Alford denies interest in Indiana job

Steve Alford isn’t eyeing a homecoming.

So he says.

The UCLA coach and former Indiana star gave an unequivocal denial to ESPN after his team’s season-ending loss to Kentucky, saying he is not leaving Los Angeles for IU’s open job in Bloomington.

“I am absolutely 100 percent not going to Indiana,” Alford said. “Staying at UCLA. I am happy. Love it here. Have a great class coming in, and brand-new practice facility. Obviously, I love my alma mater. Committed to UCLA. I am not going to talk to Indiana. I am staying a Bruin.”

Speculation that Alford is a prime candidate to replace Tom Crean as IU men’s basketball coach has run rampant during the past week. But after an 86-75 loss to the Wildcats in the Sweet 16, Alford told reporters he has no plans to leave UCLA.

“I said it last week, and I’ll reiterate it again even more so, I guess, that I love Los Angeles,” Alford said. “To begin with, it’s a beautiful place, and our family has fallen in love with it. I’ve got two sons now, Kory first and now Bryce, that have graduated. Bryce is done, so he’s graduating from UCLA, so I’ve got two sons that are graduates from there, a daughter that loves the school she’s going to in Thousand Oaks. I’m very happy. I’m at UCLA. I don’t know of a lot of people that are out there wanting to leave UCLA.

“This is a pretty special place. We’ve worked awfully hard. Our staff has worked hard. We’ve got the No. 2 recruiting class coming in next year. We’re opening a brand-new, state-of-the-art, 60-plus million practice facility, Mo Ostin Center, that is going to be spectacular that we’ve worked awfully hard to be a part of that, and I want to see that through, and we’ve got some special kids that are coming to join us. I’m very, very happy where I’m at, and hopefully that’ll continue.”


  1. Steve is a piece of work. He could have said this immediately. But after he realized he wasn’t even a candidate, well, the emphatic denial. Dunno who is getting the job, but glad it isn’t Mr Sweet 16 Headwall.

  2. hello Archie Miller the new Indiana basketball coach get the best available guy not an indiana guy jeez people bob knight went to ohio state not indiana remember that

  3. I think it’s pretty hilarious, actually. Alford tells the world he has no interest in a job which he obviously was never even offered an interview for. The timing of the announcement of Miller’s hiring made that obvious.

    Oh, Steve. You just can’t help stepping in it time and again.

    You are in the right place. I hope you retire from UCLA at age 90.

  4. IF Alford was NOT interested in the IU job, he sure waited long enough to make the announcement.
    Since he did not say a word about wanting to stay at UCLA in the interim between Crean being fired and less than 24 hours when the Miller hire was announced, it seems much more likely that he WAS a leading candidate for the job, and would have been willing to immediately accept IF the job had been finally offered. A more plausible explanation would be that Glass informed Alford (and others who thought they would get the job) sometime Friday after Glass decided to hire Miller, as a courtesy to other candidates so they could issue proper PR statements about “not taking that job”, such as the one Alford made Friday night.
    It makes no sense that Alford would wait until his team was out of the tournament to announce that he is not leaving UCLA. It does make sense that he would have waited until his tournament run was finished to announce he is leaving for IU–IF he had been offered the job.
    With the politically correct orientation of IU president McRobbie, Glass was probably informed that he should NOT hire Alford due to the “rapist supporter” allegations against him, even though Alford truly was the top candidate and believed he would be the next IU coach. Alford probably was not informed of the final decision until sometime late Friday….
    I was initially strongly in favor of the Alford hire, but became less enchanted as more and more opposition emerged, the anti-Knight connection factions and the “rapist supporter” nonsense had already created a divisive situation for Alford, IU, and IU BB, that was definitely NOT a good thing in the current climate.
    Having said that, I’m real pleased with the Archie Miller selection. He seems perfect for the job in all ways–Division I coaching record, family coaching background, very clean reputation, youth, etc., and not one single down side. Would be interested to hear why Harvard (or anyone else) is so lukewarm(at best) on this hire. Loved hearing his sincere sounding statement about being hired–no “because it’s Indiana” type salesman slogans, no incomprehensible babbling like what we are used to hearing.
    Can’t wait to TRULY support the team next year, and very happy that my IU fan strategy of rooting for IU losses FINALLY paid off for IU basketball !

  5. a. Glass makes his choices based on filters having nothing to do with winning championships.
    b. Miller’s wife can’t utter four words on her Twitter page without ‘God’ having something to do with it. Blah….blah…blah. More of the same.
    c. Glass apologized for Crean’s horrifically dysfunctional “coaching” for nine years. Why on earth should I have confidence in his filters and his choices?
    d. Why should IU be so concerned with a perfect image? What has the NCAA done to UNC(ghost classes for 15 years)…or Louisville(prostitutes for recruits)?
    e. Why must we, as fans, succumb to the IU ‘powers that be’ who are so concerned with maintaining an entrenched politically perfect/puritanical stranglehold on the program? Because of a 3-way calling investigation that was intentionally overblown by the media Establishment and those who wanted a Knight disciple 10 years ago?
    f. Why must we be the model to never take the mildest of chances when college basketball is so full of scum and corruption?
    e. This is not a home run hire. Stevens and Donovan were home runs.

    Outside of all the above, I remain unimpressed as IU spins like top with no direction….nor anything to truly lure recruits away from Butler, Louisville, UK, Michigan, MSU, ND…etc. etc.

  6. Frank Martin may now be impressing a few people…For being such an “ass,” his players sure seem to rally around him. I don’t think teams can perform that well if playing under the suffocating fear of a tyrant.

    If it’s only fear that brought our own latest three banners, then maybe it’s time to take them down…?

    Oregon coach…? South Carolina coach….? Florida coach…? What was the rush to hire before we had full product to evaluate?

    Once OKC gets dusted in the NBA playoffs, even Donovan may have had a change of heart. Archie Miller would say yes…in late July. If he was lucky enough to land something in the interim, then it’s not like we wouldn’t have had other very capable names to go after.

  7. Thanks for the response, Harv. Wow, that’s a lot of negative feelings toward all of IU and also the NCAA. Largely well deserved.
    Was encouraged to read that you had nothing bad to say, nor any bad judgment directly about Archie. Maybe he will keep his wife’s prosthelatizing in check, too, especially with the recent bad example of what social media can do to a coach’s wife acting inappropriately in a public way.
    I sure hope I’m right with my positive feelings about our new coach. NEVER felt that way about any of the other ones. Like you, I tend to be a “glass half empty” person (especially about Glass, lol), but this new direction has changed my natural orientation into the opposite, all positive, happy, and excited for the future, even next season !

    1. You are welcome, NoMendacity. Glad to see you’re back posting.

      I have nothing to dislike about Archie. I just don’t think it’s a hire that put the oomph back into the candy stripes. I wanted fences or a no-name. It’s so boring and safe to play the middle…It’s akin to a notoriously stagnant Hoosier Football always punting on fourth downs before gunslinger Wilson broke the tired mold and “risked it all”(sarcasm) and brought something of a hint of excitement to a cemetery.

      I would have preferred….a WHAT!?…or WOW! hire…over a Sunday dinner of meatloaf again.

  8. Charles Barkley: “Frank Martin is just a good guy.”

    Kenny Smith: “It’s not what you bring in name, it’s what you bring to the game.”

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