IUWBB: Indiana vs. Ball State, WNIT

FINAL: Indiana 71, Ball State 58. Hoosiers advance to the second round of the WNIT. Await result of Saint Louis/IUPUI game.

6:53 (4Q): Moriah Monaco hits a 3 and reduces Hoosiers’ lead to eight. Assembly Hall to its feet, trying to motivate the Hoosiers. Jenn Anderson answers the call of the crowd. She scores underneath, hits a free throw. Lead back to 11, 60-49.

END OF THIRD: Indiana 57, Ball State 40. 

4:50 (3Q): Hoosiers spring back out to a lead thanks to a 3 from Amanda Cahill and a second-chance bucket from Kym Royster. Now it’s 51-33, IU.

HALFTIME: Indiana 40, Ball State 29. Hoosiers dominated for the first quarter and a half, then slid back. Eleven turnovers for IU in the first half. Tyra Buss with 14 points. Alexis Gassion with 13.

4:01 (2Q): Hoosiers maintain a 37-20 lead following a 3 by Moriah Monaco and a transition layup for Carmen Grande.

END OF FIRST: Indiana 28, Ball State 12. Tyra Buss leads all scorers with 10 points. IU shot 10-of-19 from floor.

3:06 (1Q): Hoosiers on fire. Ball State can’t stop anything. It’s 26-8, IU. 

6:01 (1Q): Ball State scored the first two points of the game on a drive by Carmen Grande, but the Hoosiers have scored the next 12. An early 10-point lead for IU, 12-2. A couple 3-pointers from Karlee McBride and Alexis Gassion. 

The Hoosiers (20-10) open up postseason play with an in-state opponent, Ball State. The Cardinals (21-10) have been in the WNIT the past five years, beating Iowa in the first round in 2016. 

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