Hoosier Morning for March 24

IU women’s basketball cruised past SMU and into the WNIT quarterfinals, Jon writes.

Indiana’s looking for consistency from its inconsistent stable of quarterbacks, Mike writes.

Outfielder Alex Krupa is regaining the form that made him one of the nation’s best JUCO baseball players as IU opens Big Ten play, Mike writes.

IU men’s swimming moved into fifth place at the NCAA Championships Thursday, we reported.

We don’t really know much about the coaching search, other than where there’s smoke, there may not be fire with Fred Glass, Zach Osterman of the Indianapolis Star writes.

Steve Alford wasn’t talking Indiana at Sweet 16 practice in Memphis on Thursday, Terry Hutchens of CNHI writes.

Patrick Ewing tops the list of candidates at Georgetown, a list that also includes Tom Crean, Peter Santo of the Washington Times writes.

Xavier’s steady rise in the Big East might be enough to keep Chris Mack when the likes of Indiana come calling, Jim Owczarski of the Cincinnati Enquirer writes.

Defense carried IU women’s basketball to another WNIT victory on Thursday, Jake Thomer of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

IU’s defensive line hopes to build on the success of 2016, TJ Inman of HoosierHuddle.com writes.

In honor of IU’s coaching search, “Smoke On The Water” by Deep Purple.


  1. Still dislike the 3 point shot. I feel if one makes a great play including passing/assist etc why not count that bucket 3 points. The 3 point shot is so boring and makes the game almost un-watchable in my opinion. It has watered down the game so much.

    1. If nothing else move the line back. Remember when it was first introduced? The ACC arc didn’t even come to the top of the key. It was a routine jumper.

      UNC was shooting threes from 25 feet out all game yesterday. They were worth three. Of course, if Butler cold hit a wide open shot they still could have won.

  2. t, I agree the 3 pointer has changed BB. What I see missing is what I call the Jerry West, Big O mid-range offense. Which is an odd happening as the Home Run shot does spread the D and opens the mid range area up for more opportunities. I suppose because dunks and 3’s create more cheers and highlights.

  3. The 12-14ft jumper has become such a rarity that when we do see it it is a novelty. It Cody had been allowed to develop that shot we might have another banner. He was never even guarded at that range. It was there all game long against Syracuse.

  4. Options…..Move the 3-point line out an additional 4’…….less timeouts considering the TV slots…….final two minutes any foul would be awarded 3 shots…..& finally, whatever direction the NBA goes NCAA moves the opposite direction. Wish I could think of a punishment for flops-for-fouls..

  5. And one more…..build one of those electric dog type fences into the floor around the coaches box area. Activation sporadically.

  6. Ron I concur on all except for 3’s. Move it out just 2′ more. That would eliminate wannabes from being allowed by most coaches to keep any attempts from happening. In other words less 3’s attempted. Yes it would help mi-range offense to move the 3 any distant out.

  7. Yes Chet, I have said several times C.Z . should have developed his mid range game all season for just a situation like the Syracuse zone instead of putting your head down and forcing it to the basket. I could see that as just an observer.

    Yes, move line back 2 feet it would help the game I think. Of course I could see it now with this past IU team… T. Bryant and whoever else felt the urge hooking a shot from that distance as T.C. runs up and down the out of bounds line.

  8. Andy, JP or Mike, Just listened to Coach Allen’s video and he stated there are 3 players no longer with the program. I think I recall hearing 3 being mentioned as moving on, Fuchs, Wesley Green and Danny Cameron. Is that the 3 he was speaking of? Is Padmore done?

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