1. Tom has many players on the injury list and a very young team playing right now. Imagine how strong this team will be next season!

  2. 1…Gloomy days & Mondays always make me sad.

    2…Glad to get my browser checked, been kind of worried about it.

    3…a)…Number (?) of players possibly gone next season.
    ……b)..Not really a ‘young’ team this season.
    ……c)..In the past IU has had highly recruited kids and unable to get past the glass ceiling of S-16.

    4.. Opps. There goes my browser again. Every morning…

    1. Hey Ron – off-topic, but are you getting a Cloudflare browser check every single day? Let us know, thanks.

  3. The STATE of Indiana men’s basketball.
    Top six RPI rankings …. games through Sunday Feb 12.
    Butler – 12, Purdue – 19, Notre Dame – 26, Valparaiso – 75, IU – 93, IPFW – 158

    The state of the IU men’s basketball program …. all sizzle with no steak.

  4. I have one word for all of the I U men’s basketball fans: “REALITY” definition “State of things as they actually exist as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them.”

    I U men’s basketball fans I have one word to focus on : REALITY definition: “The state of things as they actually exist as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea if them”.

    1. Reality – IU is not a very good basketball team.

      Notional idea – If we do the same thing next year that we have done the last nine years the results will be much better.

      1. Chet, is right on. The key factor to the coaching situation is how Fred Glass makes a determination of the HEALTH OF THE GOLDEN GOOSE ( Varsity Club scholarship donations and season ticket sales to the men’s basketball program and the rest of the athletic budget main source of revenue) if CTC stays or goes. Assembly Hall is SOLD OUT for this season and Sunday’s game had thousands of NO SHOWS . Fred, may have to make a SECOND major sport coaching change . Bill Lynch was a nice guy and Fred pulled the trigger on him.

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