IU gets No. 10 seed, will face Iowa in Big Ten Tournament

Indiana’s Big Ten Tournament itinerary was cemented on Sunday night.

IU will open the conference tournament as the No. 10 seed, facing No. 7 Iowa on Thursday at 6:30 at the Verizon Center in Washington D.C. The Hawkeyes won the only regular season meeting between the two teams, knocking off the Hoosiers, 96-90, in overtime on Feb. 21.

IU avoided the No. 11 seed and a Wednesday matchup with No. 14 Rutgers when Nebraska lost to Michigan, 93-57, on Sunday night. Indiana won its regular season finale over Ohio State, 96-92, on Saturday afternoon.

“With a team like us, we can get hot fast,” IU guard James Blackmon Jr. said. “It can be a start to a run if we all just buy in.”

The Hoosiers haven’t won two Big Ten Tournament games since 2003. Should they defeat the Hawkeyes, they’d earn a quarterfinals date with No. 2 Wisconsin at 6:30 p.m. Friday.

IU has won two of its last three games after dropping five in a row. Iowa rides a four-game winning streak into Washington, a run that began with the win over Indiana two weeks ago.


  1. Good point! Still, we match up well against Iowa, especially if Peter Jok is having a bad day.

    I wonder if Jok will be the focus of our preparation? Or maybe we let him score at will and stop all the others……Or maybe we don’t worry about defense and focus on hitting 3’s!!!!

  2. Sad. How low can it go? Now, the new mantra for IU men’s basketball program….”if we all just buy in.” At end of season fighting to get 10 seed and above 11 seed in big ten tournament.

  3. Because it’s Polly-Indi-anna.

    You are correct, t.
    “Buying into Hoosier” should never be in question where a state is forever bullish on the game basketball. Any statement coming from Crean or his players hinting of reluctant investment is a complete historical reversal of everything this great state and its fans have always meant to the game.
    So many places have such placid fans these days. I watched UCLA’s final home game of the season over the weekend. A top-ranked Bruin team featuring one of the most talked about guards in the country can still not create anything approaching the atmosphere at at game comparable to the decibels in Assembly Hall that is always the norm(even during very insulting days to our basketball intelligence).

    It’s truly stunning that any player or coach takes such things for granted. If you don’t get chills up your spine when you walk onto McCracken in front of some of the best fans in the world, then you shouldn’t be representing basketball in the state of Indiana.

    Many of our players do look very aloof….Many of the utterances indicate passions so very disconnected. There should be nothing more troubling to any fan treated with such insult.

  4. And there is a point where the loud cheers at Assembly feel almost zombie-instilled. Do our fans know the difference anymore? Are they simply conditioned to loudly cheer at a bowl of crap(often a bowl with hurled back at them with implied insults hinting of a lack of dedication from players not buying in)?

    I am troubled by it all. There should be revolt in Assembly for this disconnect from passion to wear the candy stripes. I watch the games and I often wonder if it’s more of a game show. Is it the numbness that has arrived with a Facebook generation who must bask in a narcissistic belief that any experience posted on their “page” is a rich experience to one-up a Facebook friend? Are their superficial hearts simply filled wired into applauding for any basketball play like Pavlov’s dog to a bell?…..Why would knowledgeable and genuine basketball fans cheer for this garbage that includes Indiana teams who, season after season, could only hang Championship Turnover banners?

    Maybe it’s better to be placid. If the deafening noise in Assembly is married to comments from players who aren’t “buying in,” maybe the whole of Indiana Basketball has been snatched its soul…as if “invasion of the Body Snatchers’ pods from an alien planet were trucked in from a Mellencamp landing site tucked in the wooded limestone hills.

  5. I am beginning to believe that some of the twisted sisters on this site are actually happier when IU is having a down season than when it has a good season. I think some on this site are happiest when they can complain, bash and ridicule. If there is no obvious reason to do so, they will just make up reasons. You think IU’s history justifies your corrosive attitude about this team and this coach, but you forget that this down season is not unique. Not all of Bob Knight’s seasons as IU’s head coach produced great success. How about the 78/79 team that finished 22 – 12 only because they went on a run and won the NIT Championship? Three years after winning the NCAA Championship with the greatest college team of all time, you’d think that Knight’s team would have been loaded with the best players in the country! How about the 84/85 season when IU finished seventh out of ten in conference with a 7 – 11 record, 19 – 14 overall, and missed the tournament? The great Bob Knight’s teams did not always live up to the expectations established by Crean’s most ardent critics, and Bob Knight did not have the burden of cleaning up a toxic waste dump when he arrived in Bloomington. Tom Crean is no Bob Knight, he is not a “great” college basketball coach, but he’s not the disaster that some of you make him out to be. Besides, if Glass fires him now, what will the twisted sisters have to complain about for the next three years? I fear for their health because they’ll be absolutely miserable.

    1. TJ in Texas only comes here when the team is struggling. Vanished last year when we had a decent run going. Seems to be his theme.

  6. Actually he is in fact a complete and absolute disaster. Turnovers have been the chief issue with Indiana’s poor play this season, and nothing Crean has done to try to impress upon his players the need to care for the ball has resonated. Here is how important Hoosier turnovers have been this season: (a) against teams ranked outside the top 200, Indiana is undefeated regardless of how often they dump a possession. They are 8-0 against the dregs of D-1 hoops, and 2-0 when they self-inflict with 12-or-fewer giveaways. (b) against the top 200, Indiana is 3-0 (home wins against Illinois, Rutgers, and Michigan State) when turning it over 12-or-fewer times. (c) when committing 13-or-more turnovers against top 200 teams, Indiana is 5-14. (d) Indiana is undefeated while turning it over 12 times or less – winners of 26.3% of their games after reaching 13. As for Anunoby’s absence affecting IU’s play, turnovers have not been impacted much by his injury. Prior to Anunoby getting huirt, IU averaged 14.6 TOs/game and 15.1 after. Enough said.

  7. Thank you for emphasizing my point, Karma! Let me get this straight; last year’s Big Ten Coach of the Year and Outright Big Ten Champion “is in fact a complete and absolute disaster.” This coach, who began the season by leading his team to defeat #1 ranked Kansas and #6 ranked UNC. A coach that, with the exception of his first three seasons at IU has a .667 winning percentage, and has lead nine teams into the NCAA tournament and one to the final four. That same coach has suddenly become “a complete and absolute disaster.” Yep, that sounds completely rational to me!

    You’re going to be very unhappy with IU basketball for the next few years.

  8. In nine years at Indiana Tom Crean has only six (SIX) NCAA tournament wins. By comparison Bob Knight got 11 (eleven) NCAA tournament wins in his last nine years of coaching at Indiana (and 45+ overall). In five years at Indiana Mike Davis had seven NCAA tournament wins. Kelvin Sampson was 21-8 (72%) in conference play in his two years. Crean is 62-45 (57%) in conference play for the last six years (69-90, or 43%, overall). Crean is clearly in all respects inferior to all of his predecessors.

  9. Bob Knight Facts: 11 Big Ten Championships, 5 Final Fours, 3 NCAA Championships among other various awards and championships. The first final four game after George McGinnis decided not to stay as Steve Downey did stay. (No excuses about T.C. not having players at full strength). IS T.C. GOING TO GO TO FINAL Four AND WIN 3 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS DURING YEARS 23 thru 28 OF HIS TENURE?

  10. How long are you giving Crean to clean up the toxic waste dump?

    What do ya think, 20 years..? Do you think 60 million dollars would be enough to clean up a mess he added to by expelling Jordan Crawford and adding to the toxicity?

    And how long do you think he needs to get one team to an Elite 8? Seven other teams from the Midwest have been to 21 Elite 8’s in the last six years(we’re talking a time frame that allowed Crean 4 years to clean up the “toxic” wasteland of a mighty 3-way call scandal).

    And what of all his own recruits who left their own version of a toxic mark upon the candy stripes? Why do you ignore the drinking and driving, the busts in the parking lots of convenience stores where new recruits were engaged with a kid already kicked off the team, and the horrific episode that nearly killed Devin Davis after an incident of late night partying on the eve of a game?
    Perea, Holt, Stan Robinson, and Devin Davis all removed. Williams could have easily been removed as well but was retained because of roster importance.

    And then the complete debacles of taking up roster space with head-scratching recruits who were far too raw to ever don the candy stripes(Bawa, Jurkin, April, and Guy-Marc).

    While under the watch of this coach, there have been plenty of episodes. These kids were no more saints than most of Sampson’s players. There were no drinking and driving incidents with Sampson recruits.

    Bottom Line: Not only have Tom Crean’s teams demonstrated mediocrity in March Madness(compared to the 21 combined Elite 8’s of OSU, MSU, ND, Butler, Wisconsin, Michigan, UK, and Louisville), his recruits have been just as embroiled in foolish/toxic incidents displaying immaturity, along with a high level of disrespect for the privilege to be awarded a scholarship at Indiana University.

    We haven’t even touched on the toxic perceptions that most high quality talent from Indiana high schools now have for the program under this coach/administration. We have completely lost the confidence of the ‘best of the best’ from Indiana.

    None of the above has anything to do with any “toxicity” left by Kelvin Sampson. A slew of Crean’s own immature recruits moved off the team, a playing of immature basketball lacking X’s/O’s/refined fundamentals, a disconnect from “buying in” after a coach has been at the helm for 9 years, an almost predictable yearly absence of leadership, and the total loss of confidence from top Indiana h.s. coaches/recruits is all on Tom Crean’s watch.

  11. Let’s keep CTC and have a average to above average men’s basketball team for many years to come and have the 8 or 9 cupcake teams on the schedule for every season. When the donations drop and the attendance of season ticketholders don’t buy as many season tickets and as ticket revenue goes south and you can purchase a game ticket by walking up to the ticket office and get a main floor seat on game day. Like I have posted before, what the section location of your season ticket, mine’s in section G with a donation premium above the ticket costs. I not satisfied with the status quo.

  12. And whatever unfair scrutiny Tom Crean is now experiencing in the immediacy of an overreacting, vastly expanding, number of “twisted sisters” on Scoop, it has absolutely nothing to do with the complete disconnect established long before this season between Crean and the top h.s. talent from Indiana.

    There is nothing more toxic to a college basketball program in Indiana than to a be a ‘disease of avoidance’ to so much top h.s. talent our great basketball state has to offer. There is nothing more twisted than a coach perceived to be so revolting as to turn off an entire state whose sports lore is synonymous to all things peach basket. Twisted, indeed. How twisted is it that Indiana’s best talent wants nothing to do with Indiana?

  13. Podunker…Crean was the benefactor of last years team led by seniors….BUT on that team are this years Juniors and APPARENTLY they didn’t learn or want to learn about upper class leadership. The Juniors on this years team were freshmen when CTC had the SAME problem. Matador defense and an average of 16 TO’s a game. The Juniors obviously haven’t learned a dam thing in 3 years. It doesn’t take a 4-5 star recruit to play defense. It takes wanting to play defense and that hasn’t been exhibited but rarely this year. Handling the basketball and passing are skills taught in YMCA basketball. While CTC is responsible for the “caliber” of player he recruits ..after 3 years ,a person would think he would KNOW his personnel better about motivation and drive. Flowery words at the “Hoosier Hysteria” is little comfort when this team has hit the “rewind” button of 2 years ago.

  14. Po, I was a big supporter of CTC for a long time. I made the same arguments you did. I have more information over a longer period of time now. I’ve changed my mind.

    Double Down hasn’t always been a critic. Neither has Clarion. I think there are plenty of folks on here…maybe the majority, I haven’t kept score…who supported CTC when there was a very reasonable argument not to.

    I also know there was a singular lynch mob on day one.

    Nobody is expressing an unreasonable opinion. Including you. I get your argument. It’s reasonable.

    I just disagree based on what I have observed. That’s reasonable, too.

    1. For sure. It isn’t easy being so passionate about something one has no control over. Sports are the ultimate channel for people. This is why coaches are such lightening rods. Ultimately, we feel like we can influence their employment status.

      I think this is why I didn’t go full critic on day 1. I didn’t know a ton about him before he was hired, but I was willing to give the guy have his chance. The reality is that no matter how loud the screaming, at no point in the beginning did Crean do anything to justify being dismissed from the job. Sure he was far from flawless. I had a friend in the AD at the time and he pointed towards some things that were a little squirrelly behind the scenes. But I refused to let that bother me. Because I had no ability to influence the outcome, so what good would it have done to write 300 word screeds day after day about what a dope he was? Not good for the mental outlook.

      So here we are, 9 seasons in, we have a coach who’s had some success. But his record is uneven on the court and behind the scenes. The chaos that occurred at the beginning on his tenure wasn’t entirely his doing, however, after getting to know him, perhaps someone who isn’t as manic would have stopped the dam from breaking and exploded all over the program. Crean can be very strident. Combine that with caffeine, and you have a program that is constantly in this state of chaos. Senior leadership tends to help it to coalesce. ]Without it, it is a disaster.

      So, to me, he’s peaked. This is what we are going to get. And as a fan, what do you want the Indiana program to look like? To me, I think we can do better (I’ve spent too many words writing about it as it is). I’ve said why and even suggested what we should do about it. However, if Crean is the coach next year, I’ll just shrug my shoulders and realize that I’m just a fan. Perhaps it’ll be less interesting watching the team play, but there are more important things that I need to worry about in life than something I have no control over whatsoever.

      If he is gone, for all of his faults as a coach, Crean will have left Indiana Basketball better than he found it. I’ll thank him for his service, be gracious and, truly, wish him godspeed. Then, I’ll move on, turn my optimism forward with an Administration that feels and acts as if we can be the blue-blood program that we once were.

  15. You are correct, Chet. There was a “singular lynch mob on day one.” His name was Tom Crean. He was looking for a witch trial to build ten years of excuses. He threw kids under a bus who, at the end of the day, committed very little more acts of foolishness than many of Tom Crean’s own recruits would get caught doing. Crean continued this “lynch” narrative and hold onto the excuse/crutch/crucifixion in a backpack to chase down and scream at Jeff Meyer while national television cameras were rolling at the conclusion of what should have been a celebratory moment. And how much time had passed when Crean tried to lasso Jeff Meyer with his “lynch mob” rope of all things Kelvin excuses? 5 years after he took the job at Indiana!

    And they still talk of a decimated program. Nine years later. Six years beyond a place when “Everything hinges on Cody Zeller” and “We’re Back!” t-shirts the real mob gang is back to their old lynching ways and grabbing at the decimation talk again. Nine years after Crean took the job, including numerous times Indiana has been a highly ranked team, the “singular” theme is to find the Kelvin rope again.

    This coach has never been about taking on a challenge. He’s never been about instilling the nearly puritanical demands into his own recruits to flawlessly represent the candy stripes into his own recruits that he so demanded from kids he never even knew. This coach wanted to condemn people more than he ever truly wanted to be an Indiana Hoosier. That’s the only thing that’s ever been obvious from “day one.”

  16. IU vs UCLA in 73. Reminds me; where was Zeller ‘ s 10 to 15 foot jumper against Syracuse zone instead of every time ducking his head and forcing it to the basket. Zeller had all year to practice for the times when he needed the little jumper. I just thought that was somewhat of a trademark for a Hoosier born bb player of his caliber.

  17. He never had that “little jumper”(or a nice turnaround short jumper) shot in his repertoire, t. It was always baffling to me, as well. We could also blame the ‘blue ribbons for all’ mentality that was shoved down our throats by the IHSAA via high school “class” basketball. Cody would have likely dominated most 4A teams/centers, but we’ll never know.

    Did you watch some of those turnaround Jumpers by Downing in the YouTube clip of the ’73 game against Walton and UCLA? Did Downing not have wonderful balance….How many did points did the narrator say he scored before fouling out with over five minutes still remaining? Did they say 26 points? Without 2 bogus fouls called in the span of one minute, Downing would have likely put up over 30 against the great redheaded blabbermouth from the “Conference of Thieves.”

  18. All you message board experts and Crean-haters need to read Greg Doyel’s article titled, “For Indiana to rise again, Tom Crean has to evolve. He writes, “Look, the world has changed. You’re sick or reading it? Good, I’m sick of writing it. Maybe now’s the time we can move on to the world we live in today, a world where Indiana cannot simply snap its fingers and hire whomever it wants. This isn’t that kind of program. It’s close, but close doesn’t cut it.”

    “To get an A-list coach, a no-brainer, the kind of guy you simply know will take IU to a Final Four sooner than later? That guy already has a great job in the NBA or at Virginia or Arizona or UCLA. Indiana cannot fire Tom Crean and snap its fingers and make Billy Donovan appear.”

    Doyel is a smart guy. he’s a pro. He understands.

    1. Po,
      Are you going to actually engage in substance, or are you just going to call people names?

    2. Po,
      I understand the desire to categorize the anti-Crean faction as message board experts or haters, and there was a time when you could say that, but the difference I see now is people who have long been resistant to change are finally changing their mind. There’s a significant movement in the fan base, from my viewpoint, and Doyel may be right, Indiana may not make a change right now. But I think there’s also a good chance something does change, be it from IU’s end or Crean’s end (N.C. State never had substance, Missouri might). While IU may not be able to snap its fingers and get a coach, I believe at least a couple of those mentioned in the article (not Brad Stevens) would be willing to listen.

  19. Isn’t this the same Greg Doyel who was asking for Crean to be fired a few years back?

    That article’s date: Nov 3, 2014. It started like this:

    It’s only a matter of time, now. Tom Crean cannot coach the Indiana basketball team much longer. When would be too long? The Hoosiers’ first exhibition is Thursday night. That would be too long.

    He was already a pro back then.

  20. Greg Doyle. Who’s he? Oh, he is the guy that can write a half page in the indy star and absolutely say nothing.

  21. That was beautiful, Double Down. You’re such a wonderfully balanced and mature fan. Not me. I am on a witch hunt. Crean came burning a cross on the front lawn of Indiana. He sought villains and kept naming them and blaming them five years after his first day at the greatest basketball university in the greatest basketball state in the country. I will chase him out of town with the same cross he wanted to paint Indiana as decimated (By an handful of “thugs” who were skipping classes; one of which who had recently been living out of the backseat of a car on the cold winter streets of south Chicago). Doesn’t it feel so wonderfully redemptive to run those bad boys with torches in hand? Not to mention, those Hoosier bad boys made the 1980’s Detroit Pistons look like the Bad News Bears.

    Tom Crean will never get the same torch up his ass he deserves. He’ll never live out of the backseat of a car. He’ll walk away on water in pair of Jesus sandals 30 plus million wealthier. He’ll be so filled with pious gas that a torch up his McCracken of his own making would likely make him blow like the Hindenburg.

    He can still find redemption. He could donate 1/2 of his bogus salary to causes that would help rid the violence and poverty from the streets of Chicago. He could coach YMCA ball for kids with no home…Please stop making this fraud look holier than the man on the cross. He’s done enough of that from his own podium since day one.

  22. karma- Excellent find. Most of these “pro” journalists change their minds faster than Indiana temperatures in March. If what they put in printed opinion were March Madness brackets, they would erase their way through to a “Told you so” Final Four and an eventual claim of picking a champion thought.

    Once a witness to Crean’s coaching ceiling at a Sweet 16 game against Syracuse now many years in the rear view mirror, any changing of mind would be apology, defeatism, or fantasy. And this against Wichita State should have snapped any rational thinking fan out of their Crean trance of denial.

  23. In this echo chamber, Doyel’s article represents a refreshing perspective. I didn’t think for a second his arguments would change any opinions from within the anti-Crean mob; I just thought I’d break up the monotony. And Doyel’s article represents reality in the face of all the fantasies about IU hiring Stevens or Donovan (NEVER going to happen), or any other proven coach, because IU is NOT the blue-blood program we’d like it to be and once was. And we haven’t been in that category for decades. I’ve argued for some time now that Crean is an easy scapegoat for the frustrations caused by many years of neglect and mismanagement by IU’s Administration. I’ve never suggested Crean was a great coach or the equal to Bob Knight, but like Doyel, I’m very skeptical that IU can hire anyone better right now. And I certainly don’t support wasting a million dollars to buyout his contract a year early so that we can roll the dice with a yet unproven, less experienced up-and-comer. Given the other priorities IU’s athletic department needs to fund, that’s just stupid.

    But maybe this debate is all going to evaporate soon. Maybe Crean will make all his critics happy by resigning and making a soft landing at Missou or some other school. Maybe IU won’t have to pay him $1,000,000 to g away. Maybe he’ll be laughing on his way out the door, happy to escape the unreasonable expectations that comes with being IU’s head basketball coach, and confident in his knowledge that IU will struggle to find a guaranteed winner amongst the candidates currently available. It’s not hard to imagine IU Basketball being transformed into this year’s Texas basketball program (currently 10 – 21) over the next two or three seasons, and for the same reasons. And if that occurs, I’m going to have more fun than I’ve had since being on campus when IU became the last undefeated National Champions in 1976.

    1. Now who’s hoping IU BB does poorly for his own personal gratification?

  24. What will you do if Crean is replaced and his successor does well but CTC does not?

    Or, do you just have a scenario for IU’s failure in that case?

    You’ve painted yourself into a corner. Your argument is as dogmatic as Harv’s.

  25. You mean “do well” like winning the outright Bib Ten Championship and getting to another Sweet 16? You mean do well like being honored as the Big Ten Coach of the Year? Oh, that’s right, that’s not “doing well” by IU Basketball standards (shaking head and LOL)! I’m not painted into a corner, I’m dancing around the entire room. Either way it goes, I’m going to be having a lot of fun. If IU wins, I’m loving it. If IU, under Crean’s replacement, turns out to be this year’s Texas, I’ll direct my frustration toward of some of the most obnoxious Crean-haters on this site. As I’ve said for some time now, “be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.” And I keep coming back to all the Crean-haters who want him fired immediately, but for some reason are unable or unwilling to name any legitimate candidates IU should hire to replace him (Stevens and Donovan are not legitimate candidates). It’s as if those folks are so obsessed with getting Crean out that they think IU will return to the final four in the first two years under the new coach. That attitude is what paints someone into a corner. But of course, since those folks are not putting their jobs on the line like Glass will be, they can make all the costly, irresponsible and delusional demands they want to without suffering any personal consequence. Ironically, it’s that type of irrational decision making that got IU Athletics behind the eight ball so many times for so many years. How much did IU waste when it bought out Kelvin Sampson’s contract? And regardless, if Crean gets fired within two weeks, no matter who IU hires to replace him, it’s going to take two or three years before IU will compete for the Big Ten Championship, let alone make it to the final four. How many years did it take Mike Kryzewski to produce a winning season at Duke? And he was a Bob Knight protégé!

  26. And for the record, lest anyone think I’m being a hypocrite, I recommend Archie Miller to be Crean’s replacement, if Crean is terminated immediately. It is estimated that Miller is currently making $1.8 million at Dayton, so IU could probably secure his services if they were to give him Crean’s current salary of $3.22 million per season, at least until a coach at one of the true blue-blood programs retires and that school wants to poach Miller away for $6 to $7 million per year. Oh, you don’t like the idea that a successful IU BB coach can be poached away for more money? Well, then you better buy football tickets and start going to the home games.

  27. It took Coach K exactly one season to produce a winning record. His first season at Duke (80-81) they posted a winning record.

    1. I should add that, by season nine at Duke, Coach K had been to 3 Final Fours.

      Don’t compare CTC to successful coaches. That will not go well.

  28. There have been 8-10 new names suggested who would be instant upgrades in coaching acumen that do not include the names of Stevens or Donovan.

    You’re so distorted that you don’t even pay attention.

    Crean will not walk away from Indiana. You are in a real fantasy land. There isn’t a bottom-feeder from a major conference that would hire him. And Fred ain’t gonna fire the Dimwit #1 who placed the key vote to put him in his AD chair.

    Does Marquette want him back?

  29. Actually, I was good with T.C. until I observed during Oladipo and Zeller year when IU won regular season big ten championship. I was pretty quickly not a fan of T.C. not long after that. Here, is what I observed. 1. Zeller was great due to his hustle and diving on the floor for loose balls out on the court. He scored and rebounded well. Zeller played defense. 2. Oladipo made spectacular plays scoring, rebounding and playing well 3. However, even though IU won regular season championship, about three quarters way through season IU WAS getting figured out by other teams. 4. Oladipo was not getting away with what he did the first half of season as he was frequently getting tied up on driving the ball or loosing it. 5. IU and T.C. did not adjust strategy even though they eked out regular season championship while loosing in big ten tournament. 6. It was compounded in March Madness tournament and ousted. 7. Ever sense then and thereafter T.C., staff and IU continually demonstrate the lack of ability to develop players, work on season long game strategies and game adjustments. 8. Once IU is figured out, teams know how to play them and IU just keeps doing the same thing. Bombs away, lack of defense, dribbling around and meaningless passing. 9. Lack of player team attitude, control and management is evident. 10. Finally, I am not a big fan of Izzo, one of T.C. teachers even though he is a good coach. Izzo has a March Madness tournament championship but often looses big games. To me Izzo is a good coach, but not elite

  30. If Crean resigns today and Tim Buckley takes over tomorrow Indiana wins this year’s B1G tourney.

  31. IU should be dominating a .not so great bi big ten. g ten conference in recent years. Wisconsin has carried the conference flag. IU has managed to barely win a couple big ten championships in regular season only in a conference that should be dominated more by IU, not the likes of Wisky and whoever in

  32. $ will come out of the woodwork at IU to hire/keep a successful, overachieving BB coach. GUARANTEED

  33. The basketball Big Ten is the worst we have seen in many years. We finished 28th or something with several NBA prospects on the roster. Half the teams above us don’t have any NBA hopefuls.

    Here’s the deal.

    You have to assume CTC is done. Too much failure while holding all the best cards.

    It’s pretty obvious that, if Fred Glass retains CTC and he performs as expected, Fred Glass is toast.

    No. If Fred like being the AD we’ve seen the last of CTC…until he leads a directional school to the Big Dance…which I’m sure he will.

    He’s a poor man’s Lon Kruger.

  34. “$ will come out of the woodwork……?” Or maybe the tooth fairy will leave it under the pillow. You going to write a big check, HC? Might as well go to Vegas and shoot craps for a few days.

    How ironic that IU fans can’t fill up a small-capacity Memorial Stadium for football games on a beautiful fall day, but some believe that a bunch of folks will be willing to write checks to help IU buyout Crean’s contract. I think that might be symptomatic of what’s been wrong with IU Athletics for quite some time.

    Chet, you are correct. I was looking at his ACC Conference record. Coach K went 17 – 13 in his first year at Duke. Then his teams went 10 – 17 and 11 – 17 in the next two seasons. But in the ACC, his record was 6 – 8, 4 -10, and 3 – 11 in his first three seasons at Duke. Do you think Crean’s replacement will survive into his fourth year if he produces similar results in his first three seasons? And then we’ll be writing another 7-digit buyout check to get rid of that loser. But don’t worry, the $ will come out of the woodwork.

    Whose going to be Crean’s replacement? Who’s going to lead IU back to the promised land and make it a blue-blood program again? With so many experts commenting on this thread, I’m not seeing anyone providing any names of IU’s next basketball savior!

    Regardless of when it happens and who replaces TC, it’s going to be a lot of fun.

  35. Gosh, I think Podunker is right, you guys.

    We’re writing Crean 3 million dollar checks each season, but we’ll never find 1 million to make him walk away.

    Glass put a 10 million dollar penalty clause in Moren’s contract because he was so fearful Purdue might come after her services.

    If Tom Crean is so irreplaceable at Indiana, wouldn’t some other quality program be more than willing to kick in a few extra million to steal him from us now? Did we have to pay Marquette any extra $$$ when we lured him away from a 10-year deal he had just signed with the Golden Eagles?

    Think of the kind of money we threw at this guy in 2008…? This was a coach who had one major run to a Final Four. He was Mike Davis with a slippery tongue. Even if only counting the last six seasons(giving him 3 years to recover from the Sampsongate) , he has yet to show any signs of being competitive at the Sweet 16 level. It’s not that we barely missed Elite 8’s… Hell, Notre Dame has come within a possession or two of reaching a pair of Final Fours in the last couple of seasons. We’ve been pretty thoroughly embarrassed at our Sweet 16 appearances. An “appearance” doesn’t mean you play with any semblance of a team that, given a few right bounces, or a few extra calls going your way, could go to the deepest rounds.

    We haven’t sniffed the second weekend of March Madness. We can’t afford to find 1 million now, but we can afford 3 million and another contract extension to sustain this level of March Madness ceilings of mediocrity that aren’t trending upward?

  36. I’ve been thinking about this woodwork thing…

    Hell, it probably costs 1 million to reseal and stripe the asphalt of the parking lots surrounding Assembly, Cook, and Memorial. Maybe the money doesn’t have to come out of the woodwork?
    Maybe we simply cut the seasonal asphalt budget for only one year to reclaim a version of basketball not coached by an ‘ass of faults’ for all of eternity ….?

  37. I also heard a rumor that the Concessions Department of IU Athletics just signed a 1 million dollar deal with Orville Redenbacher popcorn. I do understand that there is name recognition and a high seed to pop ratio with ‘Big Redenbach,’ but we have bigger kernels to pop right now. We need to get rid of Crean in a jiffy. Concessions is willing to make the concession. They will endure the Orville sanctions and kick in the million buyout for Crean’s contract. Because it’s Jiffy Time.

  38. Twisting Coach K’s record to justify why after 9 years, Crean should remain the coach of Indiana is just getting goofy. I mean, Po generally likes to play fast and loose with the facts.

    Lets extend that record at the beginning of both Coach K and Crean’s first years. Coach K takes over Duke and has 3 years of struggle to build his team. Crean, same. In year 4, Coach K makes the tournament and never looks back. Crean makes the tournament in year 4, too, but what happens after year 4 is the difference between champs and chumps.

    In Coach K’s 9th year at Duke, he’d been to the Final Four 3 times, Swt 16 4 times and NCAA Runner-up once. In 9 years at Indiana, Crean will have missed the tournament twice and secured a top 3 seed in the NCAA only twice. His top seeded team would not just lose, but get thoroughly dominated by 4th seeded Syracuse.

    There may be other factors and arguments for keeping Crean (they’re getting pretty slim), but I suggest not using one of the greatest coaches in the history of the game as your shining example for why Crean should stay.

  39. From Chronic Hoosier on Twitter:

    “Lot of writers chiming in on #iubb lately, not much mention of IU being 39-37 vs B1G last 4 yrs or its top-10 salary/recruiting $/facilities”

  40. The time to fire Crean (and hire Stevens) was 2013. (Stevens was, at the time, the youngest coach (33) since Bob Knight (32, in 1973) to make it to the Final Four. As a kid Brad Stevens’ father would often drive him to Bloomington to watch Indiana Hoosiers games. In July 2013 he signed with the Celtics for a sum that’s comparable, if not the same, that Crean is making while actively wrecking the program at IU).

    The time for Crean to resign was last year after the NC game. Tomorrow, after we lose to a much younger and inexperienced, basically inferior, Iowa team there will be no way out for Crean. Nobody will want him as a coach, except the likes of Coppin State Eagles (or Savannah State Tigers). Tom Crean is like the guy who is allowed to drive a motorcycle at the Little 5, comes in fourth and then says it’s the others’ fault. Afterwards he will put on his NIT-wit face and claim he wants to “get better”.

    Tom Crean can’t and won’t coach anywhere else. He will however remain at Indiana on account of having virtually hired Fred Glass. Mark my words and expect Jeremy Fries to claim retroactively of having written that somewhere behind a pay wall when the outrageous association Crean-Glass will eventually come to pass (many years down the road).

      1. When Crean came here IU covered something like $600K from his Marquette buyout. If Mizzou wants Crean (oh, boy!) let them pay the buyout after July 1st (after all we’re giving them none other than last year’s B1G Coach of the Year etc.) Then the financial impact on IU will be basically zero.

  41. Anyone looking for some hope, should take notice that the team we beat last time, by 4, who scored 92 points against us, lost to Rutgers last night.

    Egads the Big Ten is horrific this year.

  42. Tom Crean can’t and won’t coach anywhere else. He will however remain at Indiana on account of having virtually hired Fred Glass.

    karma- Come on, man. You’re stealing my gig. I found the Joey letter.

    DD- With a healthy OG and Hartman, just think how dominant IU would have appeared in such a “horrific” conference this year…? Keep an eye on Wagner and the Michigan Wolverines. Wagner is ready to take the NCAA tournament by storm. If Irvin(Fishers, IN) gets it going, Michigan is very capable of a deep run. They also have a coach with the highest b-ball IQ in the conference.

    1. That plane crash yesterday was a sober reminder of the preciousness of life. Holy smokes could that have been an epic tragedy. I’m really really glad everyone is ok and they only issues were a couple of bruises, perhaps a change of shorts and having to play in practice gear.

  43. So many teams are taking advantage of the grad transfer rule…Sort of ironic that we could find a roster spot for Max Bielfeldt last season but never could locate one for Matt Roth who, with eligibility in waiting, had donned the candy stripes with class and dignity. Far less can be said of the so-called leader of the program.

  44. Po, you posted Coach K”s record over his first three years as if CTC performed as well or better.

    You must have forgotten CTC’s first three years. It wasn’t anywhere close to the level of success that Coach K’s teams had.

  45. What’s the point, Chet? IU could be so much better than Duke. We have so much wonderful basketball talent in this state. Much of that talent has fueled programs like Duke and UNC in their hours of need.

    Indiana’s drought from basketball’s grandest stages has more to do with the meddlers and holders of power at IU. Those who have seized upon a desire to keep in place collusive arrangement of Establishment greed clinging to long contracts and bureaucratic power over a true quest in missions of competence representative of our basketball values, is where dysfunction digs it claws in deep.

    Duke may own the throne for now…but it is not the passion for basketball that has stalled in the state of Indiana. Our basketball at IU has been undermined. It is held captive of its greatness. That greatness could be unleashed in heartbeat.

    1. To see the number of Indiana high school kids who have brought banners home to other schools is maddening. Please don’t list the names or I might start weeping.

  46. People in NC think there is passion for basketball there as their high school kids play in front of a few hundred disinterested fans.

    They have no idea.

  47. I want to compliment some of you for your ability to create straw-man arguments. You guys are turning it into an art form, almost as if your professional politicians. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about your reading comprehension. And some of the posts above support the belief that extreme frustration diminishes a person’s ability to reason.

    Chet, you’re not actually going to blame Crean for his first three years at IU, or compare the circumstances that were present when Coach K was hired by Duke to the mess Crean inherited upon arriving at IU? Even the most ardent Crean-haters won’t forfeit their credibility trying to make that argument. Besides, I was not comparing Crean to Coach K, I was asking the fire-Crean-now advocates if they would tolerate IU’s next coach producing Coach K’s record during his first three seasons at Duke. (The answer is, “no we won’t!”)

    Some folks’ comment imply that they believe that whoever gets hired to replace Crean is going to have IU in the final four within two or three seasons after taking the job. Highly unlikely that will happen, and more likely that IU’s next coach will struggle to produce a winning record for in-conference games in his first two seasons. It will take time folks, even for the best coach, to replace the players that transfer out and replace them with even better players (and that assumes he’s a GREAT recruiter). And remember, all the basketball wizards are already employed elsewhere or retired. If you’re not ready to accept that IU’s next coach is going to have a few very rough seasons, you’re setting yourself up for major disappointment.

    And still no one offering up the names of coaches they think will lead IU back to the promised land. It appears tunnel-vision is another symptom associated with TCDS.

  48. I do like the fantasy of getting Missou to pay Crean’s buyout, but that’s not going to happen. Why should they? If IU is going to fire Crean, they’ll do it within the next two or three weeks. IU can’t afford to wait until July to fire him, just to reduce the amount of the contract buyout. Besides, HC assures us that money will be coming out of the woodwork to pay for Crean’s buyout, so no problem. Missou just needs to be patient and see if Crean becomes available by April first.

    No problem, folks. Reserve your tickets now for the 2018 Final Four to witness IU’s return to elite status in person. We’re on our way!

    1. I liked the Tartuffe, it was splendiferous in its comedic brilliance.

      Also Po is right: if Crean is such a great coach Mizzou will necessarily cough up the money to get him before someone else (hopefully from the B1G, maybe Ohio State, or Purdue, makes a better offer).

      1. Thanks karma….Highly doubt anything will ever top your Jerry ‘Crean’ Lewis posing as Knight(red sweater and all). Brilliant.

  49. Po, you were the one who chose the first three years as the time frame to assess the coach, not me.

  50. In his second year, Davis went through #1 Duke at a Regional Semi and took Indiana to a Final Four(Championship game).

    Given Indiana’s talent to fill in some roster gaps, and the likelihood that some of Crean’s guys who would likely stay with a new lease of tournament life, I see no reason a quality coach couldn’t match Mike Davis’s feat.

    Personally, that’s the least of my worries. The future will feel far brighter without banner talk only involving reunion parties, teams so godawful prone to putting up turnover numbers beyond insulting to Indiana hoops lore, and having to watch teams completely void of clutch/backbone where the only sure money is a bet to guarantee they’ll fade in March.

    DD- You are right. All those on the Michigan flight are probably realizing just how inconsequential a game of basketball truly is. How quickly life can be snapped away….

  51. Podunker- Control yourself. Keep your TCDS protective wear on. Nobody is going to fire Crean. You’ll still be good to shake his hand for many years to come.

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