IUWBB: Hoosiers lose to Purdue, 66-60

Indiana lost a 17-point second-half lead and dropped its Big Ten tournament opener Friday to Purdue, 66-60.

Tyra Buss led the Hoosiers with 16 points, but 14 of those were scored in the first half. Amanda Cahill and Alexis Gassion each finished with 14.

IU led 39-24 after two quarters, but shot 2-of-16 from the field in the third quarter and saw the lead reduce to 45-43 with a quarter remaining. A layup by Andreona Keys gave the Boilermakers a 56-55 lead with 1:29 remaining. Jenn Anderson was called for an offensive foul on the other end, and then Dominique Oden hit a 3-pointer on the following possession to give Purdue a four-point advantage.

Coming out of a timeout, Buss was called for an offensive foul with 39 seconds left. That gave possession to Purdue, and the Boilermakers were able to hit free throws down the stretch to win.

IU hit 7-of-32 from the field in the first half, after hitting 50 percent in the first two quarters. This is the second year in a row the Hoosiers were the No. 4 seed, with a double bye, and lost their third-round opener in the conference tournament.


  1. That was a pathetic performance they need to develop more off the dribble options and im sorry Jenn Anderson was terrible today with the constant 3 sec violations and gettin exposed on pick and rolls is the only they should have blew out purdue theres no excuse for that they dont deserve to get in the ncaa tourney after that performance

  2. In both men and women there are several teams that do not deserve to get into NCAA March Madness tournament. Maybe, close to a third to half in reality.

  3. We had every advantage going into this game. What a waste of a double bye. Too bad the B1G tourney doesn’t get played at assembly. We let a tired purdue team outplay us in the second half..it’s clear they wanted it more

  4. this was a disappointing season on the womens side they were expected to make a leap instead they literally had the same season they need to give buss help a more athletic big lady would be nice

  5. And we put a 10 million dollar penalty clause into our coach’s contract to stop any ideas of Purdue owning her genius? It didn’t cost Purdue anything today.

  6. I heard Crean had a similar penalty clause in his contract.

    We were to be paid 25 million dollars if he decided to bolt for Barnum & Bailey.

    Thankfully, Barnum & Bailey was forced to shut their program down. We can now, worry-free, keep the biggest elephant in the room.

  7. There we go…..I just came up with the solution to Podunker’s grave concerns of how IU finds the enormous funds for the buyout on Crean’s remaining contract (appox. 4 million now..or 1 million in July).
    We simply remove the ‘penalty clause’ in Moren’s contract. Purdue will certainly find a quick 10 million to have her services. We will then buyout Crean and have a minimum of 6 million to spare on two new coaches for both the men’s and women’s programs. Problem fixed!

  8. There’s also one other unique provision — a $10 million buyout provision for Purdue. In an effort to prevent a repeat of 2006, when Sharon Versyp left Indiana after one year to become the coach of the Boilermakers, Glass asked Moren to agree to the special provision.

    “I’m aware of the (Sharon) Versyp situation,” Glass said. “I told Teri, ‘I can’t have another Versyp.’ She said, ‘No problem,’ and had no problem putting money where her mouth is, although it is fairly unusual.

    “I know there’s been some chatter that this could be Versyp 2.0. But this is not Charlie Brown and Lucy where she pulls the football away over and over again, so (Teri) accepted this extraordinary provision where it would cost Purdue $10 million to get her.” (courtesy: Hoosier Scoop)

  9. Nothing like Harvard jumping in on a women’s article and infusing Crean and Glass. This was supposed to be about the women’s game and Harvard is dominating with Glass and Crean gibberish?
    About the game, In the 25 or so years I have been a women’s season ticket holder, this was the most disappointing game I have ever observed! The total lack of energy by our girls in the second half was absolutely unbelievable! I just don’t understand how we can play so well in the first half dominating the game and then come out in the second half and act like we were behind by 15? We scored 6 points in the 3rd quarter shooting 11% on 2 of 17 from the field. This is after we shot 50% in the first half. Our offense ground to a halt with no one setting screens and dribbling the ball into the ground while everyone just stood around? No movement, no screens and no aggressiveness except for Gassion in the 4th quarter. After attaining a 19 point lead at the start of the 3rd quarter, we experienced a 7 minute drought before scoring again. Our offense was unrecognizable in the second half. Purdue scored 17 points off of our 15 turnovers! I almost agree with the brownbomber about not deserving being in the tournament after this exhibition!
    I would certainly not be surprised that this defeat will cost us a position in the NCAA tournament? I believe we are definitely on the outside looking in. Looks like the NIT for us? And yes Hoosierfan, it appeared they did want it more than us in the second half!

  10. You had to expect adjustments from Pu and there were but I really couldnt decide if it really was their defense that made us look so bad and miss so many shots. Versup claimed it was their defense and Moren said we just missed shots, maybe a little of both. Its hard to imagine getting an invite to the big dance , looks like its nit after this last game.

  11. Latest bracketology as of today shows 4 teams from the B1G, Ohio St , Maryland , Mich, Mich St. Purdue might get in if they upset Ohio St today. NIT here we come.

  12. IU ladies played to win first half complimented with hitting shots….Early in second half and rest of game. IU ladies played not to lose and Purdue played to win complimented with making shots. Rarely, have I seen T.B. play with lack of confidence, but that’s what it looked like to me. T.B. past on open good looking 3’s earlier in second half only for someone else including K.M. to take a challenged shot, throw the ball away etc. I know IU had a comfortable lead at the time but it put T.B.s game in the toilet. The time she decided to shoot later on in half her confidence was shot because she got out of sink and felt pressure because Purdue was rolling.

  13. The loss against Purdue was disappointing because IU ladies blew a big lead. The loss was not as bad as it looked. I noted in an earlier post when Purdue played Maryland… that even though Maryland beat them soundly Purdue ran with Maryland and made it tough for much of the game.

  14. News flash from Banker’s Life:
    Purdue just defeated regular season Big10 champ Ohio State 71-60.
    In other words, they beat OSU by 11, while beating us by six.
    To my old eyes, Ohio State looked just as lost on offense as IU did in the second half.
    Just wild guessing here, but since Purdue has now won their last seven Big10 games, maybe they’re playing really well right now and that possibly had something to do with our loss to them.
    If it’s the NCAA for IU that’s great, if it’s “just the NIT,” let’s just go ahead and win that sucker.

  15. I have to agree with Nat , Ohio St looked just as out of sync as we did in the second half and therefore the reason for their missed shots as was ours.,, You just have to give credit where credit is due, PU is playing great defense and have the athletes to pull it off.

  16. Just a few thoughts . Could it be our big 3 gets worn out by the end of the game . The way we use our bench is hard to figure . Listening to the real experts we may be going to the nit . We have one key win . Michigan . None on the road . We have a weak non conference schedule . The experts are saying this, not me . a few other thoughts . The microwave ? That’s funny . Revel in the renaissance you naysayers . By the way mike did you catch the Purdue Ohio state game ? Ridiculous .

  17. On the game coach versyp made some simple defensive adjustments at halftime and we didn’t know how to counter . We had 3 players play nearly every second and they got tired . As I’ve stated all year we need to develop a bench and we have none . The bench players have no idea from one game to the next if they’ll play on not . Hope we develop a bench next year .

  18. It appears Moren has little trust in her bench as most have played sparingly if at all aside from Foresman and Gulley. Royster was hoped to have a banner year but only had the one outstanding game against Purdue, will she blossom next year, she better. The bench players that have not made a case for themselves this year could be shelved next season provided they stay. With the incoming group good luck to this years group getting on the floor. With 3 starters leaving Penn and Marchese will be automatic starters and the other starter could be Yeaney. but wouldnt be surprised if Warthen is the biggest surprise in the bunch.

  19. Nathan, in answer to your question, yes, I was there. I have not missed a Big 10 tournament in all of the years it has been played in Indy. And Nathan, I know you are going to hate hearing this but, Purdue’s superior athleticism defensively (in my opinion) was instrumental in them beating us and Ohio St.
    As most people know, I am a huge Amanda Cahill fan, she is my favorite IU player ever. But, I have wondered why in her years at IU, she has never developed a jump hook in the lane? She continues to get offensive rebounds in and around the basket but instead of going right back up with a little jump hook, she always kicks the ball back outside? It seems like a waisted opportunity of a possible high percentage shot or possibly getting fouled on the put back? I have never understood this?

  20. There are two good teams in the big ten . Maryland and Ohio state . There are around 7 average teams and 3or 4 bad teams . I made the statement early in the year that Ohio state could lose to just about anyone in the big ten mainly because of a lack of team chemistry . They have as much talent as anyone in the country . When one player monopolizes the ball sometimes teammates stand around and watch and this can affect the defensive end also . Mike c has on several occasions mocked me for my opinion . Seems I was right again . You either missed my point or you are unable to admit you were wrong . I can recognize a team with chemistry problems . I watch one all the time .

  21. What team do you watch? It must not be IU ladies basketball because they have good chemistry. That has allowed them to have another 20 win season with a relative challenging schedule. IU ladies lack athleticism. Plus as good a job as T.Moren has done (like MOST ALL COACHES) T.Moren is going to have a short coming or two along the way. So criticism for not being perfect is undeserved. Also there are growing pains with program to continue to upgrade program. Maryland is an excellent team. OSU is very good team. Purdue is a good team. Several others are decent including Indiana. Just 3 or 4 years ago you could not say IU ladies were a decent team. IU would be well served to make sure they hang onto their prized coach as IU ladies basketball program is on the upswing.

  22. Have to agree with T this team has chemistry, lack of athleticism , yes, lack of talent in some areas, yes. Moren has done well with what she has , maybe over achieved some but I do like the improvement. Next years incoming class will solve the lack of athleticism, buss and cahill hopefully will show the way. There also should be much more natural speed to add to the mix. Still missing the athletic big 6′ 4″ or so who can jump thru the roof, defend and score,, am I asking too much, hope not. Baby steps, Steve,,,Baby steps.

  23. Next year will show continued improvement. How much is the question. It will be tempered with key freshman in the mix….And no I am not making excuses

  24. I am sure you’re right t . Team chemistry is probably great . I am sure Tia and amber are glad to be here . And Royster and Williams . What about towner and wickware ? Maybe ria and Darby still hold out hope

  25. I am sure they love watching buss play 40 minutes a game and get all the credit and then hear all the blame come to the bench when they lose . If I didn’t know anything and was just a dumb fan I would be a little suspicious . Then throw in their random playing time and all the talk about next years recruits being the second coming . I am sure chemistry is fantastic . Just ask them .

  26. Watching Marquette beat DePaul . Instead of going to the big dance and playing Tia can go to the n.i.t. and watch . She’s happy I am sure .

  27. Like the Fleetwood mac song says players only love you when they’re playing .

  28. Of course you understand that, if the Hoosiers get an NCAA bid, you’re gonna look pretty silly.

    That’s the thing about taking an extreme stand.

    It really becomes a position of absolutes.

  29. Well Chet if they get a ncaa bid Tia can still watch from the bench . All the girls will be happier but that won’t change anything else I said . If we go to the nit we can host a couple of games against bad teams and feel good about the end of the season . Heck we could win the whole thing .

  30. Im surprised that tia hasnt been a factor. Anytime she comes in its an immediate charge , travel , or throws the ball away and buss comes back in. Amazing that she started for marquette yet when she comes in games mistakes happen. The same goes for the rest of the bench if they play well they will play more. If they dont play well now , with the new incoming class they could be pushed deeper into the bench.

  31. First of all I want to congratulate the Lady Hoosiers for the first back to back 20 win seasons in program history. Their loss to Purdue was disappointing but hopefully will serve as a learning experience ( mostly for the coaching staff ) as the program continues to grow and move forward. To reach the next level this team needs to be 8 to 10 deep and defend better (it’s hard to defend when you’re tired….. the legs feed the wolf ).

    Here is a look at the numbers for this program from 2006/2007 up to today.
    2006/2007 thru 2011/2012
    Felisha Legette-Jack – Head coach, Overall 87-100 (.465) , B10 39-64 (.379) , Best B10 finish – 5th , average attendance – 2621

    2012/2013 thru 2013/2014
    Curt Miller – Head coach , Overall 32-32 (.500) , B10 7-25 (.219) , Best B10 finish – 8th , average attendance – 3362

    2014/2015 thru present
    Teri Moren – Head coach , Overall 56-38 (.596) , B10 26-26 (.500) , Best B10 finish – 4th , average attendance – 3303

    Aside from the wins and losses the IU athletic department needs to do a much better job of promoting women’s basketball to increase attendance and enthusiasm. The fan base at today’s games are pretty much the same people that have been there for 10 years. Attendance is stagnant and needs to increase.
    Every current bracketology that I viewed today has Indiana in the field except espn’s Charlie (the tuna) Crème. I give IU a 60% chance of making the big dance. Either way the season will continue and the sun will rise the next morning. Go Hoosiers!

  32. True after watching what Purdue’s defense is doing our defense is not near good enough, but just maybe we dont have the athletes and talent to pull that off the way Moren wants,,, not yet anyway,,, baby steps.

  33. Steve W … don’t get me wrong about our defense. We play very good defense but it is impossible for a player to maintain the intensity level when they are on the court for an entire game. That also leads to poor shooting on the other end because of tired legs. When you look back at the Purdue game you will see that Purdue went 8 players deep and we were only 5 players deep. Gulley and Foresman only played 6 minutes each with Deane and Royster (2 rebounds & 1 block) playing only 3 minutes each.
    I lay 100% of the responsibility for that loss at the feet of coach Moren. I am a huge Teri Moren supporter and what she has done with this program in 30 short months is fantastic but not using her bench in that game was a huge error. If you’re non starting athletes are not prepared to contribute at this point in the season then shame on you for not having them ready. After the way Royster carved up the Boilermakers in the regular season (14 points & 3 rebounds in 12 minutes) I couldn’t believe she was riding the pine the entire 2nd half when it was apparent that Jen and Amanda (MIA on the offensive end) were both fatigued. That fatigue led to turnovers and poor decisions that accelerated the Purdue comeback. With a 17 point lead in the 3rd quarter all you need to do is play great defense , take care of the ball and not allow a bunch of open 3 point looks. We did none of those. Again I put that on the coaches.
    Everyone has bad days. Even General Robert E. Lee had Pickett’s Charge.

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