Archie Miller named new #iubb coach

Indiana has its man.

The university announced Saturday that it has hired Dayton’s Archie Miller to become the new head coach of its storied program. Miller, the 29th men’s basketball coach in school history, replaces Tom Crean, who was fired on March 16.

This will be the second head-coaching job for the 38-year-old Miller, who spent the past six seasons guiding the Flyers. Miller’s teams at Dayton have won back-to-back Atlantic 10 Championships and have reached four straight NCAA Tournaments for the first time in program history. Under Miller’s guidance, Dayton reached the Elite Eight in 2014.

Miller brings a 139-63 career record to Bloomington, where he will be introduced in a formal press conference on Monday afternoon. According to the Dayton Daily News, Miller rushed to inform his former players of his new job on Saturday afternoon.

“While there was great interest in this position, Archie Miller was on my short list from the very beginning,” IU athletic director Fred Glass said in a statement. “The more I learned about him, the more convinced I became that he is the coach we need to meet our high expectations for many years to come.”

Miller comes from a coaching family. His father, John, enjoyed a highly successful high school coaching career for 35 seasons in Western Pennsylvania. His older brother, Sean, recently completed his eighth season as head coach at Arizona.

Miller played point guard at North Carolina State from 1998 through 2002 and began climbing the coaching ranks immediately after his playing career ended. He started as a coaching intern at his alma mater during the 2002-03 season before taking his first full-time assistant position at Western Kentucky the following season.

After one year there, Miller returned to NC State first as directer of basketball operations then taking on a full-time assistant’s role for one year. When former NC State coach Herb Sendek left to take the Arizona State job in 2006, Miller followed him and spent one season there as an assistant for the Sun Devils.

Miller later spent two seasons as an assistant under Thad Matta at Ohio State before joining his brother Sean’s staff for two seasons at Arizona. He was hired at Dayton in 2011.

“He has the commitments to compliance, wellness and academics that we require at Indiana,” Glass said. “A coach’s son with the neadiness and toughness to flourish as a 5-foot-9 major college point guard, Archie is a proven leader, proven winner, proven recruiter and a proven player developer with a defense-first mentality that will help us win championships. Perhaps most importantly, he understands and embraces the special stature of Indiana University basketball and the critical relationship it must have with its former players, Indiana high school players and programs and the entire state of Indiana.”

During his six seasons at Dayton, Miller did well with unheralded high school prospects, signing only one four-star recruit in that time. But Miller made it work with teams that were well regarded for their offensive efficiency and defensive commitment. His 2012 and 2013 teams were each ranked No. 29 nationally in offensive efficiency. This past season’s team was the 53rd most efficient offensive team in the country.

Defensively, the Flyers were even better. During the 2015-16 season, Dayton finished ranked No. 15 nationally in defensive efficiency. This past season’s team, which lost to Wichita State in the first round of the NCAA Tournament, was the 41st most efficient defensive team in the nation.

For context, Indiana was No. 28 in offensive efficiency and No. 105 in defensive efficiency this past season.

“I am honored to be the head coach at Indiana University,” Miller said in a statement. “IU is one of the greatest basketball programs and academic institutions in the country and I cannot wait to get started. With peerless fan support, outstanding facilities and tradition, a beautiful campus and located in one of the most fertile recruiting areas in the country, IU is a dream destination for me and my family. I cannot wait to connect with former players, current players and future players and all of Hoosier Nation. I want to thank all of the great people and players at the University of Dayton who have supported me along the way. I look forward to outlining my vision for IU basketball and offering my sincerest appreciation for the great people at Dayton on Monday.”


  1. He’s a good pick. Not my personal first choice but at least we’re not stuck with Alford, RMKII (Martin), or Marshall and his crazy assed wife.

    If recruits know anything about the coaching community we should be fine on that front as well.

    Probably the best choice after exercising his attorney-like due diligence.

  2. Good hire ! I thought it would be Miller or Mack, and either would have been a great choice. Now it gets interesting regarding potential returning players, recruits and potential transfers. I know that Archie will have to get an outstanding point guard as neither Newkirk or Green qualify.

  3. If he can recruit like Sean Miller then it was a great hire got no issues with him he’s got more elite appearances than Crean did at 1 and personally i like Tom Crean alot i know theres gonna be push back with the whole indiana ties garbage yes i said it kentucky didnt hire a guy with kentucky ties they got the best coach available in calipari so im sorry people you need to get real about this winning cures all not “indiana ties”

  4. The glass remains empty. Mack would have been a far better choice. Let’s give him four years and if he amounts to nothing let’s fire both Glass and Miller.

  5. Yuk. I knew the one guy I didn’t want would be the choice. More misery. More losing of top recruits.

  6. I like it. Donovan and/or Stevens weren’t coming. Of the available guys, I liked Miller and Bennett, and I don’t think Bennett was happening, either. I think he’s still pissed that IU fired his sister a few years back. I think this will be a good move. If he can get the players, I think he’ll be able to coach ’em up much better than Crean could.

  7. I agree with Chet’s statement: at least he’s not Alford!

    I say: give Archie a chance.

    Let’s see who is staying, and look forward to next season!!!

  8. Best available not named Donovan or Stevens (no chance, those guys don’t want college gigs anymore).

    My favorite part of this hire is that it already drives Harvard crazy. Watch him with his crazy pants theories that will start on Day 1. Hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate.

    First take: seems like a young, energetic guy, with a quality basketball mind, solid character (but admit, I know very little) and if he succeeds, can build a whole new life apart from the spectre of Coach 4 Year-Old EQ.

  9. I was never high on Bennett. His teams looked like they were coached by Bo Ryan but without the flair and excitement that is Bo Ryan. They are painful to watch. Sure, he could slow a game down to the point it was going backwards but who wants to watch that every game?

    I think that Fred Glass also saw a chance for a ‘generational coach’. Of the young guys (under 50) he absolutely had the best resume…and he’s waaay under 50. If he turns out to be ‘the guy’ then we could have our coach for the next 25-30 years.

    I’m good with it.

    Plus, it gives Harv a chance to hit the ground running and bad mouth him from day one. Gotta love that.

    1. I think I first got on the Archie train 3 years ago… does that ring a bell to you Chet? Anyway, I still really like the hire. His teams play hard, smarter than Crean’s (who doesn’t though), and are fun to watch.

      What is Harv’s issue? Is it because he went to an ACC school?

      I mean he comes from B1G country… He has been coaching 1 state over and been successful… His brother is the most aggressive recruiter in the game (maybe he’s not exactly the same guy, but maybe…)

      My personal belief is that, although he’s a mid-major guy, he has legit cred with recruits. I bet he can circle the wagons in the state better than anyone since early-80’s Knight. I bet he’ll be fearless going into Chicago, and Detroit, and St. Louis, and Cinci, and Toronto, as well as keeping the recruiting brand national.

      I bet Harv ends up loving himself some Archie…

      1. Geoff I recall you boarding that train. Working for Matta and his brother tells me he knows recruiting. As Chet said it is very possible he’ll stick around being only 38. I also think he can make the coaching transition for the players and himself as painless as possible. Very impressed he rushed home to talk to his Flyers. Very good move.

  10. I’ll give him more than a chance, Chet. Anything/Anyone is better than Crean.

    It’s more than obvious that Glass has a personal filter that begins before basketball. We all know what that filter is.

    Archie has the hottest wife in all of college basketball. It’s a good fallback if the hoops and the recruiting remains homely.

  11. I’m so thankful that the ‘Southern’ influence hadn’t invaded Bloomington back when I was a student. Maybe it’s time to move to Maine…or Portland, Oregon? Time to get out of the Trump Belt. IU is no longer Woodstock’s cousin….that’s for damn sure.

    1. Yeah, because with Bobby on the bench we had a real counterculture vibe back then. No, you’d never see RMK associate himself with the likes of Trump.

  12. Miller, played college basketball so IU now has a coach that has played basketball in college. Give the man a chance, I just hope he doesn’t run the sidelines and yells and chews with his month open like CTC( my mother always told us as kids to chew with your mouth closed). Welcome aboard Coach Miller and wish you the best of success and get some gator hide, because I U fans are tough basketball critics.

  13. As long as he wins nothin else matters whether he played college ball alot coaches didnt play college ball i dont see what that has to do with anything plus not every indiana high schoolprospect is going to go to indiana i wish people would come to terms with that

  14. I’ll take him. He was 1 of my 3. His #’s show consistently good success whether W/L by season, W/L by conference or either in over all %. From a little fellow BB is his life and in his blood. Good P5 point guard which helped hone his leadership skills even more. I suspect the ex-player experience allows him to relate with players of today. Also confident the best of Hoosier HS talent will be paid attention to by him. #1 concern satisfied; D will be played again by IU. If OG, Bryant and Jr. Blackmon want an easier path to the NBA they better play next year.

  15. Sorry Harv, shouldn’t have taken a shot at you. That was unnecessary. No excuses.


  16. 1. Some at the very top Indiana kids needed 2. Get rid of the arrogance and stupid silly emotional player body language that is so prevalent among IU players (that Geno Aurieamma does not tolerate). 3. Win a national championship. Then, it will be a good hire.

  17. My assumption is that if you win a national championship there would be some big ten championship dominance built in there along the way. Plus if he is here long enough I expect more than one national championship.

  18. There’s so much Alford hate here it makes me wanna puke. The guy just finished a 30+ wins season for Christ’s sake! Tom Crean never had a 30 win season — ever. Tom Crean will never get a job again as a head coach. Tom Crean never won a conference tournament — ever. Alford won both the PAC-12 and the BigTen tournaments. Crean’s recruiting went progressively down the drain, Alford’s recruiting is now at an all time high. Last four years Crean got to one Sweet Sixteen, Alford went to three. Alford beat Kentucky in Rupp, Crean did not even want to play there. As for the new hire, no reasonable man will ever say he is a step down from Tom Crean. Nothing/nobody is worse than Tom Crean. Archie Miller is a little Richard Pitino and he’s going to do all right at least for a while (until we get Stevens). There were far better alternatives but he’s now our coach and his only “drawback” is the hilariously irrelevant fact that (darn it!) he was Podunker’s first choice. Hey, at least we finally have a basketball coach — because for the preceding nine years that was the one thing sorely lacking from our basketball program.

    1. Just to set the record straight, CTC absolutely wanted to play at Rupp. It was Criminalipari who insisted the games not be played on campus.

      I predict Miller will be a huge success. Stevens will likely never leave the NBA. Why would He?

      Miller will be the reason Richard Pitino leaves Minnesota.

  19. From all the “scuttlebutt” or “grapevine”…Coach Miller is well respected by his peers and I believe because of his credibility on the recruiting road he will do fine. His Dad was a HS coach for a LONG time ( much like Dan and Bob Hurley’s Dad) so they learned their X’s and O’s the hard way. The downfall to CTC’s recruiting was the AAU circuit…IF the locker room talk is negative then you’re recruiting is already 2 strikes down. I Think Coach Miller bring a more respected and credible reputation to the AAU circuit.

  20. Not a “splash” hire…but it’s not that bad. I welcome the change and I will support this hire 100% until proven otherwise. A bit of a gamble but if it pans out at 38 years old we will be set for a long time.

  21. Yes h empty, he was my first pick. And I think he’s a very good pick, primarily because he is only 38 and already has an excellent foundation on which he can build. His youth is important because he’s going to need time to build IU basketball back up to where Hoosier Nation expects it to be. My only question is, will we give him the time he needs, or will he be sabotaged by our outrageously unrealistic expectations that he return the program to elite status immediately? Also, and probably equally important, he has a reputation for being very tough minded. And he’s going to need to be tough minded, just so he can block out and ignore all the BS that will be thrust upon him from the legions of college basketball “experts” that reside within the Hoosier Nation.

    My only concern is that he’s going to have to demonstrate the ability to recruit superstar HS athletes, and that’s not going to be easy given that none of the truly elite coaches, who already have an inside track on that pipeline of talent, are likely to retire any time soon (it is fun to think of him competing against his older brother in some recruiting battles). Remember, we demand Championships, and that requires a few McDonalds All Americans on the roster each season.

    As for Crean, that hate continues to be expressed, and that’s really pathetic. Can’t we let it go? He’s gone, out of our hair, in our rearview mirror. Why continue to bash the man. It does nothing accept diminish the Hoosier Nation’s image and is certainly not in keeping with what used to be one of the classiest fan bases in college basketball. And oh by the way, you better hope Crean coaches again, because IU has $4 million dollars tied to him getting another job. And the sooner the better.

    Last comment on this string. I went back and re-read the criteria Glass established for IU’s next coach shortly after firing Crean. What a crock of BS! Don’t get me wrong, I think Glass got it right in hiring Miller, but Miller hardly matches the criteria that Glass established a couple weeks ago. My guess is that Miller was the best coach available that IU could afford. It will be interesting to read about “the resources” that were necessary to hire Miller. If he’s getting paid significantly more than Crean was this past year, I’ll be very surprised. My bet is that Glass was blowing a lot of smoke when he implied that he would break the bank in order to hire the best coach available. Pure BS!

    1. Po: why hate Crean? Maybe because he got away with so much money in exchange for so very little. Maybe because he didn’t even attend his last meeting with Glass to hear about why he is fired. Maybe because I want to know his true value as a head coach somewhere else: New Mexico, Iowa, Washington Huskies, somewhere, anywhere, really… Will Dayton for example take a chance on Crean? (I’m guessing they’d say: hell no.) Didn’t you say he was so great he’ll go somewhere else and win a National Title to make us all regret him? I want him to make me regret him, isn’t that fair for all the moolah he got from us? Let’s see who gets him, if anyone. If he’s so good as you wrote on here for 6-7 years non-stop I assume someone should want him. Rutgers, SIU Ewardsville, Mississippi State, Ferris State Creanpuffs, somebody… I think he’s a new age Gerry DiNardo though.

      Let me ask you instead: why hate Alford? Steve is more of a Hoosier than Crean will ever be. What did he ever do to you or Double Down or Chetsky? I think people on this blog were afraid of Alford actually. Afraid he might make it to the final four this year. Afraid he might actually be given a chance to coach for the team he won our last national title with. A chance that a poser like Crean got instead (for nine long years and 28+ millions).

      You’re right about Glass and his BS.

      1. h, if you think my opposition had to do with hate and “what he did to me,” as if this is personal, you’ve inadvertently provided the best example of why I hope Steve Alford is never the Indiana coach. Besides hitting a bunch of 3 pointers as a player in the 80’s, there’s little in Steve’s choosing resume that would qualify him as a coach. His best team this year lost 4 games….yet again, never made it past the sweet 16.

        But, unlike others here, I do not root for Steve. I don’t hate him, but I don’t like him either. It has everything to do with his intimidation of a rape victim. He didn’t just look the other way like Paterno did, he actively maneuvered with those Christian charlatans Athletes in Acton to coerce her into not pressing charges. That had real consequences, not just for that woman, but another woman who was assaulted by Pierre Pierce after that.

        The facts are in. Crean still had more accomplishments as a coach than Alford (at least he has I’ve Final Four run), but that doesn’t seem to register with a small and shrinking section of the fan base who seem impervious to facts.

        Steve was a great player for Indiana. Let’s keep it at that.

        1. Many fans seemed impervious to the facts that Davis had better than a Final Four run. Mike Davis made it to a championship game. If I had a dollar for every comment/post of “hate” mail on Scoop aimed at Mike Davis(including plenty of comments defining him as in over his head), I’d have 1/1,000,000 of Crean’s earnings while at IU…I’d have about 30 dollars and would take Double Down out to Trojan Horse for a couple beers and a gyros. Double Down would have to pick up the bill for the breaded pickle spears…… We would toast our hate for all things Alford, Crean, Davis, Sampson, Knight.

          Crean was completely in over his head in the NCAA tournament. He was basically a freak show in moments of high pressure. His teams reflected his meltdowns, maddening substitutions, breakdowns in communication(the FOUL! FOUL! fiasco against Wichita St) , and the sabotage of synergy ALL at his very own hands. Additionally, he was completely aloof to recruiting Indiana and developed zero relationships with h.s. coaches across the state.

          A Final Four and demolished when he got there….Whoop. What’s the overused phrase on here? Even a broken clock is correct twice a day? Every season for nine years and nearly averaging in the upper teens in turnovers per game…? That’s dysfunction beyond dysfunction. That’s hopeless basketball.

        2. DD the incident you describe was reprehensible but the way you present and argue it seems a bit disingenuous. Alford understood what he did wrong and eventually apologized for it. He made a mistake of trusting his player, also a few other mistakes of procedure, but it’s not like Alford has continued to intimidate rape victims since or that he does it regularly. He dismissed that player eventually just like Crean dismissed Devin Davis and Hanner Perea (who ended up at Houston and East TN of all places). But it’s your right to despise Alford and I respect it.

          I have yet to see Alford use cardboard signs on the side lines (“Call out screens”) so I question your judgment that Crean is the better coach. Yes Crean has a final four on his resume (when he lost by 30 to KS, he would not be Mr. Happenstance if he didn’t have it) but if Alford is the worse coach of the two he still has what Crean doesn’t at the moment: a job as head coach.

          Let’s talk again when Crean starts coaching again which I will predict will be: never.

          1. H hehe, I kinda giggled when you mentioned of those stupid signs. Thank God it’ll be some time before we see them in Assembly Hall again.

            We’re just going to disagree about Alford. My comments were not disingenuous. I just find the consequences of those decisions to be something that still has a bad taste in my mouth. Alford’s record to me, aside from the rape scandal, was enough to disqualify him. He’s ok. We just fired ok.

            Either way, we got our coach now, so let’s look forward. 🙂

  22. I believe that Fred Glass made contact with Stevens and Donovan to make a complete search for the open coaching position and maybe the checkbook was never a factor in with Stevens and Donovan’s decisions not to accept an offer. It would have been foolish for Fred Glass not to attempt to hire either Stevens or Donovan during the search, he is accountable to the I U Trustees and the I U President and he had to make his best effort in filling the coaching position.

  23. h empty glass- Bingo.

    What’s to love in a man who believed so many of Sampson kids were irredeemable…and then proceeded to throw his own players under buses while never admitting the obvious flaws in all who have a propensity to be foolish, reckless, and flippant at the first taste of something extravagant and new?

    Crean was never hated as much as he appeared to hate himself. You don’t treat the flawed innocence in your creator’s creations with such condemnation(chasing Jeff Meyer five years after the Sampson departure?) …unless your inner core is so vulnerable as to believe you don’t deserve understanding and compassion….and forgiveness. I hated the hypocrisy of his stances….I hated the fact that he rarely took personable/sole accountability for very poor results(only when he knew the tide had turned and his Tartuffe days were over).

  24. I don’t hate Alford. I respect the heck out of him. I simply don’t think that him being an IU alum should have factored into the criteria about hiring a new coach. But why waste time continuing to bash Crean? It’s just low-class. He’s gone, let him be gone.

    And I have never used the word “great” in referring to Crean’s coaching ability. I got to see what greatness was, up close and personal, when I watched IU basketball back in the 70’s and 80’s, and Crean’s teams never approached the level of those great IU teams. But he was not terrible. Crean was not a disaster. He was not a clown. He is not a loser. He did not and does not deserve the continuous ridicule and acrimony that some Hoosier fans continue to direct at him. His son never deserved to hear a chant “Crean sucks” when playing in a High School basketball game. That’s just low-rent scumbag behavior, and I thought IU fans were better than that. But obviously not. And yes, I’d love to see Crean be successful coaching at another school. Just like I wanted to see Bobby be successful at Texas Tech and Mike Davis go on to be successful. The fact that so many people continue to express such intense disdain for Crean two weeks after he was fired suggests that Tom Crean Derangement Syndrome (i.e., TCDS) was a very real disorder and that it continues to afflict a lot of people.

    FYI, Crean lead Marquette to the NCAA tournament 5 times in nine years and one of those trips included a trip to the final four in 2003. It was the first time Marquette had made it to the final four since Al McGuire’s team won the national championship in 1977. Marquette has not made it back to the final four since. So, it’s just silly to say that Crean can’t coach. He did not meet IU’s higher standards, but one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and Crean will coach again, somewhere.

  25. I don’t hate Alford, either. I’ve been a fan since his New Castle days. I generally hope UCLA will win ONLY because Alford is their coach. I just want IU to have the best coach available and there aren’t many knowledgeable people who would pin that label on him.

    I love my wife but I can’t in good faith recommend her as the next coach of the Hoosiers just because of my personal feelings for her.

  26. I agree that CTC will coach again and will, from time to time, have successful teams.

    He wasn’t the right guy for Indiana, though. I think he gave it his best shot. I wish him the best.

    1. I, too, wish Crean the best. He brought IU out of the ashes and put it on the map again. He’s just not the person to take IU to the highest level of play consistently. Archie is. So, welcome aboard Archie. I look forward to seeing you take IU to the next level.

  27. Given D-Wade and some supporting cast, your wife would have brought home a banner.
    She certainly wouldn’t have been defeated by 30 points once getting to the stage….

    It’s not only silly, but it’s blasphemous to put Crean’s name into a paragraph with Al McGuire. What’s next…? He’s Jimmy V in a genie bottle?

  28. South Carolina….Gonzaga….Oregon? The “elite” just keep being elite. Look at this list of ‘blue bloods’…..or are they ‘Bluebeards’..? Pirates have taken over the Final Four!

    You people need to get off your high-horses….or your high ships with your high sails. Indiana hasn’t been elite for a very long time. Get used to it. Accept it. Programs like Gonzaga, SC, and Oregon have fans that understand. Take what you can get. Be full in your belly with conference titles you achieved by eating jello. A meal is a meal.

  29. Say what you want about UK, their kids don’t whine during the game..and they handle defeat with true dignity.

    What a game….Malik Monk is definitely special.

    1. Not so much their fans. There is not a Cat fan out there who believes they fairly lost.

      Then again, there never is.

  30. Kentucky…. If IU fans feel frustration think of heads exploding in Ky. Yearly one of the top ranked recruitment classes. Final Four in 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2015. One Championship in 2014. Too many S-16s to type out. So many stars need to align to win the big one. As Cal said, ” I was hired to do one thing”.

    Final four teams….KenPom ranked defensive teams – Gonzaga #1, South Carolina #2, N/C & Oregon #s 18 &19 (IU #105)….Offense – N/C #6, Gonzaga #14, Oregon #16 and S/C #105 (IU #27). NCSOS range from #55 (N/C) to #141 (Oregon) (IU #312).

    N/C looks good to win it all. Or Gonzaga. Or any team that gets hot. But what do I know with bracket at 12% correct calls and will continue to drop with each game.

    Like the choice of Miller, be interesting to see what the composer of the team looks like this fall.

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