucked at the guard spot but I hadn’t seen them. They are terrible in the backcourt. PU will go nowhere in the post season.

    We are what we are. Maybe an NIT team. These guys are lost. Did anyone think we’d score before the first half ended when they called a timeout with 14 seconds left? I thought it would be a miracle. They didn’t even get a shot off.

  4. Chet, when have you ever seen this team run an out of bounds play? In contrast, how many dunks or layups have we allowed on the same?

    Quite simply, we are poorly coached.

    I’m tired of the injury talk. We’re down 1 guy since we beat KU & UNC. That’s it…1…the same kid who didn’t find the floor, because of the coach, until this time last year. Without him we have 0 heart. Now, we have no chance to beat 1/2 the Big 10 w/o Davis. Oh wait, he only plays about 11 min per game because of our coach. Our freshman were non-existent & by my count didn’t hit the rim tonight. Thank God for McSwain or we’d have lost by 20. Oh, might I add, he doesn’t play much either…because of our coach. Who knows what happened to Davis, but I will just say I see a lot of wusses in red & white jerseys. Crying over calls, limping to the bench, bitching, moaning, complaining, flopping…and it’s all an extension of Creany the Clown. His invisible Pom Poms didn’t work tonight.

    I’m also real tired of all the reasons we need to keep this clown. ANY coach the rabid fan base would embrace would recruit good kids, make them go to class & graduate and be their advocate. Period.

    One good thing I see is hints of decent defense. After the first 5 min., we only gave up 54 points.

  5. The reaction of CTC to Davis being popped after he took five steps and got away with it was unfortunate. There should have been a whistle on him well before any contact. You don’t complain after your kid got a no call.

  6. How about the difference between Swanigan and Bryant when they disagree with a call against them? TB whines about half the calls on him and looks like a petulant child. Swanigan trots down the floor with a big grin on his face and a barely noticeable head shake.

    TB should have been broken of that halfway through his freshman year. He’s behaving like a four year old. Swanigan just looked cool and composed.

  7. I U Basketball fans need to order their red and white STS (Start The Search) buttons. Maybe TIS or the IU Bookstore could stock the buttons, I believe the buttons would be a big sales item.

  8. Who needs Dick Vitale to tell Indiana fans how lucky they are to have Tom Crean as a coach? Shouldn’t he be down in Florida at the dog tracks about now? Retire baby! Your just not a PTPer anymore.

  9. Funny, I have a comment ‘awaiting moderation’ because I compared TB to Swanigan for how they reacted to fouls called on them.

  10. Samo, samo. IU’s “lightweight coach” needs to plan his exit out of Bloomington and determine what level of BB he can competitively coach in. He certainly can’t propel a B1G to the heights IU visions. Pull the plug, flush it, turn out the lights as it is no longer a party. It’s OVER.

  11. Every basketball string on this site has become an echo chamber. Group think has taken over. The vote is in and we, the IU faithful and most knowledgeable basketball fans on earth, have decided that Tom Crean has got to go, no matter what. We demand that Fred Glass write that 7-digit check necessary to buy out Tom Crean’s contract. It does not matter if Crean’s team won the Outright Big Ten Championship last year, or twice in the last four years. It does not matter if Crean was honored as the 2016 Big Ten Conference Basketball Coach of the Year, only the second time an IU coach has been selected for that honor since Bob Knight received it in 1989! We IU fans know better. We’re the experts and the ultimate authority about coaching college basketball, and we’ve concluded that Tom Crean can’t coach college basketball. It does not matter if his team finished 25 – 6 and earned a #1 seed in last year’s tournament. It does not matter if four of this year’s team’s six best players have been out with injuries for portions of the year and may be playing at less than 100%, we’ve decided that’s not a legitimate excuse. Furthermore, IU’s basketball coach should have 12 McDonalds All Americans on the team every year, no matter what. It does not matter if the team lost four of its best, most experienced players to graduation after last season, IU fans demand those players be replaced with even better players every year. It does not matter if there are no obvious candidates to replace Crean and upgrade the program, this in Indiana and we expect every basketball coach in America to apply for the job. It does not matter if IU’s sparse Athletic Budget can ‘t afford to pay top dollar to hire the very best coaching staff, this is Indiana and we expect Fred Glass to hire an elite coach and convince him to work for less than elite compensation. Crean’s team is having a bad season relative to our expectations, so we demand he be fired immediately, regardless of the costs involved or the consequences. And by God, if the next coach hired does not live up to our unrealistic expectations, we’ll demand he be fired too.

    “Because THIS IS INDIANA!”

  12. “IU’s sparse Athletic Budget” …… that could afford to make Tom Crean the highest paid public figure in the state…? But now we stand on a corner with an empty plastic cup begging Mark Cuban to shave a bit off of Yogi’s contract and get us out of this imprisonment of debt drowning our Banner Balance Sheet…? Hilarious stuff.

    This guy’s comedy has no end.

  13. How much do you think Mark Cuban would pay to get Brad Stevens out of the NBA next year? 😉

  14. IU could probably get someone like Dane Fife for half of what they are paying TC so stop the bs. He forgot more about fundamental basketball then this coaching staff knows. At least he would be an improvement.

  15. I agree, its time for Tom to go. He at least should try to get to the refs, plead their case like Izzo maybe. So what get a technical maybe that would have given the team a boost. Crean does a lot of walking and flapping but whos he yelling at the water boy?, what a wimp.

  16. Yea, that’s a good idea. Let’s hire a man that is untested as a head coach at this level of competition and who has not proved he can lead a major college basketball program to success. Why, because he’s an IU alum? That sounds like it came from the Al Davis School or Sports Management. But at least you had the guts to offer up a name. No one else in the “fire-Crean-now” crowd has put forth the name of any realistic candidates (Brad Stevens is unavailable).

    Yea baby, IU’s Athletic Budget is sparse relative to other Big Ten Schools and most other major conference universities that have a robust football program. When your school’s fans refuse to fill your small capacity football stadium for home football games, your school only generates about $32,000 a year in surplus (i.e., profit), and you’re not getting any money from the state or huge student fees, you don’t have a lot of extra cash to spend on buying out coaching contracts. And since Glass just agreed to pay Wilson $540,000 to go away, he’s probably not very excited about writing a 7-digit check to fire last year’s Outright Big Ten Champion and Conference Coach of the Year just to appease Crean’s critics. But then again, “This is Indiana.”

    Arizona has given Sean Miller a raise five times since hiring him in 2009, even though he’s never asked for more money. Miller is now the third highest paid college basketball coach in America, making $4,945,664 in 2016. Ironically, Arizona has a smaller Athletic Department budget than IU (some funky accounting going on out in the desert). Amazingly, Miller’s team got bounced in the first round of the NCAA tournament last year, and Miller has never lead a team to the final four. Maybe this year?

    Bob Huggins got paid $3,340,000 by West Virginia last year. Has Huggins ever won an NCAA Championship? Has he ever coached a player that graduated? How does he keep his job, not to mention get paid so much money? Oh, that’s right, West Virginia has a robust Football program that generates a lot of profit.

  17. Po, give the “four out of six” BS a rest. We’re down ONE player since UNC and Kansas and we were down two players ONE game. We’ve never been down any more.

    Just because more than one person disagrees with you does not make it an ‘echo chamber’. It appears that it makes it a consensus.

  18. Arizona and West Virginia are not IU or at least use to not be. Such horrific examples of lower standards. I don’t care about the pay. It is already so far out of wacko everywhere in all major entertainment including sports. I do expect to be an elite bb program and it has not been, or is, or will be with the current regime.

  19. You sure like to hang your hat on to the “Outright” stuff…. while never giving any admission to the fact that the conference schedule was the outright weakest in the history of Indiana Basketball.
    Maybe Crean has taught you the defeatism it takes to be a Purdue fan…? They have plenty of “outright” conference titles…Funny thing is, they’re not Indiana. They’re not the team that put Big 10 basketball on the world map. They don’t have an arena with five national championship banners. They outright suck in nearly every March Madness. They love nothing more than to see us join in the company of their low expectations and overblown view of themselves.

    Banner drought, or no banner drought, is that really your new standard for the Indiana Hoosiers? Do you enjoy watching Crean pace up and down the sideline 2.27 miles per contest to be Purdue?

    If only Crean prepared his team 1/10 of the amount that you take to prepare a mishmash of nonsense to defend overall mediocrity and the ho-hum of 9 years of overblown hype with nothing to show other than getting smacked around at Sweet 16’s.

    It is Tom Crean that said, “This is Indiana.” I don’t believe anyone heard him say, “This is Purdue”…? Maybe he puckered up and whispered “Boiler” sweet nothings into your ear….? Maybe all those “We’re Back!” t-shirts were about as close to fullness in truth as Keady comb-over head of hair…..? “Hoosier Rising” simply meant a ‘Coach of the Year’ award granted by those who cast their vote in loving honor our March Madness stagnancy? That’s all Hoosier Rising means?

    Wow…..We really overpaid for slogans and t-shirts.

  20. Actually, regardless what was said “this is Indiana” or not; reality is that Tom Crean got a very sizable chunk of change (meaning income for those who need exclamation) for the outcomes he has produced.

  21. IU basketball has as resources; the state of Indiana for recruits, plus neighboring states recruits, first class gym, fans eager and waiting to support elite program (except those who have been brain washed and those who don’t know…..however they would come around with eliteness), a raving mad basketball state that currently is bored and asleep and an overpaid coach for results and outcomes he is producing. With resources available that are not being tapped (Indiana+neighboring state recruits) pretty expensive for mediocrity.

  22. CDC now warning of a major TCDS outbreak at HSR…


    REPEAT: TCDS spreading at alarming rate.

    All indications point toward login procedures fueling spread of disease….DO NOT LOG IN!

    SAFE ZONES: Those not showing any TCDS symptoms must immediately report to Inside the Hall for further instructions and evaluation….

  23. Excuse me but didn’t IU just hire a man untested as a head coach at this level to run the football program? Fred Glass must have gone to the Al Davis School of Sports Management too. By the way Dane Fife helped build the Fort Wayne program into a winner and a D1 school as a Head coach. You DO remember Fort Wayne don’t you?

  24. Chet, you’ve got to quote me accurately. I wrote, “four of six ….. for portions of the year.” Hartman, OG, Blackmon and Morgan have missed portions of this season with injuries. That’s a fact. But I think it is fair to say that all four of those guys were considered starters before the season started, so it was just four guys, it was four essential players.

    And don’t forget the players that we lost to graduation after last year; Bielfeldt, Zeisloft, Williams, and most of all, Ferrell. Throw Hartman on that list, and Crean lost five players that accounted for 61% of the team’s scoring last season. No problem! Just re-load, right? Every team can lose that kind of talent and experience and come back with the same or better performance. Yep, sounds reasonable to me.

    And Chet, as you probably know, “Group Think” always leads to a consensus. That’s why most leaders realize its very dangerous and they work hard to prevent it from taking hold in their organizations. Hopefully, Glass is not paying attention to the comments posted on The Hoosier Sports Report. But no matter what happens to Crean after this season, I’m going to have fun in Crazy-town reading comments from the “fire-Crean-now” cabal. Either they’re going to be driven bonkers because Crean returns next season, or they’re really going to suffer for a few years while Crean’s replacement tries to build his program (you think IU might lose a few players from the current roster and some of Crean’s recruits?). And if Crean’s replacement doesn’t succeed in leading IU to a final four immediately, I’m really going to have a blast. Either way, the future of IU basketball is really going to be fun.

  25. Podunker, I find all your posts to be idiotic.

    I happen to really enjoy everyone else’s, (even that berating bombastic balloon H4H).

  26. ^^^Excellent….but you you are currently exhibiting symptoms of TCDS. It’s probably too late to go to a safe zone. You’ll soon start developing a skin rash known as “McCracken Pox”…..in the ‘cracken’ regions. Try some off-topical ointment or watch 7 consecutive episodes of Hall Pass.
    Further instructions will follow via the CDC representative working in conjunction with HSR.

  27. And there is no such thing as SAFE ‘Group Think!’

    CDC has issued follow-up alerts: Unprotected ‘Group Think’ quickly develops into TCDS. DO NOT LOG IN!

  28. And I only say that, H.-4-H., because you wanted me to change my moniker to “Pebbles” after I suggested we were a lock for post-season.

    However, you just might be right on that after all, because I think it’s quite possible that we will Decline to play the N.I.T. because “This is Indiana.”

    I did not see Crean yelling at the water boy…Jonny, would like to know more on that, please.

  29. He dissed Danny Dasani for not having a full one ready?

    “That IS the last straw!….but I prefer to drink straight from the bottle anyway, Danny D. Could you loosen that for me? What game?”

  30. ha ha. Classic. But I have no idea what TCDS or CDC stand for. Still, I think it’s funny and enjoy all this stuff (except apologist Po).

    Bring Michigan here! Let’s show them they can’t shoot in Simon-Skojdt Assembly Hall.

    DEE sani…DEE somebody!

  31. “four of six ….. for portions of the year.”

    So, this is your example of an ‘accurate quote’?

    Might want to review that.

    Seriously, Po, I get it. You support CTC. I’ve supported him for a long time until the empirical evidence lead me not to. It’s nothing personal…with CTC or you. Just my opinion.

  32. Guys, can you please repost the Crean Urges Patience article from the preseason? 25 games in now of 30. Does that qualify?

  33. Chet- Completely agree with your 10:41 a.m. post….And that type of needed correction remaining a problem is indicative of the example in maturity and leadership absent from the main person in his life away from home. It’s a shame because it creates an opening for any foe to seize. So much of sports is control and composure. …..Thomas Bryant appears to be a great young man only in need of more solid ground to emulate.
    This might also serve as a symptom of a continuing and underlying bigger problem; the many seasons where we don’t see teams collectively mature or acquire the “it factor”/chemistry/identity to present a real toughness/confidence when most tested. The absence of a collective maturity in a team is a drag upon talent.

  34. Currently two games below .500 @ 5-7.

    Four of our next six on the road while needing to win four of our next six to simply finish with a .500 conference record. Hoosiers in the NCAA tournament…?

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