IU’s season ends with 75-63 loss at Georgia Tech

ATLANTA — At one point midway through the second half, irate by a string of six turnovers in seven minutes, Tom Crean slammed a clipboard against the court, sending papers flying.

Now, the frustration of the season is finally over.

A 75-63 loss to No. 6 Georgia Tech on Tuesday in the first round of the National Invitation Tournament ended the season for No. 3 Indiana. By the end of the night, the Hoosiers walked off the court for the final time crestfallen and defeated, a season of promise now officially declared dead.

There would be no salvaging this campaign through an empty trip to the NIT, where the Hoosiers looked the same as they had throughout much of the season — sloppy, inattentive to detail and, too often, out of sorts.

A terrible start and a poor finish by Indiana closed the books on what will be remembered as a year of unmet promise for a team that went from No. 3 nationally to No. 3 seed in the NIT to out of games to discover the potential that it was never able to tap.

Tuesday offered one final illustration of just how far this team must go.

“I’m proud of the resiliency of this team this year,” Crean said. “Obviously, the record wasn’t what we wanted. We had great wins, we had tough losses and we were in a ton of games that didn’t go our way at the very end. We have to learn to grow from that.”

The No. 6 seed Yellow Jackets scored 22 points off 16 Indiana turnovers — or roughly 30 percent of their total offense — and relied on one of the nation’s top defensive approaches to send Indiana home after only one tournament game.

The Hoosiers, who trailed by seven points at halftime, fought back to take a two-point lead four minutes into the final period, but fell into old rotten habits late to end the season.

“We didn’t get off to a great start, then we got back in it and there’s absolutely no reason to be as late as we were a couple times defensively on coming off the ball and allowing them shots,” Crean said. “But we got back in it, like we do. The turnovers hurt us. The lack of — and it wasn’t like it was going to change 30 games in where there were one or two guys who were going to take the mantle of the team. We made too many mistakes and we had to switch defenses.”

Josh Okogie led four Jackets (18-15) in double figures with 24 points. Georgia Tech center Ben Lammers posted a double-double of 11 points and 11 rebounds.

Juwan Morgan led the Hoosiers (18-16) with 14 points.

The Yellow Jackets didn’t waste any time jumping into zone — both of the 2-3 and 1-3-1 varieties — as the Hoosiers struggled to find their point of attack. Georgia Tech used a 10-0 run early in the first half to take an early 12-4 lead.

Things got much worse from there as IU suffered from a nearly six-minute stretch that saw them go scoreless on 11 consecutive field goal attempts and fall down 17-4.

“We weren’t nearly as physical enough as we wanted at the top of the zone,” Crean said. “We didn’t play through the middle enough. We really wanted to flood underneath. A couple times we did. We just stand too much. We stand. It’s mind-boggling to me because we don’t practice that way. We wanted to get under the zone.”

Instead, it took yet another spark this season from IU’s freshmen trio of De’Ron Davis, Devonte Green and Curtis Jones to hep the Hoosiers settle in and climb back. Green got it going with some hustle, stealing the ball from Tradric Jackson then dishing to James Blackmon Jr. for a quick assist that started an 11-2 run and pushed IU to within 19-15 midway through the first period.

A halfcourt steal by Jones, who dished to Blackmon for a layup, helped Indiana tie the game at 24-all with four minutes remaining in the half. But the Hoosiers, however, missed their final six shot attempts of the half, going without a field goal during the last 4:19 of the period and trailed 34-27 at halftime.

An 8-0 Indiana run early in the second half helped give the Hoosiers their first lead since the opening minutes. After Blackmon hit his first 3 of the game at the 17:01 mark of the half, Thomas Bryant followed with a dunk on the next possession.

IU followed with its span of six turnovers in seven minutes, allowing the Jackets to build their lead back to eight points. Indiana never creeped any closer than that during the final seven minutes of regulation.

“The thing to me is we have to get better with the ball, we’ve got to get better with the decision making, we’ve got to get stronger with the ball, we’ve got to get better with our finishing,” Crean said. “Those are things we’ve got to improve.”

And the Hoosiers, themselves, are vowing to make the necessary changes entering an off-season of potential change. Blackmon, Bryant and injured forward OG Anunoby may each weigh their professional futures. Senior forward Collin Hartman must decide if he wants to continue playing basketball at all.

When the dust settles, Indiana will reconcile one final time with the shortcomings that doomed its season and look to start anew with this year of frustration far behind it.

“It’s a big disappointment, but you can’t really (dwell) on it that much,” Morgan said. “Just like coach Crean preaches every day, there’s always a new opportunity. As we get back home, there’s still work to be done.”


  1. Caught the last 10 minutes of the game and the 6 turnovers in 7 minutes. This team has to be one of the worst coached teams in the country. I used to love watching IU basketball, but now I just don’t care anymore and I have only watched parts of an occasional game this year. Crean’s pro-style offense with its unforced turnovers and no defense is pathetic. Hell, I coached rec and junior high ball, and even I didn’t need to hold up signs for my players to slide their feet, block out, or set screens. What does Crean do at practice?
    There are some out there that say IU can no longer be an elite program, and that Crean is the best we can do. I say there is absolutely no reason that given the right coach, IU can’t rejoin the elite programs like Duke, Kentucky, Kansas, Villanova, etc. Indiana still produces a large number of Div I players each year (certainly way more than Kentucky or Kansas), but none of the good ones want to play for Crean anymore. Crean had the horses in 2013 to go all the way or at least to the final four, but he couldn’t coach them on how to solve the Syracuse zone. He’ll never get that far again. Without Cody, that team would not have won the big 10, and without Wade, Crean would never have made a final four and consequently would never have been hired by IU.
    Please Fred, get rid of Crean and get us someone who can actually coach!

  2. For the first time in a long time, I actually listened to the post game comments from Crean.

    The amount of excuse making and the depth that Crean’s head is in the sand is unreal.

    Last game of the season, getting smoked on the road in the first round of the NIT and it is nothing but the same excuses over and over.


  3. I’ve been saying for over 3 years this guy is over his head. At 18-16 and a first round loss to a lower seed in the NIT, three trillion turnovers, appoleptic shooting, a coach practicing the St. Vidas dance on the court while the clock is running, 4 appearances in the big dance in 9 years with a conference record well below .500 I say to the ‘braintrust’ …. If he’s not fired within 48 hours everyone responsible should be fired.

  4. Tom Crean: “No matter what’s on a contract or anything, I’m gonna coach the same way, whether I’ve got one year or I’ve got 10 years.”

  5. BTW, have had a major major issue with the PG position all season. And guess what? Not a single PG recruit committed next year…

    Where did Priller go to school? Do they have a PG that wants to transfer, too?

  6. I remember the night when IU & Purdue went at it for the NIT title; must’ve been the late 70s? I cared. Tonight I purposely avoided this train wreck.

    Thank You God, for making it stop.

    I’ll check back in when the coach & AD lose their jobs.

  7. March 27, 2015 Fred Glass said:

    “My goals for this program are to perenially contend for and to win multiple Big Ten championships, regularly go deep in the NCAA tournament and win our next national championship,” Glass said. “Be elite, if you will. As a lifelong Hoosier and IU basketball fan, alumnus and current AD, nobody wants that more than me.

    Coach Crean’s status should be based on his ability to achieve those goals going forward, not what he has or hasn’t done in the past. Because I believe in the team he has assembled and is assembling, his leadership of it and their ability to start achieving our program goals, I continue to support Tom Crean as our coach.”

  8. h empty is absolutely correct. It’s time to start writing letters to Fred Glass. Just make sure you include a check inside the envelope so you can help IU pay for Crean’s contract buyout. It’s easy to sit back and complain and harp on about the need for a new coach, but are you going to help make that a reality by contributing some money to the cause?

    These IU players did not care about this game. They were completely disinterested, and it was obvious. Hope no one got hurt, because IU should never have agreed to play in the NIT.

    Now that the fire-Crean-now chant has reached a peak, it’s going to be hilarious if Glass does not fire him. And I get a kick out imaging how you’re all going to feel if IU has another good season next year. Whether IU fires Crean or not, this is going to be entertaining.

  9. Wow Mike (checked the name this time!), I didn’t see that pic of Glass come up until right now. Unless the south has triggered his allergies, I think that says it all…

  10. Podunker it is the sign of the times that we can continue to talk undisturbed past each other as if facts did not matter at all. I like you. Nothing will ever derail you from the path of your misunderstood gospel. Have you ever read “Reason” by Isaac Asimov? There’s a robot in there (QT1) that always reminded me of you…

    I’m absolutely 100% convinced Glass will not fire Crean. I’m just as sure Crean does not plan to resign any time soon. I actually think time has finally come for Crean to hire himself a new AD if you truly want to know what I think. No, Crean is not going anywhere … he’s here to stay … and for the next 12-15 months we’re going to have to immerse ourselves in Demon Seed by Lord of the Hoops (see his post from yesterday … absolutely brilliant … “Never was a human body more outrageously insulted… He was the man chosen to coach as a [… Demon Seed] … A basketball experience in total terror…”) “Interesting” doesn’t even begin to describe it…

  11. Fans, wait for the smoke to clear, and if Tom Crean is going to be IU ‘s basketball coach next year the University has a lot more than a PR problem. Do I U Basketball fans have to sponsor a recovery program for a failed coach? Can’t CTC understand the reality of his “little basketball world” and its failure to produce anything but excuses? The idea of CTC making all these changes and getting better is absolute BS and a face saving gesture by him.

  12. If CTC stays that one million dollars will look like change found in the sofa compared to the lost contributions to the athletic department. Fred Glass knows it, too.

  13. Fred Glass can publicly support him all he wants, but he never said Crean would be back. Glass is great with statements when it comes to answering a question, but not answering the question.
    I think in the big ten tournament and the NIT Crean was coaching for his job. Now that glimmer of hope both Fred and Tom may of shared has faded into turnovers and yet another loss.

    This has been 9 years of no real deep tournament runs. Not in any tournament. In fact there has been no postseason at all a few times. We have won 2 out right Big Ten championships in a 9 year span, but 7 of those years we really weren’t in a position to win it at all. So if Glass wants a perineal big ten contender, NCAA qualifier, and a real shot at an NCAA championship there is absolutely no evidence that supports our current coach is capable of fulfilling those goals.
    Now comes the future…potentially losing your top scorer/shooting guard, top big man, and top small forward. Ontop of loosing Hartman. Will quality players transfer? Who will be here next year to fill the glaring void at point guard? Count on Priller and Gelon to depart as the scholarships are needed for 5th year seniors or recruits that become available during the coaching carousel. Our incoming class probably has more upside than its national ranking especially if Tucker and a 5th year guy are added to it, but will it change the results on the court? Odds are not favorable especially without an immediate impact type guy.
    I think Crean wants to stay. I also think he’s looking hard at other jobs. So I believe now it comes down to the pitch to Glass and the boosters that this situation can improve and what candidates are available that would be better than Crean. If Crean is looking at other jobs there is no doubt IU is inquiring about other candidates.

  14. If T.C. stays and a couple / few players leave via transfer, not come back, try their luck @ NBA (that’s what it would be, luck), then next year’s excuse will be “rebuilding year” and just like in football… we will have to work and get better next year (that would be season 2019-2020.

  15. I remember when Bennett left Wisconsin, the interim coach became Soderberg. Soderberg became highly successful and won a bunch of games. Wisconsin did not give Soderberg the job even though he was deserving. They went out and got BO RYAN.
    Unlike Indiana who gave job to Davis. What is wrong with this? Well, at the time IU was still considered a big time basketball program. Wisconsin was improving, but not big time.
    All this went on under the guidance of IU president Myles Brand, Greenspan, Trustees, and administration and significant others.
    This is important because Myles Brand for one did not care about winning sports @ IU. He regarded himself as academic. Sports were to be secondary. This has trickled down to present day status, especially in basketball. IU basketball has never recovered, thus far.

  16. This was pretty funny, too. Daniel Tosh tweeted this a couple weeks ago before coming to perform in Bloomington.

    “…no pressure @iubloomington but do you want me to fire tom crean while i am there?”

    It looks like CTC is on solid ground in the PR arena.

  17. Dear Fred,

    Crean is well over 30 million dollars wealthier than the day Joey believed him to be the messiah of college basketball. Let’s say his expenses over 9 years total 1.5 million(I’m pretty sure 1.5 in expenses would cover the most extravagant life in Bloomington). Tom is a pretty lucky man. His family children will never have to worry about having a roof over their head. They’ll never have to know what it’s like to have college loans that we’ll be equivalent to a mortgage payment on top of a monthly apartment rent at the age of 24. The kids will also never have to feel enormous pressure and guilt for the momentous amount of additional college loans that will follow mom and dad to their graves.

    Earning(I use that term very loosely) 3 million per year in a town like Bloomington is a pretty good gig. Doing it for 9 years has to make anyone feel tremendously grateful and lucky.

    It is more than an insult for anyone to ask the fans, students, or alumni to kick in a dime to aid in the buyout of Tom Crean’s remaining contract.

    How many with an ounce of humility would simply walk away 29 million dollars wealthier in complete gratitude without demanding the 1 million dollars in July(or even the 4 million now)?

    When is enough enough? Or is it your ego that’s in the way? Tom Crean was in that committee room on the day you were formally hired. Is that the 29 million dollar stumbling block?

  18. When a bitter Dakich looks in the mirror he sees a little angry Bob Knight bobble head looking back at him. On air going after radio ratings, Dakich is a want a be Jerry Springer. He continues to stir the pot that creates debate. I don’t blame him. Higher radio and TV ratings for him means job security.

    1. You pretty much nailed it. Dakich has one passion…promote Dan Dakich.

      I don’t think he believes half of what he says. He just wants to be noticed.

  19. As evidenced in a 2 year old letter the experience of time can, will and does change fans minds. Unless your name is Po.
    Lots of high drama in Bloomington for the off-season about BB now the season is over. Future of the HC and staff + being over signed by 3 LOI means lots of familiar names may be gone by Summer. If RJ, JBJ and Priller all complete their degrees this semester they would be eligible for graduate transfers. And we all thought Crean was a deftly talented recruiter.

  20. There was no top coach in the world who would have stepped in for Knight in the immediacy and complete turmoil of his firing. There were bonfires and burning of Myles Brand in effigy on the IU president’s front lawn.

    This was not Wisconsin. Not to this particular fan, but to a massive majority(including thousands of students), we had just fired a basketball god.

    Let’s quit labeling Mike Davis as some sort of Hoosier mistake. He did his best. He took a team to a Final Four and went through a #1 Duke team in doing so. He got his guys to not take for granted a very feisty Kent State team after taking down the #1 team in the nation.

    Knight’s firing being perceived as deserved or coldblooded calculation under the terms of “zero tolerance” can be debated until the sun no longer rises and sets. But you try filling in for a Hoosier basketball god so quickly diminished and dismissed. Let me know how that works out.
    What Davis had to face in doubt and resentment makes the Sampson scandal look like cleaning a kitten’s litter box.

    1. I agree with this. I think people forget in retrospect, how poorly everything was handled by the IU Administration. They effectively poisoned the well for a bit.

      Also, Davis recruited a lot of those players. The only casualty was a year later when Haston made the horrifically bad decision to leave early for the NBA. If anyone wanted to know if Knight had a kid’s future as his #1 priority vs settling a score with the school that fired him, that cleared it up. Knight telling Haston to go pro was inexcusable.

      That 2002 team with Haston….hmmmm…..

      1. The handling of that situation by the administration was only matched by the actions of RMK. The big loser was the Hoosier nation.

        Indiana University and its fans, at least, have moved on.

  21. If you married a person HOPING they truly are the “right one”, (that they will be THE ONE to FINALLY treat you right after several failed relationships), but as years go by, you learn many times over that person is NOT who you originally thought they were, wouldn’t it be wiser to get a divorce before even more years go by?

    You would certainly be concerned about whether a more positive marital outcome is even possible, married to someone like you. You would also be concerned about the financial damages from almost a decade of “cutting losses” in order to remain committed to an increasingly bleak prospect for happiness. You might even be worried about what loudmouthed Uncle Dan Dakich will say about you, since in the last year or so he’s inexplicably decided your spouse is great and YOU are the problem. Even your wisest relative, cousin Podunker, still advises that your spouse is not as bad as what you might encounter if you get that divorce.

    Many of us have had to face and deal with the “divorce” dilemma and thus you know that it IS possible to take the plunge, get that divorce, and go on with life. At least you will have a CHANCE for a better marriage; after many years you already KNOW what you have, and that it is NOT the marriage you want.

    Why would you hang on to a completely failed hope, while wishing an dreaming it will somehow get better as time goes on? Isn’t that the definition of insanity?

    GET THE DIVORCE! At this point, there is no other RATIONAL choice.

    That’s my argument in response to cousin Podunker’s advice. And the million dollar buy-out? That is mere chump change in this era of billion and trillion dollar counting, something like a $10,000 price for the average household income. Like others here have expressed, the potential loss of dollars in this bleak, unevenly yoked marriage is much greater than the price for getting the divorce.

    Will a life of frustrating, joyless, even despairing, days, months ,and seasons during which hopes and dreams are regularly crushed ever satisfy? Only a very few would choose to remain in such a meaningless(at best) and very painful(at worst) relationship.

    1. They brought Tartuffe to Bloomington for an arranged marriage. Only those with massive amounts of empty space for pious blow bought in and opened the doors to the wind tunnels between their ears.
      This was never a marriage of choice. It was all those terrible cousins and uncles horribly jealous of you meeting a room to pick your eternal mate.
      If this was ever a traditional marriage, please give me the name of the one IU leader who proposed to Tartuffe ?

  22. Remember the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind?” Remember Roy Neary(played by Richard Dreyfuss) building the mountain of mud and garbage in his living room ….soon to be recognized as Devils Tower?

    Dakich is the the Roy Neary of Indianapolis radio. The only difference is that Dan is building a giant a-hole. Doesn’t this sound like Dan? Dan is the mother ship.

  23. Comments were not directed toward Mike Davis. I think he did the best he could do and actually did an excellent job in his situation. However, when you fire the likes of Knight IU should have immediately went after the long term best for program. At that time IU was still right there at boarder line eliteness. Therefore, IU should have went after Elite coach. And no,not Sampson.

    1. No elite coach would have sniffed at the IU job in the firestorm of Knight’s discharge.

      Right now is when we could truly shoot for a quality coach. Crean should walk away quietly and thank his blessed stars for making 30 million for such an ugly and dysfunctional brand of basketball. But that will never happen. Crean and Glass came as a set. The only action to remove them must come from the IU president. McRobbie could care less…..

    1. Has he accepted?

      I don’t know if there is enough money in circulation for me to leave the Bay area and a school such as Cal to coach in a backwater like Columbia, Missouri, where a big weekend is heading to Branson.

      That being said, I think CTC would find the place delightful.

        1. Best of luck to him.

          I know he has lived in Missouri before so maybe going to Branson is just his style.

          1. Well. Guess I need to forward CTC’s resume to Cal. I’ve sent out so many, what’s one more.

    2. Crean isn’t going to leave Indiana. He’s going to have to be fired.

      My guess that he’s more than likely to end up on ESPN than coaching next year.

  24. That being said, I think CTC would find the place delightful.

    Marvelous…He would indeed find it delightful, Chet. And it’s closer to Joyce. Fire up the holycopter!

  25. The Wikipedia bio on Tom Crean. And, of course, Wikipedia is the ultimate, most reliable source …

    Thomas Aaron Crean (born March 25, 1966) is an American college basketball coach. He is currently the head coach of the Indiana Hoosiers men’s basketball team, though most expect him to be fired shortly.

  26. Cuonzo Martin from Cal to Missouri’s new coach. I cant believe Fred Glass hasn’t fired CTC already unless Glass wants his job attached to next year’s success or failures and ..like others have said ….”being a young team” isn’t going to fly for excuses.

    1. Oh, no question about it. If Fred Glass brings back CTC his job will absolutely be tied to team performance next year. It would be a VERY unpopular move that will enrage many donors.

      He would absolutely be ‘all in’ on CTC if he did that.

    1. You know, I’d welcome him with open arms, as I would any other hire. I’ve watched his teams. They play far more talented teams very tough.

      They are hard to watch, though. Think of the old Georgetown teams but without flair.

      He would be popular in Bloomington if, and only if, they seldom lost. Bennett’s teams get exactly zero style points.

  27. Anyone watching the Syracuse game. That is one pathetic crowd at that game and they are the #1 seed in the NIT. Might have been how Assembly Hall looked like last night.

  28. Good comments in this string. Here are a few more thoughts.
    I have to believe Glass is pretty good at assessing risk and covering his backside. Most lawyers with his experience are. So my guess is that Glass will make a decision after consulting his boss and the trustees. Picture him holding a wet finger in the air right about now.

    As for financial risk, the greatest immediate risk is paying Crean $1 million to go away, especially if there is no obvious upgrade to be hired. He’d be jumping out of the pan and into the fire if he spends al that money and does not hire a coach perceived to be a significant improvement. Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.

    Crean staying on another year is not going to hurt IU’s Athletic Department’s finances or revenue to any significant degree. Most of the IU basketball revenue is baked in for at least the next year. It’s not like people are going to boycott the team and refuse to go to games. And if next year’s team starts off hot and wins a few big games, we’ll all be amazed at how fast people jump back on the bandwagon, increasing demand for tickets and prime time televised games. But that’s the calculous that Glass is probably working on right now.

    Chet, I had to chuckle at your comment about Missou being located in a backwater. I do business in that town. And most of the folks in Columbia think Bloomington is located in an isolated backwater. Columbia probably has more going on than Bloomington, but the Missou campus is not nearly as beautiful as IUB.

    Who’s going to be IU’s coach next season?

    1. I’ve been through Columbia a half dozen times in the past year or so. I guess it just depends on what your baseline is.

      It was Hooterville to me.

  29. Double Down …the buyout for Groce at Illinois is $1.7 million…. Someone earlier didn’t want to take Illinois seriously…My Son lives in Champaign…..the AD is seriously committed to changing the “environment”..he fired Groce last Thursday then Tuesday fired the women’s BB coach. Bennet MIGHT be persuaded given the amount offered..they also have a newly remodeled facilities, AND a top 10 recruiting class ( for now ) for next year.

  30. Perhaps Glass so start thinking SERIOUSLY about a WHEN and not sit on his hands or his brains when it comes to firing CTC…..or he may be on outside looking in at qualified applicants. Washington fired Lorenzo Lamar..spots starting to open up now.

  31. So, another big day in the NIT. Houston and Sampson lost.

    Let’s look at “This Week’s News: Indiana Coaches Edition.”

    – The patriarchical coach, who started the chain, is no longer coaching, but he wished dead the people who fired him 17 years ago.

    – The next guy is in the tournament. The only one. As a 16 seed. For those of you who hardly remember the tournament, that’s the worst possible seed you can get.

    – The following guy, who disgraced the University, managed to gain a position at a college and lost in the 2nd round of the tournament….NIT Tournament…

    – The current guy, has had 3 Big Ten losing seasons in the past 5 years, missed the tournament twice and got smoked on the road in the first round of the NIT because his boss was afraid of all the empty seats you caused.

    Yes Mr Glass, the Indiana Basketball brand is strong indeed.

    1. The guy who ‘started the chain’ is long gone.

      RMK won ONE more title than Branch McCracken. Branch didn’t leave a legacy of embarrassing stories, either.

  32. Hey guys, haven’t posted for a while due to a technical glitch, finally figured it out. It’s been a sad year for Hoosier sports all around. The underwhelming football season, the Wilson fiasco, and then another flop by Tom Crean. This school and sports fan base deserves so much better. Crean was a high-floor, low ceiling hire. He proved at Marquette that he was a 20-win, 5th place coach. He hit that ceiling years ago with Indiana, and it’s been plain for all to see. I don’t know how I feel about Glass at this point, to be honest. It’s easy to armchair quarterback, but it just doesn’t seem to me that Glass believes in his heart that Indiana can be elite. Knowing when to pull the trigger and pursue a bold upgrade is a hallmark of a successful AD. I really hope he does the right thing here, and I really hope he dreams big. The program is in good enough shape so that we can hope for a Gillespie-to-Calipari type transition here; we don’t have to go back to Bawa and Verdell Jones for 5 years just because there is a regime change.

  33. It all comes down to this.

    I think Glass has, overall, done some remarkable things at IU. In all likelihood, no one will remember any of it.

    What they will remember is…who will be coaching IU next season? Will Fred Glass be remembered as the guy who hired the guy who returned IU to basketball glory or will he be the guy who gave CTC just one more year to work things out but ended up getting fired in March of 2018 because the newly renovated Assembly Hall was half full with fans and a constant din of boos?

    Fred Glass will be the athletic director in the spring of 2018 based upon one thing and one thing only…how he handles the position of basketball coach right now. If he hitches his wagon to CTC he better be damned certain next season will be a home run. If it’s not his days as an AD will be over. IMHO

  34. Chet so true about the use of the perspective ‘baseline’. Been to the Bay area many times and enjoyed each stay. But have no interest in ever going back. Many times to and through Columbia. Always considered it a prairie location holding a relevant position of Americana. But I could live there. Something I could not do in SF. You may have blond hair, I may have black(grey), just satisfied differently.
    I do not want $3m wasted for another year of suffering Crean’s style of BB. AD Glass needs to toll the dice and invest a $1m to get rid of him cause the status quo is not going to make the ending any better over more time. The love affair is over and Glass should embrace bold action and not offer shy, lukewarm thinking.

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