Indiana fires Tom Crean after 9 seasons

After bringing Indiana back from crippling NCAA sanctions, winning two Big Ten titles and earning conference coach of the year honors merely a year ago, Tom Crean is out as Indiana University men’s basketball coach.

It’s the end of a nine-year run for Crean, IU’s longest tenured coach since Bob Knight. Crean authored a return to prominence for IU’s legendary basketball program, but ultimately couldn’t shake the inconsistencies that defined his final years at the helm of the program.

Indiana athletic director Fred Glass decided late Wednesday night to fire Crean, then informed the 50-year-old of his termination on this morning. Although Crean reached great heights as IU’s coach, winning conference championships in 2013 and 2016, his teams also missed the NCAA Tournament twice in the last four years.

His final game as coach was Tuesday’s 75-63 loss to Georgia Tech in the opening round of the National Invitation Tournament. A national search to find Crean’s replacement will begin immediately.

“We had two specific conversations about the future and what I saw as my options going forward,” Glass said during a news conference this afternoon. “They were very, very positive. He was very relaxed and non-defensive, and I really appreciated those conversations a great deal. But last night, after I had a chance to really absorb and consider everything, the feeling was that a decision needed to be made. I felt like it would be bad for everybody to leave him twisting for a few more days.”

Because he was terminated without cause, Crean will receive a $4 million buy-out for being fired with three seasons remaining on his current contract. IU will not make that payment in a lump sum, but rather over those three years, and should Crean find comparable employment, whether as a coach, media personality, etc., that money will be offset dollar-for-dollar with his new salary. In the end, IU may owe very little — if anything at all — to its former coach.

Crean’s tenure at IU had reached a crossroads prior to his firing. With only three years left on his deal, he would have needed a contract extension to continue recruiting prospects, especially given the early relationships Crean liked to build with eighth-grade players and high school freshmen.

Even after Crean won Big Ten Coach of the Year honors in 2016 for leading the Hoosiers to the conference championship, Glass said no meaningful discussions took place with regards to an extension. So the athletic director determined he had three options: grant Crean an extension, let him continue coaching without long-term security or make a change.

Glass decided upon the latter.

“I concluded the extension wasn’t something I was prepared to do, because even though we have had success, I just think both between and within seasons, it’s been too inconsistent with our expectations,” Glass said. “It was very tempting to go with a second option of allowing him to go forward without the extension, and to his credit, he was willing to do that, which I would think would have been a very hard thing for him to do.

“But I will tell you, he loves Indiana. He loves living here and he loves his kids going to school here and I think he felt like he could win, and he was willing to bet on himself and I admired that. I appreciated that. In the final analysis, I wasn’t comfortable moving forward with that, because given that he would only have three years left, given that I would have very publicly not given him an extension, I think he would have been on the hot seat from Day 1.”

Crean compiled a 166-135 record at Indiana, beginning his tenure with merely one scholarship player for the 2008-09 season. He pulled the program out of the depths of sanctions left over from his predecessor, Kelvin Sampson, but struggled to keep Indiana consistently in the national conversation.

From the beginning of the 2011-12 season — when IU made its first of four NCAA Tournament appearances under Crean — through this past season, Crean’s teams went 63-45 in Big Ten play with an average league standing of fifth place.

Because they dispersed for spring break following Tuesday’s season-ending loss, players were informed of Crean’s firing through text messages, “which isn’t the way you want to do things, but it’s spring break,” Glass said.

Glass has scheduled a meeting with the players for Sunday night. Upon the return of the players, longtime athletic trainer Tim Garl, director of player development Derek Elston, academic advisor Mattie White and men’s basketball sport administrator Scott Dolson will oversee team activities until a new coach is hired.

Glass said he will request that players give the new coach an opportunity before they may decide to leave or transfer elsewhere.

“My request to them will be to be loyal to Tom, hurt and grieve,” Glass said. “Tom cared about these kids and I think they knew that, but I’m going to ask them to give the new person a chance and talk to them. Then, if they want to make other decisions, we’ll work with them. Hopefully, they at least give the new person an opportunity.”

Crean preached patience and brought energy to the Indiana basketball landscape upon his arrival in 2008. His first three teams combined to win only eight conference games until the program found a breakthrough in December 2011.

Christian Watford’s iconic buzzer-beater to knock off No. 1 Kentucky in Assembly Hall that season served as the turning point for the program under Crean, signaling to the rest of the college basketball world that Indiana was ready once again to compete for a place in the national hierarchy.

That season saw the Hoosiers advance to their first of three Sweet 16 appearances under Crean, before eventually falling to the Wildcats in a well-played effort in Atlanta. Led by a core that included All-Americans Cody Zeller and Victor Oladipo, Jordan Hulls, Watford and incoming freshman Yogi Ferrell, the 2012-13 team spent 10 weeks ranked No. 1 nationally and beat Michigan in the final seconds of the regular season finale to claim its first outright conference title under Crean.

For as high as that team peaked, the memories of how that season ended dogged Crean until his final days of employment at IU. The Hoosiers earned a No. 1 NCAA Tournament seed for only the third time in program history, but couldn’t solve Syracuse’s 2-3 zone in a 61-50 loss in the Sweet 16.

Zeller and Oladipo were both lottery picks in the 2013 NBA Draft, while Hulls and Watford each graduated, leaving Ferrell and Will Sheehey as the on-court stewards of a 2013-14 team that never found its footing.

Even with freshman forward Noah Vonleh, who would leave for the NBA after the season, the 2014 team never seemed to gel. The Hoosiers finished 17-15, tied for eighth in the conference standings and failed to earn a bid from both the NCAA and National Invitation Tournaments.

The heat surrounding Crean began to intensify around this time, with the flames fanned by a rash of transfers and off-the-court incidents. Hanner Mosquera-Perea’s arrest on OWI charges in February 2014 was the first of six incidents in a span of 18 months.

After backing into the 2015 NCAA Tournament and dropping their first game against Wichita State, the Hoosiers struggled to gain traction at the start of the 2015-16 season. IU began the year 5-3, counting two bad losses in the Maui Invitational and a 20-point defeat at Duke in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge showcase game. The team rebounded in January, winning 15 of its 18 conference games to clinch the program’s second outright Big Ten championship in four years.

Injuries, absent defensive attention, poor leadership and, at times, a stuttering offense were among the factors that doomed IU’s 2016-17 season.

“While winning two outright Big Ten titles in five years and being named Big Ten Coach of the Year, Tom worked tirelessly to develop great young men and successful teams,” Glass said. “However, ultimately, we seek more consistent, high levels of success, and we will not shy away from our expectations. Tom is a good man and a good coach and we owe him a great debt of gratitude for his many positive contributions to Indiana basketball. We wish him well.”


  1. Oh happy day! My season of wearing IU garb while passionately cheering for the other team has FINALLY succeeded. What a great season after all !

  2. Nice summary. I was expecting foot high font and maybe fireworks.

    No search committee? Maybe he knows who he wants.

    And, just heard that nearly 50% of the tourney teams this year were not tourney teams last year. Guess we share our pain with many other schools..

  3. It’s finally over! I would like to thank Crean for all the positives he brought to the university and wish him and his family the best. It’s not easy being a coach in our beloved program especially for the last 25+ years. It’s really the best for both parties.

  4. ‘will talk with basketball experts in Indiana’…………I’ve not received a call yet, which is to be expected since I am not an ‘expert’.

    Sitting by the phone HH….?

  5. Tom Crean did resurrect a program that was “dead in the water” after Samson; but a record of 63-45 in Big Ten play and avg finish of 5th was the “killer”. I liken Coach Crean to a “troubleshooter” , someone that an organization brings in to “straighten out and solve problems” then moves on. IU needs someone to come in and pick up where CTC has left off and become a coach/teacher. The Program deserves better than an “average 5th place finishes ” in conference.

  6. Thanks for bringing us back coach. Truly. Best of luck to you in all your endeavors in the future.

  7. With apologies to the Eagles’ “James Dean”:

    Tom Crean, Tom Crean, so hyped up on caffeine,
    Tom Crean, Tom Crean, your team was a turnover machine.
    Your defense was bad, your tournament dreams died,
    Bye, bye

  8. This is from the Chicago Tribune…Illinois had been pursuing Cuonzo Martin until Missouri signed him. The Illini are pursuing other high-profile candidates in Dayton’s Archie Miller, Wichita State’s Gregg Marshall and Virginia’s Tony Bennett, according to sources. They also are considering UNC Wilmington coach Kevin Keatts as a backup option.
    All four are coaching teams in the NCAA tournament.
    Illinois is prepared to offer up to $25 million, according to a source. This MAY HAVE precipated IU’s firing of Crean at this time and not waiting until July.

    1. I don’t think what Illinois has done or is doing had anything to do with this. I think the fan base and boosters were getting restless, so Glass had no choice. Barring unforeseen circumstances, you simply cannot fire a basketball coach in July. That would be idiotic.

  9. I have to admit I respect the man that Tom Crean is. However I also realize he could not coach at this level beyond a doubt. He for most of his tenure here was disconected from the team . His offense was a joke .You can’t run if you can’t dribble the ball or take care of the ball . In most cases you cannot win without playing defense. These are coachable fixable things he could not understand that and he was totally in denial . The team was a ship adrift. We have to hope Glass won’t screw this hire up .We cannot make a mistake at this point . Has to be a fundementally solid , defense minded, and a leader able to recruit INDIANA . If you look at Marquett’s record since CTC left it speaks for it’s self ! He would have been fired there if he hadn’t taken the I.U. job. GO HOOSIERS ! ! !

  10. Reality, is that at his level T. C. and others are paid very well for coaching and being in an occupation I assume they really love (one could argue in many cases how much they love if it was not for big money….put another way it makes it easier to love with all the money involved). Only emotions aside I wish I could be fired from such a high paying job/occupation with all the perks,benefits, garauntees, and buyouts. That not only goes for T.C. but Fred Glass, CEO’s, The Hollywood Machine, Pro Athletes and Coaches, and whoever else you want to include in similar circumstances.

    1. Please God no…..the only person in the coaching discussion who actually has a WORSE resume than Tom Crean.

  11. Classy quotes by Glass, classy article, classy responses on this blog. IU is all about “class”.

    I had put away my IU attire about a month ago. I wear it proudly again today.

    Glass appears to be having his eyes on a former player who is now a coach. That narrows the field to Alford, Fife, Whitman (whom I would love). All would be an improvement & honor the rich tradition that is IU.

    1. I don’t understand the fascination with Wittman. I really like the guy and think he’s a great former Hoosier, but he really has accomplished nothing as a coach. And he’s never recruited. I don’t think bringing in a 57-year-old guy who’s never run a college program is very smart.

  12. Anyone think IU should reach out to Hoiberg? He isn’t well liked in Chicago but did well at ISU.

  13. I’ll let a classy man who’s butt was once on this hot seat, explain what happened today:

    Former Indiana coach Mike Davis, now at Texas Southern, on IU job: “It’s an unbelievable job. I think it’s a top five job in the country. Always on TV, always sold out, players in your state. It’s unbelievable. You can go anywhere in the world and they know Indiana. … Whoever you bring in has to win. People get confused. You don’t have to win the press conference; you have to win games. “You have to win, and you have to win every year. That’s just the way the job is. You can’t take it personal. You have to embrace it. When they pay us the money they pay us, they have the right to fire us. When you are not getting it done, there’s no grace period.”

    1. Refreshing comments and perspective from most of the drudge that comes in from other “experts” or even fans that should understand the deal.

  14. Listening to these B1G Network guys……yuck. Same old crap. Unreasonable fans. Steve Alford. Yuck.

    These dopes have been wrong every step of the way. Nothing doing here.

  15. Tier 1: Stevens, Donovan
    Tier 2: S. Miller, Bennett
    Tier 3: A. Miller, Marshall, Alford

    Sleeper pick: Richard Pitino

      1. Geoff really only 2 on your list I believe are viable, A. Miller and Marshall, and Marshall has such high self confidence and commanding demeanor AD Glass may see him as more than a handful, ala RMK. I would add Mack and the boy from Butler.

  16. It is unfortunate that it had to come to this but it was time. Crean does deserve a certain amount of appreciation for pulling IU out of the terrible mess he inherited. His greatest problem was an inability to up his coaching game to IU expectations.

    This being said, to those who have been constant critics for nearly all of the nine years, which includes many on this posting board, you now have a problem. For better or worse, going forward whatever happens, you own it. For whatever reason you chose to complain; good, bad, or otherwise, you got what you wanted. Not that I disagree, but it has now been done.

    Personally, I hope IU can go out and bring in a proven winner. I would certainly have a preference for Billy Donovan, if he could be persuaded to come. I will confess an ulterior motive in this desire. You will have a coach with two rings on his hand. If he can’t win at IU, then the blame will fall upon what I suspect is the rightful culprit in this whole matter, Hoosier nation and all that entails.

    It has now been more than 30 years since IU last won it all. During that time we have failed to bring in the required coaching and basketball talent to continue the IU tradition. Why is that? If Donovan is brought in, there will be no more excuses. The simple question will be why can’t IU get the proper talent and chemistry to win. It would be like bringing in Nick Saban and finding he couldn’t solve the football problem.

    There is a problem with IU athletics which predates the current AD and University administration, which needs to be exposed or corrected. Been watching IU athletics for better than 5 decades and have seen this played out too many times. Bringing in Donovan would be the perfect solution to either fix the problem or expose it. Anybody else and the root of the problem will escape if they fail.

    By the way, I don’t understand this lingering adulation for Davis. He has not been a success anywhere he had been. Going from UAB to Texas Southern is not exactly an upgrade. Yes, he recruited a lot of talent to IU, but it was to IU. Could he have done this anywhere else?

    Just my three cents worth, not that it is any better or worse than other opinions.

    1. So, you feel the same as everybody else but, if it goes south, it’s all on everybody else.

      Courageous stand.

      1. Go back and read what I said Chet, I didn’t disagree with the change and felt it was time. The difference is I have not been a cheerleader for his dismissal. This being said, it will be on me just like everyone else. You could call it guilt by association if it goes south. The only thing I am on the record as saying, is to think it through carefully, it could backfire and go from bad to worse.

        1. Most of the people on this site, myself included, didn’t sour on CTC until the last season or so. If you have an issue with H4H say so. The overwhelming majority of posters on this site have shown the patience of Job.

  17. I wish McRobbie would have fired the 2-piece set of Fred & Barney.

    Take what we can get but I have no confidence in an AD whose son conveniently pleaded the case for Tom Crean at Marquette before daddy would be chosen by Crean. The whole shenanigans set our basketball program back a decade.

    That’s what the other “experts” will never admit.

    1. H4H,

      I will give a certain amount of credence to the 2-piece set comment, but I wouldn’t stop there. Don’t know how much of a role Glass had in it, but the whole Assembly Hall fiasco is where I started doubting. Talk about putting lipstick on a pig, should have tore the eyesore down and built something useful. The thing everyone needs to remember is this all starts with the Trustees who hire the Administration, who hires the AD, who hires the coaches. Who is responsible for the Trustees? Which goes back to my comments regarding Hoosier nation.

      1. With Cook Hall all that was needed was the renovation of AH to keep it the iconic home team venue advantage for the next 10-20 years. But if I were AD I would start a serious building fund soon so as to have necessary dough to build a Carrier Dome size facility for BB.

        1. The Carrier Dome was intended to serve the population of the Syracuse metropolitan statistical area which is about 650,000. Indy is too close to Bloomington to justify anything like that.

          1. Big deal. IU playing BB a level higher than Crean attained would easily fill a 25k seat arena.

          2. 50k for FB 35k for BB. IU could project in the future to a single purpose facility seating 25k possibly more.

  18. Quick quiz, who has played more minutes in the NCAA Tournament this year, Hanner Mosquera-Perea or the entire Indiana team?

  19. Per the Indy Star the top 5 candidates for Indy Mr Basketball…. Butz heading to DePaul…..Neese headed to Butler..
    Nunge going Iowa……Wilkes….we know – UCLA…..Williams headed to Louisville…

    2012 – Gary Harris
    2013 – Zak Irvin
    2014 – Trey Lyles
    2015 – Caleb Swanigan
    2016 – Kyle Guy

  20. I was for Tom Crean moving on, either he was smart enough to realize that he had worn out his welcome at I U or AD would to fire him. I read some of the new people posting today and I wondered about their own personal decision making ability? Worrying about Fred Glass’s decision to get rid of an underachiever that was coaching IU Men’s Basketball and needed to be removed from the position. It’s simple to me, Fred Glass fired a basketball coach, he didn’t order a military attack on some foreign power. The last 5 or 6 men’s basketball coaches(with exception of Mike Davis who was smart enough to recognize his situation and quit), were fired. The future won’t be as bleak as some fear because CTC was fired, most I U fans I have contact with are filled with excitement and hope for the future of I U Men’s Basketball. GO HOOSIERS !!!!

  21. Have listened to Glass’s press conference for the 3rd time. Each time I glean a little more, some of which supports what I felt I knew; Crean’s buyout is easily managed financially, understanding that a decision about Crean would have to be made has gone on for more than just 1 year, our AD is not risk adverse, candidates are already notifying Glass, he expects a large applicant base so as not to have to hire an outside search outfit, it will not happen over night, I believe Glass does have someone or more than 1 in mind, regardless how many times Po cries fire there is plenty of bucks in Bloomington to get the right coach, again I’m bolstered we have the right AD.

  22. I don’t have any issues with Po. He differed in opinion about a basketball team. meh

    I agree that a million dollars isn’t what it used to be. It’s a lot to people like me but I don’t really spend much so…there you go. I’m not really a big part of the supply chain.

    I hope they do the right thing and spend probably more than I would like to admit I am comfortable with. You make your choices.

    Let the adventure begin.

  23. thinkaboutit, thank you for your thoughtful, reasoned posts. You hit the nail on the head. Tom Crean’s firing was inevitable, so I’m glad IU cut the chord quickly. I know the Crean-haters are delighted, but I expect today’s euphoria has a short expiration date. It’s a 50 – 50 proposition that this process will lead to Fred Glass being the next IU Athletic Department employee fired. Fred Glass has yet to hire a winner since becoming IU’s AD, but he has certainly wasted a significant amount of money getting rid of coaches. Maybe he’s been spending too much time working on facility upgrades like that giant flag pole at Memorial Stadium. A $4 million severance? That’s a disgraceful waste of money for an Athletic Department that does not have deep pockets. And that’s all on Glass. I think it is a reasonable chance that the Crean-haters will soon come to realize that the problem with IU basketball is a symptom of a much bigger problem that has plagued IU Athletics for decades. And for all you who expect that the problem has been fixed by Crean’s termination, you may come to consider IU’s last Big Ten Championship as the good old days.

    By the way, I was driving across a good chunk of the U.S. today and listening to various regional and national sports radio shows. While most commentators were indifferent about the news, more than a few were openly mocking IU for firing Crean. As one basketball writer being interviewed stated, “It’s as if the people at IU still think their basketball program is amongst the elite.” It was a $4 million dollar good day for Tom Crean, but not such a good day for IU.

    1. Fred Glass has yet to produce a winner? He hired Todd Yeagley and then he won a National Championship.


      Did you listen to Glass’s press conference? Indiana won’t come even close to paying out that $4 million. So you’re dead wrong there again.

      You seem impervious to working with facts and the truth. There is a lot of criticism that one can level at Glass and the Administration, however, working with facts would help.

  24. Also, re: a replacement. Min requirement for me, I want the fans of wherever that person is leaving to be REALLY REALLY bummed out that they aren’t going to be coach there anymore. Another way of saying that, is that I hope a fan base won’t be a little or lot relieved that they got rid of someone (read UCLA).

  25. To all candidates interested in applying for the position of Head Men’s Basketball Coach at Indiana University, please consider the following advice before agreeing to interview for the job.

    Understand that you will not be the highest paid college basketball coach in America, but IU fans will expect you to be the best. And those expectations will take affect before you answer your first question in your first on-campus press conference. If you don’t sign at least five McDonald’s All-Americans, four of which from inside the state of Indiana, in your first recruiting class, you’ll notice that your honeymoon is over. You have to realize that IU fans are better judges of talent than you are.

    Be clear about this; winning Big Ten Championships mean nothing to IU fans. Being named Conference Coach of the Year is completely irrelevant. We want you to win more games year over year until you re-produce the undefeated National Championship last achieved in 1976. And then, we expect a perfect season from then on, until you retire.

    Be advised that IU fans are the only legitimate judges of basketball coaching talent. We’re all experts and think we are the best candidates for the job you seek. If IU hires you, each of us will resent you because you got the job that we coveted.

    I strongly recommend you refrain from making reference to your faith or religion while in public. We have some virulent religious bigots who will attack you for expressing your faith and write letters to the ACLU exploring how to get you fired for violating the separation of church and state (LOL).

    Have your agent negotiate a seven year contract that guarantees 100% of your compensation through the entire term. Mind your P’s and Q’s and don’t even think about breaking any rules or looking at a player with anything but a smile on your face, so as not to give IU’s ultimate PC and risk-averse AD any excuse to terminate you for cause. Chances are you’ll walk away with a cool $8 to $16 million severance after three seasons and failing to meet the Hoosier Nation’s unrealistic expectations. Oh yea, to be specific, you have three seasons to lead IU back to the final four. That will only qualify you for a short contract extension, but be aware, you’ll have to win a National Championship within two years of that achievement. Hey, Bob Knight did it when you were still in short pants, so we expect nothing less from you.

    And if you do win a national championship while at IU, be smart and immediately resign. Get out while the getting is good and have your agent shop your services to the elite basketball schools that have the money to pay you top dollar. You see, Bob Knight spoiled IU by refusing to hold IU up for a huge raise while he was the best coach in America. And look at how all those years of loyalty were repaid by IU’s administration. It got so ugly, old Bobby had to sell his three National Championship rings not to long ago.

    Good luck. You’ll need a lot of it, “because it’s Indiana.”

    Don’t pace up and down the sidelines during the game. That will earn you ridicule.

  26. Chet and Double Down,

    You act as if everyone must accept your thinking. Let Podunker think for himself. The swipes are childish. So what if he feels bad for Crean? Dammed that we show emotion.

    1. Let me add that you’re not going to change anyone’s opinion on these boards. People are people and will think what they want to think. Leaders have stats, but yet serve their own interests time and time again.

    2. I’ve been very clear that I don’t have any problems with Po’s opinions. I think he makes a perfectly acceptable argument that I happen to disagree with.

      He can believe whatever he wants and I have no desire to sway his opinion. I just stated that it was very dogmatic, which it is.

    3. Ben, really? I don’t give two hoots what someone believes. I do have a problem with someone who doesn’t have their facts right. Look at all my posts in response, they’ve all contradicted (with facts) posts he made. I don’t care what his conclusion is.

      Also, I don’t need to be lectured. Childish? Egads.

      Have a nice day Ben. Enjoy the tournament.

      1. Huh, look and study what you just posted. Childish? You sound like a kid who lost his favorite toy. If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t have posted anything. Enjoy as well.

  27. Very sad, Ron. As I said, the shenanigans that brought the basketball challenged with more Establishment in their blood than passion for Indiana, set this program back a decade.

    This was the Ron Popeil era of Indiana Basketball: ‘Set it …and forget it!’

    Silly $1.99 marketing gimmicks, cutting down nets after losses, and reunion parties; silliness to slather ‘The Resurrector’ with nothing of a quiet humble work ethic and baseline acumen for the game.

    Meanwhile….ND, Butler, Michigan, Purdue, and the rest of ‘Conference Midwest Elite’ have left us in far more ashes than ever created by Kelvin Sampson.

    It’s not difficult to recognize fraudulent basketball in the state of Indiana. I have no confidence in Glass to recognize it now. If he ever saw Joey’s letter, he should have never allowed it to go to print.

  28. Well kind of…Both have games in Indianapolis.

    HT Guys….Thanks for taking the trash out this morning.

  29. Po- That was funny stuff. I sympathize with some of that sentiment, in the sense that the Crean haters or “derangement syndrome” sufferers began their complaining after the very first loss and never turned back. I would hope that the next coach is afforded a longer complainer honeymoon than Tan Cream. But you’re right, we will probably see a “Fire __X__” movement before the new guy even sets foot on the court. Let’s hope not.

    Harvard- Sorry, I saw your post yesterday and couldn’t respond right away, then when I went back I couldn’t remember the darned thread it was on. All is well, how about you?

  30. Po- That was funny stuff. I sympathize with some of that sentiment, in the sense that the Crean haters or “derangement syndrome” sufferers began their complaining after the very first loss and never turned back. I would hope that the next coach is afforded a longer complainer honeymoon than Tan Cream. But you’re right, we will probably see a “Fire __X__” movement before the new guy even sets foot on the court. Let’s hope not.

    Harv- Sorry, I saw your post yesterday and couldn’t respond right away, then when I went back I couldn’t remember the darned thread it was on. All is well, how about you?

    1. Bigotry begins with throwing kids under buses who were no different than most of us in our wandering and reckless ways of youth. Add to the fact that Indiana took these kids knowing their difficult backgrounds and the lack of readiness for a classroom. We knew many of these kids never had academics as a guiding light in their lives…That didn’t make them irredeemable young men deserving of such ultimate judgments upon their names as 18-year-old’s by a pious, newly hired, bigot who had never walked in their shoes.
      My positions had nothing to do with being anti-faith. A fraud with the tongue thick on condemnation more than hope to offer guidance stepped into a situation where he could use faith in a very ugly manner/context to vilify everyone in his path. It took 9 years for this fraud to get what was coming….My faith is in the karma. For those who throw the bigot wrench and upon ‘Day 1’ of a hiring enter their holy thrown by condemning 18-year-old kids as stains upon the hollowed ground of Indiana Basketball, a ground Crean never spent one ounce of his sweat to build, are beyond cheap and cowardly labels.
      Wrap all the religion you want around such ugliness to scent it with the aroma of roses in your Garden of Eden basketball compound where prayer and glowing crosses is bigger than common decency. Let that be your Indiana. It is not mine.

  31. Nothing changes, Seahawk.

    You still manipulate in the same fashion you did 8 years ago. You are still trying to push the buttons(successfully, I may add) like a jealous teenager faking an alliance to Facebook stranger to get under the skin of an intended target. Grown men that will never grow up. You’ll turn around and offer some empty praise. I’ll offer some back. We’ll blow some man kisses back and forth. They cycle will start again. We’ll never truly know each other. We’ll keep the safe distances of the cyber schoolyard to throw the wrenches and pull the manipulative strings. What silly games we silly creatures play while not ruling our worlds away from these boxes?

    I have lost all hope for anything that grows from sincere intent in this jailhouse of boxes and bars with no handshakes as we pound our tin cups and raise hell.

  32. Anybody read Michael Rosenberg’s article about Crean’s coaching family? Oh boy, did the Harbaugh’s savage IU’s administration and especially Fred Glass. This article does some serious damage to IU’s reputation and will leave a bruise on Glass. Comments like, “He (Crean) knew in his heart that he could not trust them (Glass and IU’s Administration).” Ouch! And, “They haven’t supported a coach at Indiana since Branch McCracken.” What a kick to the nads. And worst of all, “This is the merry-go-round that Indiana athletics has been forever.” Knock out blow.

    You paying attention, Fred?

    Of course, you have to take their comments with a grain of salt because Crean’s part of the family, but they expose what many of us have known for quite some time; IU’s Athletic Department has been terribly mismanaged for a long, long time, and it apparently still is. John Harbaugh speaks to the emphasis Glass puts on buildings and facilities, saying, “Your building is more important than your people? The seats? The floor? The wall? The ceiling? The banners? That’s more important than the people? That’s Indiana right there.” Hey Fred, that’s a proverbial punch in the mouth from one of the best coaching families in America.

    John Harbaugh texted Tom Crean when he heard the news of his firing, “This will be the best day of your career.” Ouch, what a put down to IU. Don’t be surprised if Jim Harbaugh refuses to take his foot off the gas in this year’s football game. It could get ugly.

    You have to shake your head at the recent comments made by Fred Glass. He puts millions of dollars of his athletic budget at risk to buyout Wilson’s and Crean’s contracts, then he doubles down by announcing that resources won’t be a problem in hiring a new coach. Sounds desperate to me. I think this is the beginning of the end for Fred Glass as IU’s AD. With the way his reputation has been tarnished, I have serious doubts Glass is going to be able to hire a coach that can achieve the level of success he expects to achieve. The top talent are going to avoid IU, just like they did nine years ago, but for a different reason. I mean think about it. If you’re a candidate and you read the Harbaugh’s comments, would you go near the IU job? Why take the risk. But then again, there’s always someone willing to throw money at a problem, and there’s always someone who’s willing to take that money.

    What a mess!

    1. Big deal to no one but Po. Why the hell would anyone expect anything less of family. Because it comes from family definitely means they laid no glove on Glass.

  33. Of course the Harbaugh’s are furious. Now they have to deal with him. “You wrecked the Easter egg hunt!…You wrecked the Easter egg hunt!”

  34. Any & all comments by the extended family are meaningless.

    CTC seems to have received all needed to support IU BB. Plane, recruitment $’s, facilities and made some pretty good money in the process. Glass has appeared to fully support CTC with the exception of the last few months. If fact his strong support is/was questionable at times, such as most of one year ranked #1 yet unable to get past S-16. With 2 lottery picks.

    What more could IU have provided?

  35. Ron, I’m sure they’re meaningless to you and the folks living in the Bloomington bubble, but they are certainly not meaningless to outsiders taking a close look at IU athletics, most especially potential candidates to replace Crean. The Harbaugh’s comments were one big collective dog whistle. And a lot of dogs heard it. The Harbaughs went out of their way to trash Fred Glass and IU’s administration, and their criticism rings true. And it’s not as if they’re not experts of what it takes to build a top-level athletic program. Those men have a lot of credibility.

    Combine the comments surrounding the termination of Wilson (now at OSU) and Crean (a year after winning the Outright Big Ten Championship), and people are starting to take a very hard look at Fred Glass, his judgement, and his fitness to lead IU Athletics. Glass had better hire a superstar to replace Crean, or he will have done serious damage.

  36. Their outrage makes my conspiracy theories seemingly hold water….Maybe Crean did hire Fred via a previously arranged marriage of inseparable trust that began long before the Joey letter beans were spilled….? Now comes the betrayal as Fred abandons the loyalty of the Incompedweeb delegated to put him into the AD chair…..? Hmm..?
    This outrage makes it all seem far more plausible.

    I know I’m going to lose a lot of sleep knowing we no longer have a coach who doesn’t want to ruffle feathers with Izzo as he plucks Hoosier recruits ….or the “pedigree” coaches at Michigan football and basketball…It’s not like we haven’t seen both Michigan & MSU pillageour state of top hoops talent while Indiana, under Crean, have appeared in flippant disregard to give a hoot.

    Stop paying attention to the Harbaughs…..The real talk on all radio outlets(national and local) is the “must” opinion that Indiana needs to become attractive to Indiana basketball talent again. Crean was aloof and had zero relationships with top high school coaches/schools spanning to every corner of the state.

    Did anyone catch Don Fischer’s discussion with Kent Sterling today? Fish hit the nail on the head….When MSU and Michigan…and Butler…and ND…and Purdue…and Northwestern are robbing our bank vault of our most treasured basketball talent, something is incredible amiss.
    Crean had a recruiting mission with a filter that put Indiana behind things far removed from playing a sound game of high IQ hoops. Thank goodness we no longer have to schmooze with MSU and Michigan…..

  37. Go get the OK State coach, Fred. Perfect hire. He’s out of the political circles and he’s a damn fine coach. That OK State team was very dangerous…..The point guard on OK State(Evans?) was lightning in a bottle…Fastest guy under control since, when in my high school days, I had the utmost privilege of watching Alex Kiner of Michigan City Eslton’s #1 ranked Red Devils…. marching into Chesterton’s Goldsborough Gym. Unbelievable speed. …I love watching kids that just have it in their blood. Evans is special. Michigan truly escaped.

  38. Double Down, I have the facts right. Most people understand that when referring to “severance,” one is describing the employer’s maximum financial obligation or liability, and that contingencies can and often do reduce the amount. Tom Crean is eligible for $4 million in severance from IU, paid over the remainder of the term of his original contract. Yes, if he takes another basketball related job, the amount is decreased or eliminated. But if he does not take another basketball related job, IU is on the hook for all of it. Wilson was given $542,000 to walk away from IU. He got to keep all that money regardless of being hired by OSU. Those are the facts. Even if Crean just takes one year off work, works on his golf game and watches his son play baseball, that’s a lot of money to waste for a school with the second-lowest athletics budget in the Big Ten (another fact). I was outraged when I thought IU’s maximum financial liability (is that more to your liking?) regarding Crean’s severance was $1 million.

    Nitpicking my comments is a weak way to avoid the debate on the larger point, but I’ll try to be more precise in the future.

    1. Po I’ve chased you for years about consistently and continually running fast and loose with facts.

    2. He’s a “facts” man. He’s always right and everyone else is dead in the water. That’s how he tends to roll. I’ve seen it many times. We can’t form our opinions cause his “facts” don’t line up. Childish.

      1. Ben you need to find a new target for your BB gun cuz your BB’s are bouncing off a concrete wall. Po has mis-read, mis-remembered, mis-stated details/facts for years. Everyone knows the Harbaugh brothers are different and say at times odd things or in Jim’s case many times oddly does goofy things(like spending the night at a recruits home). Yes he can coach FB. But the partiality of the Harbaughs is understood on this matter by everyone but Po. But it does not surprise any of us who’ve dealt with him for years.
        Enjoy the Big Dance weekend.

        1. Thanks. Always respected your views and hope all is well and that your grandfather is still going strong.

          1. Yup and Ben, same to you. It is my Uncle you are referring to and yes he is still among us and living on his own. For now, meaning my Aunt who was 92 died about 2 weeks ago. But reaching 100 means you’ve had a lifetime experiencing and facing every day with a pragmatic outlook. I do believe he’ll be fine but he is a 100 and the last 7 months of my Aunt going down hill has slowed him up a little. My cousin stops, sees him and spends time with him 2-3 times a day, everyday. I really do think he’ll make 101 in October.
            Just a side note about my Uncle; I don’t know if you’ve heard of the Honor Flight program? Established to fly plane loads of our elderly veterans to DC for a day to personally thank them with proper and formal accolades at the War Memorials that honor them. Less than a year ago I called him to tell him about Honor Flight and I would be proud to sponsor and escort him on one of their upcoming trips. He was tickled that someone would extend the invite. But he stated DC held nothing new for him as he had been there several times in the last 25+ years as my other cousin lives in Virginia where he and my Aunt visited many times. With my 2nd attempt to make a close I stated it would be interesting and good to be with a group of men for a day that won and also survived the WWII action. His answer was vintage coming from someone who lived during “The Greatest Generation” era, he said “do you know why I’ve never spent anytime in Florida”, to which I said no, he replied “why the hell would I want to spend time with a bunch of old people”. You cannot overcome that mindset. Tojo and Hitler were defeated before they ever fired the 1st shot.
            Yes I think he’ll be fine, thanks for the inquiry.
            Hoosier Clarion

    3. ” that’s a lot of money to waste for a school with the second-lowest athletics budget in the Big Ten (another fact). ”

      Well, I came across several sources, which were consistent with one another with a single variance, but none of which concurred with your “facts”.

      Depending upon the source Indiana is ahead of either three other teams (Rutgers, Purdue, and Illinois) or two other schools (Rutgers and Purdue). This single school change depended upon whether the data was from 2015 or 2016. Try as I might there doesn’t seem to be any source showing the Hoosiers with ‘the second lowest athletics budget in the Big Ten’.

      Maybe it’s an ‘alternative fact’.

      It’s still pretty pathetic. Every article pointed to lack of football revenue as the cause.

    4. The giant caveat you speak of isn’t nitpicking. You’re claim that Indiana made a financially irresponsible termination decision simply isn’t true.

      The other clause in his contract (you can see it online) is that he HAS to look for employment. So he can’t just sit around for a year and collect a $4 mil check from IU. It’s in Section G of the Termination portion of his contract.

      We’ve talked about this many many times on this blog. So I don’t think this is lack of understanding that we are hashing out. I believe you are presenting this termination in the worst possible light possible. It’s almost like discussing politics vs coming to some kind of truth about what the realities of the financial impact to Indiana.

      I’m far from the ideologue on this board. The one thing we all share is love for Indiana University and it’s athletic teams. I’m not angry with you, nor am I someone who thinks that I’m right all the time. I’ve changed my mind many times by listening to others and their perspectives. However, facts are facts. Those are things that have to be agreed upon or there is no discussion to be had. Just frustration. That’s very different from anger btw.

        1. Hey Ben,
          Jeremy is free to give you my email if you’re interested. DD and I have solved many a world crisis that few people are aware of.

          No need to thank us.

  39. Dayton vs. Shockers, Bravo!
    Crean can only imagine the energy these 2 teams display on D.

  40. There are very few American sports fans who do not cheer for the Maize and Blue who see Jim Harbaugh as anything but an asshole.

    To be fair, I know a number of Michigan fans who accept that he is an asshole.

    He doesn’t sway any opinions.

  41. Clarion, cool story about your uncle.

    You have to get older but you don’t have to get old.

  42. The more I read about Gregg Marshall the more I think hiring him might just be buying a headache. The words ‘demigod’ and ‘fiefdom’ seem to come up a lot. Make no mistake, he is in charge of the athletic program at Wichita State and everyone else is there to serve him.

    I’ve read this book before. It doesn’t end well.

    As a side note, he says he doesn’t even recruit the Chicagoland region.

    1. Chet, Correct GM is most self confident and I’m sure with a healthy dose of ego. He is certain to be a handful. AD Glass I’m confident can manage him. I’m not confident for how long. I know the ending your visioning.

  43. HC,

    Those are some really good genes. I’m happy to hear it. Sounds as if he’s lived a full and very productive life. Seems as if he “gets” living life to the fullest.

  44. Illinois Hired the Oklahoma State coach Underwood…I saw where someone here hoped IU would hire the Oklahoma State coach….he’s off the board.

  45. From Fred Glass, in an article entitled, “Fred Glass and the State of IU Athletics – Hoosier issues,” by Pete DiPrimio, in, February 3, 2016. “At the same time, given our financial situation, that we have the second lowest revenues per sport in the Big Ten, I’m not eager to add sports because that only exasperates that economic disadvantage.”

    In response to the question, “How does your budget compare with the rest of the Big Ten?” Fred Glass responded, “We’re next to last.”

    That would be second from the lowest. Of course, that article was published 13 months ago, so maybe IU has come into a huge windfall of cash since then. Maybe now, we’re only third from last in the Big Ten. Or maybe, Fred Glass had his facts wrong. Or better yet, I was exactly correct with my facts as of the most recent news available.

    How many of you nitpickers are going to admit that you were wrong about me misrepresenting the facts? Do your homework before you start accusing someone else of not representing the facts.

    As for the terms of Crean’s severance, let’s say he interviews for a couple jobs a year. Let’s say he rejects those job offers because the money is too low. Do you think IU is still on the hook for the million per year in severance. Do you think they’re going to file a law suit so they can withhold his severance? There are a dozen ways Crean can milk his severance if he chooses to. While I doubt IU will pay Crean all $4 million of his severance, whatever they pay him, the majority of it is money that would be better spent on other priorities in the athletic department, especially when IU basketball is not going to see any significant improvement in the next two or three seasons. In my opinion, Fred Glass just wasted a lot of IU’s money.

  46. From an article published January 26, 2017 in the, written by Pete DiPrimio; Fred Glass, “our athletic department is the 13th best funded department in the Big Ten, behind Rutgers.” I believe that’s the same as saying that IU is the second from the lowest athletic budget in the Big Ten.

    It appears the facts have not changed in the last year. It appears that I was right and that my nitpicking critics were wrong, again.

    Here’s something that should concern every IU fan. Fred Glass, “I’ve said this before, and these are all teams in the Big Ten East, by the way, Michigan, Ohio State and Penn State will each make more money in one football game than we will make in our entire seven-game football schedule. think about that.”

    Maybe Fred has his facts wrong. But I doubt it. So the obvious question for Fred is, “if that’s the case, why is IU wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars this year paying severance to Wilson and Crean when that money could obviously be better spent on other athletic department priorities?”

    Just off the top of my head, here are a few priorities I believe IU should have spent its limited athletic budget on before paying large amounts of severance to two terminated head coaches:
    1. Retaining IU’s best assistant football coaches
    2. Expanding IU Football’s recruiting budget
    3. Retaining IU’s previous baseball coach (who was very successful)
    4. Finding ways to motivate Hoosier fans to fill Memorial Stadium for home football games

    Sooner or later, some brilliant IU Athletic Director is going to figure out that they need to prioritize turning IU Football into a winning program, and that in doing so, they’ll have a lot more money to support the other sports programs. But I guess that IU’s big donors continue to pressure the Administration to prioritize men’s basketball, and so the mismanagement “merry-go-round” continues.

  47. I just published data from the Big Ten and NCAA. I’ll be happy to include the exact numbers. You are quoting interviews and op ed pieces.

    It doesn’t matter to me what you want to believe.

  48. I’ve never seen a team start out a game as freaked out as Northwestern today. They were paralyzed with fear.

  49. I don’t remember a tournament in a long time that has had fewer egregious officiating errors…game changing errors.

    These guys seem to be on their game so far.

  50. HC, at least you’re true to form. You just can’t bring yourself to admit you were wrong.

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