Archie Miller sits down with Don Fischer

In the first of many chats together, Archie Miller and the voice of the Hoosiers, Don Fischer, sit down and talk about Miller’s new job.

Video courtesy of Indiana Athletics.


  1. Articulate…Impressive. Feels like coming out of a long Hoosier coma. We have life again.

  2. Don Fischer had a difficult time holding back the joy and relief …Yes, Don…Straight talk still exists in the world.

    1. I impressed your impressed, maybe they did hit a home run with Miller. Time will tell and yes, Don Fischer looked about as happy as I have seen him in some time. Have you noticed a lot of Coach Miller’s philosophical approach to the game sounds like a modernized and updated version of something very familiar? Might explain why Don Fischer is so happy, he may be looking forward to some very happy times.

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