IUWBB: Hoosiers beat SMU in WNIT, 64-44

Indiana advanced to the final eight in the WNIT with a 64-44  win over SMU at Simon Skjodt Arena.

The Hoosiers (23-10) were propelled by balanced scoring, including 17 for senior Karlee McBride, 10 for junior Amanda Cahill and . IU will play in quarterfinals at Sunday at 2 p.m. at Assembly Hall. 

IU will play Villanova. 

Indiana forced SMU to take jump shots, and those weren’t falling in the first half. The Mustangs hit 1-of-15 from the floor in the first quarter and fell behind 12-4. In the first half, Kiara Perry finished 4-of-9 from the floor, but, outside of SMU’s junior guard, the Mustangs were 3-of-23 from the field.

IU led by 17 points midway through the second quarter, but SMU scored eight of the final 10 points of the period, including a layup with 13 seconds left, and cut the halftime deficit to 27-17.


  1. A real contrast in styles tonight, SMU slowed the game down and tried to stop IU from running. At times it was successful and at times IU did what they do, running the floor. It was a defensive struggle on both ends, SMU was one of the better defensive teams in the nation coming in but, IU played the better defense tonight holding SMU to 28.3 % from the floor. IU’s defense in the 3 games of the WNIT has been outstanding giving up 53, 58 and 44 points in those games. IU struggled at times tonight offensively but, when push came to shove was able to put together their offense when needed. IU outrebounded SMU 42-29. In such a low scoring affair, we only had 2 players in double figures but had 3 other players with 8 points and 2 other players with 7 and 6 points respectively. Alexis Gassion had the best all around game with 8 points, 7 rebounds and a career high 9 assists. Amanda Cahill had 10 points and 9 rebounds with her usual steady play although she was saddled with foul trouble all night. Ria Gulley had a nice game tonight with 7 points and 5 rebounds off the bench. Kym Royster and Darby Foresman both played exceptionally well off the bench tonight.
    The announced attendance tonight was 3,003 which again seems low. The crowd again was very enthusiastic tonight which coach Terri Moren praised in her postgame press conference. The team won their 23 game tonight which is a program high for IU.
    This Sunday we will host Villanova at 2:00PM hoping to move to the final four for the first time ever.

  2. Both teams showed their defensive prowess tonight, but as it turned out IU defense was the better of the two. SMU came into the game holding teams to 58% and they were close holding IU to 64. SMU has a season avg of 58.7 and IU held them well below that at 44 pts. IU had a great effort all around including the bench play which stood out. But I think we would all agree that the highlight of the night was ” the play”. Of course Im referring to the transition run out with Buss and Mcbride passing back and forth , a defender in middle , the ball never touching the floor with Mcbride finishing it off with the layup and the crowd rising to a standing ovation. “Elite Eight” sounds pretty good at this point, hopefully we can continue on with a win on sunday. Yes the attendance number of 3003 still sounds low for what seemed to be there. IU , Mich, and Iowa are all still in, B1G looking pretty strong.

  3. If IU ladies win NIT, does that rank them about # 65 in the country. Currently, are they somewhere about # 70? That is not a bad thing. Rather, it is improved to a competitive team on the floor in almost all games, except the elite and dominate against lower level teams. IU ladies, thus far has the luxury of NIT home games. Actually, I see IU ladies ranking somewhere probably between 35 and 75 give or take. These are the teams in ladies college basketball that range as kinda equal depending on where game would be played home or away plus who was having the better game including breaks for that particular game. Teams I rank 1 thru 35 are the better, best, on up to elite status. This to me is significant improvement from four or five years ago. Four or five years ago I would have ranked the IU ladies about 125 to 150. Go IU ladies basketball program!

    1. I assume you meant that tongue in cheek. Being #65 if you win the NIT works on the premise that EVERY team in the NCAA Tournament could beat EVERY team in the NIT.

      Do you really think that is true?

      Under your premise the men’s team would have no shot at beating South Dakota St, Troy, ETSU, North Dakota, Jacksonville St, Texas Southern (oops, already beat them), Northern Kentucky, Bucknell, etc.

      Just because you get your conference’s automatic bid does not suddenly make you one of the best 64 (68?) teams. It just mean you won three or four games in a conference tourney.

  4. The move upward at this point in IU ladies basketball is more challenging and difficult. IU ladies have approached the crossroads to move upward even farther to another level (consistent top 25 ranking next couple seasons) and go from there.

  5. Jeff Sagarin’s computer ranks IU 29th in the country, fourth in the BigTen.
    I personally think the Big10 was shown way too little respect by the NCAA women’s selection committee.
    Several national experts tended to agree.
    Maryland as a 3 seed is a mini-travesty (Sagarin – #5 team in country), and Michigan (Sagarin – #23 team in country who finished third in the big Ten) not getting in is poor.
    I personally love the notion of an “IU invitational” NIT tournament!

  6. Yes, for this year I thought it best for IU ladies to be in NIT. To many times their play lacked consistency even within same game, especially blowing big leads that cost NCAA March Madness tournament bid.

    The main point I was actually making is that there are a bunch of teams that are pretty equal and all have their weak and strong points. IU ladies are in that mix and the next step for this program is to separate themselves by moving upward from this mix.

  7. who cares if we’re ranked 65 or 165. The goal of every team is to make the big dance. We have no one to blame but ourselves for missing out. We struggle to win games on the road so beating mediocre teams in the NIT at-home proves nothing. It does give us the opportunity to play some different combinations to get ready for next year. I wish we were playing on the road because that is our weakness. I am not interested in beating bad teams or acting like we’re better than we really are. We will probably have to beat one decent team to win the whole thing. How many good teams have we really beat this year?

  8. I think I’m with t on this. I’d rather see the Hoosiers have a nice run in the NIT than get a low seed and get stomped at the Big Dance.

  9. Interesting and somewhat confusing offense the hoosiers will face in the villa cats tomorrow. Its a 5 out motion with no center or big man . I watched a demo of it on you tube. Like moren said a lot of screening and even trick screening , fake screening and roll till they have an open shot . Plus the fact they dont turn the ball over only about 9 times a game. Could be a long day.

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