Hoosier Morning for March 29

Former coaches and colleagues say Archie Miller was always driven to be the best as a player and coach, Mike writes.

Archie Miller already has an eye on upgrading Indiana’s non-conference schedule, Mike writes.

The IU baseball team kept its hot streak going with a win over Evansville, we reported.

Former IU coach Tom Crean sat down for a one-on-one interview with Dave Furst of WRTV.

Sources say Juwan Morgan plans to return to Indiana for his junior season, Adam Leightman and Kyle Robbins of Crimson Quarry report.

IU football coach Tom Allen is eyeing replacements for Ralph Green on the defensive line, Taylor Lehman of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

A new-look offensive line is aiming to maintain a high level of play for the Hoosiers, Charlie Duffy of IUHoosiers.com writes.

IU running backs don’t lack talent, just consistency, Alex Compton of HoosierHuddle.com writes.

Since Archie Miller is driven, let’s go with “Drive” by The Cars.


  1. Like the hire. I think it is a good one. Archie Way record is wins = 0 and Loses = 0.
    Big Ten regular season championships = 0, Big Ten tournament championships = 0, National Championships = 0. How much I like the hire will be determined if and as to how fast these goals happen (with a good representation of integrity that would do IU proud).

      1. Got a feed that shows the status of all our former Hoosiers football and baseball. Wouldn’t be the first time you shot from the hip and missed wide right.

  2. If that is a representative article then Dave Furst of WRTV won’t be moving up the food chain anytime soon.

  3. So, it looks as if our most talented post player, De’Ron, will likely be back along with Morgan. Bryant is the only player with a shot at the NBA based upon this season but he is no lock and could benefit mightily from another year.

    It’s hard to see Anunoby getting drafted based on a dozen college starts followed by a significant injury. That could cost some scout their job. He just doesn’t have a big enough body of work to make any sort of informed assessment.

    JBJ simply won’t be NBA material until he can do something other than shoot. RJ is going nowhere without a more complete game and consistency.

    Newkirk, a solid backup at point guard, can’t transfer as he’s already sat out a year.

    No clue about Colin.

    The other underclassmen aren’t going anywhere.

    We may have more of an issue with not having enough scholarships than not having enough players.

  4. Tom Crean was alone within his spirit.
    His eyes wandered up and about the empty 17,000 Assembly Hall seats….It wasn’t time to ask why or to settle a score of memories with each last echoing stride across the McCracken court of polished lore.
    A new chapter in his life awaited at the door…but not without the pages turned in all he tried to do for Indiana.
    He paused to honor the five banners. He knew his victories would one day be measured in things not of March cloth. He looked in final reflection to the balconies and across the rafters. His head pivoted to lasso the whole arena into his heart. He was always in conversation with quieter missions and within such devotion he delivered his final four words to Indiana. Pulled up to heavens with gratitude and highest of truth; a parting and poignant love for the candy stripes left to a ‘Hall’ of silence.

  5. Likely, the only defections by players that have an impact will be NBA. There’s a lot of upside here for these kids to work with Archie. I think Blackmon has the most to gain. However, I can understand how he might try to get somewhere overseas to get a paycheck with his knees in the condition that they are.

    Regardless, Archie is a proven developer of talent in the areas where our best players are deficient. They’d all be the better for it vs finding themselves slogging their way through the D-League.

    Hi Troy!

    1. Poor Troy.

      He’s playing D League ball in a true hellhole, Hidalgo, TX, the drug smuggling capital of Texas. It was 90 there yesterday. Despite all the drug money the median price for a home is $91,000, so your dollar can go a long way. I’m betting nobody is buying, though.

      I came across an article in which the Hildago police were named “the dirtiest cops in America”.

      Sounds like a charming little spot.

      I’ll bet Bloomington is looking pretty good right about now.

      1. How far down the alphabet do you have to get to play ball in a town like Hidalgo? To think there’s a town that’s actually worse than the movie with the same name.

  6. Just happened to turn on Dakich during a the latter part of an interview with Tom Crean….

    “Tom Crean just opened his heart to Indiana.”

    We get it, Dan. People need to stop “hating” on Tom Crean. That’s fine, Dan. But Crean still took the low road. He still had to bring up “drugs” and “19 F’s” near the close of his interview. He is not an “example,” Dan. Not in my world.
    God forbid any of your own kids ever find the bottom or go way off course…..but adults who are basically strangers to their past shouldn’t use those kid’s mistakes for their own elevation. Maybe that’s not “hate,” but its the building blocks for complete disdain…It’s builds off of kids that may not have had the perfect guidance of those who stand above to judge. Don’t hate the man, Dan. Hate the hypocrisy.

    1. Big deal. The drug thugs did earn 19 F’s. Facts that Crean had to deal with to straighten the program up. Which he did with reasonably sound success.

  7. Check out the interview Crean did with Dakich today. He’s handling his dismissal with a class and dignity that’s downright impressive. Quite the contrast to the handful of Hoosier fans who still find enjoyment in continuing to kick him while he’s down.

    1. Crean puts the ‘ass’ into class.

      Anyone see this piece by Kent Sterling….


      Couldn’t agree more with Sterling. A man who could chase Jeff Meyer as a “wrecking contributor” while national TV cameras rolled…or threw every Sampson “thug” under the public ‘Bus of Irredeemable Misfits’ can’t look Fred Glass in the eye for a meeting? Class act, indeed. Could always throw the music but could never face it.

      1. Class act you are. Man is no longer the basketball coach, yet you still come in here and half your posts are “Crean Crean Crean Crean.” I guess obsession isn’t just a cologne you get on discount at Macy’s.

        1. Good Lord….I don’t think the man is a class act. Sue me. The man still can’t do a 30-minute interview without throwing the handful of Sampson’s players under a bus. Nine years wasn’t enough of an excuse…It has to be part of an exit interview as well. Note to Crean: Your own players screwed up plenty under your watch.

          Lastly, you brought up the Dakich interview. I elaborated on what I still feel are words from a classless buffoon (interviewed by a classless buffoon…if I may add). Dakich has been building his apology train for the last couple months so he could sucker Crean into the exit chat. We all know Dan wants what is best for Indiana…lol.

  8. On Troy, Thought I read something couple of weeks ago he signed a year long contract and was moving up to the big guys?

    1. He was unconditionally released by Memphis a while back. Whatever the case he’s playing in Helldago, TX, at the moment.

      I would be looking into euthanasia about now.

  9. On T.C. all is fine in his world even if it is a little turbulent right now just like others who have lost their jobs in big time programs. Money takes care of many what we consider the woes in life as T.C. and others in similar situations have been, are, and often will be paid handsomely.

  10. TC is just fine with the threes years I U severance pay , panic may set in the future if his agent doesn’t, find him a comparable job to his IU job. Might’ve tough hearing all the glowing Archie Miller talk.

  11. I have no hate for CTC. I think, within his belief system, he’s working at being the best guy he can. I’m not a religion guy so I don’t give any points for that but he has always struck me as a decent human being.

    Do I want him as coach of the Hoosiers? Nope.

    Do I think he’s a decent guy? Sure, I do.

    He’s financially set for life but he craves coaching so he’ll be back.

    I have no issues with the guy. Good luck in your future ventures.

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