1. Alford is one of the favorite sons of Indiana basketball from birth to present day. His resume demonstrates it is his turn and opportunity. Plus he can bring Indiana Mr. Basketball (candidate) Kris Wilkes. Recruiting Indiana.

  2. LOL @ t.

    Screaming for Crean’s head for years due to mediocrity. Alford’s years in the B1G were below mediocre. Even including Crean’s first few years of apocalypse, he had a comparable record in the Big Ten.

    Oh yay. Alford hit a bunch of 3-pointers for us in 1987. His quarter of a decade as a mediocre and inconsistent coach should definitely preclude him to the IU job.

    I’m willing to bet big money that Alford doesn’t get the job.

  3. I’m not excited by Alford but as you point our, has potential with the recruitment. Can’t imagine what his buyout would be. After LA Bloomington would seem small..Very Small..

  4. And before Podunker comes in saying we can’t afford it, I’ll let Glass respond about a potential salary: “Resources won’t prevent us from getting who we want.”

  5. Money…boosters…is what’s making the decision it’s not solely Glass. This is our first opportunity to hire a coach where the program isn’t a complete drama filled mess. The deal here was either extend Crean or not..anybody in the coaching profession can see that. Anybody in the coaching profession can see why Crean was fired. It’s not going to scare away a guy who knows how to build a winning program. This is going to get really interesting now. I am so thankful I don’t have to watch another Tom Crean coached team.

  6. B1G is ripe for the pickings right now. This should be a highly attractive position: money, budget, facilities, etc. are all in place. The Indiana job hasn’t ever looked better.

  7. Alford did well at Missouri State and Iowa is not IU. Iowa does not have a high of ceiling as IU. It is like Urban Meyer trying to win at football IU. The ceiling is not as high as OSU. Pick 2 if Alford does not work out would be Greg Marshall. Pick 3 would be Chris Holtman. Pick 4 would be Dane Fife. This is all after Brad Stevens is not a possibility and I doubt he is.

    1. LOL Alford had one good year at SWMS. And Urban Meyer would do just fine at Indiana.

      Alford is mediocrity defined. It’s a good thing it is a small minority that feels this way. Hopefully Glass isn’t one of them.

  8. Urban Meyer would make IU a national power in 3 years. So would Saban. They are that good.

    Nobody else is, though.

    Fred can name the guy. That’s the way this reads.

  9. Fred Glass has jumped out of the pan and is about to land in the fire. And over the next three seasons, I suspect Hoosier fans are going to arrive at the painful conclusion that IU’s new coach is no more capable of meeting their expectations than Crean was. Since Glass has yet to hire a winner (as we define it) since becoming IU’s AD, what gives anyone confidence that he can do it now? Glass is simply a “manager,” and clearly not a dynamic leader. The mismanagement continues.

  10. Ya and in 1 of your posts he was just an attorney turned AD so he naturally would be risk adverse. How’d that work out. Keep trying. After you have exhausted all possibilities you may be right once.

  11. Both, Meyer and Saban would raise level of IU football, maybe. OSU would hire a coach to maintain its tradition. Knight improved Texas Tech a little, especially in short term. They like he, unless they would be satisfied with less than national power house…. both, would become frustrated. That’s why it would never happen. Of course for IU football that would be an interesting situation.

    1. The game passed Knight by. Not the on the court game. The game of being a college coach. He had no interest in recruiting. So he took a bunch of ne’re-do-wells, drilled the motion offense into them and made them NCAA worthy. Shows how great a coach on the court he was. But Knight’s disdain for AAU and all the elements of high school kids made it so that he’d never end up getting a top kid to come to him again.

      Saban and Meyer are both not only outstanding coaches, they are incredible recruiters. Meyer is almost obsessively competitive in recruiting. They’d be fine. They would never come to Indiana, because they don’t have to.

      1. DD- One of the few takes on Knight that I wholeheartedly agree with….He was sick of the politics surrounding the recruitment of prima donna teenagers. Knight wanted to teach the game. He didn’t want to re-diaper teens merely putting in time before presented with their multimillion dollar NBA contracts. He had zero tolerance for any of it.

      2. These comments about how RMK won so many games with so much less talent are just silly. He always had recruiting classes at or near the top of the league.

        Why pretend he didn’t?

  12. O.k….I have our coach. Go get the Oklahoma State coach. What a wonderfully coached team…Played tenacious defense. Michigan merely escaped because of phenomenal outside shooting. I was beyond impressed with that OK State team. The coach is all business….and it was easy to tell that his players’ were all on the same page. Talented bunch on OK State. And am I correct in hearing that the coach of OK State was at one time an assistant to Stevens?

    I am bullish on Michigan…but, wow…just…wow. The OK State coach is the real deal. That is my pick to lead the Hoosiers back.

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