IUWBB: Hoosiers fall to Villanova, 69-57, in WNIT quarterfinals

Indiana fell to Villanova, 69-57, in the quarterfinals of the WNIT at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall on Sunday.

Tyra Buss led the Hoosiers with 21 points. Amanda Cahill added 10, and Amber Deane produced 12. As a team, the Hoosiers hit 38 percent of their shots.

Villanova established an early lead via the 3-point shot, hitting 7-of-11 from distance in the first quarter. The Wildcats hit 11-of-29 from 3 for the game.

Villanova (20-14) has now won all four of its games on the road, and will move on to play Michigan in the semifinals.

IU ends the season with program records for wins and points (2,547) in a season. Five seniors — Alexis Gassion, Jenn Anderson, Karlee McBride, Deane and Tyshee Towner — will soon graduate as the winningest class in program history.


  1. First of all, let me get this out of the way, the crowd was electric today with a season high of 4,770 in attendance. They were very enthusiastic and very loud through the course of the game. It is a real shame these girls can’t get this kind of support through the entire season.
    After listening to coach Moren’s postgame press conference and the players speak, the common theme was there seemed to be a lack of a sense of urgency defensively in the first quarter when Villanova shot lights out to put us in a hole. Coach Moren and Tyra Buss both stated that their lack of switching quickly enough at the start of the game was crucial. I had told my friend who sits beside me before the game started that Villanova was a terrific 3 point shooting team (I have seen them play at least 3 times this year) and it was not unusual for them to attempt between 30 or 35 three’s a game. Well, they attempted 29 and hit 11. They were 10 for 17 in the first half and cooled off to 1 for 12 in the second half when our defense improved dramatically. The first half dictated the game, we allowed them open 3 pointers the whole half which put us in an 11 point hole heading into the 3rd quarter. They shot 54% from the field in the first half when our defense was very suspect. In the second half when our defense stiffened we held them to 29% but, with our own poor shooting the entire game we were unable to catch up. We shot 38% from the floor for the game and were only 5 for 22 from 3 point land. We also had a bad day at the free throw line hitting 4 for 9 for 44%. Our offensive deficiencies were pointed out in the press conference by Moren by stating that Amanda Cahill (10 points) was only 4 for 12 from the field and 1 for 5 on free throws. She also sited Alexis Gassion (5 points) shooting only 2 for 9 from the field and Karlee McBride being 0 for 7 from the field after scoring 17 points Thursday night. I really don’t think she was criticizing those 3 players but was simply answering a question that was asked by a sports writer. Those 3 combined went 6 for 28 from the floor which of course is death for us when anything like that takes place. By the way, just to show you this was no fluke for Villanova, this is their 4th straight road win in the tournament.
    All in all it was a pretty successful season for the team, they set an all time win record for women’s basketball with 23 wins on the season. Although some may scoff at that because 3 of those wins were in the WNIT, 23 wins is 23 wins no matter how you look at it! This program over the last 3 years has definitely turned the corner and is headed in the right direction under this coaching staff. Go Hoosiers!!

  2. Again, IU ladies are in there with a bunch of other teams after the top 25, 35 teams in country even though I thought they would beat Nova by 7 or 8. As a team I felt IU ladies hit a wall this season. They did not necessarily improve nor did they regress. IU ladies just held serve. It was pretty much a ceiling for this team from last year to this year. Recently, and throughout a larger part of back of this year as much as I like Lex Gassion I felt she kinda hit a wall. She is always a good player but just did not elevate her game as much as I thought she would have. IU ladies seem to need more pure scorers/shooters (most teams do). Men and women it seems teams who have difficulty scoring or have to work so hard to score vs. teams who have more offensive weapons that score more easily usually lose.

    1. Lex had 12 rebounds and 4 assists-both team highs yesterday- and she can defend multiple positions. The game prior she had 9 assists. I’ll take her on my team any time.

  3. After watching Darby in state finals in high school her coach said she had tremendous upside regarding scoring. (even though she was playing with scoring gaurds I was not convinced). IU ladies did not get much from Darby Foresman. I think T.Moren wanted to play her but often a freshman cannot make that transition even though she played a little more the last third of the year. Darby did not show any scoring ability. She just was thinking about making transition from high school to big ten level of play as she played. Hopefully, next year she can get her feet under her and be more confident. I am not sure about her scoring but as she matures I see her as a 9 or 10 point scorer as she was in high school.

  4. Great crowd today , at least they come out for Post Season games. On days like today when nothing is working , shooting poorly, missed layups , missed free throws, thats when an excellent defense pays off. We dont have that but it got better as the year went on. If the defense is good enough it will create offense , sure could have used some today. Still overall it was a good year , records were broken, seniors should feel ok with that. Only thing left now is to look forward to next season and hopefully the fresh new blood will bring a surprising uplift to the season, at least Im hoping for that to happen.

  5. I didn’t see the game but it sounded as though the shots just weren’t falling. Credit the defense for the field goal percentage but I’m guessing they were wide open at the free throw line.

    Good run. Successful season. Build on it.

  6. To rephrase what I said, because I always thought Lex was an excellent player… she came across more to me as being a prolific scorer. Though she scored I always thought it would be more prolific and though not at will a little easier for her to score.

  7. Glad to get a comment from coach Cahill . I know you understand the game . Couldn’t agree with you more on lex . She does so many things for us most people don’t see. if I was picking someone off our team to start my team, Amanda and lex would be my first two choices . Smart team players . Darby could develop into a nice player and possibly kym . Someone needs to develope them. T loves to blame the players for everything . Loved your last post Irish . Keep it up .

  8. Granted- We will miss the experience that Lex, Jenn, and Karli provided- but isnt it about time to talk about the incoming class and what we know about them at this point. Warthen was South Florida player of the year. Penn is KY miss bastetball, Yeaney can basically jump thru the roof, Marchese loves contact and is quite moble at the five spot. I do wonder if she is truly the 6′ 3″ given height. Alexis Johnson is 6′ 1″ and will add to the mix. You could consider this the first full Moren incoming class even though she had the pieces of Wickware and Gulley. The class also has been lauded by some as the best B1G incoming class and #13 in the nation.

  9. Agreed talking about the incoming class and Marchese is true at 6’3 1/2..
    Player that commits very few mental errors, (battle you down low) and gives IU more of a athletic 5…..

    I believe all will contribute in there own unique way and immediately jell with the upper class-men.

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