Knight on former IU bosses: “I hope they’re all dead”

WASHINGTON — If it wasn’t clear already, it should be now.

Bob Knight has no plans for an Assembly Hall reunion.

Appearing on the Dan Patrick Show on Friday to promote a new Showtime documentary on the 1976 Indiana national championship team, the legendary former IU coach said he has no desire to return to the school that fired him in 2000.

“I think that I’ve always really enjoyed the fans,” Knight told Patrick. “I always will. On my dying day, I’ll think about how great the fans at Indiana were. As far as the hierarchy at Indiana University at that time, I have absolutely no respect whatsoever for those people. With that in mind, I have no interest in ever going back to that university.”

When Patrick countered, asking if those involved with his dismissal were already gone, Knight shot back.

“I hope they’re all dead,” Knight said.

“I know some of them are,” Patrick said.

“I hope the rest of them go,” Knight said.

Knight was fired by then-IU president Myles Brand in September 2000 after 29 years as Indiana’s coach. Brand died of pancreatic cancer in 2009.

Although he has refused a public reunion on Indiana’s campus, Knight hasn’t completely shunned Bloomington or the state of Indiana. He’ll speak to fans at an event at Bloomington North on March 30. Tickets are $25.

The documentary Knight was promoting, “Perfect in ’76”, revisits Indiana’s 1976 championship season. It is narrated by John Mellencamp and airs tonight at 9 on Showtime.


  1. To me it is what it is. I will never blame Knight for his feelings. The problem lies with everyone accept Knight to keep the conversation going to continue the debate.

  2. I don’t think I’m with you on that one t. Bob Knight will always be associated with Indiana University no matter how far he tries to distance himself from it. He won 662 games over 29 years and hung 3 banners. Of course people are going to ask him the question. He’ll always get it. And each time he’s asked, he seems to say something even dumber.

    His lack of self awareness is amplified the farther away from the basketball court he is. Just doesn’t have that same “charm” when he’s not teaching the motion offense.

  3. Oh, I agree that he will always be a part of Indiana University (the debate goes on). Start tradition: unless a felon write every national coach champ on court and name it accordingly. Include how many times or dates. Rename court. Both, men and women coaches would be included. Currently, the name would be McCracken Knight Court.

  4. BTW, it could be worse as a fan/alum…we could have graduated from Penn State.

    1. Jokko Down The Clown is the man who said he was leaving to take care of his mom but came right back posting again. You’re a joke Doug. (Thanks Chet ). He don’t care about his mom even if she was about to bail off the Golden Gate Bridge.

  5. How very sad this man has become. Bob Knight simply confirmed what most IU fans have believed for many years now. He is a bitter old man and a hypocrite. His comments reinforce that Knight is a hypocrite and lives a double standard. He refuses to take any responsibility for the many things he did that contributed to him being fired by IU, but would never tolerate that from his players. He was all about responsibility and discipline, but could not practice what he preached. His recent comments only serve to diminish him in the eyes of people like me, who were huge fans of his for many decades. He is not the first highly successful man, and won’t be the last, who failed to understand the saying, “pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.”

    That should put an end to any more attempts by IU to invite him back or attempts to name the court at Assembly Hall after him. He was a great coach, but he was never bigger than IU. Very sad.

  6. Still keeping it classy, I see.

    Po, I agree on every point. As such things generally turn out RMK is the big loser in all this…and it is very sad. He was given so, so many opportunities to step up to the plate and show some dignity and he just couldn’t do it.

    Just when it seemed he couldn’t reach any lower he proves that the bottom has not yet been hit.

    How different his contemporaries bowed out.

  7. I just hope IU moves on now. Tom Crean and Fred Glass need to give up on it because it’s making IU look pathetic. He doesn’t want anything to do with IU and If you were truly a Coach Knight fan you understand why. He doesn’t need to bask in any glory. He probably prefers speaking in Bloomington and at Purdue just to take a jab at IU. As long as Indiana fans will pay to hear his stories that are 40 years old, he will be around preaching to grey haired men in ADIDAS and starter red sweaters. I was as big of a Coach Knight fan as anyone, but I’ve lost a lot of respect for him as a person.

  8. DD,
    You are absolutely right. Try as he might RMK will be remembered for one thing and one thing only.

    His success at IU.

    There were not many programs where he could have succeeded as he did.

    Everyone knows that…except perhaps RMK.

  9. If you want to hear RMK talk about his years at IU it would be fairly easy. Instead of begging him to show up, start removing his name from wherever it appears on campus.

    He already has his name in places of honor. If he thinks he’s being forgotten he’ll show up in a heartbeat.

  10. Chet, It absolutely would not move him 1 way or the other. What everyone does not understand is Bob Knight is completely comfortable as Bob Knight. He never changes. Near everyone else will or does which creates the divide of that not understanding. Research his family upbringing and it is easy to see why. Also much the reason why he never held IU up for the big $ he could have commanded elsewhere. I truly admire that edict he has held to for a lifetime.

  11. Interesting how he can’t walk past a camera or a microphone without stopping and never misses a chance to say bad things about IU (oh, yeah, he liked some fans).

    You’re kidding yourself if you think he isn’t a limelight junkie. He disses his former players and teams but shows up in the same town to garner publicity for a documentary about himself.


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