IUWBB: Indiana vs. Purdue, B1G tournament

FINAL: Purdue 66, Indiana 60. 

21.5 (4): A 3-pointer by Dominique Oden gave Purdue the lead, and they’ve been pulling away ever since. Lead 62-55. Hoosiers have scored 16 points in the second half.

2:31 (4): If Hoosiers someone close this out, it will be the consistency of their defensive effort. Purdue still hitting 34 percent from field. IU leads 53-52.

3:49 (4): Karlee McBride tried to take a charge. Didn’t get it. Purdue’s Dominique Oden going to the line for two, with IU up 53-51.

5:55 (4): Purdue tied it up on a Ashley Morrissette 3. Hoosiers have regained a slim lead, now 51-47 following an underneath basket by Gassion. 

END OF THIRD: Indiana 45, Purdue 43. Purdue bench, fan section hyped. All the momentum on their side. Purdue outscored the Hoosiers 19-6 in that period. Hoosiers scored with 9:10 left in the period, and didn’t score again until 1:53 left in the quarter.

3:43 (3): This is just the opposite of the first half. Hoosiers are 1-of-10 from floor, with six turnovers in third quarter. Purdue has cut the Hoosiers’ advantage to 41-33. 

HALFTIME: Indiana 39, Purdue 24. Hoosiers outscored the Boilermakers 21-9 in that second quarter. Purdue shooting 30 percent, hit 3-of-14 in the second quarter. Tyra Buss leads the Hoosiers with 14 points, including 4-of-7 from 3-point range. Amanda Cahlil with 10 points, four assists, three boards.

Cahill and senior Alexis Gassion showing their versatility. Cahill tied for team-high 4 assists with Gassion. Gassion has five boards.

7:03 (2): A nice start to the quarter, with Jenn Anderson taking a charge and Tyra Buss hitting a corner 3. Purdue answered with a 3, but consecutive buckets for Amanda Cahill. One a pretty finish under the basket, the next a corner 3. Hoosiers lead 26-18. 

END OF FIRST: Indiana 18, Purdue 15. Tyra Buss and Amanda Cahill with 5 points apiece. Hoosiers shoot 50 percent.

4:32 (1): Purdue got the first basket, but IU was able to go on a 7-2 run, fueled by a coupule of turnovers. Ashley Morrissette has brought the Boilermakers back a bit, getting to the basket on dribble penetration twice. Hoosiers need to clean that up. It’s 9-8, IU.

We are here at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, where the No. 4-seeded Hoosiers will face No. 5-seeded Purdue. Hoosiers beat the Boilermakers, 74-60, in the regular season. Tip scheduled for about 2:30 p.m. Check back here for updates, or follow on Twitter, @Jon_Blau.


  1. Specifically, @ end of first half Tia Ebert made a really bad dribble off the foot play. IU did not extend lead to 17 toward end of first half and settled @ 15. IU came out a little sloppiness and cautious second half. Tyra Buss playing a little cautious passing on a couple open 3’s and A.C., McBride, and others not matching Purdue intensity, focus, and toughness. Disappointing! Win or lose.

  2. Though Purdue has played tough defense, Tyra Buss has played way to passive on offense second half. I want to win or lose with Buss being aggressive trying to score. She totally went to sleep to a non scoring threat.

  3. Losing large second half leads has been a characteristic all season starting at with Auburn earlier in season. Never totally corrected problem.

  4. Yes, Purdue played well on defense, got hot, out coached on this one, poor play by lady Hoosiers in second half (plus last minute thirty seconds of first half). Of course coupled with defense and shots start falling it makes things look good.

  5. Late in the game with IU still up by 4 I said to myself the team with the biggest heart will win. Versyp also said the same after the game and I have to agree along with good defense that IU could not penetrate.

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