Hoosier Morning for March 28

Archie Miller saw a reflection of himself in Indiana and was formally introduced as IU head coach on Monday, Mike writes.

Miller already has a plan for the Hoosiers, from inside out recruiting to an attacking offense and a nastier defense, Mike writes.

Miller made a good — and genuine — first impression as Indiana men’s basketball coach, I wrote.

IU baseball sophomore Matt Lloyd picked up national and Big Ten honors on Monday, we reported.

Archie Miller appears to the “right fit” for Indiana, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

Archie Miller was all-business and no nonsense in his debut on the Hoosier stage, Bob Kravitz of WTHR.com writes.

For Archie Miller, the road to the top at IU goes through the state of Indiana, Rick Bozich of WDRB.com writes.

Will Miller time be the hoops hire to bring the high life back to Indiana, asks Eric Crawford of WDRB.com.

Archie Miller showed a strong understanding of the IU fanbase in his Hoosier introduction, Terry Hutchens of CNHI writes.

The words from Archie Miller matter, not the noise, Todd Golden of the Terre Haute Tribune Star writes.

Archie Miller is going to get to work — actually, he already has, Gregg Doyel of the Indianapolis Star writes.

Archie Miller’s press conference was less pep rally and more coaching clinic, which is just what Indiana needs, Mike DeCourcy of The Sporting News writes.

Five takeaways from Archie Miller’s introductory press conference, Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall writes.

After one day on the job, Archie Miller is 1-0 at Indiana, Greg Gottfried of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

Family ties everything together for Archie Miller, Zain Pyarali of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

Dayton signee and Minnesota Mr. Basketball McKinley Carter is waiting to decide if he will stay with the Flyers, follow Archie Miller to Indiana or reopen his recruitment, KSTP.com reports.

For the new guy, “Welcome Home” by Carole King.


  1. What is the timeline for the NBA eval thing?

    Wild guess…OG, Bryant & Blackman head the NBA or overseas.
    Hartman maybe getting on with his life. If TC gets a job, some of the players may follow? In the case of coaching change can a player get a release & go to another team w/o setting out a year? It would be a tough decision to transfer and set out a year. I would hate to lose DD, he has so much potential and possible new coaching approach could enhance his outcome.

  2. Why anyone would leave due to the coaching change is beyond me… if anything, it’s a Rashon reason to stay.

  3. Just as a point of reference, remember how bummed out Mike Davis’s players were when he was fired. In fact, they seemed outwardly hostile to the firing. Remember DJ White? He said, “We are Coach Davis guys, not Indiana guys.” In the end, only Vaden transferred. And that’s because Mike David got a job right away and he followed Mike to UAB.

    None of those guys were NBA ready, so the big draw, loyalty to Crean or not, will be whether they think they have a shot in the NBA.

    I don’t think there will be the mass attrition many predicted.

  4. I agree with DD. While a significant portion of Hoosier fans may not have liked Tom Crean, most of his players did. So while some of his players may conclude “it’s time to get while the getting is good,” whether that be to try the NBA, pro ball in Europe, or transfer, I believe Archie will have a good chance at keeping most of IU’s top players, for at least another year. First, because I think he’s a basketball guy and a good recruiter who can share his vision for what their remaining time at IU can turn into and how that will help those individuals; and secondly because I think this past season has diminished the value of IU’s top players in the eyes of the NBA scouts. Is Bryant going to be a lottery pick if he enters the draft this spring? I doubt it, and probably a second rounder. OG’s knee injury diminishes his value in the draft enormously. So unless he hates being in college or is struggling with the academics, he needs to play another year to prove he’s ready for the next level. Blackmon is probably the one most likely to depart, depending on how he is progressing toward his degree. And since he’s not a great defender, he may conclude that staying risks diminishing his value on the team.

    No doubt we’ll see some players depart. That’s part of the price you pay to make a coaching change. But more important than whether last year’s players depart or stay is Archie’s ability to get Crean’s three recruits to re-commit to IU. He needs to be able to develop those three guys according to his style of play so that it doesn’t take three years for IU to compete for a Big Ten Championship. What better choice do those three young men have? I doubt they’ll find a better opportunity, in terms of facilities and coaching talent, than they have with IU.

  5. Not worried about keeping Crean recruits…Most of Crean’s recruits were either one or a combination of the following:

    -Highly overrated(the Wade effect)
    -Raw and sold on length/wing spans(A-Hope with no hoops hope)
    -Lacking in high b-ball IQ(Guys who get burned on defense and fail to recognize things on the court usually covered in middle school hoops in Indiana)
    -Too cool for school…(usually meaning private school/academy focus)
    -Lack of refinement in post play. Even Zeller didn’t have refined post skills. He could run the floor and defend, but he was far from crafty. He couldn’t play the post from top fo the paint nor face-up …nor possess an exquisite turnaround jumper. Zeller and Bryant both had high potential, but under Crean they digressed…Started without full refinement and appeared more awkward as time went on.

    Bad habits are hard to break….Crean was a beauty pageant judge. He was never worried about bad habits or assembling teams stronger than their individual parts. A Crean recruit becomes refined after top NBA coaches have a couple years to fix all the regression.

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