Allen looking forward to 1st spring as head coach

Tom Allen is looking forward to the weekend.

On Saturday, his first full season as Indiana’s coach will begin in earnest. That’s when the Hoosiers will open spring practice, beginning to build the bridge from an offseason of change and turnover toward a season of new beginnings.

Allen can’t wait.

“I love spring practice,” Allen said. “I love the process that you go through to develop your team in April and May, and starting here in March. I just feel like our guys have worked extremely hard in the weight room.”

Now, the focus transitions to the field, where Allen wants to improve upon the little things that have kept Indiana from seizing control of close games in recent seasons.

The Hoosiers will begin that process with a roster that features a few additions and subtractions.

After Thursday’s workout, Allen said defensive end Joe Belden is taking a medical hardship waiver, while cornerback Wesley Green, tight end Jordan Fuchs and quarterback Danny Cameron have each been suspended indefinitely.

This is the second indefinite suspension for Green, a South Carolina transfer who was also sidelined by IU’s staff at the beginning of last season. When he transferred from South Carolina prior to the 2015 season, former Gamecocks coach Steve Spurrier said in a statement that it was mutually decided that Green needed a fresh start elsewhere.

In Bloomington, Green’s career has struggled to get off the ground. The former four-star prospect appeared in two games last season, making his college debut against Maryland and earning scout team honors leading into the Michigan game in November.

Fuchs dislocated his ankle in last year’s season opener at Florida International and missed the remainder of the season. Cameron did not see the field in 2016, though he earned scout team honors leading into the Northwestern game in October.

Aside from moving Camion Patrick from receiver to running back, Allen does not anticipate any further position changes this spring.

“In terms of (where) the guys finished in the fall, that’s where they’re going to start in the spring,” Allen said. “Just trying to get some guys healthy and get guys squared away.”

Receiver Simmie Cobbs, who broke his ankle on his first snap last season, is set to return to action this spring, as are running backs Mike Majette (ankle) and Cole Gest (ankle), and offensive lineman Brandon Knight (leg).

Linebacker T.J. Simmons took a redshirt year in 2016 and will have an opportunity to fill the hole created by Marcus Oliver’s departure for professional football. Chris Covington will also have a shot to earn Oliver’s old job.

“Overall, I like the health of our team (and) the direction we’re going in terms of getting guys back to full speed,” Allen said. “Obviously, the objective is to be full speed by Aug. 31. We have a lot of work until then.”

Indiana’s annual spring game will take place at 7 p.m. on Thursday, April 13.


  1. This should be a fun Spring camp as we will see how the offense will look and how players have improved over the Winter. We will get a look at what the team looks like with coach Allen’s stamp on it. We saw last year how the defense responded to coach Allen’s approach and this year we will see how the team looks like with the positive approach the coaches bring this year.

    Last year could have been the year that saw IU get a breakthrough but instead they stayed with 6 wins and a Bowl game. This year is another year to see if IUFB can get a breakthrough season and improve in the B1G. Recruiting and the way IUFB is seen is on the line this year so it is very important to win more games this year. The team seems to have the players to win more games but they will have to prove it on the field if they are going to win more.

    The offense has talented but unproven OL, a RB room that has the talent to be very good, receivers [TEs and WRs] to really stretch the field, with the biggest question is how the QB be for this team. Defense has most players back but even better are adding some very good freshman players that should see the field. The DL will have more size along with some edge players with some speed to pressure QBs. The LBs are lead by an All-American and has some players with some experience to step up and cover Oliver’s leaving. The secondary has everyone back plus having several incoming freshmen with the talent to step into a playing spot this fall. The special teams should improve just because coach Allen will focus on which really didn’t happen when coach Wilson was here. Over all there are many reasons to be excited about the 2017 team and hope they don’t disappoint us like previous teams have.

  2. I think CKW and CTC both served a similar purpose for IU. They pulled programs from ashes and raised them to a competitive level. Neither was able to do much more than that. They deserve credit for doing that.

    Let’s see if the Hoosiers can make that next step in both sports under new management.

  3. Danny Cameron suspended indefinitely? Now that news surprises me. He’s a coaches son. He’s a mature guy. He’s a legacy player. Does anyone have any idea why he got suspended?

    It is sad to see these young men squander opportunities and make their roads ahead all the more difficult.

  4. Wilson suspended a ton of guys last year (like 8 or 9) and a bunch of them starters to roll into the the spring season. Dutra was one. I think almost all those guys came back.

    Probably guys getting nailed for felonious, murderous criminal acts like smoking weed or talking with their mouth full.

    1. The NCAA stripped McGary of an entire season because of a positive marijuana test during the postseason(a postseason tournament in which he was only an onlooker from the bench because of back surgery). He probably had three tokes of a joint on a weekend before the tournament. It’s almost as if the NCAA was tipped and tested him because they knew he was sitting out from injury believing he wouldn’t be subjected to testing.
      Could there be anything more asinine? If he would have tested positive during the regular season, then the penalties would have been imposed by Michigan along with being far less severe(maybe a game of two suspension).

      Alcohol is such a far more lethal drug ….and so terribly deadly when mixed with driving.

    2. I only wish we could get Crean royally stoned before a game….

  5. Interesting that the NFL is revisiting it’s drug protocol regarding marijuana.

    Here’s my feeling on that.

    We all now know that is is far less harmful, on any level, than alcohol. That has been repeatedly established and proven through scientific data. Ignore the reported benefits. Assume there is no upside even though that is obviously not the case. Assume the worst case scenario that paints it in the same light as alcohol.

    Treat it as you would alcohol.

  6. Chet I agree with you about treating marijuana like alcohol in our society. The problem many aren’t aware of is marijuana is seen by the black community as their alcohol. I have been against marijuana in the past but came to see I was wrong about seeing it as bad as other illegal drugs [from a legal perspective]. It is good to see the NFL taking a nother look at its approach to marijuana as many use it to treat pain.

    We will never know what the suspensions are about unless the players come out and discuss it with the press. No need to speculate what the reasons are as we just don’t know nor will we know what the offense was.

    It is good to have a head coach so excited about practice the way coach Allen is.

  7. My beautiful, perfect, wonderful, athletic wife was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. In Colorado we have an opportunity to try medical marijuana products. Most people in other states think ‘medical marijuana’ is some Vietnam vet smoking a joint.

    Nothing could be farther from the truth.

    There are cannabinoids (CBDs) that have no psychotropic effects. For Parkinson’s patients that means they can have relief from tremors without taking artificial dopamines or having surgery to stimulate areas of the brain.

    For people with disabilities such as these it’s like knowing you can be treated for cancer in some state but not in others.

    I hope the country come to its collective sanity over things like this.

    For the record, my wife can still kick my ass in racquetball.

    1. Chet,
      As someone who’s had a grandfather, an aunt and an uncle afflicted with Parkinson’s, I pray whatever treatment options you explore prove beneficial.

  8. Chet, I wish your wife the best and pray for both of you. I lost my mother this past year [78 yrs] due in part to Parkinson’s. I hope your wife finds the marijuana oils work on her tremors. Another suggestion that has shown real results is coconut oil taken twice today. I have tried the coconut oil and have seen noted changes in my brain functions countering the 60 yrs of abuse it has taken due to my spinal problems and medication.

  9. Thanks. We’ve been using coconut oil for some time, ever since we learned olive oil changes its structure when you heat it.

    Life rarely plays out according to your plans.

    According to the neurologist the best thing you can do to slow or reverse Parkinsib’so is vigorous exercise. As I married Sheena, Queen of the Jungle that is great news.

  10. Parkinson’s.

    How does auto correct come up with ‘Parkinsib’so’ as a better choice?

  11. Chet, I’m sorry to hear that about your wife. I’m guessing she has maintained a positive attitude in spite of this challenge and is setting a great example to her family and friends. All the best to her.

  12. Agree with Chet about CKW’s “purpose,” although “legacy” might be a better term; I think his purpose was to turn IUFB into a winner. Which is, of course, every coach’s purpose. Unless the program is already a winner, and then I guess the purpose is the same as was Hippocrates’. No comment on CTC, I don’t follow basketball. (Except when it’s foisted upon me here.)

  13. Po, yeah, she’s awesome. When we first found out there were moments but she isn’t giving an inch.

    We plan on being together for a long time.

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